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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 To the Mountain and Back
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 04:05 PM


Victor was to complete an important task for Dentelle. He only had made her acquaintance during a particular job that involved looking after some baby pokemon she had in her care. Since then the trainer had been awaiting any opportunity to assist her with any more jobs. He’d take up almost any job to be honest. Those of his pokemon who could be balled, were away. All except Ghost. She remained at his side as he expected the fox to want to see his partner for this mission.

It had been a while since the trainer had gone on an adventure with Sonia and as usual, she was late. Victor had been up and early, waiting with his pokemon, Pixie in his bag and Nereid in his arms. The two pokemon really needed pokeballs and he’d have to do that whenever he got the opportunity. Sonia wasn’t really familiar with some of his newer pokemon, but she knew the vulpix and the fox couldn’t wait to see her and another familiar face.

Kaname, the sylveon was Ghost’s best friend and not having seen him in a long time was a little heartbreaking. She had been through a lot since their last adventure and during. Now that they were older and stronger, she hoped they’d be able to protect their trainers a lot better than before.

Together the trainers were expected to escort a supply car into the rolling mountains. Victor wasn’t exactly sure why he was completing another task for this, Omega but the name remained with him after all these months. In addition, it was requested that they come back to Ashfield with information and updates on this man’s project. Whatever he was up to, it was none of their business. Victor just wanted to get paid and it couldn’t hurt to go on a bit of a journey as well.

Last time the trainer had completed a task in the rolling mountains it was with a woman named Leona. The two had faced a great danger which resulted in a lost leg for Spirit. Since then, the bug had been calmer than he originally was but he was still distant from the group. Victor hoped to bond with ledyba someday but for now he’d have to focus on the events in front of him.

It wasn’t enough that they’d have to face whatever came at them on the journey there but the two trainers would also have to challenge anything that attempted to harm them on the way back. Victor was sure they could handle whatever came their way. He just hoped this wouldn’t end up being some kind of trap or finding out they can’t leave once they arrived. The trainer was always worried about the negative possibilities. He was sure he would stop overthinking it once Sonia arrived. It would be better to focus on the mission once they were on the road.



 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 04:38 PM


Sonia was up early on that day. She had been excited ever since she had agreed to help out Dentelle once more. The professor seemed like a busy fellow, but her tasks were fun... And even if they weren't, Sonia just loved helping. This time, even aside from her natural altruism, Sonia was happy to work together with her old friend. They had been seeing each other over the recent months, but it was nothing like that one time they almost died while taking a sightseeing trip together. Sonia shuddered at the memory, but she was full of positive energy as usual - this time, things would be different. They had a mission to fulfill, so the trip was very meaningful and their teams had grown stronger.

After preparations, the woman headed for the designated meeting place, humming a cheerful melody. Her long hair was tied in a tight ponytail and her Sylveon was stepping next to her. His face showed little emotion aside from a slight, patient smile, but deep inside, he was feeling a similar enthusiasm. After all, Victor and his Pokémon were some of their closest friends. He couldn't wait to see Ghost: it was great to work together with someone he had so much in common with. After all, she was just as protective of her trainer as he was of his... Though her kind and cheerful attitude reminded him more of Sonia, which was also a good thing.

As usual, the first thing Sonia spotted was the auburn hair of her friend. He had arrived too early as usual and must have been waiting for her. She waved energetically and ran up to him.

"Hello! It's been a while, but you haven't changed at all! Been waiting for long?" Sonia started chittering right away, giving him a warm smile before she leaned down to greet some others. "Hello, Ghost! I could swear you get cuter every day! Hi, Nereid! And who's this little cutie?"

Kaname caught up, taking his time to make a graceful entrance, but he couldn't resist smiling at Victor's Pokémon. He bowed his head politely. "Good day. We seem to meet again. Let's hope it will be an easy journey."

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 Posted: Yesterday at 11:52 am


[Here are all of the rolls for the duration of Victor's & Sonia's travels through the western Great Forest! Deal with them how you will, but remember to keep it realistic and reasonable! Once you have completed the travel through the western Great Forest, post in the mod request. An admin will then process the first area's encounters, and then roll for travel through the Lion's Plains.]

@Aya @Shasyu

[Their Travel Partner]

Christopher, 17, appearance. Quiet, shy, reasonable. His only Pokemon are a pair of male Skiddo. They are pulling the cart, and so won't be able to battle.]

[Day 1/3 of travel through the western Great Forest]

First roll: 64. | Result: no encounter.

Second roll: 69. | Result: no encounter.

Third roll: 8, 70. | Result: pokemon encounter. RNG says: 4 Pokemon. Generator says: Foongus, Geodude, Budew, Venonat. Stats below.

[Day 2/3 of travel through the western Great Forest]

First roll: 83. | Result: no encounter.

Second roll: 38, 31. | Result: weather problem. A brief but strong thunderstorm rolls in suddenly at noon, full of winds, heavy rains, lightning and thunder.

Third roll: 73. | Result: no encounter.

[Day 3/3 of travel through the western Great Forest:]

First roll: 56. | Result: no encounter.

Second roll: 44, 38. | Result: weather problem. Harsh sunlight and high temperatures make travel uncomfortable for most of the daylight hours, despite the forest's shade.

Third roll: 74. | Result: no encounter.

a wild Foongus has appeared!
level 14 ◒ male ◒ effect spore ◒ absorb, growth, astonish, bide

a wild Geodude has appeared!
level 6 ◒ male ◒ rock head ◒ ENDURE, HAMMER ARM, tackle, defense curl, mud sport, rock polish

a wild Budew has appeared!
level 12 ◒ male ◒ natural cure ◒ LEAF STORM, absorb, growth, water sport, stun spore

a wild Venonat has appeared!
level 9 ◒ male ◒ compound eyes ◒ tackle, disable, foresight, supersonic

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