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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Symbolism!, thinking way too much into things
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 12:51 AM


I got this idea of Rixie's profile for Avery, actually. She describes Avery's belief that a person's pokemon says something about who they are with the example of Beta's pyroar being a symbol of his being chosen by divinity. It got me thinking, what does every other characters' pokemon say about them?

Cecilia's Pokemon:

Grape the Gligar
user posted image
A combination of a bat and a scorpion, bats can be seen as symbols of rebirth. This works well with the fact that it is Cece's starter, marking her "rebirth" into a new life in Terrene. Scorpions are symbolic of potential danger and change which also fits well with Cecilia's situation. Basically, "It's dangerous to go into Terrene alone! Take this terrifying scorpion-bat with you." He's also a mix of animal ferocity and childlike silliness, which sort of hints at Cecilia's darker side as a fierce fighter.

Sugar the Mr. Mime
user posted image
I know this is a stretch, but here I go. Sugar represents Cecilia's missing child. It looks a little like a child, or like a puppet which would be a child's toy. Sugar also behaves much like a child. Beyond that we could say the psychic/fairy combination could be a symbol of Cecilia's combination of intelligence and compassion.

Sweet Pea the Rowlet
user posted image
Rowlet is an owl pokemon, and owls are often connected to wisdom, femininity, and fertility. Cecilia is generally wise, she certainly was in her previous life but moving to Terrene took out a lot of her hard gained experience. I'd say the wisdom will come back as she lives. Also, she is a woman and she's successfully had at least one child, so there's your femininity and fertility right there.

Soren's pokemon:

Genesis the Girafarig
user posted image
Girafarig is based on the giraffe or a made-up creature called a push-me-pull-me with two heads. Giraffes are symbols for gentleness, which fits Soren pretty well. Evidently their long neck also represents being able to see the future or otherwise observe what others are unable to see. I think that fit's well with Soren's study of his mother's diary and his learning all about her experience in the Suffering Universe. It isn't the same as seeing the future, but it is definitely a way of seeing a life and world that others are blind to. Plus she's a psychic type, and Soren was intended to be a highly intellectual character. We could say Genesis also represents his love of learning with how she's so curious herself.

Cumulonimbus the Mareep
user posted image
Nimbus can have a few different meanings. Mareep are based on sheep, and nimbus is specifically a lamb. Lambs represent innocence, purity, gentleness, all of which are traits that might describe Soren right now. Most interestingly, when depicted with the lion (Like a pyroar that Beta has or maybe a luxio or luxray like Avery and his mom have) it is considered a symbol of paradise (*cough* Crater City *cough*). Okay, Crater City isn't paradise, but in the opinion of many of these characters, including Soren right now, it's as close as it gets. However, as nimbus grows up, he'll become a ram. The ram represents leadership, determination, and initiative. These don't seem to apply to Soren right now, but they may later. I'd also like to point out that Soren's astrological sign is Aries, the ram.

 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 10:55 AM


I'm going to try and cough up some rationale for Ri's pokemon, though it might not go well.

Venom the Seviper

user posted image

So, snakes have a lot of different kinds of symbolism behind them, depending on what culture is using them. There's the phrase "snake in the grass" to suggest someone is dangerous but laying in wait, and calling someone a viper is an insult and achieves similar effect. I suppose that could reference Ri's immense amount of BS, while she keeps most of her most vicious thoughts internal. Though, in general, I think Ri is a little too blunt and aggressive to fit this very well.Though, according to wikipedia, certain cultures use snakes as symbols of birth/rebirth, which fits with Ri's immigrant status. They also apparently represent guardianship.... Which fits Ri a fair bit more, what with her aggressively overprotective tendencies (That admittedly right now mostly center around Blue and her pokemon). Snakes for obvious reasons, are connected with poison and healing. Probably because their venom is dangerous.... not sure why about the healing. Mostly I regard Ri as a vaguely poisonous sort of individual, as she is not really great at treating people very well, defaulting to insults a lot of the time or just shutting down and becoming immensely awkward. Healing though... Ri does technically have compassion.... But mostly I'm inclined to say this symbolism doesn't reflect Ri as well. NOW VINDICTIVENESS AND VENGEANCE..... This fits Ri pretty damn well. She is extremely vindictive with a strong sense of justice, and if she decides to act she is extremely passionate and aggressive about it, so this certainly reflects Ri like a damn mirror.

All in all.... Snake symbolism 50% reflects Ri, 50% not quite. Mostly seems to say that Ri is literal poison lol.

Sai the Psyduck

user posted image

According to google.... Ducks are symbols of freedom, flexibility, and adaptability. To this point, I think it represents Ri's deep respect for individual freedom, her disdain for rules, and her interest in being able to go anywhere. Though, she's not very flexible... Maybe it could say something about what Ri could use more of? Maybe. Adaptability half-way reflects Ri, I'd say. She's not going to freeze up at a vicious situation, but in terms of character development... She's very stubborn and mildly stagnant.

Basically.... Ri is a free spirit who maybe could embrace flexibility and internal change a little bit more.

Arashi the Blitzle.

user posted image

Zebras represent freedom, community, protection, and family. As stated above, the freedom fits Ri pretty damn well, what with her easy preparedness to travel and disdain for restraints and rules. Community fits less... Because Ri has massive trust issues that keep her from making connections in general. Protection reflects well because of Ri's aggressive overprotective tendencies. Family, well.... Ri tends to come to think of what few close attachments she has as family. She likely thinks of herself and her pokemon as a family. Now... Arashi/Blitzle are not only based off of zebras, but are also electric-types. Googling it, lightning is apparently a symbol of divine punishment upon humans, and in dreams lightning symbolizes terrible events and negativity. Which basically sums up the fact that Ri is 98% trauma. She might not remember it, but she is still very much shaped by her life in the Suffering Universe.

To sum it up.... Ri is still free, overprotective, and wants companionship but not too much. Also Ri is a ball of trauma.

Yuki the Seel

user posted image

Seals apparently represent curiosity, creativity, and imagination. I haven't shown enough of it, but Ri is terribly curious, and she was more forthcoming with it as a child. But she has all three of those things, but she doesn't exercise them as often.

Message? Maybe Ri shouldn't run away so fast from her childhood self lol you were a better person as a child ri dangit

Andy the Pidgey

user posted image

Moooooore freedom symbolism. He's a bird. Yes. More freedom symbolism. So.... I'm guessing the fact that so many freedom symbols made it into Ri's team basically mean she is the natural enemy of order and rules oml.

 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 03:37 PM


awyis. You guys I don't think you're prepared for this. I've built so much of Cynth's development around horse symbolism.


user posted image

Horses symbolize freedom, power and motivation, travel and movement.

Travel and movement here is the one that doesn't seem to quite fit Cynth. Originally, I did have a goal for her that she would visit each area of Terrene, at least on the mainland, if not the islands as well. But it seems like her own goals are developing, despite my original intentions, and those goals seem likely to keep her rooted. Plus, the fact that she's a cripple makes the movement symbolism pretty dang ironic.

Power and motivation is a big one for Cynth, though. The horse represents a driving force, what you thrive for or carries you in life. I read that "a typical symbolism for the horse is one of an animal representing physical strength, vitality, but also our psychological or emotional ability to go on in life." She has endured a lot of hardship and experienced a lot of trial and tribulation, but she hasn't let it bring her down. It hasn't dampened her spirit or quenched her compassion. Rather, it's been doing the opposite: it's given her increased empathy for people, because she knows what it's like to struggle, to be used, to feel trapped. Her "driving force" will be the strong desire to help others overcome their own challenges.

And speaking of feeling trapped: the horse is and always has been a universal symbol of freedom without restraint, "because riding a horse made people feel they could free themselves from their own bindings." That resonates so strongly with Cynth. Her "bindings" are, of course, her missing limbs. And while I'm not sure if Cynth will ever actually ride Trick and feel freedom without restraint in that manner, one of the main conflicts in her story revolves around her gaining independence and personal freedom despite her disabilities.

While I was reading up on horse symbolism, I read that if you dream of a horse constrained in stable or that cannot move easily, you are likely dealing or will have to deal with limitations imposed in your own life upon the expression of yourself or strains put on your vitality. I wonder if Cynth frequently dreams of trapped horses...?

Also! One of the strangest things I read on horse symbolism, is that the horse acts as the mediator between Earth and Heaven. Now that might not seem that odd up front, but hear me out:

Cynth, being canonically born on December 2nd, is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is half human and half horse. And the Zodiac element of Sagittarius is fire. His higher intelligence is said to form a bridge between Earth and Heaven. What a coincidence, right?!

Anyway, I've spent hours on this already when I really should be working on IC posts or mod posts, so I won't even touch on the symbolism of her other Pokemon. Not yet, anyway.

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