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 The First Lesson, [development]
 Posted: Dec 13 2017, 06:54 PM


((Goal: Hopefully to get some EXP for the babies... Since they're both a bit useless... Not much else, since Venom is just a punching bag for babies and Ri is largely uninvolved. She's just hiding in the tent.))

Ri thought Omega’s Camp was… Well, honestly she didn’t have much of an opinion. Honestly, Ashfield City and the Great West Forest were still her favorite. She preferred the trees over cold stone, and the open vulnerability that had been the Lion’s Plains. She didn’t hate this place. Still… That preference. Omega’s Camp wasn’t anything too formal. Mostly it was little campsites all clustered together… Ish. The red-haired girl had her own tent set up in the general area… If maybe a bit further away. Ri wasn’t really the type to dive into social situations headfirst. Well, sometimes she did. Sometimes she walked right up to people and said hello. Not always, though. Most of the time… She was the type to keep her distance, fend people off with her natural ‘charm,’ and make maybe one or two friends in her life. Thus, her decision to keep some distance.

Ri was currently laying on her back in her tent. She wasn’t staring at much except for the roof of the tent. If you could call it a roof, she wasn’t all too sure what the actual official term would be. She supposed it didn’t actually matter. Maybe it didn’t have a name, because it never crossed anyone’s mind to give it a name. Well, anyway… If it wasn’t a roof, then it was more or less nameless to her.

The pokemon in her company weren’t inside the tent with her. She figured Venom and Sai could take care of themselves and watch the babies. Ri sighed quietly, turning on her side and curling up slightly. She… Hadn’t slept properly in a while. Or tried to, really. She figured she should try again, even if it’d be disturbed… It wasn’t fun or nice, which was why she tended to avoid sleep for as long as she could. Though, avoiding sleep wasn’t good forever. Which was why eventually she did have to make an effort to get as much sleep as she could. Which… Kind of happened to be now. So, here she was… Kind of drifting off… Hoping the babies would be okay again when she woke up….

Sai glanced over at Yuki, who was sleeping in her basket. The Seel had a rather passive attitude, fond of naps, despite some bouts of curiosity that came and went. Sometimes she would pipe up with questions, however generally the younger water-type remained quiet and let Arashi do the questioning. Speaking of the Blitzle, she was currently chattering the Psyduck’s ear off. While Yuki was fond of inactivity, Arashi had difficulties staying still. Even when sitting down, she would constantly shift her weight, bouncing on her feet.

(Why aren’t you any fun?!)” The electric-type finally whined.

Sai looked to Arashi. She crossed her arms, best she could. “(... I can be fun. I know fun tricks.)” She replied, defending herself quietly. She remembered talking to the Rockruff named Imp. He’d liked her little water trick. The harmless one. She was fun. She could be fun. It was… It was just that Venom didn’t really seem to think anything was fun except for hunting and fighting. Sai didn’t agree, and she didn’t get many opportunities for fun. The most fun she got were those times swimming in water and getting flower crowns. However, she was far away from water and flower crowns.

Arashi bounced on her hooves. “(Really? Really? Show me! Show me!)” She cried. She wasn’t very patient, it seemed.

Sai sighed, and stood up from her sitting position. Then she shot a bubble of water from her bill that traveled a bit upwards before bursting, raining down on the area. It was bigger than it used to be, it got a little bit of a wider area. She guessed she was… Getting better? Stronger? Kind of like Venom wanted, or preferred her to be.

Arashi’s eyes immediately lit up, as she bounced around in circles in the short sprinkle of rain. “(Oh, wow! You are really are fun!)” She excitedly said.

At this moment, Yuki seemed to conveniently wake up, just barely. “(It is pretty neat.)” The Seel cut in softly, and it didn’t seem at all like an interruption.

Suddenly, Sai’s headache began to escalate. Immediately, a wing flew up to grasp the side of her head. “(Aagh…)” She muttered to herself, her thoughts suddenly becoming less easy to focus on.

She waddled over to Venom, who had moved around, hissing at her water trick. “(H-Hey… Um… Can you, can you…)” She gestured vaguely in the direction of the babies, having trouble to really find the words. At least she could still formulate an intention and focus on what was around her.

Venom hissed, annoyed. “(.... Why do I have to do that…?)” He lifted his head and looked to the duck. Though… He already knew the answer to his question. He’d… Noticed. While he often leaped straight into battle, using his reflexes to attack as quickly as he could, as powerfully as he could. However, he did make his own observations and deductions. For a while now, the duck seemed to suffer headaches. They seemed to increase in intensity as time dragged on, however exercising her newfound psychic powers seemed to relieve her headaches. It seemed to be about that time where the headaches began majorly disrupting the duck’s concentration and ability to focus on… Well, her general surroundings.

(Hey, hey!)” Arashi began bouncing on her hooves again, bounding over to Pointy-mouth and Fluffy Yellow. “(Whatcha chatting about? Why are you holding your head like that? What’s wrong with your face? Why is he so grumpy? Is he secretly fun too?)

Yuki waved softly. “(Don’t think he’s much for fun. He seems kinda frown-y.)” The Seel remarked in that quiet voice of her’s. Arashi didn’t seem to hear.

When he turned to look, Venom saw that the duck had taken the time to lay down on her back. Great, so he was stuck with babysitting duty. Ugh…. Well… He guessed…. He’d done this once before. Except there were two of them. Both of them didn’t seem to respond to intimidation as well as…. As Sai had in the beginning. Still… He’d managed to make the duck more useful. Perhaps he could mold these two into something less than dead weight, since he doubted the human could be convinced to leave these two behind. She’d lugged around their eggs on their travels and took the time to take them with her, despite them weighing her down.

(I am not frown-y.)” Venom hissed towards Yuki, slithering over to the basket, not wanting to shout to cover the distance comfortably. “(You’re lazy and useless.)” He hissed at the Seel. Then he regarded the Blitzle with a stare. “(You’re hyper and useless.)

The zebra tilted her head. “(Useless? What’s a use?)” She asked.

(If you have a use, then you’re worth keeping around.)” Venom hissed at them both.

Arashi immediately began panicking. “(Wha-? Does that mean we gotta leave?! I don’t wanna leave!)” She began wailing, bouncing at high speeds, past the Seviper and around Yuki’s basket. She didn’t exactly know why she was so upset at the thought of leaving, but it sounded terrifying.

Yuki only looked at Venom. “(If a use keeps us here… And we’re useless… Why hasn’t the human made us leave already?)” She asked.

The zebra stopped hopping around, and settled for hopping in place next to Yuki’s basket. “(E-Er…! Yeah! That! You’re pretty smart, Yuki!)

Venom did his best to huff. “(... You have time to prove yourselves. Admittedly! The duck started out useless! Completely useless and I couldn’t see the point in keeping her around! Now! She is useful. The opposite of what you two are.)” He hissed pointedly.

The zebra tilted her head. “(Opposite? I dunno… Yuki and Fluffy Yellow are pretty similar! They both are kinda…. Meh!)” To emphasize her point, the Blitzle slumped to the ground. Then she popped right back up.

(.... First off, her name isn’t Fluffy Yellow.)” Venom corrected, irritation seeping into his tone. “(Second, the seal can’t even defend herself. She’s a target. A soon to be victim. Someone’s lunch in the future.)” He hissed.

(Lunch like the corpses you eat?)” Arashi asked, Fluffy Yellow having explained that Pointy-mouth ate corpses everyday. Corpses that used to be pokemon like them, until Venom killed them. She didn’t get all of it… But she guessed it was okay. Fluffy Yellow didn’t eat corpses, but the human did. The human gave pretty good hugs, so she guessed eating corpses wasn’t so bad. She’d tried to bite into one and…. She didn’t like it much. She’d gotten an annoyed response about apparently she couldn’t eat meat? It was weird, but she kind of accepted it. Berries were tastier anyways!

(Yes! Someone like me, but not me, will one day turn you into corpses and their next meal, if you two can’t learn to fight.)” He hissed.

(Fight? Is that something fun?)” The zebra asked, her eyes practically lighting up like the stars in the night sky, at the thought of something new and fun.

Venom was starting to believe he might be able to begin the process… With the zebra at least. He wasn’t sure how to work with the seal. She was not as energetic as the zebra. Though…. The duck hadn’t been too enthusiastic either, so he supposed he’d be able to make it work. Raising his head high, he nodded. “(I think it’s very fun.)” He announced. “(It’s a game you play against other pokemon that you don’t know, and that don’t have another human with them.)” He explained. “(You turn them into corpses. That’s how you win the game.)

The zebra hopped up and down. “(I thought you make corpses for food?)” She asked.

Yuki lifted her head slightly, in acknowledgement that she was listening, and hadn’t chosen to go back to her naps.

(You can. However, it’s fun to show you’re the best at the game.)” He hissed softly.

(But if they’re corpses… They can’t tell anyone how great you are at the game!)” The zebra whined.

Venom huffed. “(It doesn’t matter if everyone doesn’t know you’re the best. Besides… Then they might be scared to play the game.)

The zebra gasped. “(Wouldn’t want to play?! But! But! That’s mean!)” The electric-type stomped at the ground. “(Who wouldn’t want to play games with me?!)” She instantly looked to Yuki.

The Seel seemed to withdraw into her basket. “(.... I guess it’s a bit rude. But being a corpse doesn’t sound very fun, don’t you think?)” She replied softly. Though, once again, the Blitzle didn’t appear to be listening, immediately hopping over to the Seviper hissing in their ears.

(So! So! Are you the best at the game?!)” She asked urgently.

(Why, yes I am. I am the very best.)” Venom boasted.

(So me and Yuki can learn this game! Oh man, this is gonna be great!)” The electric-type bounced in circles around Yuki’s basket, despite the Seel not appearing too on board with this idea.

Venom thought of how to begin teaching the zebra to attack. He figured it best to coach the pokemon with legs. The useless blob known as the seal would be… Useless. Ugh, he wasn’t sure where to start with that one.

(Tackle me.)” He ordered.

(Tackle?)” The zebra asked, blinking.

(Throw yourself at me.)” Venom clarified. He resisted the urge to wave his tail blade about. He had to let himself be a punching bag… Again. It had been a while since he’d done this with Sai, since she’d grown from being useless.

The zebra ran as fast as she could and tackled Venom’s body. Though, it lacked the true power that all pokemon held, that made nearly any pokemon capable of striking down any human without pokemon of their own to command.

(Strike me!)” Venom ordered.

With an outcry, the zebra tried again. It was kind of pathetic, seeing her try and hit Venom with her face. A few times, she tried to back up and try tackling him again. It still didn’t really work. The feeble attempts were wearing at his patience. “(Harder!)” He hissed angrily.

After another who knows how many feeble attempts, the zebra seemed to finally find that power. Her hooves seemed to almost flash white as she stumbled towards him. However, it was still incomplete. “(Do that again, but be more sure.)” He urged.

More stumbling attempts of the zebra attempting to re-enact what she’d previously accomplished followed. The first two times, she failed to speed up her charge. Then her hooves regained that white shine. Then she was able to charge herself with more of that white light, until she was able to strike Venom, faster than she’d been able to before.

Venom wasn’t majorly hurt, given how weak Arashi was, but at least she knew how to attack now. “(Kick me.)” He ordered. “(With your back hooves…. And remember you felt just now when you attacked me.)

Similar to the previous fumblings with her quick attack, the zebra took a while before she was able to truly strike the Seviper’s scales with the force he was looking for, no matter how small due to her inexperience. Satisfied, he lowered his head to talk in her ear. “(That’s enough for now. In this game… You don’t stop attacking until your foe is a corpse. You don’t stop. Unless the human commands it. That is the only reason you stop.)” He hissed softly. Then he raised his head again. “(Why don’t you try teaching the game to Yuki? Remember: Only strangers get to be corpses in this game.)” With that, Venom slithered over to half-curl around the duck, who was still groaning and clutching her head.

Arashi was bounding back to Yuki’s basket and leaned over the basket, her front hooves dangling off the edge inside the basket. “(Hey! Hey! Yuki! Were you watching?!)” She asked quickly.

(Nah… It was a thing with you and Pointy, right?)” Yuki replied.

Arashi huffed. “(But don’t you want to play the game!)” She began rocking the basket a bit. She wasn’t able to tip it over or rock it back too much, however it was enough to annoy Yuki. “(C’mon! Don’t be lame! I can’t believe you don’t want to! You can’t sleep life away!)

Yuki was trying to tune Arashi out, as she kept on rambling about how ‘not cool’ the water-type’s life decisions were. Beginning to grow fed up, the seal leaned forward and attacked the Blitzle, dragging her tongue up the zebra’s snout.

(AAAAA!)” Arashi shrieked, Yuki’s tongue having actually been fairly painful! She managed to trip over her own hooves and land on her side. “(Disgusting and painful!)” The electric-type whined loudly.

At this moment, the redhead human poked her head out of the tent. She gazed at her pokemon. Arashi was flailing on the ground, Yuki in her basket dozing away, Venom and Sai seemed to be fine… Even if the latter had a headache again. Ri shrugged. She wasn’t sure what was going on with Arashi, but she was sure it was fine. She pulled her head back into the tent.

 Posted: Dec 27 2017, 11:42 AM


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More EXP for Arashi because she was the one actively practicing and learning... small EXP for Yuki because she was at least listening and performed one attack. And tiny bump for Venom as reward for being a punching bag again. :) Nice dev~

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