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 Gasoline, [development]
 Posted: Dec 29 2017, 09:11 PM


((Goal: EXP for Arashi and Yuki.))

A gray, dull sky hung overhead, as was customary of this time of year. Though, Yuki had no first hand experience with the return of the blue sky she’d known at first, the Golden one, who assured had properly introduced herself as Sai, said that the blue would come back eventually. Beneath them, was more gray. Though, instead of the unreachable, infinite air of the sky… It was only hard rocks. Well, Arashi told her that it was hard. Yuki hadn’t touched it at all, remaining safely in basket, carried by the human everywhere they went. Lacking legs for moving about on land, she was rather dependent on the human for moving any substantial distance. Though, she didn’t necessarily mind it, even if there were periods of restlessness that ached at her. She supposed she’d developed a fondness for naps out of necessity. If she didn’t like naps then she might’ve gone crazy. She knows for a fact it would drive Arashi mad, if the two youngest of the group ever would have to switch places.

Casting a glance over, she could see the tent where the human slumbered within. Despite it still being somewhat light out, the human was sleeping. It was odd. She thought humans slept when it was dark and were awake when it was light, just like most pokemon, being one aspect where humans and pokemon weren’t too different. Well, aside from apparently some strange pokemon that slept during the day and were awake during the night, according to Sai. Yuki yawned, and she pulled herself up to lean a bit over the side of her basket.

(Hey, Sai?)” Yuki asked, Sai being right next to her basket, at a comfortable distance for a nice talk.

Sai turned her head to look at the Seel. “(What is it?)” She asked.

(I have a question.)” The younger water-type looked over to Venom, watching as Arashi approached, likely to bother the poison-type. “(What do you think of Venom?)

Sai blinked, looking to the Seviper as well. Venom was currently coiled up at the tent’s entrance, as if he were guarding the tent and the human’s slumber. He appeared to be asleep as well, until Arashi seemed to grab his attention. To which, he roused from his sleep in a cranky mood. Yuki could make out the fuzzy yelping and hisses that were exchanged, though she couldn’t hear exactly what was being said.

(... He’s…)” The Psyduck sighed. “(He’s dangerous to anyone we may come across. He has enough self-restraint to not attack a pokemon protected by a human. However he’s a bit… He thinks he’s right about everything. The world, the pokemon around him… Himself. It’s not true, and sometimes I can get him to consider something else but… It’s hard and he’s resistant to change. In himself and around him.)

Yuki rested her head on the edge of the basket. “(Do you trust him?)

(Depends on what I’m trusting him with exactly. Trust him to win a fight? Of course. Trust him to be the bigger pokemon? No. I do not.)” Sai answered.

(How long have you known him?)” Yuki asked, doing her best to turn her head and look at Sai, though the Psyduck was staring ahead at Venom, instead of looking the Seel in the eyes.

(... It’s been just about six months, I think.)” Sai replied softly.

(Sounds like a real long time.)” Yuki commented. That was several times the length of her conscious existence, and it was somewhat difficult to fathom that length of time other than… Long. Just, long.

(Feels shorter than it was.)

Yuki thought to ask one last question about the Seviper, as Venom hissed his last at Arashi, who seemed to back away unconsciously from the display of aggression and was trotting slowly towards the water-types. “(Why doesn’t he like Arashi and I?)” She asked.

Sai finally turned her head and looked Yuki in the eyes. “(... He thinks you’re weak… And well… You kind of are.)

(How do you mean weak?)” Yuki asked.

(He means that neither of you are very useful in a fight. It’s not either of your faults. I… When I was as young and inexperienced as you two… I wasn’t very helpful in fights in those days. One day… Maybe you both will get to where I am now and Venom will… Maybe at least sometimes address you by name.)” She sighed. “(He never called me by my name for a long, long time. Even now, he only does it sometimes.)” Sai admitted. “(Still… He doesn’t say mean things, and he’s still nicer to you two than he was originally to me.)

Yuki sighed as their conversation was surely to be cut off, as Arashi arrived within speaking distance.

(Can you believe it?! He wants to nap instead of doing something actually fun!)” Arashi cried indignantly, huffing as she turned her head away.

(Oh. How terrible.)” Yuki thought that Arashi could stand to learn how to relax, how to be okay without constant stimulation.

(I know, right?)” Arashi suddenly spun and was leaning into Yuki’s basket. Apparently, the Seel’s sarcasm had completely gone over her striped little head.

(... Please get out of my basket.)” Yuki did her best to nudge Arashi towards backing off, and thankfully the Blitzle listened, backing up and standing on her own.

Sai stepped forward, not quite getting in between the two youngest. “(Arashi, it looks like Venom isn’t really in the mood…)” The Psyduck left out the part about how Venom’s baby-tolerating-mood usually only came out with encouragement from her. “(Maybe you could take a nap too?)

Arashi snorted. “(What? No way, I’m not tired at all! I don’t need a nap, I just wanna play some games and have fun!)” She trotted around in a circle, before stopping and lunging forward to get in Sai’s face. The Psyduck leaned back slightly and was clearly uncomfortable with the proximity, by how her eyes darted back and forth. “(I know you can be fun and cool, but you act so lame and unfun all the time! I can’t believe you’re always wasting your fun potential!)” The electric-type whined out.

(... Please get out of my face.)” Sai requested quietly. When Arashi didn’t immediately back off, the Psyduck reached up with a wing to gently nudge the Blitzle away by her face.

Finally, Arashi listened and backed off, seemingly not offended at all by being nudged away.

(.... You’re kind of annoying, y’know that?)” Yuki suddenly commented with a yawn. She slided back into her basket, as Arashi suddenly became visibly angry.

(A-Annoying?!)” She immediately hopped over to Yuki’s basket and shouted into it. “(I’m not annoying! How am I annoying?! How am I possibly unlikable?!)

(You’re so loud and overbearing… And you never, ever stop…)” Yuki said, listing out the qualities of Arashi she didn’t quite like.

Arashi huffed, though her breath shook a little. “(L-loud? Okay… Maybe I can be a little loud! B-But I’m not too much!)

(You kind of are.)” Yuki said back, her voice never raising in volume or speed.

Sai suddenly interrupted. “(All right! That’s enough of that!)” She said, getting in between the two, before Arashi could say anything back. When she looked, the Psyduck could see Arashi slowly backing away, staring at the ground next to her.

Sai stepped forward to stand next to Arashi, who had laid down on the floor, facing away from Yuki. “(Hey… Arashi? Are you alright…?)

Arashi didn’t turn her head. She was speaking softly for once, possibly so Yuki couldn’t hear and snipe back again. “(... Does he not like me because I’m loud and annoying? Is Yuki right?)

Sai figured she should probably talk to Yuki… It’s possible the water-type was too young and didn’t understand the carelessness of her words. However, she should… Try to correct it, lest the Seel become as crude and abrasive as Venom could be at times with almost everyone.

(No. He… He’s not good with new arrivals and… It’s because to him, the ability to fight is very important. You’re young and inexperienced, and that’s why he finds it harder to warm up to you.)” Sai explained.

(... He said something about me being… Useless…)” Arashi remembered.

(... He meant that you can’t help much in a fight, not like I can. But that’s because I’m older and I have seen more fights than you have.)” Sai further elaborated.

Arashi finally looked at Sai. “(So… If I can get better at fighting, if I can help him win the game, he’ll like me more?)

Sai had a sinking suspicion exactly how Venom explained fighting to the young Blitzle, but she decided she should press the young electric-type about it later. “(... Basically, yes.)” She wondered if she was doing the right thing. Arashi seemed awfully fixated on getting Venom to like her. Would this lead her down the wrong path? Then again… What other path was there if Arashi was to stay with them, in a group with Venom?

Arashi immediately perked up and jumped back onto her feet. “(Okay! Can you help me get stronger?!)” She asked immediately, seemingly back to her energetic, loud-mouthed self.

Sai blinked. “(... Alright.)” She remembered how Venom liked to teach. He encouraged attacks upon himself, until he called it off, more or less relegating himself to be a punching bag for pokemon much younger than him. She wasn’t really fond of that style… She figured that a better way to train Arashi would to have her practice her attacks on something that couldn’t feel pain. All they really had were rocks, so she guessed the Blitzle would be kicking rocks. She had a weird feeling that Venom didn’t mind as much as he should, since it encouraged attacking something that lived, breathed, and spoke… An introduction into murder.

The Psyduck began walking away, beckoning Arashi to follow. Though, the Blitzle stopped at Yuki’s basket to talk excitedly at the Seel, despite the damage inflicted by the water-type earlier. “(Yuki! Yuki! Sai’s going to help me get stronger so Venom’ll like me more!)” Originally, Sai had learned that er… Lacking their real names, Arashi had come up with nicknames on her own, which were mostly physical descriptions. She, with Yuki’s help, had convinced the Blitzle to drop them and use their real names.

Yuki seemed to have lost interest in taking the initiative in interacting with the world outside her basket. “(Eh? Dunno why you want his attention so much… Sai’s nicer and easier to be friends with.)” She mumbled.

Arashi huffed. “(We should be friends with both of them!)” Then she hopped back over to Sai.

(So! So! What’re we doing first?)” She asked excitedly.

Sai lead Arashi, as she looked around to find a decently sized rock. “(Well… There’s two things you can do to get stronger. You can actually get into a fight… Or you can train.)” The Psyduck explained.

(Train?)” Arashi questioned.

(It means you use your attacks… But not in a real fight. You can use them on things that aren’t alive, or you can… Well, you can spar. It’s like a fight… But it doesn’t have to end in someone dying. You can always just… Stop, so you can do it again another day. It’s supposed to be nice, and you don’t need a winner. It’s… Practice.)” Sai did her best to explain how it was different.

Arashi stared at the ground, absorbing the information she was told. “(Okay… I think I get it.)” The zebra said slowly. “(So… Which one are we doing…?)

“(I’m trying to find a good rock for you to practice your attacks on.)” Sai said, finally finding a rock she thought would do well. Grunting with effort, she managed to pick it up, and dragged it back closer to the human’s camp. When she set it down again, she let out a sigh. Then she stepped back. “(Alright. Attack the rock.)” She instructed.

Arashi approached the rock steadily, and she bounced around it a few times. Then she kicked it with her hindleg. Then she yelped, because she just kicked a rock. She hopped away, holding her hoof above ground. “(Ow!)

Sai gently brushed off the tip of her beak with a wing. “(... You know, some pokemon are made of rocks…)” She commented.

“(What?!)” Arashi’s gaze snapped to Sai. “(You mean, one day I’ll have to kick a pokemon that’s made of rocks?!)” She demanded.

(Well… Not kick necessarily… As you grow, you’ll get new ways to attack.)” Sai answered.

Arashi glared at the rock. “(Okay! I’m going to try again! Here I go!)” She cried out loudly. She kicked the rock again. It yielded more or less the same result, but Arashi managed to not yelp her pain from hitting her foot on a rock so loudly.

Sai tilted her head. “(... You trained with Venom once, right?)” She asked.

Arashi lifted her head. “(H-Huh? Oh. Yeah. I did.)” She said, nodding her head.

(Do you… Remember what it felt like when you attacked the way he wanted?)” Sai asked.

Arashi seemed to screw her face up in concentration. “(E-Er… Oh yeah. I’m better at the fast tackle thing, than the kick-y one.)” She explained.

(So, you should practice your kicking more.)” Sai reasoned.

(But… I’m not so good with that one…)” Arashi said quietly.

(That’s why you should. It might save you, one day. It might… Let you win…)” Sai added that last part on more reluctantly. Venom had given Arashi a vocabulary… One that the Psyduck had to work with.

Arashi perked up again. “(... Okay then!)” The Blitzle’s enthusiasm seemed to return full force.

She redoubled her efforts, striking the rock with her hooves. She seemed to lean forward on her front hooves, striking the rock in quick succession with her back hooves. Sai could see the progress, tiny, tiny chips of rock coming off as Arashi struck her target. Maybe one day… When Arashi was an adult and powerful… She’d free more than those tiny, barely visible chips of rock. For now, that was all she could manage, when she tried at her best.

Arashi did her best to keep going, leaning on her front hooves, to keep her balance just long enough to slam one back hoof after the other into the rock behind her. Sometimes her hoof slipped and didn’t hit the rock, but she was trying to remember hard where the rock was. Sometimes she had to look over her shoulder to regain her bearings, when both her hooves slipped and she almost stumbled onto the ground. Bouncing between her front hooves and back hooves, it was tiring work, and sharp sensations shot up Arashi’s back legs from the impact every single time. It wasn’t comfortable, but she had to keep doing this. She had to get strong. She should be able do this… Kicking attack whenever she wanted, and not have to think too hard. Those sharp sensations were getting really uncomfortable, and she could feel herself slowing down, something in her muscles feeling like it was dragging her down towards the cold rock. She couldn’t help the panting she began, and suddenly Sai was behind her.

(Hey. You did good. Take a break.)” Sai advised with a faint smile. Arashi nodded and laid down. She didn’t often tire out but… This was a lot. Plus, she was in a weird headspace right now. She couldn’t explain it, but for once… She was okay with just laying down.

 Posted: Dec 30 2017, 05:20 PM


Arashi wasn’t that good at measuring time, other than drawing comparisons about what took more time. She figured her break was pretty long, before the aching left her legs long enough that she could rise to her hooves again, albeit not the instant perking up that usually appeared when her attention was recaptured from boredom. She walked back over to Yuki’s basket, and rested her head on the edge, peering in.

(How come you really don’t wanna be friends with Venom? Do you really not like the idea of training? And don’t say you don’t like it, you’ve never tried it.)” Arashi pestered the Seel with questions.

Yuki was laying on her back in the basket, staring up at the sky, though the Blitzle wasn’t sure it was staring… Mostly because Yuki’s eyes were closed.

(S’not as important to me, that’s all. He doesn’t seem to want to be friends, and it’s just a whole lot of effort to make him like you. Besides… I’d be no good at it. Not really meant for walking around, y’know? Sai says that maybe I could move around fine in a lot of water… But I wonder if there’s places like that. With lots of water, where maybe I could move around like you can on land.)” Yuki said quietly, thankfully not ridiculing Arashi for asking or anything like that.

Arashi tilted her head. “(But wouldn’t it be nice to be friends?)” She asked.

(Of course it would be. But I don’t really want to put in that much effort for someone who isn’t even showing interest.)” Yuki rolled onto her side.

Arashi frowned. “(Are you really okay with that?)

(Yeah. I’ve got you and Sai. Plus the human’s hugs. Those are pretty neat for when I get a bit bored of the basket. It’s a nice enough reprieve, anyway.)

Arashi made a soft, whining noise. “(But… I dunno… I want Venom to like you too.)

Yuki sighed. “(Your thoughts shouldn’t revolve around him all the time. You actually tired yourself out so he’d like you more.)

Then Sai arrived, having walked over from where she’d had Arashi kicking rocks. “(I think… Maybe you should train a bit. Or at least try to.)” She said to Yuki.

Finally, the Seel lifted her head, seeming a bit confused. “(Didn’t expect to hear that from you.)” The younger water-type commented.

(My reasons are a bit… Different. I mean, the world is dangerous. There’s pokemon who would kill you. It’d be good if you were able to defend yourself better… A couple times… I couldn’t help Venom because I was too tied up myself…)” Sai admitted. “(It’d be dangerous if I was too occupied to help you two. So… Yes. I think you should at least make an effort. You might be restricted, but that shouldn’t be an excuse.)” The Psyduck said firmly, attempting to show off a bit of backbone. She was reasonably sure that Yuki and Arashi looked up to her… At least somewhat, possibly mostly by virtue of Sai simply being older, her existence in this world having been for much longer. At least, much longer by their perspectives. Venom was considerably older than Sai as well… Which possibly led to Arashi’s slight fixation on him, and Yuki’s dismissal of him.

Yuki yawned. “(... Well… If you say it’s a good idea, then maybe it’s right.)” She finally admitted. “(So… Got any ideas that let me stay in my basket?)” She asked.

Before Sai could open her mouth and give a suggestion, Arashi was getting excitedly, gently rocking the basket slightly. “(I’ve got an idea! You could try to hit me!)” She suggested.

Sai couldn’t help but stare a little. “(Arashi, I don’t think that’s a good idea.)” She said.

Arashi huffed. “(I’ll be fine! Really! Don’t worry.)

Sai felt that Venom’s bad influence was far reaching in ways he couldn’t even comprehend. Not that he really understood he was a bad influence at all, probably. He probably saw his teachings as improvements, and didn’t give a single glance or passing concern as to what real effect his words and actions might have, what example he might be setting.

Yuki slowly blinked at Arashi. “(Why don’t I believe you?)

Arashi huffed. “(Really! It’s good! Now, c’mon. Hit me!)

(With what?)” Yuki asked dryly. “(I don’t really have kicking legs like you do.)” She pointed out. “(No claws over here, either.)

Arashi snorted. “(Well, if we rule all that out… Your head!)

(You want me to hit you… With my face.)” Yuki asked slowly for clarification.

(I said your head, not your face!)” Arashi corrected, as if the difference was absurdly huge and offensive that Yuki hadn’t seen it.

Yuki gently shook her head. “(Problem is I don’t exactly want to hurt you.)

(Okay… Then I can get you mad! That’ll work!)” Arashi said excitedly.

Sai once again piped up, reaching out a wing in a ‘please stop’ gesture. It seemed to go unnoticed. “(Wait, please think about this.)

It was too late as Arashi had decided to be as annoying as she could. She sucked in air, and somehow managed to make her voice annoyingly squeaky. “(Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki!)” She repeated the Seel’s name over and over, in that ridiculous voice of her’s.

Yuki stared and squinted slightly. It was indeed rather annoying and irritating, but mostly it made her want to ignore it and curl up for a nap. Hm… Come to think of it, if she did that… Maybe Arashi would stop. If she didn’t, well… Yuki would be asleep and it wouldn’t be her problem.

Except, Arashi started mustering what strength she had recovered since her rock kicking, and started to rock the basket as much as she could, and started to change what she was saying.

(C’mon! Hit me! Hit me! I know you want to!)” Arashi’s voice took on a whining quality. “(You gotta do it, you gotta! You’re sooo boring Yuki! Stop being laaame! You’re like a rock! Cold and boring! C’mon!)” Arashi had started to whine and shout, and Yuki could see Venom stirring slightly from afar.

…. Okay, Arashi had been kind of right, and Yuki felt less guilty at the prospect of hitting the Blitzle to make her shut up. Mustering and channeling her irritation and interest in making the electric-type stop her endless, squeaky, whiny babbling… She slammed her head forward, and knocked the Blitzle away from the basket, Arashi falling to the ground.

(Owowowow!)” Arashi’s attempts to stand back up were wobbly, her eyes unfocused from being headbutted in the face. Her head felt fuzzy and it hurt from the impact, and after some uncoordinated stumbling, she sort of found her way to Sai, who was calling out her name gently.

(Arashi? Arashi, are you okay there? I told you that wasn’t such a good idea…)” Her voice wasn’t so mean, and Arashi stumbled into the Psyduck.

(Mm…. You have soft feathers…)” The Blitzle murmured under her breath, practically collapsing on the water-type.

(Ack!)” Sai was not prepared for Arashi having an impromptu nap on her. She did her best to catch the falling Blitzle, and sort of… Gently lay her down on the ground. Though, on second thought… Judging by how Arashi was still lightly groaning, she wasn’t asleep or unconscious… Just needed a moment.

 Posted: Dec 30 2017, 05:56 PM


By the time the fuzzy pain in Arashi’s head left, and she felt like she’d relaxed long enough to move around without complaint, Yuki was slunk back to the bottom of her basket. Walking up to it, Arashi tilted her head. “(Hey, you okay?)” She asked.

She heard a huff. “(Shouldn’t I be asking you that?)” Yuki asked from inside her basket.

Arashi lifted a hoof. “(Well… I mean, you seem pretty put out for some reason.)” She pointed out.

(I hit you.)” Yuki answered.

(You did. I don’t mind. It was pretty good!)” Arashi commented.

(... I guess.)” Was the only response.

Arashi huffed. “(Are you going to give up?)” She asked.

(.... If it means not hitting you again, then sure.)” Yuki replied.

(.... Does this mean you’re not going to lick me ever again?)” Arashi asked with a scowl that Yuki couldn’t see. She remembered when Yuki licked her. That’d been incredibly gross, and it had stung a bit.

(... Nope. Might have to save it for when you’re being really dumb. Like asking me to hit you for a stupid reason.)” Yuki remarked.

(It wasn’t a stupid reason…)” Arashi mumbled, staring down at the ground. She lifted her head and looked to Sai who… Wasn’t where she was. Spinning around, she tried to see where the Psyduck had gone. Aha! The Blitzle spotted Sai approaching Venom. She did her best to catch up to Sai, and maybe beat her to Venom? Er, it was a little hard, since she was a little tired. Mustering up her strength, her hooves flashed white and suddenly she was speeding over! She had a hard time stopping, and she crashed into Venom’s serpent body. Bouncing off, and earning a slightly suppressed hiss of pain, she was quick to get back on her hooves. “(Venom!)” She exclaimed, not noticing how Sai was approaching, and stopped a short distance behind Arashi.

The Seviper finally woke up in full, and lifted his head above Arashi, glaring down at the young electric-type.

(What do you want, zebra?)” He asked, his ill-temper clear in his voice.

(Can you train with Yuki, please?)” Arashi asked, unable to help bouncing on her hooves a little.

Venom cast a glance at the Seel’s basket. Then he looked back to the zebra. “(.... The seal? Thought she was above fighting and strength.)” He hissed out.

(W-Well…! She’s changed her mind! I m-mean… As long as she doesn’t have to hit me!)” Arashi said, trying her best to look brave, trying to stop bouncing on her hooves so much.

(.... She doesn’t want to hurt you. Not exactly a sign of a great fighter.)” Venom hissed.

(You said we shouldn’t play the game with pokemon we know s-so! It’s okay! Doesn’t mean she won’t be any good, promise!)” The zebra protested earnestly.

Venom was about to harshly reject the kid, opening his maw to reply with less than kind words, when he noticed Sai’s death glare from behind the zebra. The duck seemed to have channeled her headache once more. One wing pressed against the side of her head, the other pointed at a rock that was floating mid-air with her psychic powers. The rock was thrown, quite a distance. Then the duck made a threatening gesture across her neck.

It took all of his willpower to not wince or give anything away. Er, he appeared to have… Not quite made the connection between psychic powers and the duck’s newfound powers. He would never allow such things such as typing to make him back down. However… She was an ally and apparently willing to attack him on the behalf of the brats. Um… Perhaps he should pick his battles. Not that it meant he was cowardly or weak! He just…. Erm! He already knew he was better than the duck so there was no need to test her mettle right now. Nope, no fear here.

He lowered his head and grumbled. “(... Alright, fine.)” He uncoiled himself, and slithered towards the basket. Though, he stopped halfway, to hiss at Sai and Arashi. “(Keep your distance.)” It was weird for them to spectate and just stare at him, as he was going to have to basically just sit there and allow a child to strike him again and again. Er, last time… Sai hadn’t been watching, too busy nursing her headache.

He slithered around the basket. It took a few moments for the seal to notice who was curled around her basket.

(Venom. Why are you over here?)” She questioned him carefully.

Venom huffed. “(... I allowed the zebra a chance to practice with me. You will have a similar opportunity.)” He explained briefly.

Yuki lifted her head, and dragged herself to lean on the side of the basket. “(So… Now?)

(Yes, now.)” The Seviper didn’t have patience, cutting straight to the point, airing his frustrations and rage whenever he felt them, more or less.

Yuki could be less direct if she wanted to. She felt ridiculous, doing this with someone she didn’t particularly like, and someone she knew didn’t particularly like her. This still felt like living up Arashi’s desires of trying to grow stronger only to appease the poison-type before her, even if Sai tried to put a newer and less… Desperate sounding spin on things. She couldn’t understand why Arashi couldn’t be fine with friendship with only Yuki and Sai, why the Blitzle wanted to include Venom as well.

She somewhat half-heartedly let her head fall forward onto Venom’s scales while this was going through her mind.

Venom’s hissing broke through her thoughts. “(You call that an attack? You won’t be able to do anything like that. The zebra must be particularly weak if you are able to affect her at all.)” He taunted.

That sparked a protective sort of irritation in Yuki. She didn’t think Arashi was weak, after all, she was tiring herself out for him. To hear him call her friend weak… Well, she was further and further convinced he didn’t deserve Arashi’s attention at all. She slammed her head forward. She kind of wanted to hurt Venom. Even if he was bigger, older, and more versed in the art of harming and killing… She wanted to hurt him.

Pain of her own pulsed in her head with every strike. Even if she was the one trying to do damage, it wasn’t like Yuki was attacking clouds. She was attacking something solid and hard, and it kind of hurt to bang her head on something like that. But she kept going. Slamming her head into the Seviper’s scales again and again. Tch. If he wasn’t going to call them by their names, maybe she shouldn’t either. Maybe come up with a less childish name. Hm… He always called him what they were. Maybe Yuki should just refer to him as simply the snake. Sounded fitting. Still, the irritation at being treated as less than they were re-kindled her frustrations, as she had begun to slow down due to the aching in her head.

Though, even she had limits. Eventually, she slowed down and had to cradle her head and slink back into her basket.

Venom was personally grumbling inside his mind. The seal didn’t like him as much as he didn’t like her. His scales were slightly bruised from the repeated headbutts, and even from that quick attack from the zebra earlier. The repeated attacks had left some bruises, and he felt that he’d fulfilled what Sai demanded of him well enough that she wouldn’t start throwing rocks at him should he go back to sleep. Looking over and meeting her eyes, the duck did indeed nod in approval. Grunting a wordless response, he slithered back to the front of the tent.

Significantly more grumpy than he’d been earlier, he coiled back up and went back to sleep. Damned brats.

Sai yawned. She looked to Arashi who’d been staring, even if Venom hadn’t really wanted pokemon staring at him while he let Yuki use him as a punching bag. “(... I think I’d like some rest, too…)” She murmured, walking away, to go around Venom and disappear inside the human’s tent.

Bouncing nervously on her feet, Arashi’s eyes darted between the tent and Venom, and Yuki’s basket. She would guess that Yuki would be all tuckered out, and it looked like Venom and Sai were spent too. Was she on her own? She didn’t want to nap, but it seemed like she was all alone now.

(This is lame…)” She whispered to herself.

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Grouchy Yuki is cute and I love herrrr

I really enjoy seeing these team dynamics form. I hope Yuki gives that mean old bully Venom a piece of her mind, one day :U

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