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 Ghosts, Ri's Suffering Universe History
 Posted: May 28 2018, 11:47 AM


Memory 01: Selfish I

Ali grinned as she skipped ahead of Kirin in the park. She spun on one foot and turned to wave with a wide smile. She loved when it was just Kirin and her, out having fun and a good time. Well, technically her parents were here too, but they didn’t matter that much. She was mostly happy that Kirin was here. She was sure that once they started having fun they’d forget about the presence of their parents. “C’mon, Kirin! Hurry up!” She called out.

Kirin quickened the pace of his steps to catch up to Ali as she bounced on her feet impatiently. As soon as he reached her, Ali reached out to grab his hand and pull him away as she ran. “Slow down, Ali! Why are we in such a rush, anyways?” Kirin asked her.

Ali pouted at him. “I want to make the most out of our time in the park together! Every second we spend not having fun is a second that’s not fun!” She reasoned. Kirin didn’t really seem to understand still.

“That… That doesn’t make a lot of sense.” He protested, before Ali shushed him loudly.

“We’re almost there!” Ali told him. She stopped in front of a big, tall tree with a lot of leafy branches. Ali grinned. She ran over to the tree trunk and jumped up and reached for a branch, and began to start climbing. It took a minute for Kirin to realize before he was dashing forward, and shouting.

“Ali! Get down from there!” Ali was a fast climber, and was already out of reach of Kirin’s short arms. After all, Kirin was still a child like Ali.

“Why?” Ali whined. “This is fun! You should climb up too! Then we can sit on top!” Ali suggested, having stopped climbing in order to talk to Kirin. She pulled herself up to sit on top of the branch she was on, and looked down at her brother, who was frowning. Ali crossed her arms. She thought that Kirin liked fun too! Why wasn’t he climbing up too? She wanted to share this with him. She wanted to share almost everything with him. She liked it when Kirin smiled with her, she didn’t like it when he frowned at her.

“You’re going to fall and get hurt!” Kirin insisted, seeming to get more worked up with every passing second that Ali failed to listen and descend back from the tree. For his troubles, Ali stuck out her tongue at him.

“I’m not going to get hurt! Look, watch!” Ali said defiantly, before moving to stand up on the branch, using her hands to get support from the trunk of the tree, before moving a hand to reach up to the next branch. She was great at climbing, and she wouldn’t fall. She reached for one branch after the next, and moving around her foot to gain some stability before moving onward. It seemed like Kirin’s anxieties were unfounded. Then Ali went too far and a branch began cracking under her weight.

“U-Uh!” Ali cried out, beginning to grow nervous at the unhappy sound the branch was making.

“Ali!” Kirin cried, and with outstretched arms was running around. He thought that Ali was going to fall and that he would need to catch her. He was pretty sure that’s what you did. He saw it in cartoons sometimes.

The branch broke and Ali fell. She screamed as she fell, and the branches of the tree scratched her arms as she fell. Mostly it was the fact that one second everything had been fine, and in no time at all she was surrounded by nothing by air and the ground was approaching awfully fast. Except Kirin broke her fall.

Kirin didn’t really know how you were supposed to catch someone, and when Ali was “caught” by him, it did not go as expected. They both tumbled to the ground, and yes… Ali relatively alright, aside from the scratches from the branches and some bruises from impact. Kirin on the other hand…. He screamed.

Ali had landed on Kirin’s arm and Kirin’s arm had exploded with pain. When Kirin screamed, Ali screamed as well. The redheaded siblings cried and screamed. Kirin, out of pain, and Ali because her beloved older brother was in such pain and distress.

Naturally, this finally attracted the attention of the parents, along with bystanders. Dad immediately picked up Ali in her arms, and immediately trying to gently soothe and quiet down her sobbing. “It’s alright. You’re safe now, you’re going to be okay.” He soothed.

Mom hovered over Ali being held in her husband’s arms, and fretted. “Do you think she broke anything from the fall? She’s crying!” She put a hand over her mouth. “What if she broke an arm or a leg? Did she hit her head?”

Kirin whimpered. “M-Mom… H-Hurts….”

Mom’s gaze snapped to Kirin. “Why weren’t you watching her? You’ve gotten your little sister hurt!” She chastised.

“It was rather irresponsible, Kirin.” Dad agreed, his own eyes disapproving. Ali had quietened down by now, and her eyes were wide and lacked understanding. She began to wriggle.

“Dad, lemme go!” She protested. However, she was not released. “Daaaad!” She began to whine. She wanted to go to Kirin. It wasn’t his fault. She was dumb. She should’ve listened to him. Kirin always knew best! He was a lot older than her, by like five entire years. That was a really long time! That was all but two of the years that Ali had existed, and Ali’s life had felt like a really long time already.

Kirin’s crying was much more silent now, as he muttered under his breath. “S’not my fault…”

By now, Mom and Dad had returned their attention to Ali, who was still trying to free herself. She decided to bite Dad’s arm to try and get him to stop. He let out a yelp of pain, but didn’t drop her.

Mom gasped. “Who told our baby to bite people?!” She exclaimed.

“No one told me! Kirin tried to get me to not climb, and it’s my fault I fell! Now, let me go!” Ali protested, pushing uselessly against Dad’s chest.

Mom’s gaze, which always seemed to change when she looked at Kirin, made Ali feel cold. “Did you tell her it was alright to bite people? You shouldn’t be telling your little sister such things.” She scolded.

Kirin bit his lip and sniffled. He tried to push himself to standing, but yelped out in pain. His arm still hurt a lot, and it did not appreciate being moved, let alone any pressure of any form. “M-Mom… I-I think my a-arm’s b-broken…”

Mom sighed, and walked to reach out a hand so that Kirin could at least stand up on his own two feet, still crying silently. Kirin seemed to be looking around, and Ali did too. People were staring. Some people looked upset. Some people were frowning. Some people just… Weren’t paying much attention.

“We need a doctor to make sure that Ali is alright.” Dad said. His eyes turned cold too when looking at Kirin. “I suppose we can figure out what’s wrong with your arm as well.” He begrudgingly said.

“B-But… I’m not the one hurt, he is! He’s the one who needs a doctor!” Ali argued.

Ali couldn’t see Kirin now, since Mom and Dad had turned around.

“Don’t be silly, darling. Kirin is a big boy now, isn’t he? He can take a little pain, and he should stop crying. It’s ugly, attention-seeking behavior. So, unfair to steal the attention you need to grow up confident and smart.” Mom said, and Ali felt a twisting, unhappy sensation in her gut. Not a stomach ache, but it still felt really, really bad. Ali couldn’t do anything else but curl up.

The family began to walk away from the tree, and were now heading back to the car. Kirin kept his distance from the rest of the family, quietly trying to stop his tears and soft sobs, despite the pain in his arm.

Ali felt helpless to help him.

 Posted: May 28 2018, 01:01 PM


Memory 02: Selfish II

Ali had been having fun in the past week, learning how to ride a bike with no training wheels! Her parents had been pretty hesitant to let her learn, but she eventually wore them down. Though, it didn’t take much. They didn’t deny Ali a lot. She got a lot of things she wanted. She got the books she wanted, the toys she wanted, the kinds of food she wanted… She didn’t ask for much, though. At least, she didn’t think so. She liked reading books and going outside and doing cool stuff! She didn’t climb trees anymore, though… Not after she fell and accidentally broke Kirin’s arm two months ago. They’d gone to the hospital, and gave Ali some bandaids. Kirin had needed a cast, and he’d been stuck with it for a long time while his arm was getting fixed. It was weird, and Ali had added apologies to her goodnight routine for the first week after Kirin got the cast. Then he told her to cut it out, so she stopped. Even though she was still really sorry.

She was practicing on the street. Mom and Dad were both at work, so Kirin was watching her. He’d already gotten his cast off, so his arms were fine now, and he was sitting on the curb and watching her. Thankfully, they didn’t live on a busy street, so it was okay for Ali to practice here. She guessed sometimes now and again there’d be a car, but mostly it was fine. Technically, Mom and Dad told Kirin to take her to the park to practice, but… Well, Ali agreed with Kirin that the street was perfectly fine. Besides, Kirin didn’t like the park as much nowadays.

Ali was trying really hard to get a hang of riding her bike without training wheels. Kirin said that was something big girls could do, and she really wanted to impress him and make him proud. She pushed off to try and start that pedaling, though her foot was flailing a little, trying to find the pedal. She found it eventually, and started pedaling. Then her foot lost the pedal again, and she couldn’t find it again. She and the bike fell onto the ground. Stinging sharp pain suddenly blossomed over her palms and knees. She hissed loudly in pain, and sat back on the heels of her feet. There was blood on her hands and knees. She couldn’t help the tears in her eyes, and then suddenly Kirin was beside her.

Kirin grunted, as he pulled the bike onto the sidewalk, before coming over to Ali. He put a hand on her shoulder, and looked at her skinned knee. He grimaced at it, lightly brushed it, causing Ali to hiss in pain. “Don’t poke it!” She whined.

Kirin had a weird look on his face, and Ali couldn’t tell if he was mad, sad, scared, or anything. “Can you stand?” He asked.

Ali bit her lip. “Um… I don’t know….” She said, honestly not sure if she could. It hurt, and she didn’t really want to move.

Kirin did her best to support her, and even with the stinging pain in Ali’s knees, she could still stand up. It still hurt, but she was standing. “Let’s go back to the house.” Kirin said. Ali only nodded, and he grabbed her wrist and led her back to the house. She was really glad that he didn’t grab her hand, since she didn’t think holding her hand was a good idea while it still covered in blood and injured. He ushered Ali up the stairs and into the bathroom they shared. He made her sit down in a chair they kept in there, and reached into a cabinet to get bandages and disinfectant. He got a bowl of water and towel to wash her injured hands and knees, getting out some weird stuff that’d gotten in there she guessed when she fell. He rubbed disinfectant in there, and shushed her when she protested. Then he bandaged her hands and knees. Then he looked her in the eyes.

Ali always thought that Kirin had pretty eyes. They were just like her’s… Sort of.

“Don’t tell Mom or Dad.” He said. “Put on pants and gloves, and if anything goes wrong, only tell me. Promise me.”

Ali could only nod. She didn’t think too much about it. She nervously put her hands behind her back. “It still hurts, though…”

Kirin frowned at her. “I can’t just make the pain go away. You’ll be fine. Quit the tears.” He said.

Ali had still been crying. However, it was nothing compared to the wracking sobs and screams that had accompanied the breaking of Kirin’s arm. She started to rub away her tears, but it didn’t really stop. Her knees still felt raw, same with her palms. It was nice that she wasn’t getting blood everywhere, but she really wanted Kirin to comfort her a little bit more.

Kirin sighed. “Okay. It’s still a while before Mom and Dad come home… I’ll get something to cheer you up. Come on. Go change and we’re going.”

Ali didn’t really get what Kirin was talking about, but she listened to him. She took off her shorts and exchanged them for pants, and she pulled on some gloves. Then she met Kirin down the stairs, by the front door with wide eyes. Kirin took her by the hand, ignoring the way Ali hissed and a teary glob streamed down her face. “It’ll be better soon.” He said, leading her down the sidewalk. They walked for what felt like a super long time. Then they got to where some shops and stuff were. Kirin brought her inside the ice cream store, and Ali’s eyes widened with excitement.

Her knees and hands still hurt, but Kirin was getting ice cream! This was amazing! Ice cream was always the best! Kirin got dark chocolate ice cream for himself, and a vanilla for Ali. Ali happily got to licking her ice cream, as Kirin sat them both down on a bench just outside the ice cream store. Kirin was licking slowly at his ice cream, even as it was melting a little. He got a ton of ice cream, multiple scoops. Ali wondered how he was going to eat all of it. She only had one little scoop, and she was desperate to not let a single drop escape her.

Later, as they were finishing off their ice cream, Kirin began to speak again. “You feel better, now… Right?”

Ali nodded fervently with a wide smile. “Yeah! Thanks Kirin!” She said, leaning against him. She was still holding her ice cream and couldn’t properly hug him, but she would when she could!

“Don’t your hands and knees still hurt?” Kirin pressed.

Ali’s expression fell and she shrugged. “I guess but….” She waved her cone. “Ice cream.” She said, as if it explained everything. Maybe it did.

Kirin looked up into the sky. “Next time… Maybe remember ice cream.” He said.

Ali blinked. She didn’t get it. “Uh… What do you mean, Kirin?” She asked.

“Next time you’re hurt.” Kirin elaborated. He suddenly sounded like he was really far away… Or maybe he didn’t know he was talking to Ali. “No one wants to hear or see your crying. It’s just dumb. Big kids don’t cry. Maybe if you smiled instead….” He trailed off. Ali wondered if he knew what he was saying.

Ali started down inside her ice cream cone. She guessed it made sense. It did sound pretty dumb that if every time you got hurt you started crying. She’d cried when she fell, even though Kirin was the one who was more hurt. Maybe next time she’d follow Kirin’s advice….

(She did. Eventually. It took some practice, but it eventually came to the point several weeks later, that when Ali accidentally got bitten by someone’s Zigzagoon while she was out with her friends… She didn’t want them to worry. Besides, the Zigzagoon’s trainer seemed pretty apologetic, and she didn’t want them to feel bad. So she smiled and waved off all their concerns. She told them not to worry, since she was fine, despite the blood dripping from the bite marks in her hand. It did feel better than crying, even if it let an odd and uncomfortable feeling settle in her gut.)

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