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As Terrene leaves behind
the long, dark nights, their minds turn to friendship and romance at the second annual speed dating! And don't miss out on the clover hunt or the poetry season. Our plot event, alpha & omega, is drawing closer to its end, but is still going strong for now.


Spring will be here until
June. The rainy season begins in the tropical areas; the rest of Terrene begins to thaw and warm, shaking the chill of winter and creeping toward the heat of summer. Fairy and grass types relish in the season of rebirth and renewal!







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 Breeding & Eggs
 Posted: Aug 25 2016, 11:56 AM



◒ breeding success

Every breeding attempt that follows the guidelines below has a 40% chance of resulting in eggs. A moderator will roll for this.

  • Both Pokemon must be at least level 15.
  • The Pokemon must be opposite sexes.
  • The Pokemons' egg groups must be the same.
  • The heights and weights of the Pokemon cannot be drastically different. As a general guide, the height/weight of the larger Pokemon cannot be more than 2x the smaller Pokemon's height/weight.*

After a Pokemon has been successfully bred, they cannot breed again during that season. Also, if you breed the same Pokemon too many months in a row, the staff may determine that the Pokemon will fall ill or injured. If the two Pokemon breed successfully, the female Pokemon will gain a note in their profile that says that they are pregnant and how many eggs they will lay. You then are free to roleplay the egg laying as you will, at which point the note will then be removed. Each successful breeding may result in 1-3 eggs (a moderator will roll for this).

NOTE: breeding with certain items (incenses) is unnecessary. When bred, Pokemon will always lay eggs that contain the most basic evolutionary form of that Pokemon. For example, if two Marill breed and an egg is produced, that egg will contain an Azurill.

*Dragonair is an exception to this rule: since they are so ridiculously light, the weight restriction would make it nigh impossible for them to mate with any species besides other Dragonair. Therefore, the weight restriction does not apply to them; however, the height restriction still does.

◒ determining egg stats

At the time the eggs are laid, a moderator will then roll for the species, gender, ability, and egg moves for each egg. Each species and ability have an equal chance of being chosen. Egg moves, on the other hand, are slightly more complicated. By default, each egg move has a 10% chance of manifesting. If the mother or father knows one of the egg moves that the baby can learn, however, the chances for that egg move bump up to 75%. Finally, each baby has a 1% chance of being a shiny. This is bumped up to 5% if one of the parents is a shiny, and up to 10% if both parents are shiny.

You will not be informed of any of the rolls at the time the eggs are laid other than the species. The rest of the information will be kept within the super secret staff board until the egg hatches.


◒ how to hatch

To hatch an egg, you simply need to have 20 posts in a topic where the egg is present. You don't have to interact with the egg in each post, however it does have to be clear that the egg is around. Mentioning the egg every four or five posts is a good tactic. If your character does interact with it a lot, you may be granted bonus egg posts at the discretion of the moderator. You are in charge of keeping track of your own egg posts; doing so somewhere in each post may be a good idea. Once you reach 20, feel free to write how the egg hatches, or request a mod to do so. The stats of the Pokemon will be given to you after it hatches. Pokemon are hatched with 20% loyalty.

◒ the newborn state

Pokemon will hatch from eggs at level 1. They cannot fight for the first while after they hatch, because they are cute little useless newborn babes. They do have some minimal survival skills, though. Before they can battle, they must be active participants in 5 posts. Note that I said active participants, this is not like the egg posts where as long as they are in the general area, the count goes up. The Pokemon must be engaged in the activities in each post. You are in charge of keeping track of these newborn posts, just as you were with the egg posts. When the Pokemon reaches 5 newborn posts, it will level up to 2 and be able to participate in Pokemon battles.

 Posted: Aug 25 2016, 12:04 PM


Special Cases

◒ ditto

Though there aren't a lot of them, Ditto can be found here on Terrene. When you breed a Pokemon with a Ditto, species isn't randomized. The species will be whatever the species of the non-Ditto Pokemon was. Other than that, the breeding of Pokemon with a Ditto is the same as breeding any other Pokemon.

◒ eevee

Eevee are different here, as you have may have already read. Eevee and their evolutions are all considered separate species. If two of the same evolution breed, they will produce that evolution. (Two Jolteon breeding would not create an Eevee, it would create a baby Jolteon.) Other than that, the breeding of Eevee and the Eeveelutions are the same as breeding any other Pokemon.

◒ dragons

Dragon Pokemon have a slightly harder time breeding. Their chance for a successful breed is only 25%, and they can only lay 1-2 eggs instead of 1-3. Additionally, a Dragon egg requires 30 egg posts to hatch instead of the normal 20. However, Dragons are hatched at level 3 and do not go through the defenseless "newborn" stage. They will be young and clumsy, but battle-capable.

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