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 Living sand with demon pup and old man, development
 Posted: Mar 28 2018, 03:18 PM


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(Trying to increase loylaty for both Shiranui and newly caught Sandygast. Also attempted some work on Charisma skill)

The storm had subsided and Skids had headed out of the town. As much as he would've liked to have stayed around, he knew that his new companion might not be well received. For some reason, he had a feeling that no one in town would give any positive reactions to the strange pokemon he found. With how they all reacted to Shiranui, he just had the feeling that the odd sand castle looking pokemon would be just as poorly received. Coming to a pause in the woods, he glanced back at the town, a bit nervous but he gave a sigh. Hoping that he was far enough away from town to where people wouldn't come across his two companions and himself.

He wanted to make sure that the new member wasn't terrified with his choice. Was it the rest choice? He did catch them when they weren't looking. Looking down at the red and white pokeball, he raised a brow at it in worry. Or would they lash out? As he held the pokeball, he noticed that his bandaged hand had finally stopped bleed. So removing the piece of cloth, he looked at the hole marks. Taking note of the slightly burned skin around the holes. So strange...he didn't know what Shiranui did besides bite him. But no part of him thought that was strange. Some part of him told him it was something that was normal, a ability or power that was natural to Shiranui. Hm..strange indeed.

Taking a deep breathe, he opened the pokeball and the red light came out. Taking shape on the ground before him and revealing the sand like pokemon. At first, the sandygast looked around. Why did it see green things? Trees....wait...what happened to the building? The pokemon made a startled sound and started to spin in circles,stubby arms raised up in the air as they moved around.

"Hey, hey. It's okay, calm down." Skids urged gently as he knelt down. "DOn't worry, nothing bad is gonna happen.."

A familiar voice made the sandygast pause and they looked up at him with white eyes that blinked in surprise. Wait, this guy was with em still? What happened? She recalled the storm and hiding underneath his legs. But why was everything black after that? It was then she took note of the round object in his wounded hand and it hit her. She had been caught!! Captured by the human?! Stubby arms were folded as she turned round and had her back facing him.

"You're not happy with this huh?" Skids asked as he took a seat behind her, he noticed her shovel bob up an down as she nodded. "I'm sorry. I thought this would be a better spot for ya last night. I figured it was quieter for ya than listening to that loud storm."

Sandygast tilted her body somewhat as she looked at Skids, turning round fully. She wasn't quite sure on all of his words but part of her had a feeling from his tone of voice that he was apologetic. They were trying to explain something. Though she wasn't one hundred percent sure. She still looked away from him still, not sure on what she wanted to do in regards to the human. She could just get him to stick their hand in her mouth and she could drain em to where she could get away from him. Wait...would that even work? No. Probably woudn't work. She didn't want to hurt the guy, he showed her so much kindness last night. Though....that was for last night...but he also retrieved her shovel for her, even when she wasn't sure if he was actually doing that.

Skids stared down at the pokemon, taking note of how uncertain and lost to thought it seemed. Putting the pokeball away, he pulled out another one and released Shiranui. The pup landed and gave a pleased bark though it took notice of the sandygast and gave a groan. Looking to Skids with eyes slightly narrowed.

"Really?!!" Shiranui questioned, clearly not pleased.

"Come on bud, she's with us now. Besides, I know something we can do." Skids commented as he patted the demon pup. "Let's play a game."

The sandygast looked up at the human, her attention pulled from her thoughts. Shiranui noticed the sandygast's sudden movements but he kept himself still and returned his gaze to Skids.

"Game? What game? Is it horde all the items possible? OH! Or startle the human by the berries?" Sandygast questioned as she moved a little closer to Skids' shoes.

Her curiosity in a firm grasp as she stared up at him. Shiranui was a bit...confused by her questions. Horde as many items as possible? Scare humans on purpose? What games did she play?! Little did the pup know, that the sandygast had been living under that shed for a while with that purrloin and fungoose. She was sometimes brought out with the purrloin when he went searching for items and while she helped him out, the feline never did like it when she tried to touch any of them afterwards. The same went for when they went looking for food and often, her food ended up being part of the fungoose's share; whom hardly ever left their spot under the shed.

Skids' smile grew as he looked down at the two pokemon. It seems they were onboard and he couldn't help but feel great with that in mind. His smile turned into a grin as he put Shiranui's ball away and folded his arms.

"Hide and seek!" Skids announced.

Shiranui started to bounce up and down, letting out excited barks of glee. He knew this game!! HE knew this game!! He played it all the time with his siblings. The sandygast however, tilted her body to the side. Back to being confused once more.

 Posted: Mar 28 2018, 03:52 PM


"What's wrong?" Skids asked, his grin faltering slightly as he stood there.

Shiranui stopped bouncing and paused, looking her. While the demon pup wasn't fond of her, he still wanted to play this game. His ears perked forward, twitching somewhat as he stared at her.

"What's wrong? Don't ya want to play?" Shiranui asked, tilting his head.

What's the game he said? I never heard those words before." Sandygast questioned as she looked at the dog.

"Hide and seek! Oh it's so much fun, we all hide while the one it looks for us. It's so much fun!"

The demon dog bounced up and down again, a happy bark leaving him. Skids kept quiet as he watched, while he wasn't sure on their conversation, he saw it best he didn't interrupt. These two were now gonna be together for a long time and while Shiranui showed displeasure toward her yesterday, maybe this was what they needed? He could only hope that sandygast wanted to join in on the game.

"You don't know what hide and seek is?" Shiranui questioned.

"No....i know those words." Sandygast replied.

"Oh it's so much fun. Give a try?

She pondered for a moment. Did this pokemon really like this game so much, he was going to be nice to her? Well....perhaps it was a worth it? She wasn't fond of his growling at her the previous night. A nod left the sandygast and Shiranui gave a bark of glee. Skids' grin returned as he stood there.

"I'm glad to see everyone is in good spirits." Skids said. "Now, to make this more furn for you two, how about you two hide first and I'll come looking for you?"

"YES!!! WE GET THE GREAT PART FIRST!!!" Shiranui howled in glee as he ran circles around sandygast.

The whole game was fun. And while Shiranui enjoyed hunting for those who were hiding. He loved being able to hide first, it was always so much fun to watch those it search for you. It was enjoyable. He always loved to watch his siblings get dumbfounded when he hid. It did make him miss them slightly but he just wanted to play this game. He wanted to have fun!

"Alright, are we ready?" Skids asked, he got two sounds of agreement. "Then you two go hide and I'll count."

As soon as Skids turned around and started to count, Shiranui nudged the sandygast and took off running. The gesture meant to tell her to come on. She started after the canine but she was slower due to her lack of legs.

 Posted: Mar 28 2018, 05:14 PM


Shiranui lead the way, his steps quick but happy. Though he eventually took note of the sand pile's slow pace. And while it annoyed him, he tried to slow a little bit down. Recalling that she never played this game before.

"Come on, come on!" Shiranui urged in a low voice, not wanting the human to hear them.

The demon pup was happy. While the man was different, the pup wasn't pleased with the looks they were getting in town. So to be able to run amuck and have some fun, he was all for that. The man with them seemed to care and Shiranui was glad that they suggested a game that he enjoyed. The human had a lucky guess for what game to play in the demon pup's mind, that was for sure!

The sandygast followed along, trying to understand the giddyness that the dog seemed to have right now. This was a fun game then? They seemed to think so. She paused as Shiranui did and watched them look around eagerly.

"Here!" Shiranui instructed as he went over to small hole underneath some a strange plant and using a paw, he lifted the leaves up a bit more. "You can just sit in the hole here and the leaves should hide your shovel from sight."

"Uh...okay..." Sandygast replied as she slipped in.

Lowering his paw, he bounced away and went over to a hollow log. QUickly he went inside and laid down. Sandygast could see him from where she was, only by his glowing eyes being the one indication that he was indeed there. As she waited, she grew a bit displeased. She was alone over here; even though his eyes were noticeable. But when Shiranui closed their eyes to try and hide better, that was too much for Sandygast. She was so used to hiding with others in the same spot. Slowly, she came out of the hole and glanced away, white dots a bit big as she looked around fearfully before trying to get over to the log as fast as she could. Her efforts destroying the small traces of tracks that Shiranui left on his way to the log.

With a bit of difficulty, she pulled herself up into the log. Grains of sand littering the ground beneath the log as she got up there. She landed with a thump and Shiranui opened his eyes, jaw dropping somewhat. What was she doing in here?!

"This is my hiding spot!" Shiranui growled, sitting up somewhat.

"I don't wanna hide there..." Sandygast replied, looking nervous.

"Then find your own spot! You should've said something before I found mine."

Shiranui wasn't pleased, he was gonna loose the game now!! His hackles rose in annoyance, displeasure, and irritability. He didn't want to loose this game!! He wanted to win it!! Sandygast looked down, the sand pile seemed to wilt somewhat. Her white dot eyes looking down at the wood of the look. Feeling rather uncertain on what to do. What could she do? She didn't know how to find hiding spots.....she didn't know many things.

"i don't...wanna be alone..." Sandygast whimpered. "i never hide alone before...that purrloin and fungoose were always....under the shed...too...the fungoose never left it...someone was always around..."

With that, the white dots seemed squiggly as she stared to tear up. Sad and unsure of what to do, she did the only thing she knew she could do. Cry. Shiranui groaned as he looked away from her at first. Though her words started to hit home as he understood them. She was used to a group, a group where she was usually around one member at all times. Ears slanted as he recalled his mother and siblings, he used to always be with her or at least a sibling. The demon pup recalled how when he got separated from them, he bawled and howled as he ran amuck. Trying to find either his mother or sibling.

Unlike the Sandygast, no other pokemon came to his aid. No one huddled with him or helped him out. At least....until that human Skids came. That human was the only one to not flee from him and....they were so nice so far. Even after biting him last night, they forgave him. Hackles had lowered as the demon glanced to the mound of sand that was crying. A sigh leaving em as they adjusted his position to make some more room.

"Alright alright, come on. Stop crying, you'll alert him to our position." Shiranui told her, trying to sound nicer than he usually did. "You could hide here for this round....just....stop crying. I'd rather him find us by looking rather than hearing."

The sandygast paused, looking up at him in surprise. Without a word, she moved over to the spot that he had cleared for her and she stayed there. Trying her best to stop crying as she took the place besides him, getting the tears to slow enough to where she was more or less, somewhat quiet. This was going to be a short game probably.

 Posted: Mar 28 2018, 06:54 PM


"Alright, I'm coming!" Skids called out as he turned round.

Rather pleased to see that the two had gone off and were possibly partaking in the game. He had taken note of Shiranui's happy reaction to the suggestion of the game. Though he wondered if the sandygast was taking part. They had looked rather....uncertain when he suggested it. And it looked like Shiranui convinced em to try. But when you try something for the first time, one might not...go with it all the way. HE could only hope that Shiranui was convincing enough for the new companion. Though he also had to hope that the two were getting along as well.

With that, he stared onward. Taking great care in where he stepped. While tracks could be made in the ground, they were rather light and could easily be erased. So he wasn't going to look for those. He would just have to rely on his eyes as he looked around the area. Now where would they hide? Many options out here after all.

"What are you doing out here?" a female voice questioned, one that he would recognize from his first day here.

Pausing, he looked at the young girl who had been scared of Shiranui. Her hair was still braided and in a ponytail, the only thing different bout her was she had no broom and she had a sentrat on her shoulder. So she had pokemon as well, that shouldn't be surprising.

"Playing a game with my companions." Skids told her.

"You still have that demon? And what do you mean companions? Did you get another pokemon?" she questioned, she looked worried for some reason.

"Yes, I still have Shiranui." the man resisted folding his arms. "And I did get a new pokemon, just last night."

"And you left it alone with a demon?!!"

"I don't see what's so bad about Shiranui. I'm not seeing anything demon about him."

Skids was being calm but he was growing displeased, his tone was slightly bitter sound. Though he was doing his best to restrain himself from being rude. The girl was surprised that he was still persistent and claiming the demon wasn't that bad. The sentrat took note of how surprised their trainer was, making a few sounds as she moved to the other shoulder. Staring at the man from a distance.

"We need to find that other pokemon before the demon does something to it." The girl instructed as she stared forward.

Though Skids was quick to cut her off, arms folded as he stood there. His grey brows lowered as he stared at her, his expression showing that he was displeased.

"Shiranui. His name is Shiranui, and for the record I don't know who made up this rule about what is considered a demon. But I know one thing! Shiranui isn't some monster." Skids told her, holding up a hand and pointing a finger at her. "If someone told you that your little friend there was a pest or something horrible, would you stand for it? You have no right to call something you don't know, something monstrous or cruel!"

Startled by his confrontation, the girl took a few steps back. Her sentrat making a sound at him, displeased that they would scare the nice lady that defended them. Seeing this, Skids sighed. Regretting his actions as he quickly turned away from her and started walking. He had a game to finish, but now...he wanted to just enjoy the fun he had planned. How could he with these thoughts racing through his mind? A sigh left him as he paused, putting a hand to his face as he did so. This wasn't fun now, his mood had been ruined.

But....he couldn't just let the two sit out here, thinking that a game was going on. It would be so disheartening for them. Continuing onward, he searched the surronding areas. Looking under brambles and bushes, in holes and stumps. For a while, he wasn't finding them. Had they gone really far away? Worry started to hit him as he paused near the log that the two pokemon were hiding in. Calling out Shiranui's name would be breaking the rules, so the man stayed quiet. Using his eyes as he walked over to where Sandygast was originally hiding and he bent down, brushing the leaves of the bush up gently.

Shiranui was at first pleased to see the human, curious on if they would keep walking. But then, they got a sensation. They weren't happy. He had felt this when he found the man and during the speed dating event, it had happened. It seems it was too soon for a game to play. Shiranui glanced at Sandygast; whom had fully stopped crying by this point. She looked at him and the two seemed to agree with a nod of their heads. The two pokemon abandoned their hiding spot and came over to Skids, a bark leaving the demon pup. Skids jerked slightly though he turned round, surprised to see both of the pokemon there. He gave a smile to em, happy to see the two pokemon again but even more happy to see that they were alongside each other.

They weren't fighting, no signs of them fighting as well. The man's smile grew as he found it hard to hide his emotions. Though he still stayed put.

"Hey guys!" Skids greeted, sounding happy but the two pokemon noticed his eyes were a bit watery. "I'm sorry, guess this old man isn't that good at finding in this game huh? But you two looked like you at least had a good time. Right?"

Shiranui gave a nod though he put his paws on Skids' knee and attempted to pull himself up onto their leg. To prevent em from falling, he was quick to gently grab hold of em and take a seat on the ground. Setting the pup in his lap. Now able to get to him, the sandygast did her best to get in his lap as well. Though this caused several grains of sand to just litter his shoes and pant leg. She managed after a few minutes and she looked up at him.

"What's gotten into you two?" Skids asked, a bit baffled that the two weren't wanting to just go onto the next round of the game.

A whimper left Shiranui as he looked to the man's injured hand, Skids wasn't prepared for that. How could anyone think ill of this fella? For some reason, he felt like he had been in this situation before. In his old life, he had a nephew who had been treated poorly by the man who was meant to be their father. And Skids had supported them. Encouraged them. The only one who did. While he saw his nephew as skilled and talented, their own father didn't. In a way, Shiranui was Henry. But for a different reason and poor Skids couldn't recall all this. He just knew that Shiranui was similar to someone he once knew.

Tears weren't able to be held back now the man leaned forward slightly. A hand going to his forehead as he held his bangs back. Shaking slightly as the man finally let everything out.

"I don't deserve this....I don't deserve to have you two.....why would some divine being save me?" Skids questioned, tears landing on his two companions. "Why can't I just...remember something that could help me take care of you two better? To at least make sure, I can be so much better to help the two of you be safe and whoever I'm suppose to find?"

Both pokemon were startled by the suddenness of the tears and the bombardment of questions. Much of it was lost upon the sandygast but she could tell he was upset and trying to figure out what to do. He wasn't angry upset, but like what she had been earlier when they were trying to hide. Shiranui made a sound though he sneezed as a salty tear landed on his nose. The sandygast moved out of his lap but stayed by his knee, stubby arms resting on the knee to merely avoid the tears. Still remaining close by to see what would happen.

"I'm old...i shouldn't have been saved for any reason....I don't understand anything here." Skids grumbled, angry at himself.

Unknown to him, the girl had eventually followed him. And from her hiding spot, she was staring at the man. Taking notice of how the pokemon in his company were around him. The demon wasn't attack him. Though Shiranui's ears twitched as she took a step forward and the dog was quick to spot her and start barking at her. Leaving Skids' lap to stand up to the woman he knew held the same views as the others in that town. Skids looked up to see the girl, his expression didn't show any relief and he sighed.

"Shiranui, stop." Skids requested as he reached for Shiranui.

This time, the dog didn't bite him and was soon returned to his lap. Sandygast peaked around, looking at the other human with unease. The girl noticed the odd pokemon, it didn't look like a demon. But....what was it?

"I...I think I owe an apology....it's just...my father always warned me of demons, so did the whole city." She said nervously and not too pleased with having to say this. "But...even I can notice when a pokemon is at least....caring towards it's trainer. The de.....I mean.. Shiranui could've...harmed you many times.."

"And they haven't." Skids replied quickly, keeping his injuried hand out of sight.

 Posted: Mar 29 2018, 03:00 PM


"With that said...you can't expect me or anyone else to change our views. You'll have such a easier time here if you just...kept that thi....Shiranui in their pokeball." The girl added, trying to put her own reasoning in.

Skids sighed as he looked down to Sandygast, she sat there. Not sure on what to do and she gave a small shrug like gesture to him. Humans, they were strange things and again, many of the words were sailing over her head like it was nothing but sounds of gibberish. The man held a hand out to her and the Sandygast watched it. She recalled this gesture. Though she did also recall not accepting it due to not knowing what it meant. Out of mere curiosity though, she reached upwards toward it with both her stubby arms and placed them there. Curious on what the human was gonna do now that she had completed the gesture.

A smile finally started to come back to his face before he gave a small shake with both her stubby arms. Though taking care not to disturb her too much so she wouldn't be scared. The gesture was...odd. Confused by it, she paused as she tried to replicate the motion. Finding it amusing after making his hand go up an down a few times; with Skids moving his hand when he felt her tug or push on it. It was a amusing gesture and Skids couldn't help but be entertained by it. Entertained enough to ignore the girl and her sentrat at least...for the moment he was.

"You're a really weird guy." The girl commented as she held her sentrat while petting it's back.

"Guess it's just a consequence of being old." Skids commented back to her.

Though it was meant to be more lighthearted and funny. He even gave a small smile toward her. Though the girl didn't seem to have much of a funny bone or humor. She just stared at him as she absentmindedly stroked her sentrat's fur. A sigh left the man as he moved Shiranui and sent them down on the ground. Slowly retrieving his hand from the sandygast; who took a few moments to let go as she was having fun. Though she understood when she finally took note of him moving.

"Seems a lot of you people don't really see any humor or fun." SKids commented, recalling how one of his dates went.

"Well we have things to do. Fun and humor honestly is more for children than adults..." the girl commented.

"Now that's wrong. Fun and humor is for all ages my dear, even people with responsibilities can have some form of fun. Make their work enjoyable or help them unwind from work."

"Work isn't enjoyable, it's survival."

Skids gave a sigh, shaking his head slightly. Boy this girl was dense. Either dense or she was very committed to her way of life. Though the man was pretty sure it was either the latter OR it was a mixture of both. However, a smile came to his face as he had a idea.

"Join us then." Skids told her, the girl raised a brow in confusion.

"What?" The girl questioned, clearly not sure if she heard him or not.

"Join us for a game of hide and seek, there is fun that can be had even as a adult."

She stared at him before glancing to her sentrat. The pokemon was equally surprised by the offer, though the normal type pokemon gave a glance down to the two pokemon that were with Skids. She took note that they were both young pokemon. The demon was a pup and that mound of sand was around the same age as him; sort to speak. So...there was a chance that maybe, these two pokemon could be something decent. Maybe they could change the demon? The sentrat jumped down from her owner's shoulder and landed on the ground.

Pointing their rounded tail at the two pokemon, she looked up to her human and made a sound. She should see what she was trying to do right? The girl though wasn't on board with her pokemon. She was only trying to be nice to the man. There was no desire to change anything. He was a immigrant, immigrants needed all the helpful advice they could get. She was quick to pick her sentrat up and hold them close to her.

"No. I need to get back to work." She replied simply.

"You can't just work and serious all the time. You'll just wear yourself out faster." Skids told her.

"Maybe you can't but I can, and everyone else who understands how things work here can. Goodbye Sir."

With that, the girl walked off and Skids sighed.

"Well...you can't please everyone." Skids commented when she was fully gone, though he looked to his pokemon. "Would you guys like to redo that game?"

Shiranui's ears perked, go back to the game? And be hiding again? Yes! He gave a happy bark before looking to the Sandygast. The living sand looked a little unsure but she gave a sound of agreement.

"Alright." Skids said. "However, let's get something out of the way. You need a name my dear."

Skids bent down, looking at the sandygast. A pondering expression on his face as he looked her over. Sandy would be a obvious nickname for her. Though..what would work? Shovel? No no..that was a bit crud. There had to be something that would fit. Eventually a idea came to his mind and he smiled.

"How about Powder Sugar? I think you're sweet and while you're not body isn't white, your eyes are. What do you think? Do you like the sound of Powder Sugar?"

Shiranui tilted his head, a bit baffled by the choice of wording that they were doing. What were they saying? They were calling the sandygast something. Oh! Was it a name like they had given him? Interesting! The sandygast fiddled with her stubby arms, running the sound through her head. It didn't sound bad, so she gave a nod of her head. Skids chuckled.

"Alright, Powder Sugar it is." Skids agreed. "Now, Powder Sugar and Shiranui. You two go hide and I'll recount to ten. Ready? GO!"

And with that, a new game would start and Skids hoped he wouldn't get a interruption again. Be it by his own thoughts or by other people.

 Posted: Apr 7 2018, 01:24 PM


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Awww this was a cute read! And Shiranui getting so pumped about hide and seek was PRECIOUS! Though the sandygast is confused, it's good to see both Skids and Shiranui trying to be patient and get more friendly with the ghost. Also, it was great to see the girl once again! She's so superstitious, but go her for being able to see past it ~~


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