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 Chuck Tequila, Oasis; Fisherman/Fishmonger
 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 09:21 PM


Chuck Tequila
49 - Male - Demisexual
Fisherman/Fishmonger of Oasis
Chuck is taller than the average human at the height of five feet and eight inches, and rather beefy in build. He has tanned white skin with several scars and marks along his arms and legs. He wears the usual native attire, his long brown pants and white shirt stained with multiple stains, although it is mainly from beer. He has short brown hair that always finds a way to stay messy and a large stubbly beard. Chuck looks like just a mess on the best of days.

A man who drowns his regrets in booze, and now had a dependence on it. Chuck is loud, to say the least. He typically shouts when he speaks and his laughs could cause earthquakes. He seems fit for socialization, though, and usually finds a way to tease whenever he can. He adores telling jokes and cracking puns. Despite all this, though, he does have a short temper and gets angry about things easily. He brings stuff out of hand and is extremely overemotional. Due to prior events in his life, Chuck seems to be protective of those he manages to befriend. His limits to what he will do to protect are no bounds. He doesn't give a shit if someone's an immigrant or not, and will not express the usual hate towards outsiders.

Chuck will most likely be either at the docks fishing, in his boat, or at his station selling the fish he caught. If possible, he'll try to strike up a conversation with anyone. There will almost never not be a booze bottle in his hand, along with his two pokemon. His existence is more than known at Snake Eyes, and the villagefolk have taken to calling him "Booze Man." If you're an immigrant, he'll try and ask even more questions, as he is actually curious about the lifestyle of immigrants. Trying to bargain with him is fairly difficult, for he is very strict on his prices.

One of the first babies to be born as a native, Chuck lived most of his childhood in Ashfield, as that was where his parents both settled. He lived a life full of mischief and pranks, but he never quite felt at home in his hometown. It felt off that he was here, and he wanted to break away. At the mention of others leaving to find new settlement, he immediately perked up and joined them. He was the youngest of the group, in his late teens at the time. Through their struggle, they didn't find much but dry land near an ocean. Still, he was proud to call it home.

As time passed, he was starting to settle down. He had a stable business, he had married a woman by the name of Lisa, his new daughter Irene was just born, and his maractus Scotch was becoming a better business partner as each day passed. Too bad that had to change.

Several years later, an accident happened one day while fishing, resulting in the death of Irene. This event twisted the relationship between Lisa and Chuck so much that the woman ran off, never to be seen again. Although his business was well and alive, he had no one to celebrate that with besides his maractus and newly acquired lillipup.

Years have passed since then, and things haven't changed much. Chuck now secludes himself from the rest of Oasis, drowning himself with booze. Some children believe he's a myth, some believe he's a scary monster. But he's just a simple fishmonger now.

Note: This is a semi-WIP, but I probably won't finish it soon.

Can this NPC be used by anyone? yes
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