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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Progress, Avery Aster’s Tracker
 Posted: Jan 26 2018, 10:27 AM


Summer 2018

Cynth vs Avery [Event - Crater Tournament]
▲▲ gains: 20 tokens
▲▲ Anthuria gains: 6 exp
▼▼ losses: the match

Spring 2018

Young Volcanoes [Event - Easy Tunnel]
in progress
▲▲ gains: list here
▼▼ losses: list here

The Trail [Adventure - Travel]
in progress
▲▲ gains: list here
▼▼ losses: list here

Blazing a Trail [Adventure - Travel]
in progress
▲▲ gains: list here
▼▼ losses: list here

Boomerang [Development/Social - Soren]
in progress
▲▲ gains: ?
▼▼ losses: ?

Try Everything [Social - Soren]
▲▲ gains: +1 friend? Soren; +60 tokens
▼▼ losses: none

Hopefully a Lucky Trade [NPC Trade]
▲▲ gains: +1 lucky egg
▼▼ losses: -1 protective pads

Itsy Bitsy Speeder [Adventure - Swarm]
▲▲ gains: +50 tokens; +1 Dewpider Elodea
▼▼ losses: list here

A Small Purchase [NPC Trade]
▲▲ gains: +2 Pokeball
▼▼ losses: -320 tokens

Understanding [Development]
▲▲ gains: +60 tokens; Anthuria gains 3% loyalty
▼▼ losses: none

To The Sky [Quest - Build me Up]
▲▲ +100? tokens
▲▲ misc: x1 half-price voucher, x1 supply pack, x1 rare candy, x1 protective pads
▲▲ healing items: x1 awakening, x1 paralyze heal, x1 revive
▲▲ Avery gains: +5% charisma skill exp
▲▲ Anthuria gains: +2% loyalty, +8 EXP
▼▼ losses: some sanity for Anthuria

Avery & Leona [event - speed dating]
▲▲ gains: +50 tokens, #leery maybe
▼▼ losses: none

Avery & Shae [event - speed dating]
▲▲ gains: +10 tokens (incomplete)
▼▼ losses: nothing

winter 2017/18

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? [event][social]
▲▲ gains: +80 tokens, +1 friend Sonia, +1 acquaintance Ri
▼▼ losses: N/A

 Posted: Jan 26 2018, 10:37 AM


Pokemon and Item Status Codes
Warning: not as up-to-date as index most likely

Avery’s Current Inventory
[align=center][size=5][b]Avery’s Current Inventory[/b][/size]
[b]Pokeballs:[/b] x
[b]Berries:[/b] x
[b]Held Items:[/b] None
[b]Travel Items:[/b] x probably?
[b]Other:[/b] x[/align]

Pine (killed by wild Ninetales)
user posted image
Pine: Male Grovyle
Ability: Overgrow || Nature: ? || Level: ~30 || Loyalty: ~75%
Health: 0% || Status: Burned. Dead. || Held Item: None
Moves: ? ◒ ? ◒ ? ◒ ? ◒
Personality: ?

Avery befriended this grass lizard when he was around 19 years old, and it died when he was about 28, attempting to battle a wild Ninetales that was threatening the outskirts of Crater City.

user posted image
Carnation: Male Ninetales
Ability: Drought & Flash Fire || Nature: Serious || Level: 26 || Loyalty: 68
Health: 100% || Status: Healthy || Held Item: None
Moves: DISABLE ◒ Ember ◒ Tail Whip ◒ Roar ◒ Baby-Doll Eyes ◒ Quick Attack ◒ Confuse Ray ◒ Fire Spin ◒ Payback ◒ Will-O-Wisp ◒ Feint Attack ◒ Hex ◒ Safeguard ◒ Flamethrower ◒ Overheat
Personality: fiercely protective, naturally loyal, slow to trust

Name. Carnations are symbols of ever-lasting love, and come in dark red (like Vulpixes), white (similar to the Ninetales' cream coloration), and shades in between. The different colors represent different types of love: dark red for deep love and affection, pink for admiration, white for pure love, etc.
Physical. Larger than any Vulpix/Ninetales -- except, perhaps, for his mother -- Carnation stands at roughly 140% the average height and weight of his species.
Personality. The Vulpix, raised almost completely by Avery and with few outside influences, turned out to be quite similar to his master: quiet and protective.
History. When Avery (aged 28) returned to the site of his Grovyle's death to mourn in private, he found that the Ninetales who had killed him had been forced to abandon an egg as she fled towards the volcano. After some internal conflict (see his history for more details), Avery decided to raise the egg and resulting hatchling as his own. Parentage: Ninetales and Pyroar

Picture will go here someday.

[color=Darkred][b]Carnation:[/b][/color] Male Ninetales
[b]Ability:[/b] Drought & Flash Fire || [b]Nature:[/b] Serious || [b]Level:[/b] 26 || [b]Loyalty: [/b]68%
[b]Health:[/b] 100% || [b]Status:[/b] Healthy || [b]Held Item:[/b] None
[b]Moves:[/b] DISABLE ◒ Ember ◒ Tail Whip ◒ Roar ◒ Baby-Doll Eyes ◒ Quick Attack ◒ Confuse Ray ◒ Fire Spin ◒ Payback ◒ Will-O-Wisp ◒ Feint Attack ◒ Hex ◒ Safeguard ◒ Flamethrower ◒ [i]Overheat[/i]
[b]Personality:[/b] fiercely protective, naturally loyal, slow to trust[/align]

user posted image
Bluebell: Female Luxio
Ability: Intimidiate || Nature: Naughty || Level: 17 || Loyalty: 49%
Health: 100% || Status: Healthy || Held Item: None
Moves: HELPING HAND ◒ Tackle ◒ Leer ◒ Baby-Doll Eyes ◒ Charge ◒ Spark ◒ Bite
Personality: mischievous, chatty

Nothing quite like the bluebells flowering in the spring. They say they bring mischievous fairies and sprites out of hiding, so be careful if you accidentally "ring" one of them. You wouldn't want to get pranked by a Fairy type, now would you?
Bluebell's favorite flavor is spicy, but sweet is a very close second. As such, her favorite foods are Occa Berries and Shuca Berries. She is above average weight, but Avery won't be caught dead with an overweight Pokemon not in fighting form, so she will probably never grow overweight.
She is a mischief-maker and a little bit of a narcissist. She believes Luxrays are powerful and beautiful, and she aspires to be as strong and gorgeous as her mother someday.
When Avery was almost 30 years old, his mother's Luxray and Beta's Persian accidentally had an offspring. They had long held a strong affection for one another, but had decided early on that they didn't want any kits (primarily because Wave and Ram both admitted that they cared more for their respective humans than for one another), so they agreed to give them up for adoption. Avery decided to take the Shinx egg and keep it for himself. Together with an adolescent Carnation and some minor input from Wave and Ram, Avery raised Bluebell. Bluebell does not see Wave as her parental unit so much as a role model to be admired from afar but not bothered.

[color=blue][b]Bluebell:[/b][/color] Female Luxio<br>
[b]Ability:[/b] Intimidiate || [b]Nature:[/b] Naughty <br>
[b]Level:[/b] 17 || [b]Loyalty: [/b]49% <br>
[b]Health:[/b] 100% || [b]Energy:[/b] 90% <br>
[b]Status:[/b] Healthy || [b]Held Item:[/b] None<br>
[b]Moves:[/b] HELPING HAND ◒ Tackle ◒ Leer ◒ Baby-Doll Eyes ◒ Charge ◒ Spark ◒ Bite<br>

user posted image
Anthuria: Female Bayleef
Ability: Leaf Guard || Nature: Gentle
Moves: HEAL PULSE ◒ GRASS WHISTLE ◒ Tackle ◒ Growl ◒ Razor Leaf ◒ Poison Powder ◒ Synthesis
Personality: very friendly and loving

Her namesake is the anthurium plant, but Avery changed the name slightly to reflect her femininity, and because his mother refused to stop bothering him about the fact that "Anthuria" is a more pleasing name than "Anuthurium", apparently. The brightly-colored, tough-yet-beautiful plant is known to represent hospitality.
Anthuria has beautiful reddish-brown doe eyes. Beyond that, she is a fairly average specimen.
She is a gentle creature who would prefer to get along with others and avoid fighting.
At 35 years old, several weeks after the 50th anniversary fair, Beta pronounced Avery to be his ambassador. With this, he also promised to find a Pokémon that could be raised into a mount. The following mid-spring, he gave Avery a hatchling Chikorita. She has been growing very quickly, nearly her adult size through sheer training despite being only a year old. Parentage: Bayleef and Sunflora


[color=Pink][b]Anthuria:[/b][/color] Female Bayleef <br>
[b]Ability:[/b] Leaf Guard || [b]Nature:[/b] Gentle <br>
[b]Level:[/b] 16 || [b]Loyalty: [/b]38% <br>
[b]Health:[/b] 100% || [b]Energy:[/b] 85% <br>
[b]Status:[/b] Healthy || [b]Held Item:[/b] None<br>
[b]Moves:[/b] HEAL PULSE ◒ GRASS WHISTLE ◒ Tackle ◒ Growl ◒ Razor Leaf ◒ Poison Powder ◒ Synthesis<br>

user posted image
Cosmos: Male Seel
Ability: Thick Fat || Nature: Lonely || Level: 4 || Loyalty: 26%
Moves: PERISH SONG ◒ Headbutt ◒ Growl
Personality: a baby who loves to sleep

Because cosmoses are a common, beautiful, and well-loved flower, they have many meanings. The most agreed-upon of these meanings are: an orderly and balanced universe, peacefulness, tranquility, and modesty. For the pure white, young Seel that strongly prefers to sit back and watch or simply take a peaceful nap rather than engage in the world and proclaim his strengths, Cosmos was an easy name to choose.
Physically, Cosmos is only slightly larger than the average of his species. He was bred to be a larger, stronger mount, but he was not as lucky as some of his siblings.
Cosmos's personality is still morphing rapidly, as he is only a few months old. So far, however, he shows reluctance to do much of anything, preferring to sit back and relax and generally do... nothing.
Avery may have gone on a bit of a splurge at the 51st Anniversary Fair. He simply could not resist the adorable eggs any longer. His first purchase, he tried to justify to himself as being useful one day in his new job as an Ambassador. He could use a nice water mount, right?


[color=lightblue][b]Cosmos:[/b][/color] Male Seel <br>
[b]Ability:[/b] Thick Fat || [b]Nature:[/b] Lonely<br>
[b]Level:[/b] 4 || [b]Loyalty: [/b]26% <br>
[b]Health:[/b] 100% || [b]Energy:[/b] 30?% <br>
[b]Status:[/b] Healthy || [b]Held Item:[/b] None<br>
[b]Moves:[/b] PERISH SONG ◒ Headbutt ◒ Growl[/align]

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Since I've been having some difficulties focusing in on Cosmos' personality... There are a few quotes that I expect will help me, when I need a reminder.
"You figured it out without me. Which is great, because I love doing absolutely nothing."
"It's useless in the end anyways."
"I hate making promises. This is why I never make promises"
"You can't understand how it feels."
"I gave up trying a long time ago"
"Why even try?"
"Just give up. I did."
"It's hard to give it my all. Or is that just a poor excuse for being lazy?"
"Someday, you gotta learn when to QUIT."
"Let's take a break."
Fatalistic, Apathetic, Indolent

user posted image
Lilac: Female Rattata
Ability: Hustle || Nature: Hasty || Level: 2 || Loyalty: 29%
Health: 100% || Status: Healthy || Held Item: None
Moves: REVERSAL ◒ REVENGE ◒ Tackle ◒ Tail Whip
Personality: extremely stubborn; playful

Lilacs are one of the flowers that bloom quite early in spring, so they are known to be harbingers of spring. They are beautiful and beautifully scented, and are typically said to symbolize early love, innocence, and pure-heartedness.
He keeps this little girl with him almost everywhere he goes. It's not as noticeable yet, as she is still young, but she will actually be a fairly small specimen, about 75% of her expected size.
Lilac is still quite young, so her personality is still crystallizing. Right now, she is promising to be an intelligent, but shrewd and quite stubborn, little creature.
Avery may have gone on a bit of a splurge at the 51st Anniversary Fair. He simply could not resist the adorable eggs any longer. His second purchase, he cannot even begin to explain away. He had always had a soft spot for the small furry critters, and a little fuzzy critter promised to be a good companion was too hard to ignore.

[color=purple][b]Lilac:[/b][/color] Female Rattata
[b]Ability:[/b] Hustle || [b]Nature:[/b] Hasty || [b]Level:[/b] 2 || [b]Loyalty: [/b]29%
[b]Health:[/b] 100% || [b]Status:[/b] Healthy || [b]Held Item:[/b] None
[b]Moves:[/b] REVERSAL ◒ REVENGE ◒ Tackle ◒ Tail Whip
[b]Personality:[/b] extremely stubborn; playful[/align]

Someday... /wistful/
[color=green][b]Cycad:[/b][/color] Male Tropius
[b]Ability:[/b] ? || [b]Nature:[/b] ? || [b]Level:[/b] ? || [b]Loyalty: [/b]?
[b]Health:[/b] 100% || [b]Status:[/b] Healthy || [b]Held Item:[/b] None
[b]Moves:[/b] ? ◒ ? ◒ ?
[b]Personality:[/b] friendly but clumsy and not that smart[/align]

Cycads are beautiful tropical trees that are said to be living fossils. They have been around much longer than humans, and humans have used them to mean various ceremonial things throughout their history and across different cultures: victory, hospitality, longevity...

 Posted: Jan 26 2018, 10:38 AM


Reserved just in case

 Posted: Jan 26 2018, 10:43 AM



Muse for Avery is connected to anime and toxic masculinity: stoicism, minimalism, and a firm belief that he is doing the right thing. Theme music for anime protagonists serve as theme music for him, too, and generally get me pumped to write for him.

He doesn't speak that much, preferring actions over words. He's also worked hard for his entire life to suppress his emotions, so they don't show up that much in his writing either. This makes it kind of hard for me to write him, as I am an emotional person myself and tend to wear my hearts on my sleeves (see Paul and Cynthia). My aim, then, is to keep things in active voice as much as possible, avoid expressions and emotions, and even unnecessary words.

Random quote from anime: "That's a nice watch. It's a pity I'm going to break it so you can never see the time on it again. By that, I mean I'll break your face." ... "Upon closer inspection, good grief, what an ugly watch. But you won't have to worry about that anymore -- because your face is going to end up even uglier."

As an edgy teenager: "I'm often labeled a punk. I tend to overdo it when I get into fights; some of my opponents are still in doctor's care. When someone gives me something that turns out to be low quality, I refuse to pay for it and leave. But even I know nauseating evil when I see it. Evil is when you use the weak for your own gain and crush them under your foot. You think you're invisible to your victim and above the law, so I shall judge you!"

As a child, he was taught "Pokemon are tools, and you should learn to use them properly and have them be like an extension of yourself." But he has an instinct from his mother to care for things smaller than himself. That being said, he convinces himself that this instinct is to grow

Theme Song 1: Stardust Man Appears When he's being quiet, cool, or just his usual self.

Theme Song 2: Stardust Crusaders On the rare occasion that he's being intense, or when he's in a violent battle. Not heard very often now that he's an adult, but was a staple back when he was a teenager.

One last one... Stand Proud

Avery is rude and crass, and tells his own mother to shut up and get off his case. But when she looks slightly pale or off, he stops and asks her, "Hey. Are you alright?" And she thinks to herself, "I knew you're hiding a caring soul under that tough exterior. I see right through you."

Even for those he treats as major annoyances and repeatedly yells at or tells off, he will risk his life to save them. If they ask why, he'll simply stare for a few seconds before saying, "Who knows? I'm not really sure myself."

Anyone: *gives Avery a gift*; Avery: "...okay."

Anyone: "Thank you so much."; Avery: "I don't want your thanks."

Anyone: "I love you."; Avery: "Okay."

As an Ambassador... Avery's job is to go from place to place and seek out new people to move to Crater. He isn't great at getting people to like him, true, but he is excellent at letting them know that they will die a horrible and painful death. If only they would move to Crater City, he (and others like him) would be able to use his frightening body, sword, and Pokemon to protect them.

Quotes from God of War 4, Kratos:

"Don't be sorry. Be better."

"Close your heart to it. On our journey we will be attacked by all manner of creature. Close your heart to their desperation. Close your heart to their suffering. Do not allow yourself to feel for them. They will not feel for you."

"Do not mistake my silence for lack of grief."

"Battles may be won by the better soldier. Wars are won by those who are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure victory."

"Pain we endure. Faulty weaponry we do not."

A note on Avery's mother, Rachel: I keep going between wanting his mom to be a sweet little old lady and wanting to stay more true to what I wrote in Avery's history, where she's compassionate and a workaholic and wants to make the world better but she can't for the life of her figure out how to take care of herself or her son. And of course, depressed and confused about her husband sacrificing himself to protect Beta.

Rachel is a woman who can calm the hearts of others just by being around. She is kind and gentle, and will hide her injuries or sorrows to avoid worrying those around her. Unfortunately, she is a sensitive soul and these things often affect her much more than they would affect others. She much prefers peace over conflict, although...

...a tough life has taken her natural gentleness and forged her into a harder woman, with more of a fighting spirit than she ever should have gotten. She gets carried away sometimes, and it can become difficult for her to control her own fighting spirit sometimes.

Rachel's Theme Music: Hidden Thoughts

Dylan's Theme Music: Noble Pope

Rixie: “Soren is super presh but I’m not sure even he would want to deal with or acknowledge 20+ years of suppressed emotions... Every scrap of anger, impulsiveness, joy, sorrow, grief, embarrassment: anything warmer than a tepid “okay”... all crammed into a pressurized bottle waiting to explode.”

Thoughts on a potential child... He's had several long-term girlfriends. Breakups range from a disappointed "okay" to a bitter fight with name-calling and cheating. The latter... he'd most likely try to use the coping mechanism of, "I don't know how to deal with this. Just never talk to me again." So it's possible that he's had a child and then never interacted with the woman again, thus he wouldn't know he had one. Another thing to consider though... the woman would most likely tell him, "Hey, this is your kid, you should help support it/me," because of his relative high-standing. That being said, maybe she's afraid to tell him? Maybe she fears if she does speak to him again, after being explicitly and violently told not to, he'll do something horrible to her? He is rather terrifying, after all. In addition, if she cheated on him, she might not even be sure who the father is... and she could try to convince him that it's his but... Would he explode? He could kill her and her child in mere seconds, if he snapped.

Notes: none
Tag: none
Word Count: 5 words

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