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 Terrene culture discussion
 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 09:44 PM


Hey guys,

I just wanted to make a thread to discuss and share ideas concerning the finer details of Terrene's culture. I found that when making an immigrant character, I didn't worry too much about the culture she was jumping into. However, once I made an native, I have a character who is steeped in this culture from birth and so it will naturally influence his personality and how he views and acts in the world.

Specific topics I'd love to discuss are:

Cuisine--I watch way too many food documentaries, but I enjoy learning about how certain styles of food came to be. In Terrene, the different cooking styles will likely be introduced from immigrants with certain lingering memories. However, they'll also be adapted to whatever food sources are primary for the area. In Forest Beach, for instance, hunting, gathering, and fishing are the primary food sources due to smaller amount of farming space available. Thus, I'd expect their diet to include a lot of meat and fish. Crater City and Ashfield would probably have comparatively more fruits and vegetables due to more farming area, but Crater City's cuisine is likely affected by the lack of wood. Since wood is scarce, it's probably too precious to be used for everyday cooking fires. Most meals in Crater City are probably cooked with smaller grass fires with larger wood fires being reserved for special occasions and large gatherings. Oasis might also be a little stingy with the firewood, being in a desert.

All of our characters have to eat though, so I like to think about what their meals are like from time to time. For one of Soren's threads I describe the workers in his house sharing a meal together, and they don't have tables and chairs because there isn't wood for them. They all sit together on a blanket on the floor and eat out of shared dishes mostly with their hands instead of utensils. I also did this just because I thought it sounded cozy, and I imagine traditionally eating shared meals like this would develop some strong bonds.

Clothes--I remember discussing in the chat what we thought certain native characters would wear and that fits into culture too. Probably, they're wearing clothes made from whatever is available and to fit the climate of wherever they're at. As with food, different artistic styles were probably pulled over from residual memories that incoming immigrants brought with them. Places near the water like Forest Beach village might decorate clothes with seashells and make jewelry from them. Other places might make decorations from stones or feathers.

Prejudice--here's the big P word. We know prejudice against immigrants is more common in certain areas like Oasis, but as with real life, I expect you could find at least a little prejudice all over. Immigrants come into the world with almost no memories, little supplies, and no home or friends. They're often reliant on the other people that they encounter in Terrene to help look after them as they adjust. In some places, I could see people resenting that. In Crater City where new immigrants are branded and put to work, I expect there are some people who think the city is too good to them by freely providing food and housing. Immigrants may also come through with terribly injuries or psychological damage that may make it hard for them to work or they may require more care than some people are willing to provide. I think the caste-like system Crater has going on also makes it easier to think of others as being worth less or more, which can exacerbate prejudice even more.

There's also prejudice against outsiders in general and not specifically immigrants. I played with this a little in a thread where Soren works alongside visitors to Crater who are thinking of taking the brand. He's a little suspicious of them because of how he's been raised to expect people outside of Crater to be barbaric and cruel. He's not sure he wants them as neighbors.

Obviously there's way more to Terrene's culture than this, so I'd love if everyone added their own ideas.

I'm also real interested in religion, superstitions, and art to name just a few.

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