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winter will be here until
March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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 Heartbreaker, Paul's Plots/Ideas
 Posted: Nov 6 2017, 11:32 PM


Excerpt from Cynthia's Plotter

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Cynthia's Twin:

Regarding her brother. Overall, he was (is, but she doesn't know that) a handsome young man with a ridiculous plethora of talents: musician/artist, fortune-teller, medicine (how does that even work? I like to imagine him peering over Cynthia's frustrated form and yelling out answers to her medical-related homework), a decent shot with a bow. He was fond of warm sunny days.

He was talented and beautiful, but that made him a pretty big douchebag. He had a superiority complex, possibly narcissism. Despite his sister's unconditional love for him, he was practically all the things she hates about men. (One redeeming factor is his dedication to the truth. He didn't lie, but he also didn't play nice...) Women swooned over him, and he wasn't shy of taking advantage of that. I'm not sure how that'll play out, and I'm interested to see how it does.

Paul has an affinity for...
- art (particularly music and poetry, but dance, painting, theater, sculpture, etc. are also good)
- truth (psychic types and future sight particularly)
- healing and medicine, antivenom and disease cures
- the sun, light and heat

- All I Ever Wanted
--- At some point, he's going to be wandering around breaking hearts, as per usual. Then he meets Shae. Naturally, she disapproves. He tries to win her over, but she's not having any of that. Through some interaction and permutations of logic, Shae figures out he has a complex. He has a total melt-down. He didn't even realize, himself, why he always felt like he needed more attention and love than could ever be provided. The realization practically breaks him.

- Imperfection
--- Caul. When Paul finally realizes what his problem is, then spends a bit of time working through it, he might actually find that he can make a commitment at long last. And who better to realize this commitment to than someone that his previous self would have scoffed at as imperfect and broken?

- The Doctor is In
--- Paul's got a lot of hobbies. He likes to sing, obviously. So he's trying to put together a band. He also loves to swim. That doesn't exactly bring in any money. Shepherding Mareep for Luke and Arlene is great fun, and it does pay, but it gets boring after a while. He needs something more challenging here and there. Medical work, which he knows a surprising about of, is quite ideal.
--- He also needs a bunch of Pokemon that will assist him. See Wishlist for more details on this.

Close Friends

- Cecilia (played by Amissa): He quite likes her, but after his encounter with a very violent, angry woman, he was being a lot more careful about how he approached women. So he did his best to not get on her wrathful side.
- Sylvana (NPC Peace Officer from Crater City): There was, after all, no way he would spend time training in those dirty fields unless there was a beautiful woman involved. His Pokemon got some training. But mostly he got some light, cautious flirting.

- Ri (played by Kira): Paul overstepped his boundaries with a woman who most definitely does not want her boundaries overstepped. He received several violent blows, in addition to a great deal of humiliation and despair as he lay choking in the gutter when she fled. He would most likely avoid her at all costs if he saw her again.

 Posted: Nov 6 2017, 11:36 PM


Paul's Wishlist
This wishlist is a mess, and a lot looser than Cynthia's rigid formation.

Summary 13-16 Pokemon
3 muses: Oricorio, Smeargle? or Gardevoir?, Kricketune
Smeargle: uncommon; Ralts: endangered

2-4 Sacred animals: Lapras (I hope!), Swanna, Mareep (possibly), Rapidash
Lapras: endangered; Ducklett: common; Mareep: common; Ponyta: rare

2-3 Prophecy/Supernatural: Shedinja, Natu, Gardevoir (if Smeargle takes muse spot)
Natu: endangered

6 Healing: Serperior, Chansey, Parasect, Chimecho, Milotic, Comfey? (or something else good at healing)
Snivy: uncommon; Happiny: uncommon; Paras: uncommon; Chingling: rare; Feebas: uncommon; Comfey: uncommon

His band: Kricketune, Lapras, Swanna, Gardevoir?, Chimecho

The Three Muses
user posted image
Melete (meaning "practice") the Oricorio (Sensu)

user posted imageuser posted image
Maybe a Smeargle? Or a very intelligent psychic-type that learns how to read and write?
Mneme (meaning "memory") the ? Smeargle? Gardevoir?

user posted imageuser posted image
Aoide (meaning "song") the Ninjask or Kricketune
(and, for fun/because Paul has an affinity for supernatural stuff, its respective Shedinja)
user posted image

Sacred Animals
user posted imageuser posted image
Delphidios the Milotic (or Lapras)
Alternatively: the Milotic could go under "healing Pokemon" thanks to Recover, Protect, Aqua Ring, etc.
(Lapras also has a lovely whale-song kind of voice, which would be nice for his music stuff)

user posted image
Kyknos the Swanna (swans are so beautiful, and work as a singer -trumpet swans sound amazing- as well as a sacred animal)

user posted image
possibly Admetus (or Aristaeus?) the Mareep

user posted imageuser posted image
Pythia the Natu/Xatu

user posted image
Gardevoir (will not actively seek, but will not turn it down if I find one)
(maybe Gardevoir can be the very-smart one who learns how to read/write? and she also helps the Natu with the future stuff?)

user posted image
Asclepius the Serperior (I know, it might not seem like it... but the serpent is considered both a healer and a plague-bringer, just like Apollo, and a very powerful symbol of healing in general)
(the rest will be named after Asclepius' children: Hygieia ("cleanliness"), Iaso ("recuperation"), Acesco ("healing process"), Panacea ("universal remedy"), and maybe Aglæa ("splendor and beauty"))

user posted image
Iaso the Chansey

user posted image
Panacea the Parasect

user posted image
Aglaea the Chimecho (not only can it serve double-time as a beautiful musical voice, Chimecho has a very large number of healing moves)

user posted image
Acesco the... Comfey??? use of Grassy Terrain followed by Floral Healing is pretty nice

(may use Milotic as Hygieia)

Hopefully other Pokemon known for having some property beneficial to doctoring...

user posted image
Aethon (or Pyrois, or Eous) the Rapidash

Wishlist Thought Process and Drafts (Just for Fun)
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
(Needs to be narrowed down further)
Singers/artists: (3) Voice, Practice, and Memory
-Chimeco for sure (a personal favorite of mine)
-Kricketune? Nincada? (Nincada would be better, since it overlaps as one of his "sacred animals"
-idk, other things that make sense.

Random "Apollo's sacred animals": (4)
-Snek (Ekans, Snivy, or Seviper)
-Dolphin (Milotic? Maybe Lapras? Really would like it to be rideable)
-Cicada (Nincada/Ninjask obviously)
-Raven (Murkrow obviously)
-Swan (uhh... Swanna but... I feel like we're getting a little bird-heavy here. I might abandon Murkrow - he probably doesn't like Dark types anyways- in favor of Swanna?)
-sidenote: wolves, deer, and hawks are also associated with him, but I'm going to ignore those because those are more important to Cynthia than they are to him

Prophecy: (probably just 1 of these)
-Natu (please, it's just too good to pass up)
-Espeon? Ralts? (Also fit with his general aesthetic and can learn Future Sight)

Healing: (just 1 is good)
-or maybe Parasect?
-are there any other stereotypically good healers?

Sun/fire: (1)
-literally anything beautiful that can learn Sunny Day?
-eyes Ninetales

Wishlist for Paul: V2
(Needs to be narrowed down further)
Singers/artists: (3) Voice, Practice, and Memory
-Jigglypuff? would be lovely but... I also want a Swanna, and I don't want to get too many Pokemon total
-Nincada? Kricketune?

Random "Apollo's sacred animals": 3
-Ekans? preferably Snivy
-Dolphin (Milotic? Lapras?)
-Nincada (not counting it twice)
-Swanna (possibly instead of Jigglypuff...)

Prophecy: (probably just 1 of these)

Healing: (just 1 is good)
-or maybe Parasect?
-are there any other stereotypically good healers?

Sun/fire: (1)
-eyes Ninetales

Semi-final Draft
Swanna (maybe Jigglypuff)
Snivy (maybe Ekans)
Milotic or Lapras
Natu (maybe Ralts and maaaybe Espeon)
Chansey (maybe Parasect)
Rapidash! (maybe Ninetales, Fennekin, etc.)

Note about Rapidash names: the sun-chariot (which is either piloted by Apollo or Helios) is drawn by 4 horses, but they all have different names and their names change depending on who is telling the story. So here they are:
Eous: "by him the sky is turned"? (no other sources)
Aethiops: "the glowing" or "the black"... "parches the grain"
Bronte: "thunder"
Sterope: "lightning

Pyrois: (I think this just means fire?)
Eous: see above
Aethon: "burning" or "shining"
Phlegon: "burn brightly"

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