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Terrene continues to heat
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Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Nina Costa, Ashfield City, religious fanatic
 Posted: Jul 7 2017, 10:17 AM

Idle Staff

Nina Costa
16 - female - demisexual
religious fanatic of Ashfield City
Nina is a bit tall for her age, standing at a fair 5'6, though most of her height comes from her longer than average legs. Her robes cover up her skin, but it is still easy to see she has quite a few freckles scattered across her light skin. She wears no shoes, but this does nothing but further her movement problem, thanks to having to avoid sharp objects and such. Nina's long blond hair flows freely, though, it is often tangled, surprisingly for a girl like her. Her eyes are a piercing blue, giving her a rather pretty face alongside her mostly clear skin and petite features. She's actually pretty attractive in general, having the beginnings of a curvy body and an older look. She'd probably be even better looking if she took some time to take care of her appearance.

If there was a definition for "fanatically religious" Nina could fit the bill. Her thoughts never seem far from Arceus, who she considers her god, alongside her equally religious parents. Nina's whole life have revolved around her religion, so naturally much of her personality traits have originated from this devotion. Unfortunately, not all of these are good.

While Nina does kind things as her parents' religion dictates, these actions are often to fuel her pride, and there is a lot to fuel. She believes quite honestly that she is above most people as they do not believe as strongly as she does about her religion, and have been known to try to use this supposed higher-up status to attempt to make people do what she wants, like assisting her whenever, or even attempting to try and get someone to become part of her religion. She can be quite insensitive as well, insulting people at a drop of a hat.

She can be surprisingly friendly to those who at least humor her and don't shoo her away immediately, implying she might be a little lonely. She's also pretty innocent and naive due to her parents not teaching her much other than her religion, allowing her to interact with anybody without having any prejudice.

Nina spends her time loitering around the shrine her parents tend; she resists the mundane chores they try to assign her- cleaning the shrine and whatnot- instead believing that her time is better spent trying to talk to passersby, to spread the good word, the good news of Arceus. Her family's shrine is simple but well-kept, with paintings of what various artists believe Arceus might look like, as well as a near-constant burning of incense. It is located near the northern outskirts of the city (not quite on the border of the forest, but close), a bit east the trail toward Crater.

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Can this NPC be changed/added to by anyone? yes

 Posted: Jul 7 2017, 10:38 AM

Idle Staff

Male Pumpkaboo
DESTINY BOND ◒ Trick ◒ Astonish ◒ Confuse Ray ◒ Scary Face
Nina's first pokemon. When Nina thought that having a companion pokemon was an idea, an inspiration given to her by Arceus, she decided to partner up with this cowardly ghost pokemon. Pum decided to trust Nina when the teen showed the courage to defend a fellow wild pokemon from a bully, and still follows her around to this day. Their relationship isn't stellar; Nina views Pum not as an equal but as a servant of hers, similar to how she and her family are servants of Arceus.

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