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 Work This Body, I will burn this flame [Adventure]
 Posted: May 17 2018, 01:59 AM


The peace officer assigned to the farm didn't usually have much to do. There was a night shift and a day shift, but normally the farm was quiet and peaceful. If one of the children got lost or went missing, he would go search for him and if anyone was injured, he would escort them to a healer. If a wild pokemon strayed onto the farm and attacked, then he would assist in removing the creature. However, most of the pokemon that troubled the workers were weak pest pokemon. Oddish would invade the gardens at night and attack when the workers pulled them up thinking they were weeds. Scavengers like rattata would sneak in and try to feed on the crops and other food stored away. Birds and bug pokemon would attack the crops and trees. The peace officer usually handled these, using his own pokemon to fight the wild ones.

While many of the workers themselves had pokemon, few were actually trained to fight. There were also the farm pokemon themselves, a few mudbray and a couple of miltank. These pokemon weren't trained for battle either, and they became frightened and ran if they were attacked. Frightened farm pokemon were actually a greater danger to the workers than the pest pokemon themselves. The miltank and mudbray could trample a careless person if they spooked and stampeded.

Soren now had two pokemon, and he'd been told by none other than one of the city's ambassador's that it was his duty to train them to fight. It was common knowledge that pokemon became stronger after every battle, but Soren was still pretty scared of having his pokemon fight. He loved them, and he didn't want them to get hurt or killed. He didn't like the idea of hurting other pokemon either, even wild ones. Therefore, instead of taking his little team of pokemon someplace very dangerous, he wanted to start small and close to home. Pest pokemon were common enough that he was certain he could find some if he looked hard enough, but they were also common enough that he would recognize them and know how to handle them.

"I can help scare the pests away," Soren offered when he approached the peace officer assigned to the farm on one rainy spring morning. It had just begun to drizzle as the workers were waking up, but the dark heavy clouds overhead promised a more aggressive storm to come. Thus, the peace officer was in his office instead of out among the fields and workers. The office was just a small brick building attached to the farmhouse where the peace officers could take breaks or store notes and supplies. "My pokemon and I need the practice, and that way you won't have to do so much work." Soren tried to make himself look charming, folding his hands behind his back and smiling up at the young man. Soren was only a little damp from the rain, if anything the droplets clinging to the ends of his hair added a nice effect.

The peace officer's name was Linton Rocco, and he hadn't been a peace officer very long. This was his first time working at this particular post, and he hadn't been warned about Soren ahead of time. The man had short brown hair, brown eyes, and his smooth unblemished skin was a healthy reddish brown. In fact, he didn't look too much older than Soren. He was an adult, but just barely by Soren's guess. He must have done something impressive to earn his position then. Maybe he had very strong pokemon

"I don't know, if you get hurt, I'll be in big trouble..." Linton replied, crossing his arms and thinking hard. "Plus, you could get sick running around in the rain. Wouldn't you rather enjoy a nice day off?"

Rainy days were a special sort of blessing to the workers on the farm. Since the rain did the job of watering the crops and made it unsafe to perform many other chores, it gave the workers a much needed rest. They'd still harvest what needed to be harvested and tend to the needs of the farm pokemon, but there would be no sowing, hoeing, or weeding done today. Unless the workers chose to take on extra work by volunteering elsewhere in the city (there were plenty of jobs that didn't get days off do to inclement weather), they could perform the few chores still necessary and spend the rest of the day napping or playing. Normally, Soren would take the opportunity presented by a rainy day to run off and explore the city or play games with his pokemon. However, Ambassador Aster had told him that training was very important, and Soren realized that he might not often get a chance to train his pokemon all day or in the rain.

"Defending the farm is part of my job," Soren replied puffing his chest out a bit in an effort to look bigger and stronger. "And Ambassador Aster says we should train our pokemon in all types of conditions. Even in the rain. How's this? I'll just take care of the little pests. I'll come get you or call for help if I see anything big and scary that my pokemon and I can't handle ourselves."

"Hmm..." Linton considered the eager teenager a bit longer, "I suppose that's fine. But don't get in over your head. Call me before you or anyone else gets hurt. It's not just you I'm worried about. There are plenty of other workers here that I'm responsible for, you know."

"Yes sir! I promise!" Soren gave the man a joyful little salute before he hurried off to the barn to get his pokemon.

In her stall, Genesis, his girafarig was just waking up. Curled up beside her was the golden fluff ball that was Nimbus, Soren's mareep. "Good morning!" Soren greeted the pokemon as he quickly brought them both some breakfast and water. "Today we have a very important job to do! We're going to look for any pest pokemon on the farm and chase them away! You two will get to help me."

Rain droplets pattering against the roof of the barn could be heard as well as the sound of mudbray joyfully braying in the distance. The mudbray had already left for the field. They'd been watching the sky all day yesterday, hoping and praying for rain. Rain meant a day off for them as well, but it was more than that. It meant a day of bliss. They trotted through the fields, splashing in the mud. They chased each other and splattered each other. Nothing made them happier than a day of rain and mud, and as long as they didn't harm the crops, the humans on the farm were satisfied to let them play.

 Posted: May 17 2018, 05:49 AM



[Here are your spawns for this unmodded adventure. You are in control of them, but keep it realistic and reasonable! Remember to post in the mod request whenever you attempt a capture or befriending, and remember that you can only attempt to capture/befriend each Pokemon twice. Have fun! @Amissa]

a wild Slowpoke has appeared!
5 ◒ female ◒ oblivious ◒ BELLY DRUM, curse, yawn, tackle, growl

a wild Seviper has appeared!
2 ◒ female ◒ shed skin ◒ FINAL GAMBIT, wrap, swagger

a wild Happiny has appeared!
4 ◒ female ◒ serene grace ◒ NATURAL GIFT, ENDURE, pound, charm
 Posted: May 19 2018, 04:10 AM


Of course, locating the pest pokemon seemed much harder when you actually wanted to find one. Soren took a pitchfork and poked around in the hay, the straw bedding, and the food for the pokemon in the barn. He'd been frightened several times by rodent and bug pokemon sneaking in to munch on the food set out for the mudbray and miltank whenever it was unguarded.

Once he'd checked the barn as well as he could, he called Genesis and Nimbus to follow him outside into the rain. Genesis came without hesitation. She wasn't afraid of a little water. Nimbus was a bit less certain. His flock used to get so excited whenever a thunderstorm struck, but this storm didn't seem electric. It only seemed wet and annoying. Still, he wanted to be a good pokemon, and he didn't want to be left alone so he followed Soren anyway.

Once outdoors, Soren checked on the crops. For once, there were no birds or insects trying to steal berries or chew up the plants. Maybe rainy days weren't the best times for hunting pests. The mudbray could be heard still frolicking in the mud. It didn't sound like anyone was bothering them, at least. Then Soren heard a loud sharp cheep! It was almost a screech, and it was soon followed by more frantic chirping.

Soren straightened and ran towards the pidgey coop with his pokemon following behind him. The farm had a small coop that was about the size of a very small shed. Like all the farm buildings, this was built from mud brick and stone. There was a straw door that would allow workers in to collect the eggs and there was a penned in area of grass surrounding the coop so that the pidgey could come outside and enjoy the sunshine. There was a short brick wall with a gate enclosing this area. The pidgey couldn't get out because they were bred and fed to be incredibly fat, and so they were too fat to fly. This was why they were typically referred to as "pudgy pidgey" as though it were a breed. The workers collected their eggs for food, but since this farm wasn't a great producer of poultry or eggs, there were only a few hens inside the coop.

Soren rushed through the gate and threw open the door to the coop. Inside, he saw the pudgy pidgey cowering in a corner as they tried ineffectively to hide from what appeared to be a huge snake. At least, it seemed huge to Soren. It was at least four feet long. Soren recognized it as a seviper by it's coloring and bladelike tail, but he didn't know that it was less than half the size of a true adult. At the moment, it had it's mouth wrapped around one of the pidgey's eggs. Soren's eyes widened as he froze in fear and shock. He could only watch as the snake swallowed the egg whole. It was only when it finished and began moving towards the terrified birds that Soren snapped to attention.

He stepped aside and faced Genesis. He pointed at the snake inside the coop. "Do you see it, girl? You need to fight it and save the pidgey! Go on, girl! Use confusion!" Soren ordered. Thanks to Ambassador Avery, he knew that Genesis was half psychic typed. Soren also knew that confusion was the name of the most common and basic psychic attack he knew. Unfortunately, while Genesis did know the attack, she didn't know enough of Soren's language to make sense of his command.

She looked at the frightened boy, standing soaked in the rain as he pointed at the venomous snake inside the small building with the squawking birds. Ah, he wanted her to fight the snake. That made sense. Humans feared snakes and were known to command tamed pokemon to fight for them. By now the seviper had taken notice of her and hissed in warning. "Are you here to sssstop me? To interfere would be very unwisssse of you."

"You need to leave," Genesis hummed, glaring at the creature. The coop was a cramped space. She might be able to fit inside it, but she certainly couldn't fight in there without trampling the pidgey and their eggs. Luckily, she didn't need to go inside to use her psychic powers. "This is human territory. Get out of here and hunt on the plain like a wild pokemon should. If you are so weak that you must steal from humans to survive, then perhaps you aren't worthy of life in the wild and should find a human to adopt you."

Nimbus shivered and hid behind Soren's heels. He's never seen such a big and frightening pokemon. He saw the way it swallowed that pidgey egg, and he didn't want to be next on the menu.

 Posted: May 20 2018, 05:48 AM


The seviper had never seen a pokemon like Genesis before. If she had, she might have moved more carefully. She might have escaped when she had the chance, satisfied for the one egg she ate as a meal. Unfortunately, she had no idea what she was dealing with. She saw only an undersized human and his two livestock pokemon. The long necked beast looked like an especially tall spotted goat that humans might put a saddle on and ride, and the tiny sheep looked like it wouldn't even make a good meal. The snake might be young, but she felt confident in her power as a predator. Humans and pokemon alike feared her. She could make quick work of the spotted long-neck, and that would probably be enough to frighten off this human. That would at least buy her enough time to gobble down some more delicious eggs before a stronger human was summoned.

"Like you have done, I ssssee. Did you join with thisss human becausse you are weak? Let me ssshow you my power!" The seviper hissed as it slithered towards the doorway. It intended to use swagger. Swagger always got good results. She would move as if she owned the place, arrogant and aggressive. It confused her foes and enraged them. Before the poor girafarig knew what hit her, she'd be trampling over her own trainer in her confusion. It was going to be hilarious!

It was too bad for Seviper that she gave away her intentions with her last statement. She made it perfectly clear that despite Genesis's warning, she intended to attack. Genesis wasn't going to stand around and wait for the serpent to hit her with something nasty. She narrowed her eyes in concentration as her ossicones twitched. She focused hard on her target, using her confusion attack.

Suddenly, Seviper's head jerked back as if she had been smacked in the face with an invisible club. Then, she just fell over limp on the ground as lifeless as a cooked noodle. Utter silence followed. Not even the pidgey squawked as everyone stared at the body of the snake waiting to see if it was going to get up and attack. It did not.

"This threat has been neutralized," Genesis hummed to the pidgey, satisfied with her work. "You may all continue as regular."

The pidgey slowly began to come out of the corner. A couple of the braver ones (or dumber ones maybe) pecked at the seviper corpse experimentally. Only then did Soren realize what had just happened.

"Wait...no. You weren't supposed to kill it. We were just going to chase it away. How did this happen?" Soren couldn't figure out what went wrong. The snake hadn't looked injured, and it had certainly appeared big and terrifying. How had Genesis killed it in a single hit? What was he going to do now? He'd done something awful. Genesis may have dealt the damage, but he'd given her the command. This pokemon's life was lost because of him. It was his fault

Soren paled as his breathing became rapid. He began looking around for an adult, anyone who might tell him what to do. He couldn't leave the thing there. Was he supposed to bury it? Oh no, he couldn't stand to touch it. And yet, getting help would mean telling someone about this horrible thing he'd done. "Help..." He whimpered as he felt the first burn of tears welling up in his eyes. But humans killed pokemon all the time. He knew this. Even the pudgy pidgey were slaughtered for meat when they grew too old to lay eggs or when the coop became too crowded, but Soren hated that. He couldn't even stand to eat meat unless it was hidden in tamales or presented in some fashion that didn't remind Soren even remotely that it was a pokemon corpse. The seviper had been a danger to the farm, so he probably wouldn't be punished for killing it. Not in this life anyway. Not by men.

"Help!" Soren cried again, louder this time. Nimbus moved to take shelter beneath Genesis's hooves.

"What's happened? Why is he yelling?" The little lamb baaed in distress.

"I have a feeling he's upset that the snake is dead."

"But it was going to hurt us! And he told you to use your confusion attack, so you were just following his instructions." Nimbus pointed out, using his superior grasp of the human language that he'd gained from being born on a farm.

"Oh. Is that what he said?" Genesis only seemed mildly intrigued. She filed that bit of human language away in her growing mental dictionary.

"HELP!" Soren shrieked, his high child's voice carrying far across the farm now. One of the best aspects of Crater City was that if you stood anyplace and screamed loud enough, someone would hear and probably they would help. Linton Rocco hadn't fully trusted Soren to go around chasing pests off the farm on his own, so he'd taken care to listen closely in case he was called. He heard the boy's cries of distress and hurried over at once, diving fearlessly into the rain to save the child he thought was in danger.


Genesis uses Confusion on Seviper
user posted image
Health: 100% Held Item: None
Higher speed, so she goes first. Confusion has power 50, is super effective, and has STAB

Seviper would have done a cool thing...
user posted image
Health: -57% (extra dead) Held Item: None
but she picked the wrong fight today. RIP Seviper

 Posted: May 21 2018, 06:46 AM


"He's still crying," Nimbus remarked, appearing almost as distressed as his trainer as he tried to huddle beneath Genesis.

"Yes, I expect he might carry on for a while. Soren dislikes violence. I suppose he was unprepared for the possibility that we might have to kill a foe," Genesis hummed as she watched Soren. The rain didn't completely hide the fact that he was producing excessive fluid from his lacrimal ducts near both eyes. This was consistent with her other observations regarding humans under stress. She turned her head in surprise when she saw a new human approaching at high speed. It appeared to be an adult male, and most importantly he didn't have the burn mark that every other human on farm did. Genesis had learned that these burns marked humans of the herd as those of a lower rank and weaker, which meant that presumably this new human was stronger.

"Fortune, come out!" Linton cried as he released his pokemon. A bunnelby appeared beside him, keeping pace as soon as he saw his trainer running. They both ran across the wet grass of the farm and through the gate that led to the chicken coop. "What's happened? What's wrong?" The young man's brow was furrowed as he scanned the area for threats.

"Um, there was," Soren was sobbing and he wasn't sure how to stop it. He felt awful. He didn't even deserve to be a trainer if he couldn't avoid mistakes like this. He pointed at the dead seviper in the coop, but he was barely able to form words. "It...was an accident."

Linton was taking stock of the situation and gazing at Genesis suspiciously. Then he looked at the seviper corpse and he mentally put the pieces together. "You killed the snake?"

"It was an accident!" Soren sobbed again, looking up at the man miserably.

"Yeah, okay. Okay," Linton could tell he wasn't going to get much information from the boy without calming him down some, so he spoke to Soren softly using a tone barely above a whisper. He moved close and wrapped his arms around the boy's shoulders in a comforting embrace. "It's okay. We can take care of this. Did your pokemon kill the snake?"

"Yeah," Soren whimpered. "But I told her to do it. I told her to attack. I didn't know it would d-d-die!" Soren leaned against the man, hiding his face in the man's jacket.

"Shh, it's okay, buddy. Did the snake pokemon belong to anyone that you knew?"


"What was it doing when you found it?"

"Eating eggs."

"Then it was a wild snake then? One of the pest pokemon you said you'd take care of? Doesn't it seem like your pokemon was just protecting you then, like it should?" Linton was phrasing everything as a question as if he thought Soren wasn't even in a condition to handle hard stops. When Soren didn't give an answer, he maneuvered the boy beside the girafarig which he assumed was his. Then Linton went into the coop to investigate the damage. He herded the pidgey out of the way with one foot and walked right up to the corpse of the seviper. Linton gave a low whistle. "And just think, this is one of the little ones. A full grown seviper can be well over eight feet. Two of you easily," he said, momentarily forgetting that Soren was currently mourning the life of the pokemon he'd destroyed. "I'll help you get it inside. It'd be a shame to waste the meat..."

Soren pressed his face against Genesis's neck as he let out a high pitched wailing cry. Genesis flattened her ears, disliking the noise he was making. She was fascinated by his tears however. She didn't have any tools to analyze them closely and even if she did, hooves made it a struggle to manage such objects. Well, it just came down to her nose and tongue then. They were the best chemo-receptors at her disposal. She turned her head and licked Soren's cheek. It must have surprised him. His crying abruptly lessened to a more tolerable sniffling, and he opened one dark eye to peer up at her. Fascinating! Evidently, cheek licking decreased his stress, soothing him in some way. Funny since as far as Genesis knew, humans didn't exhibit such behavior to each other. They didn't lick each other for grooming or to care for their young. Perhaps the action was less important than the fact that it had come from her. It was no secret that her trainer adored her, and perhaps he interpreted it as a sign of affection for him. Positively fascinating! The tears themselves were disappointing. They tasted like salt water, same as sweat. It was almost like the lacrimal glands were simply specialized sweat glands.

The bunnelby, Fortune, approached Genesis and Nimbus where they stood. "Are you two okay? Has anyone been hurt."

"Exactly one pokemon has been hurt." Genesis stated coldly, looking into the coop. "And I'm afraid she's beyond any life-saving attempts at this point."

"What about your boy?"

"He's fine. Probably. I wonder if he's never seen a creature killed before? I don't remember being nearly so traumatized my first time." Genesis noted.

Nimbus remained silent and shivering between Genesis and Soren, not really knowing what the word 'traumatized' meant but suspecting it may actually apply to him at this moment.

Linton at least seemed to have made some decisions about how to handle the problem. He came out of the coop and put an arm around Soren's shoulders to lead him away, carefully blocking the view of the deceased pokemon. "You know, I'll take care of that later. Don't you worry about it. I think right now what you need is to go someplace warm and dry and maybe have a hot drink. Come on, Soren. Let's go inside."

The pokemon followed the two humans, at least most of the way. Eventually, Soren commanded Genesis and Nimbus to go rest in the barn and off they went. When Linton brought Soren into the farmhouse, the only two other children on the farm, Ivka and Taavi were already in the main room. Soren was thankful of the rain at least. It made it more difficult to tell that he'd just been crying. Ivka would definitely tease him if she knew.

"What'd Soren do this time?" She asked as she sat down a large bowl of rice with carrots and raisins on the floor. Since wood was so precious, they did without tables and chairs whenever possible. They ate on the floor often sharing out of one big dish. Ivka was a beautiful sixteen year old with blonde hair and blue eyes. She thought of herself as very responsible, a model citizen. The most disgusting part of it was that she was mostly correct. Soren on the other hand, had a long and colorful history of being brought home by peace officers.

To Linton's credit, he didn't rat Soren out. He made no mention at all of Soren's blubbering just moments ago. "Soren and his pokemon killed a seviper in your pidgey coop."

Ivka visibly paled and steadied herself against the wall. Soren watched her closely, hoping to play this moment over and cherish it always. Taavi, who was only four, just sat down on the floor and grabbed a handful of rice before offering it to Soren and Linton with a smile.

"No, thank you," Linton said. "But I think Soren might enjoy some lunch. Girl, could you make Soren some hot tea please? Soren, I think you should take a little rest, okay? I'll take care of everything out here." Linton pressed down on Soren's shoulder until the boy had to sit down or fall. Then he turned and walked back out into the rain.

The room filled with an awkward silence after Linton left. Ivka turned to making tea because that's what her superior had told her to do, and Soren took off his soaking wet hat and muddy shoes. He left his socks near the hearth to dry and sat down beside Taavi, accepting the toddler's rice offering. He felt infinitely more calm in the warmth of his home, though he was still pretty sickened by what had happened earlier. Worse, he was terrified to command Genesis to battle again. It was clear that he didn't understand how powerful she was. What was he going to do?

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