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 Oh god it's a mental asylum escapee, [Unmodded Adventure]
 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 06:12 PM


Dawn sighed as she stomped into the woods, her hands trying to tie up her hair. Great, just great. The heat was getting worse, and the house was honestly a fucking burning oven at this point. But while Winter and Callie usually got out and got shade and cool water to escape the heat, Dawn did none of that. Why would she? The ocean was a hellhole of horribleness and she wasn't a fan of finding other people to bother her in shady areas. Instead, Dawn did what she always did. Go into the forest and probably get some food.

But to her dismay, Kid was trotting behind her. Normally, she would just tell the bidoof to stay at home. Today, though, she just couldn't bear to leave Kid alone in that burning house. Besides, it's not like he'd leave her side either. Kid was stuck to her leg like a helpless puppy, and she couldn't get him off.

The woman took a deep breath as she felt the cool shade of the towering trees. A smile was engraved on her face, and she actually looked at peace. Although her seemingly friendly demeanor did not hide the mess that she was. Her scars were beared with pride and her cloudy left eye was drooping on the side. She probably would look like a monster in children's fairytales if she made the effort.

A fallen tree caught her eyes... Eye. She glanced down at Kid, who just blankly stared at the tree. The tree was beginning to rot, and had several chunks missing. Well... This seemed familiar, at least a bit. Dawn sighed, and wandered over to the tree. Her bidoof partner let out a squeak, and rolled after his human.

Dawn plopped herself onto the tree, ignoring the moss and fungi growing on it. She rested her elbows on her knees, and her head on her hands. Kid blinked, and slowly climbed up onto the tree as well. He seated himself next to his human, and looked out into the forest.

 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 08:33 PM


[Here are your spawns for this unmodded adventure. You are in control of them, but keep it realistic and reasonable! Remember to post in the mod request whenever you attempt a capture or befriending, and remember that you can only attempt to capture/befriend each Pokemon twice. Have fun!]

a wild Chimchar has appeared!
level 3 ◒ female ◒ Blaze ◒ Focus Punch, Double Kick, Scratch, leer

a wild Phantump has appeared!
level 4 ◒ male ◒ Harvest ◒ Imprison, tackle, confuse ray

 Posted: Jun 10 2018, 10:19 AM


"(Aaagh! Get away, ya creep!)"

Kid's ears perked up as a distant shout echoed through the forest. He winced, not entirely sure what to make of the words. Well... Should he go check it out? Curiosity poked at his thoughts, but he simply ignored them. It could be trouble. He could just be imagining things. He hadn't been in the forest for so long, he didn't know what to think.

He noticed that his human had straightened up her posture, and was staring in the direction of the shout. Maybe he wasn't imagining things, then.

His thoughts were confirmed as a small monkey came crashing through the bushes. The bidoof squeaked in shock, and pushed himself against his human companion. She would protect him, right!? She always did.

Suddenly, another pokemon appeared. He seemed to be following the monkey, much to her dislike. She growled as she realized she wasn't alone, and turned to the little flying stump. "(Why do you keep following me!? Like I said, I'm not interested!)"

"(But I'm lonelyyy. I just want to play, please?)" The phantump cried, his expression shifted into disappointment. Kid felt like crying himself at the sad pokemon. He turned up to his human, and gave her a concerned expression. Dawn stared down at her bidoof friend, and gave him a little nod.

"(Shut up! I know your kind's little tricks! Father told me never to trust a ghost! Certainly not the likes of you!)" The chimchar barked, crossing her arms in a disapproving manner. At this point, the human was just staring in confusion at the two. An eyebrow was raised, and her actions remained unusually still.

Dawn suddenly hoisted herself up. After taking a deep sigh, the woman wandered over to the ghost and monkey. She didn't exactly want to get into their probably petty squabble, but Kid's concern made her want to see what was wrong.

The phantump let out a small screech as he finally noticed the nearby human. Dawn took a long sigh. Well, this one definitely wasn't perceptive. A cute little thing, though. Same with the chimchar. A small smile curved onto the woman's face.

Her smile was immediately gone as the phantump launched a little ball of light at her in his fright. She stumbled back, and hissed at the image of angry ursaring appearing only to her. The woman balled her hands into fists, and faced the short-living illusion. "Awww, get outta here, ya prick! Can't you see I'm too busy for your shit!"

Kid looked at the woman in confusion... What was she yelling at? Was she okay? The bidoof glanced at the phantump with wide eyes. What did he do!? Did he hurt her!? Please don't let her be hurt!

The chimchar seemed to be expecting the suddenly angry human. She pointed an accusing finger at the other pokemon, and gave him a scowl. "(See!? You and your stupid tricks! I knew you couldn't be trusted!)"

The phantump started to bawl at both the angry human and the chimchar's words. He backed away a few inches, and tried to defend himself through his tears. "(I-It was an ac-accident! I-I swear!)"

Kid was now growing heavily conflicted about the situation. While he noticed that the fire pokemon seemed heavily accusing, he did just witness the stump attack his human after creepily chasing after said fire pokemon.

The bidoof let out a little wince, and rolled over to the scarred woman, who was still glaring into the forest. He brushed against her ankle, and stared up at her in worry. Was the attack permenant? Please Arceus no...

Thankfully, the confuse ray was quickly starting to fade away. Dawn began to rub her usable eye, and blinked at the now disappearing illusion. She took a glance down to her feet, where her partner was looking at her in terrifying concern. The human tried to take a deep breath, and began to process what had just happened. "I... I'm fine, Kid. Don't worry about me." She murmured, her voice surprisingly soft.

Kid took a small sigh of relief, but squeaked in surprise as the woman wandered towards the other two pokemon again. A warm smile started to form on her face once again. The thing was that her eyes did not match the same warmth.

The chimchar raised an eyebrow in confusion, and shuffled away from the human, who was now bending over the small stump creature. Kid let out a subtle squeak at the tone of his trainer's voice. She sounded playful, yet there was a certain layer of threatening.

"Haha, you think you're playing sly, eh? Hilarious, I tell ya." Dawn cackled. She inched closer to the phantump, which made him let out another shriek. Another ball of light was tossed her way, but Dawn was expecting it. She moved to the side slightly, enough to completely dodge the attack.

Another step was taken towards the pokemon. This time, the ghost was seeming to realize that he wasn't entirely safe here. Between the approaching human and the ticked off fire pokemon, he wasn't sure he'd be fine with dealing with either now. Finally, the phantump started to retreat. His bawling was still ringing clear into the air as he went further into the forest.

With the little pokemon gone, Dawn's expression started to relax. Her eyes lessened their intensity, and her face defaulted to her typical bored expression. A hint of a smile was still there, though. It was just faint.

The woman hoisted herself up, grunting as she did. "God, I'm getting rusty." She teased herself, laughing lightly. She stretched out her arms for a moment, and looked over her shoulder. The chimchar was staring back at her, no hint of her former anger in her movements and face. She seemed to be content to have gotten what she wanted.

With a glance to the side, Dawn could see that Kid was simply sitting nearby. The small rodent seemed clueless of what to do, and looked at his trainer as if she'd tell him what he needed to do.

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