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 The Real Thing, [Social - Cecilia]
 Posted: May 24 2018, 09:48 AM


Along the edge of the forest, Cynthia was attempting one more training session before her journey began.

It was difficult, though, to convince her Pokémon to cooperate. Atalanta would barely even listen to her, preferring to glare at the human and the others and refusing to follow anything that resembled an order. This frustrated Cynthia, naturally, so she’d taken to leaving her alone except when she was actively feeding her.

Iphigenia wanted to train, but the going was painfully slow without sparring matches, and she wasn’t willing to spar against Amnisiad. She protested, ”What if I hurt her? What if she hurts me? It’s too dangerous.”

So Cynthia was stuck resorting to trying to find wild Pokémon for Amnisiad to practice with, or keep trying to use the annoyingly difficult and slow tactic of target practice. On the outskirts of Forest Beach Village, she frowned thoughtfully as she wrapped leaves in a long strip of soft, fresh bark, trying to make some sort of training dummy that wasn’t as hard as a tree. Beside her, a dirty wooden spear permanently stained with blood and dirt stood upright in the ground, within reach just in case. Usually nothing too dangerous came this close to the village, but Cynthia would be remiss if she grew so naive so as to not even have her primary weapon nearby.

Amnisiad chirped cheerfully and “helped”, grabbing the strip of bark whenever it came her way, eagerly tracking it with her eyes and snatching it out of the air with her sharp little beak. It looked like a big worm! She tugged it tight, and only reluctantly let go when Cynthia gave it two sharp pulls in quick succession. Cynthia wound the strip of soft inner bark around the leaves once again, and there it was. Back again, the strip of bark was dangling right before Amnisiad’s eyes. With a triumphantly loud chirp, she grabbed it once more.

”Ammy, how will I ever finish this if you’re constantly grabbing it away from me?” Cynthia chided gently. ”None of our friends are willing to spar with you or Iphigenia, so I’ve got to get this dummy made so you two can practice.”

The bird didn’t understand. Nor did she even listen. She just chirrupped happily and grabbed at the bark as it came around again.


 Posted: May 26 2018, 08:26 PM


Grape was beginning to feel neglected. Now that Cecilia had Sweet Pea and Sugar, it seemed that too often he was being asked to be the gentleman and wait his turn while his human spent more time training the girls. Most of the time, he was reasonably well behaved. He waited for them when they were slow, he didn't bite or claw people and pokemon that he shouldn't, and he didn't steal anyone else's food. However, as he grew physically, he found that he struggled to keep his most destructive urges in check. It wasn't his fault that he was already so strong! Even if he was the biggest and already the best fighter, he needed and wanted Cecilia's attention too even if he was too proud to beg for it.

Grape communicated his unhappiness in the only way he knew how, through aggression. His play with Cecilia and her other pokemon became rougher, and by now even Sweet Pea was keeping her distance from him. It was lucky for him that Cecilia had enough sense to recognize what the problem was. If she wanted Grape to stop tearing up her things, her body, and her other pokemon, she was going to need to provide the growing fly scorpion with more of an outlet. "Okay, Grape," Cecilia said as she walked into the forest with Grape gliding from tree to tree above her. Her clothes were a bit torn in places and she had light red marks from healing scratches along her arms from when Grape had cut her with his claws from playing too rough. She didn't believe that he genuinely meant to hurt her, but he had too much bottled up energy. "Today, we're going to pick a fight with the first pokemon we come across and hope it doesn't kill you. If you beat it, and you still want to fight, then we'll find another pokemon. You get first dibs on every fight, and the girls will only come out if you need help or there's multiple attackers against you. How does that sound?" In the branches above, Grape chittered approvingly. He didn't understand the words perfectly, but he was already pleased that the day was starting with just him and Cecilia. Just like when they first met.

Cecilia froze for a moment, hearing the chirp of a bird nearby. She had her bow with her, but this wasn't a hunting mission. She wasn't after meat today. Cecilia hid behind a tree for cover and looked up at Grape. She held one finger to her lips in a sign for silence, and the gligar grinned back, letting his tongue hang out as he showed off his fangs. He climbed higher into the branches and looked downward, searching for the source of the noise. His vision wasn't as good in the bright daylight as it was at night, but at least the shade from the trees protected his sensitive eyes. It also brought out the color, like the color of the vibrant little bird standing near a woman several yards ahead of Cecilia in the forest.

Would Cecilia let him fight that? It might not be wild. But he wouldn't know if he didn't ask. He extended his wings and glided towards the woman and her pokemon. She looked similar to Cecilia, now that he saw her closer up. They were around the same size with similar colored hair, but Cecilia appeared a bit older and more voluptuous. There was a long devastating looking fang beside her, which looked dirty and was clearly used for fighting. It was upright and too close to the woman for Grape to knock it away or get between her and the weapon in order to prevent an attack. It was better not to surprise her too badly then.

Grape carefully moved down the trees in the direction of this stranger, moving between the trunks and branches of the forest trees. He gave the woman and her pokemon a chatter of greeting but stayed above her. He could defend himself against the pokemon, sure, but he wasn't sure about that long sharp tooth. He made sure to stay out of range of what he estimated to be her throwing distance.

On the ground, Cecilia moved after Grape, watching his shadow to track his movements in the air. She tried to move silently, but the truth was that stealth wasn't her strongest suit. Once she was near enough, she saw the woman in the clearing with her pokemon as well. She could even see Grape in a tree above them looking down. Cecilia tried to quiet her breathing and stay low in the brush. The woman didn't look dangerous, but she was armed. Cecilia didn't want the woman to lash out because she thought Grape was a wild pokemon, so she called out. "Hello there! Sorry to interrupt you. He's mine." Cecilia revealed herself and stepped into the clearing with her hands up, hoping that the stranger wouldn't attack her and her pokemon if she saw they meant no harm.


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