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 Cold nights, [Development - Delibird deliveries]
 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 08:08 PM


Before leaving Ashfield for her grand adventure, together with Victor, Sonia still had quite some errands to run in the city. In the short time she had been in Terrene, Ashfield had been her home and she was growing attached - even if it was because she lacked knowledge of other places. Being as cautious as she was, Sonia made sure to get enough supplies. She didn't expect the forest to be generous with food or healing items. Besides, this was a good chance to check out some shops around the city. Though there weren't many, Sonia at least made sure to get some warm clothing. The air was getting unpleasantly chilly.

One of the purchases she was particularly proud of was her tent. Sleeping in the dark alleys of Ashfield had become more bearable when she wasn't out in the open. It was night time, and she was sitting in her tent with her two Pokémon partners, looking through her belongings, with the dim light of a nearby streetlamp being the only thing keeping them from the darkness. As Sonia was carefully folding the few items of clothing she had, preparing for the next day, Bebe was watching her with interest, much unlike the relaxed Kaname, who was grooming himself lazily.

"What is that?" the Rattata asked eventually with a frustrated frown, a single claw pointing at a scarf Sonia was holding.

"It's what humans call clothes," Kaname explained with a bored tone, glancing at their human for just a moment before he continued licking his fur, talking in between. "It's to keep them warm. And... To make them look better."

Bebe was silent for a moment until she processed the information and came to the most cheerful conclusion. She walked up to Sonia and climbed onto the woman's lap, immediately becoming the center of her attention. The trainer put everything else away and gave the rat a gentle ear scratch. "Oh, sorry, Bebe. Are you bored? It's probably time for you to sleep. It's no good for children to stay up very long."

The rat still had trouble understanding human speech - or rather, she realized she can choose whether to react to it or not. Kaname had made it clear that the humans can't understand them, so it didn't really matter what Bebe would have to say to Sonia. So, ignoring Sonia's advice, the Rattata talked to the Sylveon. "Bebe can get clothes too?"

"No, you're not a human. We've been over that. Sonia is a human."

"Hrmm... And when Bebe grow big?"

Kaname smiled at the innocent question. Oblivious to what they were saying, Sonia continued petting the Rattata. "You'll still be a Pokémon like me. Not like Sonia."

Bebe pouted, looking up at Sonia with disappointment, as if she was the cause of this unfortunate way of things. "Bebe won't be big like Sonia? Bebe want to be big and strong! Bigger than Ribbon-friend!"

Kaname sighed, shaking his head. He wasn't sure if he liked that nickname. Still, he had to endure it. Bebe was still a helpless child who didn't understand a whole lot.

"Alright, Bebe, it is time for you to sleep," Sonia spoke again, this time more firmly, as she grabbed the little Pokémon and placed her down next to her. But Bebe immediately launched herself back onto the woman's lap. Endeared, Sonia giggled, picking the rat up again. "Hey! We need energy for later. We're going to see the world soon, you know?"

"Ooh, the world! Bebe see the world and fight like Ribbon-friend," the Rattata promised, squeaking cheerfully at her trainer.

Before Sonia could attempt to assert her dominance as the trainer again, she heard a quiet, muffled footstep outside the tent. All three of them froze, their gaze turning to the tent's exit. Was there someone outside?... Kaname rose up silently, approaching the source of the sound, as Sonia held Bebe closer.

All was silent. Kaname couldn't handle the silent anticipation. He dashed out of the tent. Sonia reached for him with one hand, her mouth opening to call out to him, but it was too late to stop him and making any sounds would be foolish. The Sylveon's ribbons disappeared behind the cloth that made the tent's entrance and Sonia and Bebe stayed behind, listening in anxiously. Kaname didn't keep them waiting for long. He sneaked back in, pushing a neatly-packed object in front of him with his nose. The trainer raised an eyebrow. It looked like... a present. Strange. Curiosity got the better of her. She grabbed and opened it.

[ooc: Just a quick dev for delibird deliveries and a tiny bit of interaction, maybe loyalty?]

 Posted: Jan 4 2018, 12:48 PM


Present Received!
🎁 x1 friend ball

I will add this to your index!

 Posted: Jan 15 2018, 11:42 AM


The spherical shape of the package reminded her of a Pokéball and as it turned out after unwrapping it from the pink cloth, it was a good association. It definitely was some variant of one, but the colors were off: the top lid was green with red drop-shaped markings. Sonia rotated it, unsure what kind of a pokéball it was exactly... Or more importantly, how it had gotten here. Was it really okay for her to be taking this? She looked up from item to consult her Pokémon partners.

Kaname was similarly analyzing the sphere, but it quickly caught Sonia's attention that Bebe was missing. Her heart skipped a beat as she only caught a glimpse of the purple rolled up tail disappearing at the tent's entrance. "Ahh, Bebe, no!"

Both Sonia and Kaname tossed themselves at the exit, effectively crashing into each other and bumping back. They exchanged confused looks for a brief instant before a quick silent agreement was made and Sonia crawled out of the tent, followed by the Sylveon.

The chilly air struck her immediately. Of course, she was leaving her warm haven without a jacket or a blanket on. In winter. But there was no time to worry about that when her baby was missing. Fortunately, the curious rat had apparently stopped after leaving the tent. She was standing in place, looking left and right for something, with her tail swishing to the sides, implying that it was some tense search. Sonia saw this as her opportunity to drag Bebe back into their makeshift home, but just as she was leaning down to grab her, the Rattata suddenly perked up, her ears twitching and tail lifting. Then she took off toward the main street.

"Wait, no! Kaname, catch her!"

The little one was curving to the right, seemingly planning to take a turn at the alley's corner, but the Sylveon leaped forward and reached for her with his ribbons, wrapping them around the small figure and lifting Bebe up. The Rattata struggled, her paws still moving back and forth, making her look as if she was swimming in the air, but Kaname's firm grip didn't let her leave again. Sonia breathed a sigh of relief as she approached to take it from there. She put her arms around Bebe, holding her tight before turning to go back into their tent.

"Bebe, don't scare me like that. Why did you run off?"

"Human! There was someone! Bebe saw! Bebe saw!"

Naturally, despite having asked, Sonia could understand nothing of the enthusiastic squeaking. But Bebe wasn't fighting back anymore and instead unleashing her energy through speech, so she only patted the Pokémon's head patiently. Kaname, on the other hand, tilted his head with interest. "What did you see, Bebe?"

Proud that he was listening, the rat continued, as they entered the tent and sat down comfortably, although Sonia wasn't letting go of Bebe. Just in case. "Bebe saw something! A pokémon! It looked into tent, and Bebe saw, and then it ran! Bebe tried to catch, but Ribbon Friend catch Bebe..."

A shiver ran down Kaname's spine. Someone was looking into the tent? They left it open after picking up the strange sphere, so it was possible, but... This was worrying. Were they in danger? He looked at Sonia, who was affectionately petting Bebe in preparation for sleep, with a serious expression. "Sonia, I will check up on this. Please remain in the tent until my return."

The woman only tilted her head in confusion as the Pokémon meowed at her. She wasn't sure what he meant, but as the Sylveon quietly walked out of the tent, she decided to let him be. He enjoyed checking up on things and patrolling any area they stayed in, so this behavior was hardly unusual.

The chilly winter air struck Kaname, but he didn't let it affect him. He walked to the main street, where Bebe had tried to go. It was dimly lit, and not a single person was in sight. Was that Pokémon Bebe had talked about gone? He laid his ears low as he listened in, partially considered that the baby could have been making things up... But then he saw something come out of another side alley. A chubby Pokémon, colored white and red. It looked around, but it didn't seem to notice him, as it went another way a few steps, before stopping on a house's doormat, reaching into its tail... Kaname raised an eyebrow. That Pokémon's tail... was a bag? It took out something he couldn't see clearly, but it was wrapped in colorful cloth, then placed in front of the door... and with that the Pokémon went on, leaving for another house. The Sylveon sighed with relief. This was strange behavior for a Pokémon, but he supposed it was harmless.

"It was a big Pokémon! With a big bag! It left a present, for Sonia, Bebe thinks. Or maybe it wanted to take the present?." the rat was explaining excitedly, her voice high-pitched with excitement as she gesticulated with her front paws. Sonia didn't understand a word, naturally, but she let the baby talk, petting her still and nodding in confirmation.

"You sure are lively today, Bebe. But it's time for sleep, remember? Oh, Kaname," the woman welcomed the Sylveon with a smile as he came back in. He stretched before lying down next to Sonia. "No trouble detected? Come on, we need to get Bebe to sleep. Oh and don't run off like this again, little lady!"

"Did you see it?! Did you?!" Bebe asked excitedly, not understanding Sonia's only slightly scolding tone.

"Yes. It was leaving presents for others too. Good find, Bebe," he complimented the baby, knowing well that she would love to hear that. He was right, the Rattata puffed proudly, before she curled up on Sonia's lap.

"Yes, Bebe is good at finding. No big deal!" she faked modesty, but a wide grin showed how happy she was to be appreciated.

"Now then! Sonia says you need to sleep and not run off!"

Bebe looked up at the woman, who picked her up and placed a little to the side, so she could also lie down and go to sleep. She supposed she could consider Sonia's advice.

"Goodnight, Kaname. Goodnight, Bebe," Sonia finished their conversation in a sleepy tone.

 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 12:46 AM


topic closed
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Cute Bebe is cute~

Also! It should be noted there are no street lamps in Terrene. Theoretically there could be some in Crater if someone built, like, the old-fashioned lantern kind? But since there's no government in Ashfield, there's not really someone going around building streetlamps on corners, no one in charge of lighting and putting out the flames in a streetlamps... actually, I'm having deja vu. Did we talk about this already? Am I going insane? Maybe I'll stop typing and just close this thread and edit the new stuff into Sonia's inventory...

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