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 Choosing Sides, [Quest - Melted Away]
 Posted: Mar 27 2018, 08:45 AM


1084 words - HERE WE GO O-O
Walking down the too familiar dirt paths that weaved through the chaotic city, the woman huffed as she looked for the house she'd been directed to go to. Why should she help? Apparently her previous help with the wishiwashi and her participation in a few of the events marked her as someone who was 'friendly'. She didn't get it, and the label rubbed her the wrong way. She supposed being seen as friendly wasn't a terrible thing, but it didn't make any sense to her. But the old lady she'd helped months ago, who'd gotten tangled in the woods, had roped her into this. And she begrudgingly accepted - only because the woman twisted her words!

Still, despite her grumblings, there was a small light the flickered in her body at the idea of people actually appreciating things she'd done in the past. Leona was certainly not the type of person to go out of her way to help others very often, but she generally didn't leave someone who needed help right in front of her. That would feel more wrong than actually helping would. So here she was. Apparently her hunting habits were useful for the task ahead, but she'd only gotten the bare details and was given much more vibrant information on where to go to help the teen who needed assistance.

Jolteon was padding next to her, their pace much quicker than those around. It wasn't something she did consciously, but she'd learned quickly that moving fast and quiet was better. So naturally, her pace quickened without her realization, but she was more keenly aware as she passed people around her heading to her destination. Soon enough, the small, humble house came into view. In it's origination, it was likely the cozy home looked very nice. But as the woman approached, it was clear that age had worn down the appearance of this building. The color was stripped from winds, rain, and other normal wear, and the boards, while sturdy, looked like they'd suffered more than their fair share of damage. There were two holes, one on the front and one on the side facing into the city, that could have functioned as windows - however, as it was, there were a couple boards across each one, crooked and badly hammered over the openings, leaving only slits.

As she got closer with the fox at her side, she noticed the beady eyes flash in the slit of the front window - followed by a few clumsy thumps. Her eyebrow quirked, but she didn't react otherwise as she slowed her pace, approaching the door. There weas no patio or steps in front of the house, as it was just literally built on the ground. Stopping, the woman looked the building up and down once more, remembering the description she'd been giving. She followed the directions to a T - and there had been a lot of them - but this place didn't exactly look as nice as the elderly woman had mentioned. Maybe the woman's eyes were going bad, cause her sight was perfect.

Sparing a hesitant glance at the fox, and then at the path behind her, she sighed and brought up a hand to rap on the door. The knocks weren't extremely loud, but certainly not gentle by anyone's standards. From the other side she heard the choked shriek of a girl followed by another flurry of hurried steps away from the door. She rolled her eyes and waited, realizing this was her last chance to turn around and reject helping out the teen. Clearly she didn't want help if she was too scared to even so much as answer the door. Her foot started tapping impatiently as she waited a couple minutes for the door to be answered, the more subtle noise not seeming to further alert the people inside.

Eventually, the door started to creak open, the expression on Leona's face certainly one of annoyance. The teen, guessed from the youth in her features, peeked through a small sliver opening in the door. She pushed the door shut for a couple more moments at seeing the visitor's expression, but then apparently realized that she wasn't here to hurt her and creaked it open just a bit again. "H-hello? Can I h-help you?" She stumbled over basic words, which just added to Leo's annoyance, but she shoved it down. Clearly this girl needed a lot of help. More than she could provide, but this one task shouldn't be too troublesome.

"I was told you needed help tracking down a lost pokemon." The kept her sentence short and concise, not even sure yet this was the teen she was looking for. Though the mystery didn't last long as the girl threw the door open and thrust her arms at Leona as if to hug or drape herself on her. The woman deftly yet barely stepped out of the way of the embrace, leaving the girl sobbing and hugging herself just in the doorway. As if suddenly realizing outside the door was... well, outside, the girl stumbled back into the house, but left the door open as she half turned to the hunter to speak through her gross tears.

"Yes, my dearest Neptune has gone missing! He wandered out of the house, much as it's just so dangerous out there, and I think I saw him heading towards the forest. I always tell him how dangerous the world is, and to never go near the forest, but something must have happened to cause him to go there. And now he's probably lost and alone and crying and..." Her words strarted to become a bit uncomprehensible as her tears and fears started to sync up and make her even more hysterical. What a bother talking to this girl was. So weak and emotional.

The teen took a couple moments and seemed to mostly collect herself, getting to a state where she could speak once more and be better understood. "Please, can't you go check and find him? I don't have any other pokemon and he's never been to the forest before. He's defenseless and I'm defenseless and I need him home right now! Who knows what will happen if he doesn't return quickly? I have nothing else to protect me and I need him to rely on when no one else, not even my family, will care or help me in need! Please go get him!"

Leona was already over this scared brat.

Jolteon - female
100% Health

[ wake up...
...we never spoke ]


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