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 Hogwarts Mystery Game, Compare experiences!
 Posted: May 3 2018, 11:03 AM


So far we’ve figured out that Rowan changes gender and house to match yours. What other differences are there? Please put things in spoiler tags if they’re not from the first few minutes of gameplay!

Wand Choice:
I told Ollivander that my brother being expelled made me sad, and he gave me an Acacia wand with Unicorn hair. (At least I think it was Acacia...)

Meeting Merula:
If you pick Slytherin... Merula and Snape are still out to get you. Merula changes a few lines of dialogue, talking about how you’re going to “ruin Slytherin”, instead of her usual complaints that you’ll “ruin Hogwarts”. Also, when you first talk to her, she says, “I can’t BELIEVE the sorting hat put you in Slytherin!” Which I expect is different.
I found out that, if you picked Gryffindor, she says something like, "You DESERVED to be put in Gryffindor." (Or was it "Gryffindor DESERVES you"? Hm...)

Year 1, Chapter ...3? Not sure
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Just a quick tidbit. Felix (my prefect) isn't terribly pleased with my insistence on learning to duel. Not because of my insistence on learning to duel, though. No, no. He's only concerned that I'm planning to duel Merula, "one of our own". I think he wouldn't care at all if I was planning on dueling someone from another house, based on his words xD

Year 1, Chapter 5
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Stop Merula
After she tells Ben to go away, I choose "Distract Merula"
Character says: "It'll be okay, Merula."
She's all disgusted, "Dafuq you talkin bout?"
Character just casually: "I'm sure your parents will be set free someday. You don't have to be evil like them."
Merula gets mad "Who told you about my parents?" And I can't help but notice the Slytherin behind her laughing his stupid face off =X. I mean I know she's a bully but... come on, don't laugh at her...?
Character comes up with a sick burn: "A friend. You should try getting a friend of your own. You might not be so miserable."
I didn't want to "Strike first"... but I also know that most people would probably pick "Refuse to fight"... so I went for the middle ground and did "Challenge Merula"
Which caused my character to say "I'll duel you if I have to!"
Merula uses Flipendo. Duel commences.

Year 1, Chapter 6
Dealing with Snape's consequences
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Snape asks why I shouldn't receive the harshest punishment for my actions. Normally I'd go with "I helped my friends"... Feeling daring, I pick "I don't answer to you," and my character says, "I don't have to explain myself to anyone but Professor Dumbledore," with the stupidest, smuggest look on his face. Oh gosh what have I done. Snape is infuriated and takes FORTY whole points. Yikes.

Year 1, Chapter 7
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Charms Class
Kaien: "I learned Flitwick didn't want to teach me Flippendo, and I decided on the answer stating that I understood his decision. Which makes him allow me to learn it anyway! yay!"
Oh yeah! I remember this! I went with the answer that "I'm going to teach myself then. Surely you'd rather a professional teach me, right? Instead of me teaching myself and probably making a mess? Right?" (paraphrased). And Flitwick agrees.

Potions Class
Kaien: "Thanks to my high empathy, I help Merula by insisting she was two stirs short, and after being snarky Snape backs me up and gives Ravenclaw 10 points!"
I also went with telling Merula she was two stirs short. Snape comes over and gives Slytherin 10 points.

Year 1, Chapter 9?
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

So, I don't actually remember which Chapter this happens in... But basically, Rowan and I decide we need a third person to help us out with the plan to get into the locked corridor. She asks if I want to bring Penny or Ben. I love Ben. So I choose him. Rowan seems a little dubious, "Are you sure? He's... a coward." But I stand by my choice and say something about him being great at charms and deep down somewhere he is brave.

So we go to the corridor. Merula is waiting for us though. As soon as we get Mrs Norris to drink the potion and we unlock the door, she springs out and is like "ahaha! thanks for taking care of security, suckers! smell ya later!" and uses Flipendo on all three of us. Then she barges past us into the forbidden door.

We help each other up, and Rowan makes a remark about how much she hates Merula. At this point, I get a few options, and I pick "Help Merula". My character says something about how she's probably in danger, and Rowan reluctantly agrees and we enter the door to find Merula.

Rowan laughs at her being trapped in ice. Merula demands we help her free. Then the three of us get caught in ice... We figure out how to get out, using the charm. We free ourselves, but now the door is frozen shut. Rowan and I aren't strong enough to break the ice that has frozen the door shut. Ben is great at charms, so after some cajoling, "Come on, Ben! We need you!" he agrees to help out. He casts a magnificent Flipendo and the ice crashes free.

We remark on how great he is, but Merula, who is still frozen to the floor, screeches something like, "Nobody cares about that Mudblood; get ME free!"

I'm kind of pissed that she said that, so instead of being all buddy-buddy and reiterating that we should help Merula, I say that we should get out of here ASAP. Ben, in a shocking twist, says that Rowan and I should go on ahead. He'll stay behind for a moment and free Merula. I'm surprised and proud, and I wish I could've chosen to stay with them until we are ALL ready to leave... but sadly Rowan and I got kicked out of the forbidden corridor thing without the option to do the heroic, "No! We're not leaving Ben behind!"

Year 1, Chapter 9 sidequest: “You’re a Slytherin”
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Rowan says I should really spend more time in the common room because your house is your family at Hogwarts. She says there’s going to be a house meeting in the common room and I’ve got to come. So I do.
Felix (my prefect) is leading a meeting on how to win the house cup. Apparently, my Slytherin family of people who come to house meetings is just Rowan, Felix, Merula, and me. THAT'S ODD. I could've SWORN there were more than FOUR students in Slytherin. >:U... Anyways... He asks us to come up with cunning and ambitious plans. After a discussion, I think it was Merula who burst out that she had the best plan. I’m given the opportunity to agree with her or say “actually I have a better one”. I take the second option, and Felix says to share it with the group; he's sure it will be cunning and ambitious (Why was this phrase repeated? This feels a little heavy-handed). I’m given the option to share it then, do something else (can't remember what), or say I want to tell him in private because I don’t trust present company. I pick the telling him in private and my character not-so-subtly says something like “I’d rather tell you alone later so Merula doesn’t mess it up.” She mad lol xD.

Year 1, Chapter... 10? I’m not sure anymore: Dumbledore mad... not really... does this ancient man literally ever get mad?
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Dumbledore asks to meet me in the courtyard. Rowan wishes me luck and says she really hopes I don’t get expelled. Yeah, me too.
Anyways I go and meet him. He’s looking up at the sky and muses about how beautiful things are. It’s kind of weird. Anyways he says, “but I have a feeling you want to ask me something.” My options are “the cursed vaults”, “my brother”, and something else that I don’t remember already. I choose “my brother”. My character says she wants to know why he was expelled. Apparently, Nobody ever actually told her what he did exactly. Brother refused to say anything. Dumbledore is vague and says something about he’s not sure what happened to your brother and why he went insane. (Thanks. /s) Then he says I can hopefully find out the truth in the years to come. I act surprised that I’m not expelled. Dumbledore says “you have bravery, compassion, and intelligence” or something like that and says that I am very promising. Sure I got into a lot of trouble but I did a lot of good stuff too. Then he gives 100 points to Slytherin, which boosts us from 4th place to 1st place. I was not expecting this. Sadly, Merula does not say or do anything interesting. I was really hoping she'd be either snarky ("Well, thanks to ME, we won the house cup.") or pissed off ("I can't believe you managed to pull 100 points out of your arse.")

End of Year 1 Stats!
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Stats: 10, 11, 9
Rowan: lvl 3
Ben: lvl 3
Penny: lvl 1
House Cup Results.
Slytherin: 751
Gryffindor: 682
Ravenclaw: 681
Hufflepuff: 678

Year 2, Chapter 1
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Asking about Ben: So... Yeah. Ben is missing... I'm terrified for him. He's like my favorite person so far. Anyways, I pick to ask McGonagall instead of asking his prefect. So I go meet her in the Courtyard. I talk to her, and she tells me how the ice is known to have a strange effect on students. She asks me if I noticed anything in the room, so I tell her the truth about the coded message about the Ice Knight and Vanished Stairs. She tells me to keep searching for Ben, and she will have the staff do the same.

Transfiguration class: I did well in the class, and Professor McGonnagal says I did the best. She asks if I want a private lesson. Heck yes! I tell her yes. She says she'll send an owl when it's ready.

Searching for Ben: I go to the Artefact Room, where supposedly Ben hides a lot. Rowan meets me there, and asks me if I'm sure I want to be there. I say, "I have to find Ben." and Rowan "admires [my] bravery".

Year 2, Chapter 2
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

I get caught breaking into the Gryffindor common room by the prefect and Professor McGonagall. They demand I explain myself, and I choose the Empathy option and say that it was to help Ben. McGonagall says to run along and don't ever do it again. The prefect seems pretty miffed ("Aren't you going to even take away any house points?") but McGonagall stands firm in her position, saying that having the bravery to try and help Ben, even though it led to doing the wrong thing, was an admirable trait (or something like that).

Year 2, Chapter 3 Sidequest: Slytherin Schemes
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Gryffindor won the Quidditch match, so now we have to come up with a plan.

Felix: Gryffindor won't shut their mouths about beating us in the Quidditch match, so we're going to shut their mouths for them. We have allowed their braggadocious oafishness to persist for far too long.
Rowan: Braggadocious oafs...
Felix: We need a plan to put them in their place.
Rowan: A plan for revenge...
Felix: Are you alright Rowan? You're just repeating what I say in a slightly different way.
Me: She'll be fine. She just wants to be sure Slytherin stays the top house.
--60 energy later--
Felix: It's a cunning plan, but we need to decide who will take the lead. It needs to be someone who is powerful, and ambitious enough to never stop until we have our revenge against Gryffindor. Who should we choose?
Me: I'd be honored to lead us against Gryffindor, and shut their mouths once and for all.
Felix: You're as ambitious and cunning as they come, Rixie. I'm proud to have you in this house. Let's show Gryffindor that they'll never truly win against Slytherin...

 Posted: May 3 2018, 01:01 PM


Aahh yes I want to see everyone's stories as much as possible! Here's my starting info --

I chose a boy, which meant Rowan is also a presh boyo.

Wand Choice:

I told Ollivander that my brother being expelled/missing made me determined. Which gave me an 11 and three-quarter inch Blackthorn wand with a Unicorn core.

House & Merula:

To absolutely no ones suprise, I chose Ravenclaw ~ And of course, Rowan came with me.

We determined she is always a female, and always a Slytherin. Though I don't remember her comments when I first met her, though I'm pretty sure she mentioned that I was going to be a disgrace to ravenclaw or something similar, definitely mentioning my house (Maybe she said Ravenclaw was unlucky I got sorted to them? idk idk).

Current Standings:
Kaien Terrene

House cup - 1st place, Ravenclaw with 230 points. Compared to Gryffindor at 179, Hufflepuff at 200, and Sytherin at 206.

Courage - 15
Empathy - 15
Knowledge - 15


Year 1

Chapter 1 - Your Journey Begins

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Yay! I meet boyo Rowan, and get my wand. Nothing special ehehe. As mentioned above, I chose that my brother being expelled made me feel determined, and was given the Blackthorn wand. And immediately I started loving Rowan, because his response to following my lead with bullies was perfect. "Understood. I'll use my extensive vocabulary to verbally pummel anyone who attempts to besmirch your reputation." ROWAN I WANT NOTHING MORE FROM ANYONE ASDFHASDFJ

Chapter 2 - Welcome To Hogwarts

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Hogwarts! So I choose Ravenclaw, and Rowan comes with me of course. I head to charms class first, because I love charms, and learn lumos all happy and excited. Then I head to potions class and, here comes Merula the Grinch. I decide immediately that she's not worthy of my time, but unfortunately that's not an option. We go to potions and I do everything perfectly, just for her to sabotage my Cure for Boils poition somehow. I'm blunt with Snape about her doing so, but he still deducts points from my house D:< I also am reminded that I hate Snape. Cool.

Chapter 3 - Dealing With Trouble

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

My prefect is... weird. He's low-key judgemental, but also low-key supportive and proud that I'm so good I guess? I can't decide what i think of him. But then we meet this precious cinnamon roll in Gryffindor and I immediately adopt him as one of my own. I can't wait to see how he develops. I get trapped in devil's snare but manage to get out (Yay Hagrid!) and go excitedly go to flying class to learn how to call my broom up.

I'm endlessly entertained as Merula keeps hitting herself in the face with her broom. Less so that the same happens to poor Rowan, who deserves none of this mess my character brings him.

I play gobstones which is fun! And lay down the sick burn when Merula tries bullying me about her parents. She was so mad but she 100% deserved it. She challenges me to a duel, and I get the dread feeling that I'm going to be forced to lose more house points by being forced to duel. Oh lord.

Chapter 4 - Revenge Is Best Served Magical

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

My prefect is oddly supportive and acts as though dueling is the only option, with increases my annoyance and dread that I'm going to be forced to break school rules for someone as r00d as Merula. But i get the book, study with Rowan, and eventually make my way to Flitwick to learn a cool dueling spell. I also learn wiggenweld potion along the way to use in dueling! But I promise Flitwick that I will only use it in defense if I have no other option, and am taught Expelliarmus. Yay!

Next I go to the great hall and cheer up my presh Ben, who needs so much support to grow into the daring gryffindor I know he can be one day. My friendship levels are rising with him and Rowan! And Rowan teaches me Rictusempra, which is super fun to test on him ahaha.

Chapter 5 - The Duel

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

After promising Flitwick I wouldn't start any duels, and would only use it for defense, I dragged my feet repeating classes until I eventually made my way to the duel. I tried to reason, and refused to duel. Merula tried to trash me by bringing up my brother to the crowd, and I thrashed her back by mentioning her parents who are in Azkaban. She attacked Rowan, and I was miffed but keeping my conviction not to duel. Then she attacked me directly, and the game forced me to duel, even though I knew it was a terrible idea >.>

So, because I was grinding levels in my stats, I wiped the floor with Merula. Flitwick and Snape caught us, and I was proudly able to tell Flitwick that Merula attacked first and I was only defending myself. But jerkface Snape still got to punish me FLITWICK YOU'RE MY HEAD OF HOUSE WHY DID YOU LET HIM PUNISH ME and deducted 20 points from Ravenclaw and Slytherin does this double with being a Slytherin, I wonder?. Anyway, I'm still salty the game forced me to duel >.> I believe I learn nox somewhere in this chapter. And to mount my broom, I think?

Chapter 6 - A Curious Corridor

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

I meet my first Hufflepuff, Penny Haywood. I kind of like her, but she doesn't give off the popular vibe that she's apparently supposed to. Either way, I've made a good ally clearly, and at least something good came out of the duel. Merula and I spied on Snape and Filch, and got away. So of course Rowan and I investigate. At the sound, I chose to stay and look around a bit more, but to be smart and ready to run at a moments notice rather than leaving right away or waving off the noise. The door was locked, so we went back to our common room uncaught. I think I learned Wingardium LeviOsa in this chapter? i'm not sure.

Chapter 7 - Class Matters

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

OKAY I definitely didn't realize that learning the new spells in class was progressing the story, so this chapter flashed by without me really noticing. I learned Flitwick didn't want to teach me Flippendo, and I decided on the answer stating that I understood his decision. Which makes him allow me to learn it anyway! yay!

I head down to potions, putting off the story which I thought was to go help Ben with his flying (I'd already spoken to him in the hall, but was waiting before meeting him in the courtyard). I get down there and learn the herbicide potion flawlessly. Thanks to my high empathy, I help Merula by insisting she was two stirs short, and after being snarky Snape backs me up and gives Ravenclaw 10 points!! Thanks Snape - but you're still a dick and a terrible teacher!


Chapter 8 - Preparing For The Room

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Okay so first thing's first - I look through my log and am relieved to find that I can still go talk to Ben in the courtyard. It's not locked, and I don't want to miss out, so I head there now to avoid moving too far past it. I helped him levitate and now have to wait an hour before I can meet him in flying class! Oh I hope it helped. So it's off to classes to grind more levels while I wait and work!

So I went to flying class and Ben was super grateful and so much more confident about flying :D! Madam Hooch was like "wow Ben you aren't as scared" and he was like "Yeah Thanks to Kaien ~~~" and she was like "Good job. 10 points to Ravenclaw and 10 points to Gryffindor" :D:D Bomber!

So it continues! I talk with Rowan about the door and making up a plan after I learn Alohamora. I mention my plan, learning how to make a Sleeping Draught from Penny Haywood, and I choose to ask Ben Copper to help as our third person (It was a HARD CHOICE, but ultimately I decided Ben was best as Penny was already helping with the draught). I go to potions and learn the Sleeping Draught, and I'm honest with Penny about why I need to learn it. I figure it's best she knows what she's getting into, and she promises to keep my secret! And, I've now learned all the charms and potions for the first year! Just have to learn liftoff and landing for flying.

I go on a side-quest next, as my prefect wants to chat. Turns out, he wants me to duel Ben. One look at my attributes versus the recommended and I feel super bad for poor Ben xD I beat him easily, and then the prefect mentions he will be my next opponent!! Oh, that's super exciting! Now I head up to talk to Rowan once the timer is up so we can study for the duel. Yay study buddies! I feel more like a Ravenclaw than ever so far! When he asks how I'm feeling about the duel, I say I'm focused, earning myself a few intelligence points.

I get ready and head to the duel, and wow, it was super easy. All my grinding levels is consistently paying off lol. I destroy him and at the end, I ensure him that I won't tell anyone. My character evens says its about learning, not bragging rights, and I couldn't be happier. He mentions he will recommend me as prefect to Flitwick! Awesome!

With that taken care of, it's back to the main story - Which means convincing Ben to come with Rowan & I to check out the room. I go over and talk him and all goes well. I told him we wanted him because he was gifted in charms (Okay I should have gone for the you're my friend option, but whatever), then that if we get caught I would take full responsibility, and that we will protect each other. With that, it''s solidified and my friendship with him levels up! Yay!

Chapter 9 - Inside The Room

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

And now Rowan wants to chat! I head over and he confronts me about spending time in the Ravenclaw common room. Boyo, I like you, but I've been doing classes and studying D:< Don't call me out like this! I tell him I've been focused, gaining some intelligence. And my character tells me he's been exploring and searching for clues - cool, that's new to me, but whatever xD. Also, I wonder if this is a Ravenclaw specific line, because Rowan says "Kaien, we're Ravenclaws. It's never too early for us to start studying for exams." Which is super on point for our house xD Either way, I feel attacked but going to a House Meeting for Ravenclaw sounds like a great idea anyway. But first! Liftoff and Landing is unlocked in flying class, so I nyoooom over to the castle grounds for class.

I unlocked the lesson, but then in a distracted stunt of playing multiple games I headed up to the Ravenclaw common room for the meeting. Which really is just a strategy session for exams ahaha. Rowan, Chester, and I discuss strategies for studying to make sure we are all prepared for exams! It's gr8. Once that's over, I have a date with Flying Class.

I learned Liftoff anf Landing, grinded a bit more, and then went for it. I don't even go to the quest and Filch is stopping me in the hall like a jerkface. But I use my words to convince him that Peeves is planning to set off all the confiscated joke items in his office so that he's out of the way. I eventually move on and head to the corridor to start the plan! Rowan perfectly lures the cat (though since I made the potion and mixed it with milk, it seems odd, but whatever) so Ms Norris is sleeping. We head to the door and Ben is supposed to be keeping lookout, but I see Merula on the screen behind me and Ben is... staring at the door. *facepalm* Remind me not to bring Ben next time.

I use alohamora to open the door, and Merula flippendo's Ben. Then Rowan and I are just staring at him like idiots wondering what happened until she gets the both of us can I point out how unrealistic it is that Rowan and I wouldn't have turned around and seen Merula and heard her the first time she casted the charm? I mean, come on! So she heads in because she couldn't figure out the door herself. I choose the option that we need to Help Her, though not for the reasons my character did. He says it's because she might be in danger. I say it's because we didn't come this far to just let Merula be the only one to see what's going on - additionally, the extra set of hands in taking care of any traps or the like would be good to have, even if she's not exactly on our side.

Anyway, the ice takes over, I save Rowan, then Ben, then I choose to save Merula as well because at least one of the two of us shouldn't be a legit murderer. I encourage Ben to use Flippendo and he easily frees the door [WOW BOYO GOOD POWER] so we get out. Then, like idiots again, we sit there discussing right outside the door while Merula runs off, but eventually saunter back to our common rooms so we don't get caught. Word travels fast (Though, by who? Merula wouldn't have spread the word and given her own name up to get herself in trouble - she would have just said it was the three of us who went in?) So my prefect wants to see me. Despite the fact that I feel like telling the truth should be the better/locked of the two options, I decide to use my high empathy to lie and say I went in alone - Which Chester just up and believes. Oml. He lets me know that Dumbledore wants to see me, and now we wait on the timer.

Okay so finally I get around to going to Dumbledore. He's weird as always and I'm offended by him saying I made 'many, many mistakes' Like dude I did like 3 things wrong the whole year calm your heck. Anyway he gives me 100 house points I didn't need nor deserve, but I'm not complaining. Now I'm 174 house points ahead of Hufflepuff in second, and not at all worried about the House Cup anymore lolol. Considering 359 of the 908 House points are mine, I'm wondering what the heck my house mates have been doing all year. How dare they have ever complained about me losing points xD

Chapter 10 - Year's End

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Foood! Oh, and house cup rankings. Gryffindor brings shame at 697, Slytherin pulls in a 719, Hufflepuff gets runner-up with 734. Meanwhile Ravenclaw ends with 908. Ahahaha victory is sweet.

I ended year one level 13 in all three stats, level 3 with Rowan and Ben, and level 1 with Penny.

Year 1 is complete!

Year 2

Chapter 1 - Year Two Begins

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Woo Year 2! I'm forced to do the feat first, so I go chatting. Penny is adorbs and calls me the 'Hero of Hogwarts'! Girl you're presh and ilu ahaha. Anywaaaayyy I chat with Rowan! He asks about my summer, and I tell him I learned a lot :D Apparently I read a lot about my brother and his 'obsession'. Well. Dumbledore gives a speech and fooood appears! And suddenly, Penny is sitting across from me, at the Ravenclaw table, even though she's a hufflepuff. Awww, she likes me! We talk about Ben being missing at the moment. Oh no. I'm forced to use all my energy asking questions about Ben. Snape's like "If you find Copper you will bring him to me" and I'm like "Uh, no. You aren't my house lead nor Ben's. I'll take him to McGonagall or Flitwick first" Of course I can't actually reply in the game, but that's what I would have said. All tht energy and it's just "Oh we should ask McGonagall" dsfdfjdjsf I WOULD HAVE DONE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE WITHOUT WASTING ENERGY BUT NOOOOO.

With the timer going, I head to class because THERE ARE NEW SPELLS TO LEAAARRN ~~~ But evil Merula stops me in the hallway, saying I look worried. She's basically a jerkface and is all "haha you're probs gonna die" and I'm just stuck in an infinite eyeroll. With the new floor for Transfiguration, I find the new energy spot and go collect my other energy before heading to my first transfiguration class!! I learn Reparifarge, which is basically the ctrl+Z of transfiguration. Though, the cat infinitely turning half into a pot and back seems like torture low-key, but okay McGonagall. After the lesson, I cast it again, and McGonagall is like "Yo great technique Kaien. Would you be interested in private lessons?" AND heCK yeS I SLAM YES> She also gives me 10 house points for being best in class :3 Next up, I go and learn Engorgio from Flitwick.

So with the spells learned I head to the courtyard to ask McGonagall about Ben! And I don't even have to ask she's just like yo let's talk about Mr. Copper. She warns me about the Ice's effects and how it negatively affected Ben D: She asks if I saw anything, and I'm honest and tell her about the message. She lets loose that the Ice had been free last time, but refuses to elaborate. Ugh McGonagall you can't just drop something like that and not explain! Anyway, she tells me to go look for Ben and let her know if I find him. So, off on the hunt I go I suppose!

I meet Rowan there and my dude's like "Oh this is uncomfortable" and Rowan's like "Because of the odour?" and my dude is like "No I had my vision of the ice here" and Rowan's all "I know, Kaien. I was trying to avoid the subject with odour humour." Which is A++. He asks if I really want to be here, and I choose the knowledge option that I need to learn more. He admires my bravery apparently. I'm brave in my pursuit of knowledge yes xD We search and find a locked cabinet which I open with Alohomora and find a note with a code. Since apparently Ben writes notes in code to no one now. Rowan knows a book that'll help decipher it, so the timer starts before I can meet him in our common room to try deciphering it.

Eventually I roll around to meet Rowan after he's deciphered the note. We have to find some black quill apparently but it requires getting into the Gryffindor Common room. I'm to go learn a spell that I've already learned by this point, and Rowan is to come up with a plan to get in the Gryffindor common room. But like, that doesn't seem fair. Rowan also has to learn the spell as part of our normal education, so I'm basically not helping whatsoever xD

Chapter 2 - Growing and Shrinking

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Is it weird that I'm sent off to learn Reprifarge as this 'Growing and Shrinking' title comes up for the chapter? Like yes, I did just learn engorgio, and reducio is on my menu now, but that wasn't in the story :u

Anyway Reducio appeared, so I head to charms to unlock the lesson. After gaining 7 freaking stars to unlock the lesson, the dumb thing says "Learn Later". Ugh. At least once it's ACTUALLY available it'll be unlocked already. So it's time to meet Rowan to see if he's got a plan together. Rowan asks if I've heard anything on Ben, and Captain Obvious says if you can come up with a plan to get into the Gryffindor common room and get the black quill, then that will help. Seriously he was already doing that Kaien. Suddenly the title of this chapter makes sense as Rowan mentions shrinking and growing, and the quidditch match between Slytherin and Gryffindor. The plan is that I'll shrink, sneak into the room, and reenlarge inside the Gryffindor common room, because everyone will be at the game. I see a lot of flaws in this plan, and I have a difficult time choosing a response. Much as it's more aggressive and mean than I like, I end up choosing that I think it's mad (as in crazy). I actually chose and backed out of the app to see all three responses on this one, but I didn't like any of them. This choice gets me a small intelligence boost. Woo!

I also have to figure out a way to make sure I'm not caught by the prefect, apparently, because she'll already be on guard for some slytherin's to be wanting to do stuff to the gryffindor common room in the sportsy spirit. So, MORE FLAWS IN THIS PLAN AAHH. Anyway. Now there's a timer before I can learn Reducio in 3 hours, and I'm very salty about it. I suppose I'll go to classes for the next 3 hours. I go to learn Reducio and run into Angelica. I was not prepared for this. Really, - I had like 5 minutes before a meeting and just wanted to throw my character into a class real quick! I end up convincing her that the Slytherin's are planning to jinx one of the quidditch players, so she feels the need to be at the game to stop it. Welp.

I learned reducio! So after some grinding, I head to the Great Hall to talk to Rowan again. One of my fellow Ravenclaws is like "Hey you're that weird Cursed Vault kid!" and I'm high-key offended but he's a first year and not worth my attention for such a comment. Rowan is worried about Ben (Daaawww) so I have to talk him through it. He asks if we can't find him, and I assure him that we will find him (Courage), which is the +2 option. He asks what if Ben gets lost (he already is cmon man) and I actually picked the wrong option for once, choosing that he's an expert tracker (Knowledge), which turns out to be the -1 option. What? I have faith in Ben. Despite the failing answer, I get a +16 high knowledge bonus lmaaooooo. He talks about how Ben must be afraid, and I say we will do everything we can (Knowledge) which is the +2 option, and fills the gauge to complete this!

Rowan feels better, and makes me promise to tell him if I ever have a secret like that. I choose to promise him, because my character would never get anywhere without Rowan, lbr. And with that, Chapter 2 is complete!

Chapter 3 - The Black Quill

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Fast Laps flying class is available! SO I head there to unlock the class! I got a few stars and then did end up doing the story this morning. I met with Rowan before completing the plan, and it was a great conversation. He asks if I've dealt with the prefect, and I explain she'll be at the game the whole time. "I knew you'd have a brilliant plan. you're a ravenclaw through and through." Presh Rowan. He asks 'Are you ready?' and I choose I'm ready (Knowledge). My character replies that I've studied and practised the spells which is a good response for once. So I proceed with using Reducio on myself, and Rowan's all "I can't believe it actually worked! I mean, of course it worked, it's a well-formulated plan and you're an amazing wizard". He cracks me up.

I search the Gryffindor Common room and find the black quill without any trouble, which is awesome. I was certainly expecting worse, but it went smoothly. Now off to flying class to learn Fast Laps! I was running around to get free energy when I'm confronted by McGonagall and the Gryffindor prefect in the West Towers! Luckily I pull off the Empathy check that I was in the Gryffindor Common Room because I was worried about Ben (The choice said "I was helping a friend", but the answer was actually that I was looking for Ben) and McGonagall is like "Yeah cool be on your way." The prefect was all "Wait aren't you going to take away house points??" And McGonagall is all "Nah he showed great bravery in looking for a Gryffindor, and I know he won't do it again." Daaaww McGonagall, love you too ~~


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Also on Energy spots! I haven't pinned down the exact timing of each yet, but here's a general idea ( I think these are in order, as far as I've determined thus far) on quickest respawns to slowest respawns:

First to Respawn
Painting of Fruit - West Towers - Available Year 1
Painting of Child - East Towers - Available Year 1
Stick - Castle Grounds - Available Year 1
Peeves - East Towers - Available Year 2 (This may change, I haven't experimented much)
House Elf - Dungeon - Available Year 1
Torch - Lower Floor West - Available Year 1
Books - Lower Floor East - Available Year 2 (This may change, I haven't experimented much)
Suit of Armor - Lower Floor West - Available Year 1 [12 hour cooldown, I believe]
Last to Respawn

Please feel free to tell me if you've noticed anything different! I keep meaning to time these, but haven't gotten around to it.


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