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 A Snowflake in the Desert, Development
 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 03:00 PM


OOC: Official Name Giving and Loyalty

The glaring sun bore down onto the small camp site, yet Dusk barely felt the heat as the cold air that surrounded his newly found partner was entrap within his tent. The small ice type was resting off to the side as far away from Dusk as she can. During the first few days he had know her, he had mange to pick up a few of her traits that define her personality and habits. He already know that their relationship will be rocky, not only because how they meet, but because the young Snorunt was already independent on her own. He figure she doesn't really need any guidance but someone who will be willing to watch her back. He is hoping that she will soon see him as someone like that but until then he need to wait for her to trust him.

The first thing he need to do is learn about her and about her species, something that was easy as there were a few of them already partner up with the family. He also know that he needed to go and make sure she stay a certain temperature, as an Ice type the desert sun and heat would dehydrate her too much. Which was another bump in the road to them learning to trust in each other, she was used to sleeping most of the day and only become awake during the night when it was much cooler. So fix this, he started to change his sleeping habit slightly, staying up from noon to the twilight hours past midnight. He was unsure if it was working, but as he had more time to interact with her, he will keep it up in hope that it will one day will.

Speaking of waking up, it was around the time that she usually started to get up. Seeing a chance to gain a little bit of her trust, he sneak out of the tent to one of the buckets that was attach to their wagon. While he knows that as a species she would most likely survive on ice and snow, something proven when he saw her use powder snow to make something to eat, a berry or two will fill her up slightly. When he return to his tent, she had already woken up from her slumber and was just sitting in her corner. With a small smile in her direction, Dusk show her the berries he got for before placing them next to her. He learn the hard way that she won't take anything he give her, so rather he just set it aside and wait till she reach for it.

With her somewhat feed, Dusk sit back and just graze at her, trying to think of ways on how to build some trust with each other. They can't talk to each other as there was an language barrier between them, he was unsure of any games that they could play, and the only other way to build trust is doing something dangerous but they need to trust each other first. While there was one more thing he could tried, but he was unsure if it would work. Some of the more experience trainer said that naming your pokemon can help in the beginning. Something about it get the pokemon to understand that you talking to it? He wasn't exactly sure of it but if it could help then he was willing to try it out.

She was a young thing, a child, but unlike others of her kind she was alone. Her personality was cold so far, but during the night we meet she was somewhat friendly to the cacnea. She kinda remind him of her type, a child of an icy heart. He remember that their was an word that some mean that, he believed it was Yukiko? It was a good of name as any, but would she accept it? There was only one way for him to known, "Hey, i been thinking, you deserver a name. How bout the name Yukiko?"


The human was with her again, she was unsure how she should react around him. She was the one that came to him, to see if he was good enough to become her human. But so far they have done nothing but hang around this nest that the human had made. She had talked to those ghost that hang around the older one to see what they had to say. They say he was nice and would be able to help her if she ever wanted it. She was unsure how much of it was true or false, but with how the human was acting, him bring berries for her to eat, she was siding to the truth. That doesn't mean anything yet, he will need to prove himself during the desert nights,

"Hey, i been thinking, you deserver a name. How bout the name Yukiko?"

He was talking to her again, his words going over her head as he does so. She need to really learn how to understand him, she is learning to pick up a few words, like how the older human call her's Dusk. Which is the name of the human if the ghost were to believed. Anyway she just watch him talk on, noticing that he was saying a certain word over and over again. Was that what he was calling her? A hint of something well up within her, unsure if she should be happy or now that this human had name her something. One, for the first time in her life she was given a name, yet she doesn't need a name. She doesn't need anything since she was kick out form her troop, but maybe she will just let him keep saying it.

 Posted: May 1 2018, 05:31 PM


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Such a cute introduction to the relationship between these two~ I love how Dusk understands her independent personality and respects her space. I think they'll be good partners before long! I kept the loyalty gain low, though, because it seems like she'll take a bit of time to win over, and this was only one very small event. Still, I think they're on a good path to friendship and trust. Cute little Snorunt ~

A slight deduction of tokens for the shortness of the topic, but that evened out with the 10 token bonus for having a post over 1k words, so you still end up with 50 tokens overall!

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