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 Inspection of the Strange, [Development]
 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 11:29 AM


{To introduce Baltoy to Cas and get Cas to civilization}

It was the persistent droning that woke her up. Well, paired with the blinding light falling directly on her eyeballs, but later on, she decided to put the blame on them. She groaned, pushing herself up off the grass and bringing her palms to her face to rub away the grit there. Luckily, the noise stopped at that moment. Her stomach turned as she moved about, nausea that seemed to be fading quickly, but not quick enough. As she rubbed her face, something bumped the tip of her nose. Opening her eyes in confusion, she caught sight of a small little charm dangling from her wrist. It was brown and in the shape of a little heart with...something carved into it. It was familiar somehow, but she couldn't quite seem to remember what it was, or how she got it, or what those little symbols meant...

Oh dear.

She couldn't remember anything. She jolted, grabbing her head in a panic. What was she doing here? Where were her memories? Who was she? Where was she? She patted at her clothes. Surely she should remember having put them on at some time, right? Nope, nothing. She wasn't even entirely sure what she looked like! She glanced frantically around at her surroundings, hoping for some memory of having walked here or deciding to rest in this spot or anything. Nothing. She was sure she was older, but not sure how old. She had to live somewhere, but she had no idea where. She had to have some type of family or some friends, but she couldn't remember a single face. What was even her name?

Cas Valadez. Oh, at least she knew that much. It's a starting point, she supposed, even though there wasn't really anywhere to go beyond that. Great. Sighing in defeat, Cas moved to push herself off the ground but stopped when she felt something hard under her hand. Having pushed into it with some force, it left a little indent in her palm. Ouch. She picked up the hard thing for closer inspection. It was a...thing. With buttons. She pushed each of them in turn, but nothing happened. Perhaps it was broken? Shrugging, Cas put it down next to her. There were other things, too. Balls, of some sort. Berries. Little round things. She picked up one of the balls. It was an unfamiliar weight in her hand, and she brought it closer to her face for inspection. Not a moment later, the noise from earlier began anew, except it was a lot closer.

Cas looked up in alarm, coming face to face with a...well she didn't really know what it was, but it was really strange. It was, perhaps, as long as her forearm and thrice as wide, and it had two appendages that jutted out from its body. It also had a little spike on its head and at the end of its body. Its head seemed weirdly disproportionate to the rest of it, and it had two large eyes that seemed to be either completely closed or practically there. Not only that, it floated.

The thing was floating close enough that she could reach out and grab it if she wanted to, swaying side to side in such a rhythmic way that Cas soon found herself swaying with it. Curious and excited, she reached out to touch it. The creature avoided her, deftly moving out of her reach and emitting a low tone. It sounded like a hum, but softer somehow. Was it alive? There wasn't anything attached to it, though it was unlikely Cas would even recognize anything if there was. She wasn't even entirely sure what she was looking for just then. Slightly frustrated now, Cas made to grab it again. Again, it floated out of her reach, this time spinning to smack her hand with one of its appendages.

Taking the hint, Cas sat back and watched it from afar. It seemed to inspect her as well, floating about in circles around her, perhaps trying to see her from every angle. Occasionally it let out one of its hums, much higher pitched now that she wasn't grabbing at it. Cas was curious as well, but the creature seemed to have no intentions of letting her get too close. Perhaps if she lured it...

Cas grabbed one of the berries that rested near her and offered it up to the thing. It floated a bit closer, seemingly intrigued by her offer, but ultimately rejected it. Uninterested, then. At least it didn't move back out. Cas kept her hands in her lap, stifling the urge to touch the creature. It approached cautiously, humming at her. Maybe it was trying to say something? Talk about a language barrier. Cas wondered what level of intelligence it had. Heck, she wondered if it was even alive. It didn't seem to have a mouth or eyes or anything else she would associate with being alive. Of course, not that it mattered much since there was a big gaping hole in her mind that wasn't going to help her out in identifying anything about it. Maybe things like this were perfectly normal and she just didn't know. Trees were alive and they didn't have mouths or eyes, so why couldn't the same apply to this thing? Granted, trees didn't usually move or hum or float, but perhaps those were points in favor of it having a conscience?

This stare-down went on for a few more minutes before Cas ultimately gave up. As amazed and excited as she was by this creature, she couldn't grab a hold of it to see what makes it tick. She was not learning anything new about it, and it looked as if the sun might go down in an hour or so. Unsure if there was a human settlement nearby or not, Cas decided that she just make a bed where she was at and hope that someone would come looking for her. Best not to get even more lost than she already was. Now ignoring her the floating anomaly, Cas set to gathering things for a makeshift bed. She pulled up grasses from the ground and gathered fallen leaves. She even found a few feathers here and there to soften things up a bit. At her little resting place, she started to dig out a little area for her to sleep on with her hands, not caring much about the dirt that now encrusted her fingernails. Now she wouldn't be sleeping on hard-packed dirt. She dumped her bedding materials on top and lay down carefully. Throughout this whole process, the creature was floating nearby, observing. It did not aid in finding or collecting the materials and seemed to have no inclination towards doing so. Unhelpful weirdo.

The sun was setting by then, and the trees cast long shadows over the two of them. Sighing, Cas shifted to make herself slightly more comfortable and closed her eyes in an attempt to rest. Busying herself with something went miles to calm her down. She wasn't completely helpless; she'd figure something out. She would deal with everything else tomorrow.

 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 01:04 PM


It tugged them away from his home, the place where they had spent all of their life. Days and days and days ago, they had felt a pull. It was strong and uncomfortable and impossible to ignore. They tried to ignore it, oh how they tried, but it only grew more persistent with each passing day. Moving in that direction, even slightly, brought a relief that they couldn't deny. They had hidden it for a while, but eventually, they brought it up to their family. Concern and uncertainty were what they were met with. Their family had no idea what it was or what it meant or how to fix it. So they had to leave. They had to leave everything they knew to follow some urge, some instinct with a reason far beyond them. They were not one to follow instinct, only to rely on their head. But their head and their family agreed: they had to figure out what this was.

They'd come back. They promised their family they'd be back.

They floated through the desert and the hills and the forests, cleverly avoiding the clusters of humans that might threaten to catch them. That would be no good. They were not in the mood to have to escape some dumb human to reach their goal. Whatever that goal was. It had better be good, like a lovely new home they could bring their family to. The desert was a harsh place at this time of year; maybe they could benefit from a new home with more water and more prey.

They stayed steadfast, floating in as straight a line as they could manage, changing paths only when a tree or predator or some other obstruction blocked their path. They would not stop until they reached their destination, not even to rest. This needed to be done with quickly so they could return home. Quickly and efficiently, and it was impossible to be efficient if they stopped to sightsee along the way. The urge to learn about the areas they were passing was stifled, buried deep within themselves. The only thing they thought about was the pull. As days went by, they began to develop a sort of disinterested curiosity about it. Where did it come from? Why them? Was there a way they could find out? Unfortunately, they couldn't find much out about it at the time, since it wasn't something they could see or observe. How odd. Frustration threatened to bubble up inside of them, clouding their thoughts, but they beat it down just as fast as it appeared. Silly to distract themselves when there were plenty of distractions outside of their mind that they're doing their best to avoid.

Days and days and days passed by with this single-mindedness. It was the only way to keep them focused on the goal and only the goal. No time for heavy thoughts or introspection. Only movement. Alertness. No need to die before they got there. Eventually, though, they made it. Trees surrounded them on all sides, something that was odd before but now felt normal. They spun around, truly taking in their surroundings for the first time. It was a pleasant enough space, but there was nothing remarkable about it. So why were they here? What purpose was there in dragging them to this place? They attempted to leave the way they came, displeased, but as soon as they got too far, the pull returned. It seemed to tether them to this place, but to what end? Nothing was there and nothing was happening. They moved about, expecting every inch of the place, expecting to find something out of the ordinary, but there was nothing. Just trees, dirt, and grass.

Time passed like this, the Pokemon floating about the empty space, wanting to leave but unable to do so. They felt trapped. Was it going to be like this forever? Stuck here, in this unremarkable area of an unremarkable forest with nothing to interest them?

Apparently not. One moment they were alone and the next there was a human. Turned away, they had seen nothing, but they had felt everything. The pull was stronger now, practically yanking them towards the prone figure on the forest floor, only letting up when they were practically on top of it. A human. This whole ordeal was for a human. Perhaps it was a special human? One to challenge their mind? They floated nearby cautiously, watching it for a sign. Anything that told them this wasn't just some run-of-the-mill human. Nothing. Of course not.

It didn't move for some time. Was it dead? Perhaps they should try and wake it. How awful it would be to be stuck with a corpse. //Hey, human. Wake up. Hello? Are you alive? Can you hear me, human? Where did you come from?// Not wanting to touch it, they went on in this fashion until it finally moved. Quickly quieting themselves, they kept to observing them quietly. It was a messy one, that's for sure. Its fur was all over the place. Its movements were odd and clunky, not nearly as refined as themselves. When it looked up, they quickly moved themselves behind the nearest tree, not quite ready to reveal themselves yet. Better to get a good idea of what it was like before they approached. It seemed to be panicking. And now it's inspecting something. It's confused. Interesting. They drifted out from their tree and moved closer, inspecting the human's items alongside it. They wonder if it noticed them.

Now it picked up some kind of ball. No, they knew what that was. That thing trapped Pokemon. //Put that down, please.// It looked up in alarm. Looks like it hadn't noticed them, which means it wasn't going to throw that at them, which means they shouldn't have revealed their presence. A misstep that might cost them everything. They held themselves still, ready to move in a second. It reached out and they dodged it. //Don't.// A warning, apparently unheard, for the human reached out yet again. They slapped them away and moved out of reach. At least it didn't throw that ball.

They decided to stay back for a while, circling it for a full look. //Were you the one to call me here?// they asked, warning gone from their tone. They sincerely doubted it, but one could never be certain. //Why are you here? You should go back to the humans. You will die out here and I will be stuck with a corpse. Leave.// No answer. Could it not understand? Instead of answering, it offered a berry, They moved to give it a look, concluding that this human was an idiot. No intellectual challenge to be found with this one. Only disappointment. Now disinterested, they floated back to just observe. They couldn't leave, so might as well learn something about their new, though unwanted, subject of study. It moved about, gathering things and making a nest on the ground. Weird.Then it went to sleep out in the middle of the forest without eating or even making sure there aren't any predators around. How ridiculously careless. They had thought that most humans were self-sufficient, but it seems they were stuck with an anomaly, and not the interesting kind. They knew they were just a child themselves, but this human seemed to have the mental capacity of one much younger than that, like it had just hatched.

They spun in place lazily for a few minutes. Might as well keep watch so it doesn't die. Then again, it also needs food. There were some berries around here, they were sure. They could bring one or two. How much did humans need? They floated through the trees and bushes, spinning rapidly to cut through the stems of two berries in a nearby tree. They fell to the ground with a splat. They then used their weak psychic powers to slowly, inch by inch, drag the berries back to the human. When it woke up, perhaps they would try and teach it to eat. Then they'd lead their...pet? Charge? Large newborn? Whatever it was, they'd bring it back to their family and study it there to find out the reason they were figuratively tied to it. Before then, however, perhaps they should take it to the humans so it could get water and water humans ate to survive. Then they'd be ready for the long trip. Having finally gotten the berries to the human, dirtied and bruised but otherwise fine, they returned to their watch, pleased with their plan.

 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 02:12 PM


Humming once again disturbed her sleep. That darned thing. Cas had expected it to be long gone by now. She turned away from it, clapping a hand to her ear in irritation. She needed a few more hours of sleep. Just a few more hours...The humming lowered in tone, sounding much closer now. Cas reached out a hand to smack it away, but she hit nothing but air. It became much louder and much closer. It wasn't giving up, then. Just as she figured it'd be better to wake up than get a headache, something hard collided with her skull, sending her up and out of her makeshift bed with a pained yelp. That hurt, what was that thing made of? A migraine instantly bloomed outwards from where it had hit her, and tears collected in the corners of her eyes. Owowow. Rubbing at the spot, she shot a resentful glare at the floating thing at her shoulder. It was evil. It hummed again, floating closer to the place she had first woken up yesterday. The stuff from then was still there, but now there were two more berries near the others, looking beat up and unappetizing.

She looked at them uncertainly, before considering the creature. "Did you get these for me?" she asked, voice hoarse and dry. She needed water, not food. But the thought was soon appreciated, because in that moment her stomach let out a mighty roar. Guess she needed food as well. Grimacing in discomfort, she reached down to grab the dirty berries and dusted them off. The creature hummed again, getting up close to her face. Cas stepped back, uncomfortable. It actually wanted to come near her, now? Weird. She stuffed one of the berries in her mouth and bit, enjoying the flood of juices, even if it was a bit tart. One hand free, she cautiously reached out to see if it would allow her to touch it this time. No such luck. It moved away from her, now keeping itself at a distance. It stayed still, watching her eat. When she was finished, it hummed again. Confused, Cas decided to ignore it. She couldn't understand it, and she wasn't sure it understood her. She gathered her stuff, wondering what she should do now. Go look for others? If she traveled in a straight line, surely she wouldn't get lost...

The creature hummed again, drifting off in one direction. Cas watched it go, staying where she was. She was disappointed to see it leave before she could really get to know what it was...except it wasn't gone. It was just floating there, a distance away, seemingly waiting for her. Was she supposed to follow? Where was it going to take her? She took a hesitant step towards it, and it floated an inch back before stopping. So she was supposed to follow. Interesting. Well, she didn't have anything better to do. Stuffing the second dirty berry into her mouth, she set off behind it. It kept a constant pace, always staying the exact same distance in front of her. It seemed to keep a straight path, only deviating when something directly blocked it.

They went on like this for only a few minutes before they came upon a cluster of houses. A village? Had it led her to humans? Cas stared at it uncertainly. Was it helping her? Why? Its disinterested face gave nothing away. It certainly didn't seem to be doing it out of benevolence. It just whapped her in the head some time ago! So then...

"Heya there girlie!" A friendly voice broke her out of her thoughts. The creature came back to her side and watched the approaching human warily. He was an older man, tall and graying, with big broad shoulders and a scraggly beard. Kind brown eyes regarded the two standing before him, and on his face was a big, glittering smile, yellow and chipped as it was. Upon his shoulder was some kind of rod with some kind of string and a hook of...bone? Beneath it was a net of some other kind of material. Cas felt like this should tell her something, but she had no idea what it all meant. "You 'n your Baltoy in need of any help?"

Baltoy? That's what this was? Interesting. The little tidbit of information reignited her curiosity about the little thing. So it was something fairly normal! How exciting, maybe the man could teach her about it? The thought made her giddy. Maybe there were more things he'd know? Like who she was, where she came from, what that little device was... The man's smile was contagious, and Cas soon found herself grinning along with him, ecstatic. "Oh, you know about them? I wasn't quite sure what it was! And if you'll be so kind, maybe a place to stay? Not sure where I am," She laughed self-deprecatingly, shifting so that the things in her arms didn't fall as she did so. The man caught sight of this and rushed forward to relieve her, laughing as well.

"Oh don't you worry, girlie. That's not as strange as you think! Come along now, I have a nice home right over here..." He ambled along, easily carrying her things over to a small wood cabin a few yards away from where they were standing. The man reached the house quickly and held open the door, letting out a scent that was...strong, to say the least. Not that she could identify it. Cas hurried to follow, and the Baltoy stayed close by. They floated along quietly, pleased things were going as planned. At least their human was an obedient one, if more than uninteresting.

 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 03:38 PM


The two humans made their way into the big one's den, chattering away happily. At least the Baltoy knew their human wasn't mute. The large man placed their human's stuff on the table and rumbled something. Their human's face broke out into a smile and an enthusiastic nod and she started pointing at things on the table. The Baltoy didn't understand what they were saying at all, not with their weird primitive language. Perhaps they should try and learn it so that they could understand what their human attempts to say to them. Or they could just teach their human the right way to speak, the way that's used by every other creature in this land. That would be much simpler. After all, it needed to be able to understand them when they give them a command. Plus, it was the tongue of their family. Yes, they would just teach it their language. Hopefully it's a quick study.

Their human pointed at some brown things that looked sort of like pieces of antler. The man nodded, picked some up, and began to gesture. Their human snapped their fingers and made an odd "O" sound, before asking a question. The man shakes his head and shrugs. All these gestures must have a meaning. Having not been in close contact with these creatures, the Baltoy has never had to attempt to understand their body language. That would be useful if one decides to be aggressive in the near future. Best to learn the signs now than be caught off-guard later on. Hmm. Their human points to one of the berries it appeared with. That must be to bring it to the attention of the older man. The man flings its arm out to the side and says something. Perhaps that means to throw it out. Is it poisonous to humans? Their human nods. That must be confusion, of some sort of way to tell the bigger one to continue? Or is it to dispute that claim? Hmmm.

Their human picked up the box they were fiddling with before. The man turned it and flicked something at the top before pointing it out to their human. The human proceeded to smack itself. Self-discipline? Anger? No, it's laughing now. The man pushed some things before returning it to their human and pointing at the Baltoy. They float back warily, unsure what that meant, before their human let out a gasp. Curious, Baltoy looked over its shoulder to see what it what looking at. There was what looked to be an image of a member of his species. Interesting. Not knowing that the Baltoy had already seen, the human shoved its device into their face, forcing them to move back a couple inches. Children.

Lastly, their messy human pointed to the Pokemon trappers. The man nodded and pulled out one of his own. Baltoy heard a click, and hurriedly backed to a corner of the house. Was it going to try and catch them? In a flash, there stood a young blue Pokemon, snapping at the air at happily clawing at the big human's leg. It picked the male Totodile up with one hand, laughing heartily.

//Old man! Old man! Are we going hunting?// he crowed, before catching the scent of the newcomers. It seemed unalarmed and made no threatening moves towards either of them, instead baring his teeth in some attempt at a grin. He waddled towards the Baltoy's human, taking a deep sniff or two before looking around it at them. //Hello!//

Baltoy floated over cautiously. //Hello. You are owned by the large human?// Wary of this Pokemon's large teeth, they stayed well out of range. It was strange that he didn't seem unhappy about being in one of those little traps. Baltoy had always thought that humans snatched Pokemon against their will with them. Not this one, it seemed. Or at least, he had accepted its situation.

//Yep!// He bubbled happily, mimicking Baltoy by swaying back and forth. Baltoy considered this. Perhaps the reason why he was so happy is because the man found its egg and hatched it? That would explain things. That's how a lot of multi-species families were formed in the wild. They should ask, to confirm this hypothesis. Just as they were going to, however, the Baltoy's human reached to pet the Totodile. The Totodile stopped swaying, pupils dilating dangerously wide as he eyes the incoming hand. His mouth opened imperceptibly. Baltoy knew what was about to happen. Their human was about to lose a hand, the dumb thing. Unwilling to let an injury on the part of their human deter them from traveling back to their home, Baltoy suddenly spun around quickly, knocking the Totodile out of the air just as he leaped to bite. Ouch. He was heavy.

//Oof!// The young Totodile grunted as he collided with the floor. He leapt up just as fast, completely unfazed by the hit and the fall. Perhaps he was older than Baltoy first assumed? The Totodile dusted himself off before laughing, //Sorry about that. I didn't mean to go after her; it's just instinct!// Moments after he finished apologizing, the older human recalled him, saying something to the Baltoy's human, who looked a little shaken. Dumb thing. Of course it would just reach for a Pokemon it had no knowledge of. Dumb. The man showed her the ball, pointing at some things. Their human nodded, before picking up one of hers and inspecting it. A second later, while they were unprepared, the Baltoy felt something hit their head.

Great. Now how were they supposed to guide their human to Baltoy's home?

Saint Judas
 Posted: Aug 8 2017, 11:28 PM

Idle Staff

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I thouroughly enjoyed reading this, it wasn't terribly long, nor terribly short, nor really all that complicated, but it was a lovely introduction to your two characters as they get to know each other and their new situation.

I can't award too much loyalty here, overall Baltoy remains largely indifferent with little reason to specifically obey or feel warmth towards Cas, but there was definitely still at least the start of a connection being formed here, if nothing else they respect enough that their mission here seems to do with her to care about her current situation... even if they have trouble really understanding much of it, and to some degree they trust her, even if only because she seems unintelligent enough to do them harm. I love Baltoy, and the insight you've given into them, and the interactions between the two are fun to read, it's a good first dev, keep it up!

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