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 Why Only a Rock?, [Development]
 Posted: May 24 2018, 05:32 PM


Goal: Get back into these characters, maybe Exp for Baltoy?

Cas was awoken with a lukewarm blast of water to her face. Groaning, she pushed herself off of her bed of worn cloth and cleared the water from her eyes, blinking blearily. A giggling Totodile met her gaze, paws held in front of his grin as though he were trying to hide it. Seeing as how his mouth was gigantic, it wasn't very successful. He made sure she was well and truly awake - and who wouldn't be, after something like that? - before skittering off, presumably to alert the old man. Unsure if that was a prank or if there was a purpose to such a rude awakening, Cas stayed where she was, her hair uncomfortably flat against her head and dripping water down her neck. What an uncomfortable feeling. She pushed it off, using her left hand to keep it held up behind her. Her clothes and bedding were soaked, the former sticking to her skin. She used her other hand to try and peel it away from her, before giving up. It just stuck itself back to her skin whenever she let a part of it go.

The Baltoy floated in a corner of the mid-size room she was in. Henry had called it his "kitchen" and said it was where he made food over a little fire. Since his little cabin had only his bedroom and the kitchen - the latter of which was much larger than the former - a corner of the kitchen had been repurposed into a sleeping space for her, complete with old cloth for bedding and her little basket for her stuff. Baltoy made its way over to her, before uninterestedly hovering near her shoulder. At least, it seemed bored. It didn't exactly show much emotion that she was able to decipher. She wondered idly if it had any emotions at all. It seemed to dislike the ball thing she tried to keep it in. And being touched. But what else could it feel?

"Mornin', love!" The cheery greeting startled her from her thoughts. Henry stood across from her, waving from the doorway that led to his room. His Totodile scampered out from behind him, snapping in excitement and waving his little paws. Henry held another one of those trapping balls in his hand, and laying across his arm were a few empty sacks. His other hand held the bottom of the rod she had seen him with when they had first met. The rest of it lay on his shoulder, a smooth white hook thing dangling behind him from a string. "We're goin' fishing today, dear, so if you could grab that basket o' bait for me?" He nodded to a small woven basket resting on a wooden table near her. Cas nodded and scrambled up, reaching for it. It was filled with berries and shredded bits of meat. She grabbed it, wrinkling her nose at the strong smell that greeted her. Baltoy followed her, looking into the basket as well. Cas wondered if it could smell it as well since it soon floated away with a quiet tone.

Henry chuckled at her expression before jerking his head at the door. "Could you open that for me, sweetheart?" Cas nodded again, pushing the door open and holding it for him as he and his Totodile walked through. With her Baltoy hovering nearby, she followed as he made his way into the woods. It was difficult to see through the thick fog, but Henry seemed to know where he was going. The Totodile hopped along, weaving between Cas and Henry and even attempting to jump and bat at Baltoy. Cas kept her hands out of range, remembering well the time she nearly lost one to the hyperactive reptile.He squeaked and growled and snapped as if he were trying to hold a conversation with them. Cas was surprised when she heard the Baltoy humming in response. Could they understand each other? They noises they made didn’t sound similar at all. Maybe they just liked the sound of each other’s voices.

In no time at all, the group broke the tree line and made the short walk down the sandy beach. The ocean was almost calm today, though not at all still. The waves were a little choppy, but not enough to endanger a small child. The sand felt odd underneath Cas’s feet, as if it could give way at anytime. A little worrying, but Henry acted as if it was fine, so she tried to trust his judgement. He stopped a few feet before the water and leaned down to drop one of the sacks he had been carrying. He then tossed the ball onto the sand, releasing a creature she had never seen before. It was, for lack of better words, beautiful. It was almost completely white with a long yellow mouth. It’s body almost seem to shine as it moved, looking irresitably soft. It fixed an eye on her, one that gleamed with insight, before trilling softly and waddling up to Henry and nudging him. Henry nodded at the Pokemon, explaining, “This ‘s Max, m’ Swanna. He’s a beaut, ain’t he? My very first Pok’mon. Was hangin’ around when I woke up in the middle of nowhere with nothin’ but a name.”
He looked at the Pokemon fondly before turning his attention back to Cas. “Now, love,” he began, “I was a’thinkin’ that maybe you was gettin’ bored with all the berry huntin’ and whatnot, so I thought it’d be a grand idea to take you fishing with me.”

Cas began to protest that no, it was quite eventful, actually, when he cut her off, “Yes, yes, I know you don’t know exactly what yer doin’, but I promise it’s a snap! Rex here,” he nodded at Totodile, “is gonna help you out. He’ll toss fish out the water, and you’ll just kill ‘em and toss ‘em into that there bag for me.” Cas frowned. Kill them? How? With what? Her bare hands? That sounded quite messy, and while she wasn’t exactly one for being clean, she didn’t quite like the idea of fish guts on her hands. That would be smelly, probably.

Henry snorted, before answering her unspoken question. “In the bag, there’s a nice, sharp, heavy rock. Beat ‘em on the head with that and they’ll be good an’ dead in a minute. Have to cut the head off anyways. I’d give ya somethin’ better, but that’s all I could find on short notice. I’ll be on the other side of the beach so we don’t scare each other’s fishies. If ya need me, give a good holler and I’ll prolly hear ya!” With that, he set off after a few words to his Totodile and with no answer from Cas. His Swanna followed suit after plucking the bait basket from her hands and giving her a stern look that she assumed roughly translated to “don’t be an idiot.” The two slowly disappeared into the morning fog. Cas huffed nervously before turning to the two Pokemon beside her. Rex was bouncing and chattering excitedly, clearly ready to go. She smiled at him and shrugged, to which he gave a little salute before bounding off into the water. Baltoy spun quietly next to her, seemingly indifferent to anything. Cas wondered if they’d be any help at all. Baltoy seemed to care a little, keeping Rex away when he got too restless and chompy, and sometimes brought her a berry or two, but that seemed to be the extent of what they did for her. Or at all, really. Most of the time, Baltoy just hovered there, spinning. A splash broke her thoughts and she hurriedly grabbed the rather hefty rock from the bag to prepare herself for her first ever kill. “Baltoy?” She called cautiously, knowing that’s about the only thing it understood. It seemed to stand at attention, halting it’s circular motion. Good? Maybe?

Notes: 1326 words

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