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 Out of Dodge II, [Adventure][Travel]
 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 04:43 PM


Out of
(Season is summer. Because Cynth is still months in the past. >_>)

The change from moist rainforest to open, windy plains was quite sudden. The trees seemed to thin out ever so slightly, and then suddenly, there were the plains. She felt an extremely odd mix of relief and apprehension, stepping out into somewhere so... open. In Ashfield, the buildings were all close together due to the limited space; the rainforest itself had trees growing close together and a lot of brush and vine to fill up the space in between.

The hesitation and mild anxiety she felt melted away, however, as she saw Trick's reaction to the plains. He suddenly jumped from a careful walk to a full-out gallop, the yellowish grass swishing and whooshing as he careened through it. He leaped like a Deerling might, front legs tucked as he took to the air, soaring over the grasses for a single long moment before his hooves struck dirt once more. He made a sound that Cynth had never heard him make before: a long call, a higher pitched whiny. For the first time since she had met him, Trick appeared to be... happy. And not the smug or sarcastic happiness that she had seen him express once in a while, but actual, pure, enjoyment. Perhaps even bordering on giddiness.

She would have worried that he was running away from her, leaving her behind, except that she knew nothing had been stopping him before from coming here. He had clearly known the way, as he had been in the lead for most of the journey thus far, without taking direction from her. So, why would he leave her now?

Okay, she was maybe a tiny bit anxious about the idea, but she pushed it aside. It was wonderful to see him so enthused.

It was probably about time that she let Indie and Imp out. She hadn't really explained what she had been about to do, back in Ashfield, when they were rushing out of the house that had essentially been their home; the only thing she had told them was that they were leaving. No elaboration. They deserved an explanation, of course, but she had been too emotional to properly give one. She regretted that, now; they were supposed to be a family, or at least on the same team. Now that she had some distance between herself and the event that had caused her exodus- both physical distance and temporal distance- she didn't want to put it off any longer.

Sitting right in the middle of the faint path that trailed out of jungle, Cynth settled into the dirt, noting how when she sat, the grasses reached a height just above her head. She took a deep breath in, and held it for a moment, listening to the gentle stirrings of the grasses as they brushed against each other. Exhaling, she pulled out two pokeballs, and released both canines simultaneously.

Indie, for her part, emerged with a confused expression already formed on her face. The smells that assaulted her were unfamiliar. The air itself felt drier against her skin, and it made her nose itch. Imp was very uncharacteristically still for a single heartbeat, and then he yipped and attempted to dive into the grass.

Cynth gave a wordless shout and returned him to his ball just before he disappeared into the thick grass- she might have some misgivings about Trick's intentions, but Imp she knew would run off and not come back. Not out of malice or dislike, but simply out of obliviousness. She shared a look with Indie- the calmer Rockruff was almost constantly irritated with her companion's antics, much more so than the more tolerant Cynth- and then released Imp again.

She held up a finger. "Stay, or you will go back in the ball."

Imp recognized the command, but didn't let it dampen his spirits. Since he couldn't run around, he opted to jump up and down in place. Indie's ears lowered and her eyes narrowed, but she kept her opinions to herself and instead sniffed around the area a little bit. She could smell that the horse had been here recently. The air was significantly drier, as she had sensed at first. The air of this place smelled less... heavy, maybe, than what she was used to. The world being so wide and open meant that the air could move about more easily, moving scents about with more freedom than in the closed and close forest, where the air tended to be quite stagnant and still.

"Indie, Imp, we are... moving. Moving homes. Migrating." She couldn't quite settle on how to describe the concept. "Our new home is that way."

She was only halfway through the motion of pointing in the general direction of Crater when she realized it had been a mistake. Imp seemed to take it as permission to take off, and so take off he did, in the direction that his human had pointed, following the trail. Indie barked at Imp's retreating form; Cynth stood up, grabbed her things, and began once again to follow along the trail. She had no hope of keeping up with him, but... perhaps if she were lucky, he would continue following the trail until he tired out, or grew bored and returned to her. At least she could still see him.

"Indie, keep an eye on Imp."

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 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 07:53 AM



The plains were certainly open and inviting to the team. As the sun was descending in the sky, indicating she still had quite a few hours of light before it would be dark, she'd be able to see that the weather was ideal for them to continue on. A light wind pushed through, blowing the grasses and making the air cooler than the forest, which tended to hold in the heat and block out any wind that could come through. It was likely a much stronger wind than any she'd felt in Terrene, but not so much as to hinder her walking forward.

And, luckily for the woman and her team, they'd make it on through until sundown without any major occurences. The grasses got taller as they pushed in, the pups likely very hard to see (assuming she caught up with them in a timely manner). They would be tougher to navigate for the crippled woman, but without and pokemon or people to make things tougher, she'd have plenty of time to figure out moving through the new landscape, and peacefully pushing on towards their new home in the distance.

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