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 Growth, [Development]
 Posted: May 4 2018, 11:39 PM


Autumn, Day 58, Approx. 8:30am

[#SEB SPOTLIGHT! This dev is for Seb's evolution from a Scatterbug into a Spewpa, some loyalty, and a bit of experience if deemed appropriate. I'm planning a bit of training in the midst of this, but we'll see what happens.]

It started out, and would continue to be, a rather average day in all. The family was all out within in the home which she was staying for the time, so kindly lent to her while the traders who lived here were on a trip. They were spending some time in Crater City to sell their goods and proclaim some things that didn't make it to the forest very often, or for a very good price. She sat in a chair, the little compact mirror with her name flipped open, shining her bright smile back at her as her fingers fiddled with her hair carefully.

It was always important to make herself look good before going out. And she so appreciated the opportunity to get ready inside a house, rather than outside. She was fine living outside if needed on occasion, but it certainly wasn't her preferred living. Until she found a new home however, she bounced between houses of those willing to let her stay for a few days here and there at a time. This helped her socialize more and keep relationships positive, so she didn't mind. Though the peace of being alone with her family was always nice from time to time.

Of course, she wasn't able to get through her morning preparations before the silly bug was over, bumping his head against her leg. She giggled, ad he released a 'buh' customary to requesting pets. Though, it sounded a tad off, she didn't think too much of it. Perhaps he was still shaking off the morning sleepiness. Carefully removing her hands from her thick curls, she leaned over and extended her arms. "Here, why don't you come up here with me." Gently, she wrapped her fingers around the scatterbug and lifted him up. She set him in her lap, the compact sitting on a table in front of them.

Meeting his demands, she started to pat him on his head. As she did so, her hand and eyes started to drift to his collar. In all the time she's had the bug, she'd known his collar of fur to only grow so long. It was pretty constant and sure. But for some reason, it almost seemed a bit longer than usual. Maybe she was just imagining it. She lifted the fur for a better look, and noticed something odd. There were the beginnings of bristles of white fur. Was his fur spreading a bit? Or did some of it get torn?

No, the woman was sure she could have noticed if his fur got torn or cut. "You planning on growing a bit more hair, huh? That will only make you look cuter!" She spoke in her bubbly tone as ever, though she was a bit puzzled by the change. But it was minuscule. There wasn't a need to worry over it obsessively. Besides, extra fur was good, right? They were about to move into the cold season after all. She returned to her petting for a couple more moments before returning her attention to her hair and face.

After sorting out and organizing her curls as she wanted to, making them look nice and even and not so frizzy, she would move on to her makeup. She leaned, pulling out the berry concoctions with her different hues to add to her face. Pulling it out meant getting the attention of Eli of course, which wasn't a problem by any means. "Yes yes, I know you'll want to decorate Seb for the day. Just don't go too crazy, okay?" She cocked her head at the espurr while holding the little container of paste, the espurr nodding in agreement even if she didn't really understand the words. She just knew that's what she had to do for the human to give her the paint!

Shae chuckled and handed one of the containers to the feline, who immediately whined while looking up at Seb. Normally he was quicker to move, but he seemed less willing for some reason. "Oh Seb, I hope you slept well. If not, I'll make sure you get some time to nap later, I promise." She pet him affectionately, before lifting to set him on the ground, leaving him to the espurr. In the meantime, she returned to her face, opening the other container and rubbing a tad of the makeshift paste between her fingers, looking deeply into the mirror as she brought them up to her face to apply.

Still groggy, the scatterbug grumbled as he left the woman, having been placed on the floor. "Come ooooon!! It's time to get you all fancy and ready for the day! I absolutely can't wait a single moment loonger!" The bug groaned dramatically. He liked being decorated, as it made him feel like he was closer to being a vivillon with beautiful wings. But he was just so tired today... "Maybe we could just skip today. I need more sleep." His head hung a little lower as he said it, but to no one's surprise he wasn't able to deter her so easily.

The espurr gasped, a little choked mew escaping from her throat as she did so. "Not get ready for the day? Preposterous! I have to make you look perfect! Just like how the human makes herself look perfect every day. It's art! You can't stifle good art!" There was a clear scoff across the room, the grumble very clearly from the dog who disagreed fervently with the opinion that the espurr's mess could be called art. She ignored him. "Fine fine. Just do your thing so I can get some sleep before she decides to leave the house please." She meowed in joy and hopped a bit. "I'll have you looking gorgeous in a matter of minutes! Super fast and super pretty!"

The scatterbug lifted his head and allowed her to get to work, though she quickly noticed the same as Seb. "Oh! You're growing more fur! That's so exciting. It means I'll have more to decorate." She set to staining the pricks of new white fur with the dark colored concoction. Seb would have rolled his eyes if he could. He wasn't growing more fur, that was just silly. He had just as much fur as he always did. It wouldn't just start growing randomly.


Word Count - 1066


 Posted: May 21 2018, 12:53 PM


Autumn, Day 65, Approx. 9:30am

The sun was shining brilliantly as the sky decorated itself with clouds here and there, thicker than the day before but positioned in such a way as to not block out the sun. Shae appreciated it, as it meant she'd be able to continue enjoying the rays of the sun more before winter rolled in and caused it to come out much less often. Plus, the air would be much colder once that time of year came around, so trips outside wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable as they were. With autumn coming to a close, everyone was preparing for the winter.

The woman closed the door behind her, a grey bug atop her shoulder with tufts of white fur, decorated with the occasional permanent color and some stains from berries. As per the normal morning routine, Eli had decorated Seb with bits of paint she had created with the feline. While she wasn't a huge fan of spreading berries on the pokemon at all, she could appreciate that the young pokemon was getting more detailed and less messy as time went on. And it wasn't hurting anyone, so she allowed the creativity to continue. Even if it meant Seb needed to get a bath every day - he didn't seem to mind it though, as it meant he was getting her attention. Silly bug was happy whenever she was paying him attention.

Though, Seb appeared to be a bit different as of late. Not in personality so much, as he was still ever requesting pets by her. Even as the train of thought started, the woman walking away from the house she'd been staying at, the little bug butted his head against her curls, releasing a little 'buh' to request her attention. She giggled and raised a have to scratch as his head in the way he liked. His mood lately seemed a little tired and possibly grouchy, which left him wanting more attention. She assumed it helped him feel better, but didn't assuage her concerns about him seeming off.

Physically, there were a couple extra tufts of fur around his neck last week that she'd hardly noticed. The scatterbug didn't really make a big deal about it. But as time went on, she started to wonder about it, realizing that it was spreading a bit, or so she thought. If it was, it was growing slow enough that it was hard to notice. But, the way he stood a little more upright than before seemed to help her notice that he seemed different. His relaxed position turned up a bit, which was ultimately a better posture, but she didn't understand what the cause of the change was. She made a note to keep an eye on it, her slender fingers brushing along his neck fur as if to try and confirm her suspicions. She didn't let it bother her too much for now, as she headed out to begin the day.

Seb released the 'buh' sound, and was glad that his human quickly responded. Not that she wasn't used to it, but sometimes she was too busy, and wouldn't pay him enough attention or pets. Honestly, he needed them more than ever. They made him feel better, and he'd bit aching, so he was certainly needing the bit of relief. He didn't quite understand for sure what was going on, but he had a feeling. A feeling that he honestly wasn't quite sure he wanted to think too much on yet. If it was correct, it could be great, but also, it could be scary. Or was it? He just wasn't really sure how to feel.

So he focused on the little details. For one, it felt like his body was pulling at him. Like it was changing, straightening. Where he'd normally keep a nice, relaxed posture and rise if needed, it was almost as if something was tugging at his back, attempting to pull him up. But it was slow and weak, so he was able to resist it - but resisting it for too long made him ache even more. So he'd been trying to lean into it, but being too straight up made him tired more quickly. He was pretty fed up with it, and thus requesting more pets. If his body wouldn't agree to feel nice, then he'd get the human's help in that regard.

Additionally, Eli couldn't stop commenting on the fact that his fur was apparently growing in more. He'd be lying if he said he couldn't tell - after all, he'd been feeling itchy around his neck where the pores were opening up for fur to grow it. It was annoying honestly, especially considering his lack of a way to scratch at it. Sometimes the human was somehow able to tell, and would pat at his fur. That helped. But without a way to directly tell her to do it, the bug just had to hope she'd do it more. He'd yet to find a way to get her to move her hand, but sometimes moving his head a certain way would cause her to focus on the neck area with his new furs.

The bright side to it was that he felt a little warmer all the time, which ended up convenient as the temperatures started to drop with the season change. Even now, as a small breeze pushed through the air, he felt the fur around his neck blocking more than it had last year around thie time. That was always good. And, as the artwork in the white fur could contest, the extra fur meant that the espurr was able to make him even more beautiful than before, which of course made him feel even closer to being a gorgeous vivillon. He knew he'd be there one day, but the berry art made him feel more spruced up and nice than normal until that day would come. Once it did, that feline wouldn't be allowed within 5 feet of his perfect wings, lest she ruin their pattern and coloration. It was still some time off, but perhaps not quite as far off as he might think.

But the prospect of evolution was still unknown territory, and it did somewhat frighten him.

Word Count - 1038


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