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 Staircase to Heaven, [adventure - unmodded]
 Posted: Jun 8 2018, 05:10 AM


Flash was following Heather into the forest. Heather.... Often demanded that they go into the forest. Heather never exactly said it, but was usually pretty insistent in trying to drag Flash into the forest. After the first few times, Flash got the message and now followed the Doduo, without him needing to grab Flash by the wrist, which was good. Heather didn't hurt Flash, but it wasn't the most comfortable, being lead around by a bird who didn't have hands, and thus needed to latch his beak around Flash's wrist. Anyways, Flash found himself going into the forest even in his free time a lot nowadays, not just when he was going in to fish in the rivers. Heather appeared to be more fond of eating rodents and bugs and such, as opposed to fish.... Though, he'd seen Heather eat fish. He seemed to default to to prey from land though. Flash thought that if they were going to be partners, perhaps he should try to encourage Heather to try fishing. Flash wasn't a true hunter like Heather, and if this was a partnership... They needed to be doing the same thing.

Though, Flash thought he should probably have his own fishing pole for that, instead of constantly borrowing one of Briar's spares. Absentmindedly, he thought he should also get his own knife, for when Heather wanted to go into the forest until then.

Flash was thankful that Heather always didn't go too far ahead. Heather was able to easily outpace him, and Flash couldn't go his fastest for long without growing tired. Though, he could tell that sometimes it frustrated Heather. Though, really, it wasn't Flash's fault he was human and didn't have as strong legs as Heather did. Heather finally seemed to stop leading Flash around, stopping in a forest clearing, and looking around silently with both heads. Flash stopped at the edge, and laid a hand on a tree to provide a little balance to lean on. Did Heather see something?

 Posted: Jun 8 2018, 05:57 AM


[Here are your spawns for this unmodded adventure. You are in control of them, but keep it realistic and reasonable! Remember to post in the mod request whenever you attempt a capture or befriending, and remember that you can only attempt to capture/befriend each Pokemon twice. Have fun! @kira]

a wild Pumpkaboo has appeared!
level 2 ◒ female ◒ pickup ◒ BESTOW, trick, astonish, confuse ray

a wild Hoothoot has appeared!
level 5 ◒ male ◒ insomnia ◒ FEINT ATTACK, WHIRLWIND, HURRICANE, tackle, growl, foresight, hypnosis
 Posted: Jun 8 2018, 07:59 PM


Heather did indeed see something. Though, it was an awfully strange for a late summer morning... Heather didn't attempt to track time as specifically as humanity, though he understood that the time of ghosts was usually when the leaves rusted away from being green, and fell to the floor. Ghosts weren't blunt creatures, often hiding in the shadows and playing their tricks, loving to scare humans and spineless pokemon. To see one in broad daylight.... Heather was mildly wary. Though, this one seemed to be rather.... Young, from what Heather could tell, though Heather didn't interact with ghosts much.

The pumpkin-shaped ghostly child had floated out from behind a tree on the edge of the clearing, bouncing as she floated, and seemed to be looking for something. "(Blue? Blue?)" The child seemed to be saying. If Heather had to guess, the pumpkin-shaped child was searching for something.... Blue in color. The child could be thirsty possibly, and that's what he was looking for. Heather debated whether to assist the child, who seemed rather inattentive, having paid no attention to Heather's presence. A pokemon incapable of being alert was highly susceptible to attack, and becoming the victim of another pokemon. Though, Heather had no reason to care about the young Pumpkaboo. Heather did not go after ghosts for prey, considering how they were often too much effort to exert when Heather needed to eat. Heather considered himself a smart, capable predator. Foolish and prideful was the predator who passed up a meal for the sake of feeding his ego in a challenging hunt.

Flash was soon as able to see what Heather had likely spotted. A young floating pumpkin pokemon, who Flash thought to be a ghost-type. There were many cautionary stories and lessons imparted, the specific ones centering around ghosts and demons, mostly the latter. However, during the Fall months, the stories surrounding ghosts tended to circulate a little bit more. One of the stories regarded a ghost pokemon that was shaped like a pumpkin, and was said to be a guide to wandering spirits. Though... The stories regarding its evolutionary species... Were decidedly much more cautionary. Flash didn't think the pumpkin pokemon, whose name he honestly couldn't remember, was likely too threatening. It seemed almost endearing, the way it bounced on air, and it seemed... Too small to be very threatening. Though, Flash reminded himself that size didn't truly convey threat level. He looked to see Heather was sauntering forth without much caution... So perhaps the pumpkin truly wasn't a threat. Flash figured that Heather could read the situation better than he could.

Flash stepped forward more cautiously than Heather, but followed the bird nonetheless. Except, when Heather was approaching, a rustle of leaves from up above stopped both Heather and Flash in their tracks. Then something sharply descended from the trees, landing in between the ghost and them. The ghost seemed to be finally paying attention to what was going on, trying to look past the interloper and at Flash and Heather. Flash looked at the thing that had come onto the scene.... It appeared to be an owl. He wondered why it interfered.

Heather narrowed his eyes at the sudden appearance of a Hoothoot, creating an even stranger scene. Heather's heads both recoiled, before leaning back forward. It was strange, since owls were normally nocturnal, nighttime hunters. That, and Heather could not fathom why this Hoothoot was protecting the Pumpkaboo, as he did not imagine solitary, nighttime creatures like Hoothoot to fancy themselves valiant protectors.

"(Back off, human pet.)" The Hoothoot spat out, clearly rather hostile.

Heather recoiled once more, offended by the very statement. "(Human pet?)" It took much effort to avoid shouting. "(I am no pet. This human is a hunting partner of mine.)" The Doduo insisted, somewhat forcefully without raising his voice too much.

"(A partner?)" Hoothoot echoed, casting a skeptical glance past Heather, before the apparent disbelief dissipated somewhat. Heather was sure that the owl had seen the human's scars. Perhaps the scars had convinced the owl of the human's credibility as a partner. It did show that the human was not sheltered, and had seen battle. Though, Hoothoot seemed to recover and harden his gaze once more. "(Regardless, what are your intentions with this child?)"

"(The child, I believe, is thirsty. I wanted to help.)" Heather replied shortly, scowling at the Hoothoot who questioned him. "(What are your intentions, this late in the morning?)"

The heated exchange of expression and words did not seem to be weakening in terms of tension, and as an uncomprehending outsider, Flash felt somewhat awkward. He thought to go around the conflict, but as he was about to take a step, the owl immediately focused on him and squawked at him. Flash took back his step. He looked to the floating pumpkin child who seemed to be cautiously backing away. Flash sighed. He didn't seem to be able to advance while the owl was still hostile.

Heather seemed about ready to rush at Hoothoot, but didn't move... Yet. "(Do not throw threats around and answer my question!)" It wasn't that Heather particularly cared for the human yet beyond an interest in protecting his investment, but he did not particularly care for the possessive attitude of this Hoothoot.

"(.... I am a sleepless Hoothoot.)" The owl somehow managed to hiss through his beak. Heather didn't know what that exactly meant, but it sounded like perhaps certain Hoothoot suffered from an inability to sleep, and such a Hoothoot was standing before him right now. "(And as for me.... This child... This child appears barely old enough to fend for herself. I do not care for allowing a human to harass such a young child.)"

"(This human does not harass.)" Heather snapped back, mostly trying to debunk anything Hoothoot had to say, mostly wanting to get rid of Hoothoot and tend to the Pumpkaboo child herself. "(Now, move out of the way.)"

"(No, I will not!)" Hoothoot fiercely defended. Though, it appeared the aggressive display between flightless and nocturnal was a little too intense for the eyes and ears of young ones, even for ones who were technically dead.

The Pumpkaboo behind Hoothoot began to wail suddenly. "(No! No!)" The child screamed. It occurred to Heather, that this child had an extremely limited vocabulary, and wasn't that good at articulating anything.... It briefly occurred to Heather that a child this small.... Who seemed barely old enough to fend for themselves.... Wouldn't survive.

Heather began to feel awkward. His temper had fiercely grabbed him. His intention was to aid the child.... Yet, he managed to cause the child distress. This had not been what he wanted.

 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 08:19 PM


Flash was watching this whole scenario unfold. The aggression between the owl and Heather, seemingly over the flying pumpkin ghost, as he didn't think there could be anything else they were fighting over. That, and the fact that the ghost's sudden wailing stopped both Heather and the owl's squabbling, and both of them appeared to look properly chastised. Flash sighed. He thought perhaps that he should properly step in now, as the ghost appeared to still be.... Well.... The ghost's wail didn't come off in tone as aggressive to Flash, moreso upset. Possibly by the squabbling. The pumpkin hadn't fled or done anything else since arriving, mostly seemingly searching for something. So, Flash didn't see the ghost as a threat. Now that the owl seemed to be less.... Well, overtly aggressive, he thought to try and approach the pumpkin now. He stepped forward and got down on one knee beside Heather, as he did not want to get too close to the owl yet, since he was not sure of how safe the owl would be, even if it did appear to have come down from its anger.... For now. He turned his gaze to the pumpkin, though unlike the hard serious gaze he treated most people to, his brown eyes were softer as if he was addressing one of his younger siblings... When they weren't doing stupid things, of course. In those scenarios, they were treated to the hard stony gaze of justly earned disappointment. Flash's disappointment wasn't irrational he felt. He certainly thought that Ice's dangerous ideas and fantasies of adventure were stupid, and especially when he tried to pull Lightning into it.

"Hello." He spoke softly, though he was sure that the ghost would be able to hear him clearly. Though, it occurred to him that the pumpkin would not understand his words, since pokemon and humans did not share a common tongue. Instead, they were often forced to converse while relying entirely upon body language and reading tones of voice. Though, from seeing other members of his family with pokemon partners, he gathered that pokemon were able to pick up some parts of human language, if only for comprehension. Heather did not understand as much as say, his parents' pokemon, not understanding a lick of what any of Flash said. Though, his parents' pokemon seemed to understand his parents' commands when they issued them.

Still, even without the ability to understand his exacts words, the pumpkin appeared to catch that Flash was talking to her. He wasn't sure what made him think that this ghost was a girl... Just seemed like it. It might've been a guess, or shot in the dark. Though, he supposed again... This ghost would never know what pronouns exactly he was using to refer to her. He reached out a hand, palm up, though he didn't reach very far, perhaps a foot in front of him. He did not make any strong attempts to reach out to the pumpkin, due to the fact that he did not want to lose any fingers to the owl. Perhaps he thought about it too much, but he really was trying to avoid any further maiming in his lifetime, if only for the sheer fact of how upset it made his family. They always cried when Flash added scars to his collection... Which... He supposed was fair. They cared about him as much as he did, though the thought never stopped him from putting himself first, as he thought he should be protecting them. He protected his younger siblings, as much as his parents protected all five of them.

The pumpkin was clearly looking at him, but then the owl raised a wing to block the pumpkin from view protectively. Flash wondered if this pumpkin knew this owl... It seemed strange to see such a display of protectiveness between strangers. That kind of protective instinct was reserved for family and close friends, wasn't it?

Unlike the human, Heather knew exactly what Hoothoot was doing. "(I do not want this human to touch this child.)" Hoothoot declared firmly, though his voice had calmed down somewhat from earlier. He was still rather unfriendly, but their focus seemed to have returned to the care of the child as opposed to biting each other's heads off... As it should be.

Still, Heather's feathers bristled in indignation. "(Do you know this child? I know it is impossible for you two to be family.)" Heather insisted, doing his best to keep himself from snapping again and upsetting the child, who presently was trying to peek over and around Hoothoot's wing.

"(..... No, this child is a stranger to me...)" Hoothoot seemed to admit begrudgingly. "(But.... I have no need to hunt this child for food. I do not eat ghosts.)" Hoothoot firmly said.

Heather understood that much. Not only did he not eat ghosts, ghosts were.... Not exactly a common type of prey for anyone. Not only were many ghosts already dead, they were often a waste of time, taking more energy to hunt than their meat provided. So, in this case... Neither bird could possibly be motivated by food. No, both their motives seemed... Strangely benign, for a pair of birds who preferred to hunt for their food, as opposed to some of the gentler bird pokemon that dwelled in the forest, who chose to feast upon berries and maybe the odd bug-type instead of good, fresh meat.

"(Then... Why protect this child? Especially from a nonexistent threat.)" Heather grunted in response.

"(Nonexistent...?!)" Hoothoot seemed to force themselves to pause, to gather themselves before speaking again. "(.... Humans... Do you know what they do...?)" Hoothoot said carefully, though it was practically hissed through a closed beak.

"(.... I admit, I do not have much experience with humans.... This one excluded.)" Heather admitted. Heather had never really dealt much with humans before meeting this blond one. He'd heard that some pokemon talked about humans and what they did to pokemon, but he payed it little mind. Humans similarly hunted, and he thought of them mostly as a strange type of fellow predator, but not much else. He didn't pay much attention to rumors.... But... He did hear of some unsavory things that humans did....

"(Humans enslave good wild pokemon, and force them to be their pet.)" Hoothoot hissed out. "(Turn good strong pokemon into obedient shells that only exist to serve. That is the terrible fate that awaits captured pokemon. Not all humans carry the ability to perform this evil, but many that brave our domain do. Any human could be dangerous.)" Hoothoot insisted, and it seemed that the red-eyed flying-type had a particular hatred towards humanity.

Though, to Heather.... He admitted he was a strange kind of minority among his kind. He was largely indifferent to humanity as a whole, and thought to regard humans on a case by case basis, rather than assuming humanity will be similar in a certain type of behavior... Aside from thinking of humans as strange predators without talons of their own, needed to create artificial talons of wood and stone, as they lacked such natural weapons.

"(I willingly entered a partnership with this human.)" Heather began. He did not believe he could convince Hoothoot to relax and allow him access to the Pumpkaboo child, unless he could convince the owl that the human was not a threat. "(I discovered this human by pure chance, and he was merely collecting food.)" He explained. "(I am... Not used to hunting alone. I saw a human, yes. But I also saw a potential hunting partner, as I believed despite his humanity... He could be an asset to me and we could survive the seasons together.)" Heather finished his story. He looked to Hoothoot, and carefully watched for signs of Hoothoot changing his mind.

The first reaction he could see in Hoothoot's eyes was wild skepticism, as if he couldn't believe Heather's story. Then his eyes seemed to relax into begrudging reluctance. "(.... But are you free?)" Hoothoot asked.

"(.... I admit, I am now bound to this human.... And it would be difficult to run away if I so chose.)" Heather started. He was about to continue, when Hoothoot interjected.

"(So you admit you've been trapped.)" Hoothoot said.

"(.... No. I am not trapped. Because I am where I want to be, and I was the one who originally followed this human to his human nest.)" Heather insisted, asserting that he most certainly was not tricked into becoming a human pet... Because he was no human pet, and this human did not own him. "(I am bound, because I chose to be. I was.... Given a choice.)"

He remembered, because it wasn't too long ago. When he returned with the human to his human nest.... It had been.... Strange. Human nests were incredibly large, and this human had several nestmates and stranger still, the parents shared the nest with the hatchlings. It was all very strange, but Heather did not pretend to understand human families. He remembered that inside the large wooden human nest.... There was a moment in one of the clearings inside the nest, that was when Heather accepted to bound. Heather at least... He at least had heard what the human methods of capturing pokemon looked like. They were odd shiny round... Stone-like things of strong vibrant colors that were stranger still. The human had held out that strange object.... And waited. Heather had understood. Heather had shown interest in a pokemon-human partnership when he followed the human back to his nest, instead of going back into the forest to live out his life free of humans. Now, this had been the time to ah... Seal the deal so to speak. Heather realized that.... For this partnership to flourish or go anywhere... Things would need to happen on both sides. The human allowed Heather within his nest, within reach of his nestmates, which to Heather showed incredible trust. Now, Heather had to do something to help... Build the foundations of this partnership. For now, this was purely business. Though, Heather was open to the idea of a true partnership, should the human continue to prove himself worthy, beyond when he first piqued Heather's interest.

So... Yes. Heather accepted to be bound to the strange device. He was often kept outside of it, and he enjoyed the freedom. It showed a lack of interest on the human's part to enslave Heather, which he appreciated. Heather was able to keep an eye on the human to protect his... Business investment, he often liked to call it. That, and Heather learned of the human's routine, and was able to learn about humans in general. Honestly, mostly Heather didn't change his opinion of them being... Extremely strange. There appeared to be an abundance of disagreements and grabs for dominance, as the human and his subordinate nestmates tended to bicker, especially the smaller ones. Though, strangely... There was a female who appeared to be something like a nestmate, but not, who often disrespected the human Heather had chosen. It was all very, very strange.

"(And I agreed to it.)" Heather said simply.

"(It can't be that simple.)" Hoothoot argued. "(You must be influenced by that human... You're nothing but tame.)" He sneered.

Heather snapped back. "(Do you want to fight, to show you how tame I am?!)"

Flash wasn't really sure... But given by how aggressive the owl and Heather had gotten again... He gathered that they'd forgotten about the pumpkin ghost.... Again. The owl rushed forward and tackled Heather across the grassy floor. It shocked Flash, and his gaze snapped to where Heather landed on the ground.

Heather had been surprised, but quickly moved, straining to regain his footing with both feet. Once the two-headed bird was standing again, he let out of a battle cry of some sort, and charged at the owl, and managed to jab his beak and now it was the owl's turn to be forced back by the attack.

Flash turned around for one quick second, only to flinch badly and fall onto his rear onto the grass behind him. The pumpkin ghost had come up, right behind him, and he hadn't expected it. Though... He supposed it made sense that since the owl was gone, there was nothing stopping the ghost from approaching. The pumpkin was now squealing at him, and Flash had no idea what she was saying or what she could possibly want. She seemed fairly agitated. Flash didn't know how to comfort a pumpkin, so he acted on instinct. He reached out a palm, offering some physical comfort if the pumpkin would reach for it. It occurred to Flash that she seemed rather naive, not hesitating too much before brushing up against his hand.

Though, as he bit his lip and looked over his shoulder.... Heather and the owl were still fighting. He could help.... But he neglected to bring any weapons, and he feared that he'd only lose an eyeball with his luck, and only be in Heather's way... Considering how close quarters they were fighting.

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