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 All Together Now, [Adventure] - [Unmodded]
 Posted: Apr 27 2018, 12:18 PM


Victor Emerson

With his pokemon becoming more experienced, Victor needed to make sure the younger pokemon had some chances to grow. The older ones, despite the things they endured had come a long way and Victor was worried that any more travels passed the forest would be dangerous if all his pokemon weren’t trained well enough. He was worried that the past could adventures had taken a heavy toll on Ghost and Spirit. They were becoming stronger but their behaviors were surely changing. Spirit, probably for the better. Ghost however, wasn’t as playful as she used to be.

The fox was innocent when they started. She’s been as loyal as ever and probably more protective, but she definitely had become a bit more stoic. She was beginning to remind him of himself and he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. Victor still thought it best for her to remain at his side through this current hike into the forest. Just because he wanted to train some of his younger pokemon didn’t mean that the dangers would suit their experience.

All his pokemon were with him on this journey, except Spirit. The bug remained in his ball to avoid the ledyba flying out ahead and attacking anything. Ghost and Bre’r were on opposite sides of him. The rabbit hopping along with his steps and the fox listening out for anything they may be coming toward them. On the trainer’s shoulders were Wisp and Pixie.

The two plant types were enjoying another day of the warm sun beaming down on them. Spring was the perfect season for these two and they wanted to soak up as much of it as they could. Wisp in particular was keeping the usual eye out for whatever was sneaking up behind Victor as well as watching nereid resting in his pack. The rock baby was just happily staring at the road behind them which was ironically in front of her.

Pixie was mostly worried she wasn’t in the safety of a pokeball. Unlike the others, she preferred to be hidden. Though, as long as all the other pokemon were around to protect her, she guess she didn’t have to worry so much. It was probably a good idea for Victor to get her into a ball soon though because her scent could attract danger. Spectre was the only strange one walking ahead. He was always excited to be in the forest and loved adventure. Even if he wanted to latch on to Victor’s the trainer had enough pokemon using him as a mount.

 Posted: Apr 27 2018, 12:31 PM


[Here are your spawns for this unmodded adventure. You are in control of them, but keep it realistic and reasonable! Remember to post in the mod request whenever you attempt a capture or befriending, and remember that you can only attempt to capture/befriend each Pokemon twice. Have fun!]

a wild Foongus has appeared!
level 7 ◒ male ◒ effect spore ◒ ROLLOUT, DEFENSE CURL, ENDURE, Absorb, Growth

a wild Cottonee has appeared!
level 6 ◒ female ◒ infiltrator ◒ Absorb, Fairy Wind, Growth

a wild Rattata (Alola) has appeared!
level 10 ◒ male ◒ thick fat ◒ Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite
 Posted: Yesterday at 08:59 am


Victor Emerson

Victor didn’t really like Spectre walking ahead. He was worried that the lizard would end up getting into some clumsy situation. Though facing whatever those problems were could be some good training for the group. The lizard happily rushed towards plants, biting the flowers off stems and taking nips at large leaves. It was really stupid, since he couldn’t know of any dangerous effects the plants could have. What if they made him nauseous or had paralyzing venom?

“Hey cut that out!” Victor called to the lizard. The salandit looked back at him, unsure of what the human had said but if he was giving him attention he’d happily come over to him. The lizard just saw one more thing he had to eat. It was more about the fun of biting things in half than it was about eating. Victor could never understand the things the lizard found entertaining.

There was a red and black mushroom poking from out of the grass. Salandit had never had mushroom before but it looked like it could be delicious. Spectre opened his mouth to take a bite but before he could snap his jaws shut the fungai spewed out a puff. The lizard inhaled the pollen, coughing as he took a few steps back. Victor and his pokemon rushed over immediately to make sure the salandit was alright.

The lizard only licked his lips, seeming to have enjoyed the taste of the pollen. “That was tasty! I want more!” he cheered.

Victor wanted to return him to his ball but noticed that the fungai Spectre tried to eat was actually a pokemon. The mushroom popped out of the grass looking furious. How dare this reptile try to bite into it. It hoped the lizard choked on his spores. Fortunately for Spectre he was partially a poison type, so the spores had no effect on him. It didn’t mean that it was okay for him to go around snapping at any random plant.

This could be a good chance to get some training in for Spectre. Even if the mushroom was mostly at a disadvantage. “Spectre, use ember!” the trainer commanded. The lizard was becoming familiar with the command, but couldn’t understand why the human would want him to attack the fungai. Perhaps the fire would roast the pokemon and make it taste even better. He guessed it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Spectre opened his mouth and shot off sparks of embers at the fungai. The foongus shook its body in a panic trying to brush off the flames. It didn’t seem like it was going to stop so he rolled in body onto the ground to put out the fire. Continuing the rolling, the fungai charged toward the lizard in an effect to knock him out.

Victor’s other pokemon watched with a bit concern. As usual, Ghost wanted to jump in and help but she knew why they were out here. Her human wanted to train and it wouldn’t be fair for her to do all the work. The others didn’t really seem interested in joining in. Especially Pixie, she wasn’t much of a fighter and preferred to keep it that way. Nereid didn’t really have much of a choice. To be honest, from her backpack, she couldn’t even see what was happening. She only recognized the sounds of conflict.

As the rollout came toward Spectre, he wasn’t exactly sure what to do here. The foongus hit him directly, knocking him backward. The attack didn’t hurt so much but if he kept taking hits like this, he’d surely go down. Victor figured it was best to just continue with the fire attacks. They seemed to be the most effective. “Spectre, give it another ember!” he called.

The lizard spat out sparks from his mouth at the foongus, hoping to roast it as quickly as possible. Due to the mushroom being in a rollout, the flames quickly dispersed. It didn’t appear that this move was going to do much anymore. The foongus rolled back around aiming for the lizard.

“Alright, we’re going to have to try something else,” Victor spoke out loud, to no one in particular. Spectre didn’t really have a large movepool that would help him in this situation. Poison moves wouldn’t affect the fungi and fire attacks were ineffective at the moment. The salandit couldn’t exactly fake out the mushroom when it was already aware of his actions. Perhaps it was best to have another pokemon assist.

Pulling out a pokeball from his pocket, Victor summoned one of his newer pokemon. He was young but he could surely help in this fight. The armored rodent materialized from his ball taking a look around at his surroundings. He was pretty happy to see Victor looking down at him. Noticing all the other pokemon out of their balls made him feel like they were going to play a game but the toddler noticed that there seemed to be a fight going on.

The chespin watched as the black lizard took a hit from what seemed to be a red and white ball, rolling back and forth. Why was this ball hurting his teammate? Whatever reason, he wanted to help out. The chespin was bold for his age. He mostly felt invincible but that was likely due to his inexperience. He’d never been in a battle before but he had opportunities to watch the others train and fight and he wanted to be just like them.

Whipping out his vines, the toddler reached out toward the foongus’ rollout path. As the mushroom rolled over the vines, chespin pulled the vines up, tossing the foongus up. The mushroom panicked as it disconnected with the earth. The rollout ended as it shook nervously in the air.

“Now Spectre! Ember it while it’s vulnerable!” Victor commanded. The salandit inhaled once more, and spat out embers. The mushroom burnt up as it came crashing to the ground. “Good work!” the trainer burst out. The other pokemon with him seemed relieved that the fight was over and were glad they could move on. Victor reached down to pick up the young chespin. “You helped too,” he said petting the little grass type.

Spectre immediately rushed over to devour the foongus. It made for a great meal and tasted especially better that it was nice and cooked. Bre’r watched the lizard eat the mushroom with a disgusted look on his face. The salandit was always so messy with his food, the rabbit couldn’t stand it. Pixie could really care less, as long as it wasn’t her being eaten.

Victor crouched down next to the lizard to get his attention. “Alright buddy, you did good. Let’s get moving,” said the trainer. Spectre looked up enthusiastically. Whatever the human said to him, it must have been nice because his tone was kind. The trainer and his pokemon pressed forward to see what else they could encounter.

 Posted: Today at 08:05 am


Victor Emerson

As Victor and his team moved through the forest, nothing really seemed to pop out at them. The trainer didn’t really see it being a good idea to just attack any random pokemon. It had to be something that was asking for trouble. It would make him feel less guilty about letting his pokemon fight it.

Fortunately for the group Victor didn’t have to search for very much longer. As long as he’d venture through this forest, trouble would always arise. Hearing the cries for help, Bre’r and Ghost’s ears perked up. The vulpix was tempted to charge out and see who it was that needed assistance but she had to let her trainer know something was happening first. She looked up at him, barking for his attention.

Victor faced the fox wondering what she was going on about. “Everything alright, girl?” he asked as he gave a quick gaze around the place. She took a few steps off the path, that lead into foliage. The trainer didn’t like that she was running off but if she was trying to tell him something then he had to go with her. “Alright, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to have you all out and about,” Victor said to his pokemon. Those who could be returned to a ball, were sucked back in and placed in his pouch.

For whatever reason he kept Bre’r out his ball. In his experience, there was a chance of having to face a ghost and the rabbit was pretty good at taking them down. Pixie still remained on his shoulder and he had Nereid poking her face out from the backpack. He seriously needed to get them some pokeballs. Especially since they didn’t do any fighting.

Taking after Ghost’s lead, Victor and Bre’r pushed through the vines. They eventually came across Ghost standing opposite a black rodent that appeared to be ready to strike. It bared its fangs as it hissed at the fox. The vulpix spread out her tails as she stood in a battle ready pose. This rattata surely wasn’t the one crying for help. Off to the side was an injured puff of white. Leaves poked from the ball of cotton as he lied there in pain.

It had appeared that the demon was torturing or hunting this cottonee and now Ghost was trying to save it. Victor didn’t think this was a good idea since he preferred not to get in the way of wild pokemon getting a meal. It was only natural and he couldn’t save them all. Despite her more stoic personality forming, Ghost still had a heart of gold and wanted to protect all that she could. Victor couldn’t help would empathize, especially after all they’d been through. If she wanted to save this pokemon then he would allow it.

“Alright girl, we’ll do what we can,” the trainer called out to the fox. She turned her head and nodded to him. Thinking about it further, Ghost could eliminate this demon easily. As convenient as that would be it wouldn’t be what he came out here to do. “Ghost, come back, let Bre’r handle this,” he commanded.

What? The buneary? But this was her fight and she could easily destroy the rattata. Why was he making he return? As much as she didn’t want to the fox came back to the trainer. She hated to disobey a command and she trusted Victor to make the right calls. The fox stood at Victor’s side and wondered what the plan was.

The buneary looked up his trainer with confusion. “Me?” he squeaked. He wasn’t sure what the trained said but he heard his name. Did this mean he was to go over and fight the demon? Sure he could handle it but was it worth getting his fur dirty. He just cleaned it today and he really wasn’t planning on battling. He only came on this adventure to stretch his legs.

“Go on, Bre’r!” Victor gently nudged the rabbit. Fine! He’d show this demon what’s what! But after this he better get a super sweet treat and a good massage for his ears. The brown rodent hopped ahead as the black rat watched him. It continued hissing as it did to the fox. Ghost observed, ready to jump in at any moment. The rattata wasn’t just going to let the buneary get the first move in. Immediately the demon charged in with a quick attack, knocking back the rabbit. Bre’r managed to stay on his feet despite the pushback. The buneary hopped forward, pressing off the ground with his foot as hard as he could toward the demon rat, with his ear cocked back. Like a fist, the ear punched rattata in the face causing the demon to crash into a tree behind him.

Feeling the strength of a fighting move, the rodent wasn’t sure if he could win this scuffle. His typing was very vulnerable to these kinds of attacks and if he took any more of it, he’d be done for. Hissing once more at the buneary, the rattata focused his energy and charged in. If he could just take a bite out of the rabbit with his large fangs, he could cause a great deal of damage.

Bre’r attempted to move out of the way, but the rat was rather fast. Way quicker than he was anyway. The demon managed to sink his fangs into the rabbit’s ear as the bunny tried to hop backward. Pulling away cause the bite to hurt worse as the rattata was holding his ground. Bre’r couldn’t help but let out a loud screech as he felt like his ear was being torn apart.

“Bre’r!” Victor called out. Despite this being about training his pokemon, he wasn’t about to let one of them be seriously injured. This rattata was about to tear Bre’r ear off and he was rushing over to the fight to try and stop it. Ghost rushing on ahead to help out prepared to fire off a moon blast as the energy formed around her mouth.

Not moving fast enough, the buneary cocked back his other ear jabbing the rattata in the head. The rodent wanted to keep his jaw locked but the blunt force from the power up punch was too much. This hit felt stronger than the last and he felt like he was going to pass out. The demon let go stumbling backward. Seeing that the rabbit was able to get free, Ghost canceled her attack but together, she and Victor still rushed over to the buneary’s side.

Victor pulled off his back pack immediately and set it down by his side. This caused the bounsweet in his arms to bounce off and sit by the pack. Ghost was standing guard, making nothing else came rushing toward them. The rattata didn’t want any more of this, seeing that there was a whole pack of pokemon that could all attack him at once. The rodent fled into the trees.

With the backpack now on the ground Nereid got herself out and began waddling over to the injured cottonee who was still lying on the ground. It seemed everyone else had forgotten about it while focused on the fight. Now they were dealing with Bre’r’s injury. Victor pulled out some bandages from his bag, not even noticing Nereid had crawled out. The trainer began wrapping the buneary’s ear.

“Don’t worry little guy, you’re going to be alright,” he said tending to the rabbit. Bre’r was in too much pain to say anything. He just vibrated as he tried to keep from crying. He couldn’t let the others see him so weak. Sure he wasn’t the toughest around but he hated feeling like a failure and didn’t want anyone’s sympathy on the matter. Still, it was nice to know his trainer cared enough about him to tend to his injury. He often played favorites and there was occasions where Bre’r was sure if he’d ever come out of his ball.

Victor wrapped up the ear and picked the rabbit and held him close. “Alright, let’s head back home. See if we can get someone in the city to check you out,” he said, smiling at the rabbit. Bre’r looked up at the trainer, holding back tears. He wasn’t sure what the man was saying but he felt safe and his trainer spoke kindly.

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