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winter will be here until
March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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 Dusk Daemon Banette
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 09:39 PM


Dusk Daemon Banette
20 - Male - Heterosexual
Dusk is a tall man that stood a tall five feet and eleven inches, Being surrounded by ghost and the cold and dark they bring turn his skin into an unhealthy pale color. He keep his brown hair short, just enough to cover his forehead. The most shocking thing about him was the color of his eyes, the color of which was a fine light blue-grey. From a far enough distance, it almost look like they where white, which mix with his family reputation lead to some unflattering rumors. As tradition in his family, he has a small memento of his grandparents, the top half of a broken pokeball that he turn into a necklace.

Due to the countless of ghost types surrounding the Banette family house, Dusk grown up in constantly gloomy home. His clothing reflect that fact, as he prefer to wear cool and dark colors found on ghost pokemon. His main outfit consists of a light violet clock that stop just above his knees. Hiding underneath it is a short sleeve pale blue t-shirt, there a small design of a shuppet floating across his chest. Below his waist are some traveling pants being hold up by some string. A touch of mud and dirt are usually on his legging and boots, hinting at his family job.

Being isolated from a young age turned Dusk into a quite person. While not antisocial, he doesn't look for interactions but does enjoy them when they happen. While he wish that the world was fair and safe, growing up helping burying the fallen and learning their stories have given him a darker view. This view in turn develop a sense of dark humor, which was greatly influence by the ghost type that surround him.

While he is used to death, and not afraid of his own, does not mean that he undervalues life. He deeply understand it, and knows that losing a single life is a great deal. So he hate those who take it with out a good reason to. Unlike other who shy away from the more dangerous breeds of pokemon, he is more incline to them and see them as misjudge. He wish that one day the view on them would change to something less fearful and more respected.

Dusk Daemon is the oldest son of the Banette family, who are know for their association with ghost type pokemon. The Banette family are one of the luckily few families that are able to brag about how they were able to survive three generations. Showing up around the time of when the first house in Ashfeild was being built, they created roots in nearly every town. They where first outcasted, as their founder had a ghost for a companion. They started to heal from those rumor when they followed Beta to build Crater. During the years after they took care of the dead of the sorrowfully passed in hope that they won't come back as ghost.

Dusk is the first child born in the third generation, the first to be born in Crater, and is expected to inherit the family business. Growing up under the Banette household isolate him from other children, either by their parents or by their own fears. Seeking some form of friendship lead him to the ghost that are attracted to the small grave yard that his family take care of. Influence by them, he spent most of his time under their care learning about them and his family life style. By the time he was eight, he was helping his father with his duties while at home. During the late winter and early spring, they would travel the town performing last rites.

One his eighteen birthday, he was given permission to go on his own travel across the land of Terrene as soon as his younger sibling were old enough to take over his duties. With two years to go til they where, Dusk began to plan out his travel and learn some skill that would keep him alive. When the time come for him to go out on his own, he was with his father preforming last rite at Oasis. Planing to leave start there, he was given a ball and went to find a starter the night of.

AjSol - Pacific Time Zone - He, Him

 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 05:49 PM


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