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 Sugar, Yes, Please! [Development}
 Posted: Oct 26 2017, 08:51 PM


[Hoping to gain some loyalty with Cecilia's new Mr. Mime]

The village had been grateful when Cecilia had come back from the wood and informed the village that the haunting would cease. They had been less enthused to learn that Cecilia had brought the culprit with her back to the village.

"She's actually a bit of a sweetheart. I call her Sugar." Cecilia introduced her new pokemon to a few of the villagers who were gathered around her. Now seen in the light of day without any obscuring pink mist, the Mr. Mime didn't seem frightening at all. She waved happily at everyone, only too delighted to be the center of attention. She then pretended to be pulling herself forward by an invisible rope. A few children who were present and hiding behind their parents out of fear of the scary clown/skeleton terror beast, couldn't help but laugh at the pokemon's amusing antics.

"How do you know it's a girl?" One child asked, bravely stepping forward.

"I...don't," Cecilia confessed. The child, a little girl, came over to Sugar and extended a hand politely.

"Hello Sugar, my name is Jane," She said. Sugar stopped her pantomime to look the girl over. Cecilia watched closely, unsure of how her new pokemon would react. She didn't think Sugar was dangerous, but she wasn't certain enough to bet a child on it. Fortunately, Sugar seemed only too happy to make friends. She took the girl's hand in hers and shook it reverently. After that, all the children came up wanting to meet and play with the pokemon.

"Don't crowd her. We don't want her to get frightened and start making barriers and mist now do we? Here's an idea, give me some time with her and maybe we could put on a bit of a show for everyone. I think that's what Sugar was trying to do all along. We'll just practice some tricks that will be more entertaining and less disruptive," Cecilia suggested. There were certainly more important things that she should probably be doing, but Cecilia liked kids. She certainly didn't want to village to keep being afraid of her pokemon. And really, how hard could it be to entertain a crowd?

"How does that idea sound, Sugar?" Cecilia flashed a smile at her new pokemon.

"Mr. Mime! Mr. Mime!" the psychic fairy cried, clapping her large hands together joyfully. She had a high, feminine, and vaguely human voice. Cecilia couldn't help thinking of her a bit like an eager but crazily powerful child. She had about the size, shape, and personality of one. This triggered a natural affection in Cecilia and she couldn't help wanting to protect Sugar and make her feel welcome in the community.

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