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 Carnell, A History
 Posted: May 9 2018, 12:25 AM


A Summary

(Terrene Year) T.Y. 43: Prologue
Pine is incinerated in the process of removing a wild Ninetales and her brood from the edge of Crater City. Avery discovers an egg that she was forced to leave behind.

T.Y. 44
Carnation is born, a large Vulpix hatched from a large egg in the care of Avery. The man is stiff and stern, but not totally unkind. Despite the potential troubles, Carnation is naturally loyal and quickly bonds to the human.

T.Y. 45
Bluebell is born, near her parents but ultimately cared for by Avery. A young Carnation is eager to help Avery with this endeavor. However, Bluebell appears to be more than he can handle, and things quickly grow tense.

T.Y. 50
Avery is promoted to Ambassador, much to his surprise and confusion. A young Chikorita is gifted to him to train into a future mount. This is Carnation and Bluebell's first experience with, as adults, raising an infant together. Repeated clashes threaten and strain the entire household.

T.Y. 51
Two new eggs come into the family.

 Posted: May 9 2018, 01:29 AM


T.Y. 44

He was born into the world, as all of his species are, blind and almost completely deaf, with a single pure white tail. It was cold outside his egg, and he regretted leaving it. He whimpered as he struggled, kicking his feet out as he clumsily tried to find warmth and food. Something lifted him roughly, and he instinctively went limp for a few moments until he was placed in a bundle of soft and warm. Something that smelled delicious was brought to his mouth, and he grabbed onto it with his toothless mouth. It was milk. For a short time, the Vulpix remained in this state, completely vulnerable and at the mercy of the rough paw that lifted, prodded, and fed him. He listened to the deep voice that occasionally spoke to him and he snuggled tight into the warmth of that body.

Finally, he opened his eyes to see who was raising him. The image was fuzzy at first, as his eyesight still needed to improve over the next few days. But there it was. His "mother". An enormous, white being with a purple breast and belly, with furless hands and face, and black feet. The Vulpix's eyes were filled with adoration and happiness to finally see the owner of the deep voice and rough paw. He immediately began trying to walk, though it was more of an uncoordinated tumble forward, towards the looming figure. It made a soft grunt that the infant Vulpix didn't know what to make of. It didn't matter too much. This was his caretaker, his guardian, and he loved it.


Within a few months, Carnation was big enough to run along outside and communicate. He followed his caretaker's lead, watching him closely and mimicking to the best of his ability. He was quiet, but brave and protective. He treated the world around him as though... as though he owned it. Carnation took on a slight swagger as he pranced just behind his caretaker, following him everywhere. He was proud to be the child of the large, stoic man.

Avery, for his part, was busy showering his new ward with quiet, intense attention and a carefully guided learning curriculum. He taught him to be aware of his surroundings, appreciate the differences between people, and understand that motivations informed decisions and actions. He cheered on Carnation's first attempts at flames with an affirmative nod and a rewarding pat. He kept the Vulpix with him everywhere he went, hiding gentle affection behind closed doors.

But Carnation was a smart creature. It didn't take him that long to figure out that Avery was a human, and he was a Pokemon... which brought up an interesting question. What had happened to his biological mother?

The Vulpix watched Avery from his spot across the kitchen. Avery and Rachel were eating breakfast. Wave sat near him, though the Luxray was perfectly content to ignore the pup. He built up his courage and approached Avery, speaking quietly, "You have your mother, here." He gestured from Avery to Rachel with his newly split two tails. "But my mother... where is she?" he pointed to himself and then asked, a high-pitched note to his voice to indicate it was a question.

Avery froze, spoon raised halfway to his lips, for several agonizingly long seconds. Carnation wanted to squirm with the discomfort, but he forced himself to raise his head high and ask Avery clearly, as he had seen the man do when asking someone a question. Slowly, Avery lowered his spoon and dropped it; it clattered noisily against the bowl. With difficulty, he managed to grind out, "She's... probably back in... Cloven Volcano."

Carnation continued to gaze expectantly at him, however, prompting him with an additional questioning tone. Avery locked his jaw and frowned darkly as he tried to figure out how to discuss this matter. He would have to tell the truth eventually. If he made a big deal out of it, it would just make it harder to explain later. Would it be best to just tell him everything now? He decided to just explain everything he could, as calmly as possible, "Carnation, your mother killed people and Pokemon. Some... very important to me. We chased her away. I decided to raise you myself when she was forced to abandon you."

Carnation sat down heavily. He hadn't expected that. Why would his mother want to hurt Avery? He was so big and brave and strong. He was a good person with honorable values and he taught him so much. Avery was good... so was his mother bad? It would take a while for this to sink in fully.

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