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 Chuck Amaryllis, Oasis; Fisherman/Fishmonger
 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 09:21 PM


Chuck Amaryllis
51 - Male - Heterosexual
Fisherman/Fishmonger of Oasis
Chuck is taller than the average human at the height of six feet and four inches, and rather beefy in build. He has tanned white skin with several scars and marks along his arms and legs. He wears the usual native attire, his long brown pants and white shirt stained with multiple stains, although it is mainly from beer. He has short brown hair that always finds a way to stay messy and a large stubbly beard. Chuck looks like just a mess on the best of days.

A man who drowns his regrets in booze, and now had a dependence on it. Chuck is normally a pretty calm man, surprising enough. He likes to tease and joke around a lot, and sometimes can chose awkward moments to do so. But despite his friendly demeanor to customers and people who make good first impressions, Chuck can be very aggressive and cold much like his fellow Oasis folk. He's no stranger to threatening when he wants to get his point across, and can even be provoked to shouting. It can be hard for him to fully trust others at times, but he puts that aside for his customers. It'd be bad for business otherwise. But if you manage to gain his trust, he is a caring individual and his actions resemble those of a supportive father.

Chuck will most likely be either at the docks fishing, in his boat, or at his station selling the fish he caught. If possible, he'll try to strike up a conversation with anyone. There will almost never not be a booze bottle in his hand, along with his two pokemon. His existence is more than known at Snake Eyes, and the villagefolk have taken to calling him "Booze Man." If you're an immigrant, he'll try and ask even more questions, as he is actually curious about the lifestyle of immigrants. Trying to bargain with him is fairly difficult, for he is very strict on his prices.

One of the first babies to be born as a native, Chuck lived most of his childhood in Ashfield, as that was where his parents both settled. He lived a life full of mischief and pranks, but he never quite felt at home in his hometown. Despite this, he would never try to move until he was 25, when a group of settlers banded together to find a new settlement. Before this, however, Chuck had managed to catch the heart of a woman named Lisa Hampton, an immigrant who relied on him for help in this strange new world. Young love blossomed, and soon they became an official couple. They were only 20 when their new daughter Irene was brought into the world.

When the group was leaving to form Oasis, Chuck and his family were part of it. Despite how little they had when they got there, the three were happy with each other's company. The next 5 years would be spent with Chuck trying to start a new fishing job and supporting his wife and daughter. His maractus Scotch would prove to be a helpful business partner in this.

But when Irene was 10, she asked her father if she could join him on one of his fishing trips. Not having the ability to say no to his beloved daughter, Chuck agreed. This would soon lead to a horrible accident during said fishing trip. A sharpedo had gotten too close to the boat, drawn in by the blood of the fish the family had caught. It then started to attack the boat, threatening to tear it apart. Irene, despite being a mere 10-year-old, was quick to grab a spear and try to fight off the shark while Scotch tried to fight it herself. Unfortunately, Irene was quick to die. Chuck would have jumped into the ocean himself if it hadn't been for Scotch holding him back.

But after the maractus managed to fend off the sharpedo, Chuck was left to go home without his daughter's life. Once he got there, he had to face Lisa. His wife was reasonably devastated by her child's death, and scrambled to find a reason as to why the world would allow this to happen. She soon began to blame Chuck for Irene's death, as he was the one who took her out in the first place.

Only a few days after the fishing accident, as well as Irene's funeral, Lisa had vanished. She left without a single goodbye. The last Chuck ever saw or heard of his wife were the shouts of hatred and blame placed upon him.

Years have passed since then, and his life has seemed to have gone downhill. He lives on the very edge of town, close to the ocean. He lives with an immigrant named Blue, along with some other visitors every once in a while. His house is pretty run-down and old compared to some of the other houses, so it shouldn't be too hard to find him and his stand.

Can this NPC be used by anyone? yes
Can this NPC be changed/added to by anyone? yes

 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 03:02 PM


Female Maractus
Water Absorb, Chlorophyll
WOOD HAMMER ◒ GRASS WHISTLE ◒ Spiky Shield ◒ Cotton Guard ◒ After You ◒ Peck ◒ Absorb ◒ Sweet Scent ◒ Growth ◒ Pin Missile ◒ Mega Drain ◒ Synthesis ◒ Cotton Spore ◒ Needle Arm ◒ Giga Drain ◒ Acupressure ◒ Ingrain ◒ Petal Dance ◒ Sucker Punch ◒ Petal Blizzard
Scotch was Chuck's first pokemon, earned from his move to Oasis. The two adored each other from the beginning, and Scotch was more than happy to assist this headstrong boy not get killed in the heat of Desert Strip. She has went through many battles from adventures with her trainer, and proved herself to be an eager battler.

Times are much simpler now, with almost no thrill of adventure. While she does enjoy helping Chuck through these times in his life and work, she silently hopes for the return of those old adventures.

While Scotch is very quiet and calm in most situations, it is advised not to cross her. The maractus is a strict enforcer of the law and still has the heart for fighting. She only takes orders from her trainer, though she will make exceptions on extremely rare occurrences.

Male Stoutland
Sand Rush, Scrappy
YAWN ◒ SAND ATTACK ◒ Leer ◒ Tackle ◒ Odor Sleuth ◒ Bite ◒ Helping Hand ◒ Take Down ◒ Work Up ◒ Crunch ◒ Roar ◒ Retaliate ◒ Thunder Fang ◒ Fire Fang ◒ Ice Fang
The pokemon meant to be Irene's starter pokemon. Chuck caught Whiskey as a lillipup for his daughter's birthday. While the girl was heavily excited about the pup, the friendship didn't last.

Chuck was forced to take on Whiskey at Irene's death. The two at first didn't get along, at times they still don't, but they gradually began to respect each other as the years went by. Whiskey was used as a right hand for Scotch when the group went on their fishing trips. Whiskey began to grow into his own independent pokemon, and Chuck sometimes took him on fishing trips instead of Scotch.

Scotch remembers only vague memories of Irene, as he was extremely young when he was trained by the young lady. The only things he seems to remember is her soft voice and the summer afternoons they spent together. He also vaguely remembers the point when he realized she wasn't coming home.

Whiskey is the opposite of his cactus bunny friend. He is loud and takes no thought to what he thinks is right, even if the morals of it seemed odd at times. He takes pride in his work and home, and will ultimately kill anybody who dares to harm his team. He shows disapproval towards strangers, but he often grudgingly respects them enough to not growl or bite.

Whiskey has a chunk of his left ear torn off from an accident during fishing, and has several scars under all of his fur.

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