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 "At Risk" NPCs
 Posted: Sep 21 2017, 02:43 PM


To quote from our Running Updates thread:

◒ NPC Changes

To encourage interaction and prevent waste, there are some changes being implemented for NPCs! First, we will be a little more strict with Resident NPCs that are created. NPCs posted in this forum must be useful / likely to meet and interact with many various player characters. So a younger sibling or a temporary roommate or any other NPC that wouldn't find much use should not have an NPC profile here. This way, when people browse the forum, they'll only find NPCs that they could feasibly/likely use in their threads. NPCs stored here should also have a decent amount of thought put into them, ie they need a good description on their profile so that we feel like we know enough about them to play them well in our own threads.

Second, there is a new forum called "Family NPCs." This forum is for your convenience- if your character has family that you want to keep track of, but they don't have a job/position that would make them likely to interact with player characters besides your own, this is where you can post up a profile for them, and include whatever information you want!

To facilitate these changes, a thread will be created for NPCs who are "at risk": NPCs who don't fit the new Resident NPC requirements, who either need to be updated, deleted, or moved to the Family NPC forum. The creators of the NPCs will get a chance to decide what they want to do with them- if the creator of the NPC is inactive or doesn't particularly care what happens, the admins will decide what changes to make.


This is the list of NPCs that need to be edited, moved, or deleted, sorted by who created them. Post here to propose the edits that might keep them in the Resident NPC group to get confirmation on if those changes would be enough to keep them there, or post to request that they get moved or deleted~ Thanks for any help you provide! If you don't care what happens to the NPC, you don't have to post.



Annalise "Lee" Townsend

In the subtitle, her job/position is simply listed as "resident." In the description itself it states she is essentially a delivery girl, but more elaboration is needed on her job so that we know how our characters might run into her. Is she a popular delivery girl? One of the only ones? Does she specialize in something? Does she have a widespread reputation? Etc, etc.



He's a ranch hand, but we need more elaboration on why other characters would bump into him or interact with him. Does his love of Pokemon equate to knowledge of Pokemon so good that other Oasis residents refer you to him when you have questions about or problems with your Pokemon? Something else? Also, we'd need a lot more information about the ranch he works at. Or if he isn't particularly well-known/influential/popular, he can simply be moved to the family NPC forum.


(Completely unrelated sidenote, but I just realized Avadine -> Avaline? You like those Ava_ine names :D) She seems like the perfect candidate for Family NPC forum. Sounds like she doesn't have a job outside the house and isn't influential in her community (outside of her family, of course).


She's mostly good, but maybe a little info on why others might run into her / what puts her above other tailors in the city. Is she a gossip/chatterbox who gets on well with her customers and thus has a lot of word-of-mouth popularity? Does she work amazingly fast? Are her prices cheap? Does she specialize in anything in particular? Does she spin wool into cloth in addition to sewing the cloth into clothes? And maybe a little note on if she has family or not would help us get to know her as well.


Again, seems like she might fit well into the Family NPC forum, though I could maybe see her staying in the Resident NPC forum if there was more info on how she might be influential. Since she disagrees with the usual treatment of immigrants, does she actively seek out new immigrants to help them escape the city? Or something of that sort? If she stays as a Resident NPC we'll also need a little more info on the work she does in the marketplace.


Essentially, see my comments under Avadine. Doesn't seem particularly popular or influential as is, though that could potentially be changed. Can be moved to the Family NPC forum if you like! Otherwise we will need more info and a reason for her to be encountered by other player characters.


I could see it going either way with Marlow. If he significantly contributes to the wellfare of the residents of the city, is well-known, and perhaps is willing to hire on extra hands to help him fish occasionally, or something, he could stay as Resident NPC. Or he could simply be transferred over to Family NPC.



A main issue is it states she received a Mudbray in her teens, but Alolan Pokemon weren't pulled into Terrene until this year. Additionally, there is no mention of if she is a native or an immigrant. Overall, it seems like she could be easily combined with her husband's profile; as far as I can tell, there is no reason someone would seek her out or encounter her, thus it make make more sense to have the two profiles combined. Unless perhaps she regularly travels to and from Crater and/or Ashfield separately from her husband for business?

For Luke, no true complaints as he is influential and easy to meet, given his proximity to the Ashfield-Crater path and his booming business, merely a couple of suggestions for things that could be added: 1. brief info on their child, 2. commentary on if he regularly hires new ranch hands / temporary ranch hands (someone traveling and looking for a day or two of work) or if he is willing to escort people to and from Ashfield-Crater.



More info on the details of his business(es) and why/how player characters could interact with him. The potential for communicating with other characters in other cities? idk idk. Also would need Pokemon info for his Pidgeys/Pidgeotto.


Either delete or add info on why/how player characters could interact with him or know him. Angry Tauros chases people who get too close? Hiring temporary ranch hands for day or so of work? Also would need Pokemon info for his Miltanks/Tauros.

@Desk Lamp

Dicey Baskerville -DONE

This adorable smol bean seems like the perfect candidate for the Family NPC forum, especially since they are described as "not a particularly common sight around Ashfield City." So unless you protest, I'll likely move them there shortly. :)



For Garrett to stay, we'll need more description and info on him. It says he lives in a secluded place- where? In the forest north/west/south/east of Ashfield? How would other player characters find him and what would he do to help them? Also more info on his personality and daily life/schedule. Or you can choose to have him moved to Family NPCs or simply deleted.



A lot more description will be required if you want him to stick around as a Resident NPC for others to interact with, because as it is we don't have a lot to go off of. He's a stall vendor, but what does he sell at his stall? Anything and everything or does he specialize? Since he is friendlier than most Oasians toward immigrants, does he seek them out if he sees them / notices them / hears rumos about them? If you don't want to add more info then he can either be deleted or moved to Family NPCs.

 Posted: Sep 21 2017, 03:46 PM


Alright, I would like to have the Masons (Avadine, Marlow, Ansem, and Dolores) as well as Margot (Though she isn't Shadow's mother, but is still relevant in her life.) put into the family NPC list.

As for Dana,I'll flesh her out because I can imagine others interacting with her for some new clothing and the like. She regularly chats with her customers and tends to gossip with them, though she will insist she's not gossiping. So I can see her reputation being spread word of mouth. She's pretty much versatile in what clothing she sells, from shirts to pants to jackets to underwear. No shoes though. Also, she goes and purchases wool to spin her own threads, rather than buy from another store. I'll go add these things asap!

 Posted: Sep 25 2017, 12:51 PM


Oops. Forgot about the Alolan Pokemon. Um. She could have a Camerupt instead, then. She is an immigrant. And yes, I suppose she can be added to her husband's profile. She makes clothes, but honestly he's the businessman and would probably be the one selling them, or she might go along with him to sell them, but I do not see her going out alone or without him.

Luke: I purposely left their child rather ambiguous, as I am considering using him/her as my third character when the time comes (and if I think I can handle a third character). He does hire people, either short term or long term. He's more likely to take on temporary ranch hands during the hatching season (spring) or the shearing season (...early summer?). He's willing to escort people, but he charges a premium for rude people as he'd rather avoid that kind of toxicity.

I went ahead and changed their profiles/added Arlene into Luke's. Can you make sure I did everything right? Thanks!
Edit: I seem to be unable to delete Arlene's profile. I believe it is ready to be deleted, though.

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