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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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Jun 14 2018, 11:54 AM
Summertime was always a bit iffy in Dawn's head. It was horribly hot with little to no way of the woman cooling herself off, as well as those cursed flash thunderstorms. Disgusting, both of them. But still... Hunting was plentiful this time of year, with the growing amount of pokemon in the clear daylight. It was much better than digging through large amounts of snow for some pathetic rat.

Although her motives for being out in the forest included hunting, she wasn't exactly doing that. Instead, Dawn was lounging on a sturdy branch up high in the air, clearly disregarding her safety. Her little bidoof laid on his trainer's stomach, although he wasn't as relaxed as the other. He was used to cutting down trees, not napping in them!

The two simply lounged in the branch for a good while, staring off into the forest and sky. One thing about Summer above everything was the nice breeze and nature. Just something about all of the trees and flowers made her feel at ease. It might be because she was away from the ocean, or it might be just the natural feeling this forest brings. Dawn didn't even know herself.

But just as she was about to doze off, a sound snapped her back to the real world. She sat up immediately, and her gaze quickly shifted to the ground. Oh right, there were other things around here. Hopefully it was a good-sized pokemon. Although she had literally no weapons except her bare hands, she seemed pretty confident to fight anything that resembled food, even if it was an ursaring.

Kid let out a squeak as the human positioned herself on the branch, staring intently at the ground with her working eye. He looked down in fear, and began to climb onto Dawn's back. There he would cling to the woman's long hair so he couldn't lose her if she started to take off after something.

Jun 7 2018, 10:50 AM


Anyways, I'm gonna probably be gone most, if not all, of June 10th til the 16th. My church group is dragging me to Kentucky to help out some other people. I'm not exactly sure about night and early morning, but I know for a fact that I will probably be absent.

I honestly really hate the timing because of the Tournie aaack. But anyways, hopefully I'll see you guys soon.
Jun 3 2018, 06:12 PM
Dawn sighed as she stomped into the woods, her hands trying to tie up her hair. Great, just great. The heat was getting worse, and the house was honestly a fucking burning oven at this point. But while Winter and Callie usually got out and got shade and cool water to escape the heat, Dawn did none of that. Why would she? The ocean was a hellhole of horribleness and she wasn't a fan of finding other people to bother her in shady areas. Instead, Dawn did what she always did. Go into the forest and probably get some food.

But to her dismay, Kid was trotting behind her. Normally, she would just tell the bidoof to stay at home. Today, though, she just couldn't bear to leave Kid alone in that burning house. Besides, it's not like he'd leave her side either. Kid was stuck to her leg like a helpless puppy, and she couldn't get him off.

The woman took a deep breath as she felt the cool shade of the towering trees. A smile was engraved on her face, and she actually looked at peace. Although her seemingly friendly demeanor did not hide the mess that she was. Her scars were beared with pride and her cloudy left eye was drooping on the side. She probably would look like a monster in children's fairytales if she made the effort.

A fallen tree caught her eyes... Eye. She glanced down at Kid, who just blankly stared at the tree. The tree was beginning to rot, and had several chunks missing. Well... This seemed familiar, at least a bit. Dawn sighed, and wandered over to the tree. Her bidoof partner let out a squeak, and rolled after his human.

Dawn plopped herself onto the tree, ignoring the moss and fungi growing on it. She rested her elbows on her knees, and her head on her hands. Kid blinked, and slowly climbed up onto the tree as well. He seated himself next to his human, and looked out into the forest.
May 28 2018, 08:54 PM
Step lightly. Step fast. Get away quickly.

Those sentences echoed through Lilith's head as she listened to the final announcements of the day. She wasn't paying much attention to what the principal had to say, for she was too busy eying a group of students in the corner. She kept glancing away from the group, fearful of one looking in her direction and making eye contact.

As soon as the bell rang through the school, Lilith was out of her seat. She hastily walked in front of her classmates, clutching her textbooks to her chest. She didn't even stop to fix her drooping glasses as she entered the flooding hall of students. The only thing she stopped to do was occasionally glance behind her shoulder.

Thankfully, nothing happened as she took her first few steps outside the school. The girl let out a small sigh and smiled to some random passerby. She then slowly wandered to the side of the school to stuff her books into her backpack. Ugh, homework was going to take a while tonight... She lightly groaned.

She zipped up the backpack and flung it over her shoulder. She started to smile genuinely. Wow, nothing bad had actually happened today! That was great! Lilith cheered to herself as she recklessly trotted back to the front of the school. Hopefully she hadn't missed the bus...

Suddenly, a sharp voice rang behind her. The girl's smile immediately caved in, but she didn't dare turn around. Instead, she kept walking. Just ignore them. Just ignore them. Just...

"Hey! Don't just walk off on me like that! You don't just walk off when somebody wants to talk to you!"

A hand grabbed the backpack strap on her shoulder. Lilith spun around, trying to get it off. A coldly amused stare burned into her. The dull expression on the boy's face unsettled her. He slowly started to smile, and the girl replied with a growing uncomfortable look. He let out a sigh, and grabbed Lilith by the arm.

She tried to pull her arm away, but his glare immediately made her pause. His smile faded, and he pulled her along with him. "Geez, I just wanted a talk. Be thankful that someone actually wants to associate with your creepy ass."

Lilith glanced to the side and at her feet. As the boy dragged her through the front of the school, her eyes never left her walking feet. She didn't want to look up at him. She briefly wondered where his friends were. It was odd to see him alone.

Finally, the two stopped. The boy let go of Lilith's arm, and she felt the need to run. Before she could, though, she was shoved into sitting on a small wall. She winced, and her eyes grew large as the boy seated himself next to her. What was even happening? This wasn't usually what happened. Then again, this guy and his friends liked to switch up this thing they liked to call a game.

But she expected worse. She had had rocks thrown at her, assignments stolen and copied, and constant negative notes in her locker and desks. Was he finally sick of this? Lilith held that hope high, but knew it probably wasn't likely.

"So, how are you?" He muttered. The girl tensed up in small shock. She... Didn't really expect that passive of a question. She felt uncomfortable with answering, so she remained silent. She let out a squeak as nails dug into her hand. She finally glanced up at the other. He was smiling and his eyes were wide.

"I said how are you?" He chirped. "It's rude not to answer."

Lilith began to stutter as she spoke. "F-Fine! Just fine!.. H-How are y-you..?"

"Other than speaking to you, my day has been great!"
The boy smiled, and dug his nails deeper into Lilith's hand. The girl squeaked in pain, and drew back her hand. Realizing her mistake, the girl let out a short worried shout. She didn't dare to stare at the other's terrifyingly amused expression.

Lilith got the sudden courage to stand up and back away from him. She looked behind her. Was anyone looking at them? Please, let someone notice and help. "I-I need to get to the b-bus... See ya!"

The girl quickly spun around and attempted to make a break for it. She didn't get to far though before something grabbed onto her long hair. Lilith let out a small shriek as she was yanked back. A foot was brought out behind hers, and the girl fell backwards. Fortunately, the boy had actually caught her in his arms.

"But the bus is already gone, sweetie! Why not sit and chat for a bit? You can trust me."

Almost immediately after he finished his sentence, the boy released Lilith from his arms. She collapsed onto the ground with a loud thud. Her head began to spin wildly. She groaned as she watched the boy look down at her. He offered a hand, but she had learned her lesson at this point.

Without thinking, Lilith raised one of her legs and kicked him in one of his shins. The other let out a loud hiss and his leg bent at as strange angle for a split second. The girl winced at her actions, but proceeded to kick again. The boy shouted some curses at her as she struggled to get herself up.

Lilith took advantage of her height for a short bit and punched the boy in the gut as hard as she could. Given the muscle she had put on from her constant traveling in the mountains, it hurt quite a bit. The boy yelped and covered where he had been hit with his arms.

Before the girl took off, she mouthed a small 'sorry' at the other. She didn't know why, but she felt the need to. Lilith pulled her hood over her head, and bolted for home. At this point, she knew exactly where to go. She had missed the bus too many times to count, and had had to make a trail home at some point from then to now.

She tried to ignore the shouts echoing behind her as she ran. She had no idea what the boy intended on doing, but she sure as hell wasn't sticking around to find out.

Once she was about a mile from her school, Lilith's pace began to slow down. She took deep breaths as she twisted and turned through the streets of Eterna... Maybe she should skip school tomorrow. Fake sick? She was terrified what to think that guy would do after the stupid stunt she pulled. She was aware enough of him and his group to know that it would not end pretty.

Lilith ran her hand through her hair as she walked. Oh god, what was she going to do? Well... Graduation was soon! If she can just survive a few more months of this... She's home free. No one will have to bother with this mess. They didn't deserve to be stuck with her here.

The words that always followed her around on post-it notes began to swarm her head the further she walked. Insults and names were stuck in her mind long enough that she was starting to believe them... Maybe she deserved all of this mess. This was the world's way of punishing her for being a terrible person.

... Yeah.
May 28 2018, 11:17 AM
The bright daylight almost burned Dawn's gaze as she stared out into the town. She looked both intimidating and ridiculous, standing in a hunting stance on top of a mud-brick building. Her hands and feet sat upon the edges of the building, but didn't seem like they'd accidentally let her collapse onto the ground.

Her bidoof merely clung onto his trainer's hair with his paws, holding on for dear life. Although the chances of him falling to the ground if he let go were slim, he was still slightly terrified. Dawn could tell that by his light shaking. To be fair, the distance from the ground was a little ways up. A runt like him would probably get injured if he fell. After that thought, she decided to stand up and back away from the edge.

She looked up to the sky. Still nothing. How was she going to be able to teach Kid how to hunt if there were no damn birds? She'd take him into the woods for some training, but those things could kill him! She wasn't letting this baby die to some creepy luxios or beedrills!

Her train of thought was quickly derailed as a hovering shadow flew over the duo's heads. A grin spread across her face. Perfect! She looked over to the shadow, and soon noted it to be a pikipek. The bird softly landed on the ground, and pecked at the dirt.

Dawn glanced over her shoulder to the bidoof that still held on to her hair. "Okay, you ready, Kid?" She asked, adding a large smile of encouragement. The small rodent seemed heavily confused, but nodded. The woman gave a little thumbs up. "Okay, now come on."

Reaching for the back of her head, she gently grabbed the bidoof and brought him in front of her. Dawn glanced over to the side of the building, and tightened her little carrying hug around her partner. Now taking a running headstart, the woman bolted off the roof of the building and jumped down to the ground. Her feet slammed harshly against the dirt, and they quickly started to ache.

Eh, at least they weren't broken. She hissed for a second at the sudden pain, but didn't hesitate to start wandering towards the pikipek. Quickly, she set down Kid, and pointed to the bird. "Okay, go get'em, Kid. I believe in you."

The little bidoof let out a little squeak and flashed a small smile with his buck teeth. Dawn grinned in response. Kid then turned, and started to stumble towards the pikipek. The woman watched in desperation as the little rodent started to lightly bump the bird with his head. She chuckled at first, but then started to regret her whole existence as the bird started to peck at him.

She almost thanked Arceus as she watched Kid try to run from the creature... Except he didn't run to her. Instead, the bidoof took a turn and started running further into the town, with the pikipek pursuing. "Wait, fuck! Hey, get your gross feathers away from him!" Dawn shouted, running and stumbling after the two. Her feet still ached with each step, but she honestly didn't give a shit.

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