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 Dancing Wildflower, [Quest - Hen House]
 Posted: Jun 20 2018, 05:14 AM


Dancing Wildflower

”Back sometime tonight! Or tomorrow morning if I’m lucky and I play my cards right,” Paul grinned confidently as he strode out of the house he shared with Andrew and the small zoo of Pokémon. He had a different job to do today, and this one involved a young woman, unlike his usual job of guiding sheep around the plains and talking to gruff old men.

He couldn’t help but float into the dreamy fantasies and possibilities. She sounded like a gentle, beautiful soul, probably suntanned and lithely muscled from hard work under the plains’ bright, warm rays.

Paul heard about the opportunity when he went up to post some wanted ads in the marketplace, and he seized it faster than a Mareep could shake its tail. A young damsel in distress was practically what he lived for. And though fending wild Pokémon off from a hen house wasn’t exactly the most gallant act he could think of, it was probably all his Pokémon could handle st the moment. A severe limitation that he would have to rectify when he was able to. And had the motivation to. Hiring a peace officer’s assistance had helped, and he sometimes considered trying to ask someone else, someone even better with Pokémon, for more tutelage. Alas it was simply too expensive for Paul’s meager earnings.

He crossed through the busy Crater City streets. Even though it was hot, and the crowds were dulled and quiet, there was no time for a true break. Merchants had to count their earnings from the morning and rearrange their goods in preparation for the evening rush of customers. Perhaps the rush would include the woman who was asking for volunteers to watch her farm. He found his way out of the dusty clamor of the houses with people and Pokémon bustling about, reaching the exit of the great walls that he had watched being built.

The summer sunshine was hot, as it was already past its zenith. His heavy jacket came off within a mere minute, baring alabaster skin and thick muscles that rippled and bulged with every movement. The feeling of the sun burning his skin brought him a strange kind of pleasure, a fiery joy that satisfied.

Dust kicked up and choked under his shoes as he confidently swaggered along the road, giving a cheery grin to any and all who passed by. Some pulled away, shy, though others grinned back and reciprocated his hot, beaming attention that rivaled the sun in its scorching intensity. After several minutes of walking along the southbound road that he had traveled up nearly a year ago, he stopped and shaded his eyes with one hand to look out across the lush, drying grasses. Offended, the sun blazed hotter and thundered down muttered, indiscernible curses that rang in Paul’s ears, and Paul hastily scanned the horizon until he saw the little house with a cluster of coops and a small orchard of berries. It wasn’t that different from many of the other farms on the outskirts of Crater City, the rural sprawl that spread like a ripples outwards from a stone dropped in a pond, but the placement and number convinced Paul that that was where he should go. He lowered his hand and quickly moved to the unpaved, barely-visible trail where many feet and some carts had forced a bare spot into the grass. The sun, pleased at his decision to no longer hide his handsome face from him, relaxed his blazing, glorious fury. He returned to a friendly, if still intensely burning, shine.

After following the trail, and resolutely ignoring the various small farms he passed by that did not belong to the beautiful bird-keeper, he at last found his way to the small bird ranch. And who else but the beautiful bird-keeper herself was there to greet him?

She was all he imagined and more, a wildflower grown up tall and bright in the sweet smelling, dry grasslands all around them. Her beauty was rough and unrefined, not a luscious, pampered rose but a tough, ragged flower that had earned every millimeter of petal and leaf that she sported. Her speckled skin bespoke many hours of work beneath the sun, his brother, and he could only envy the sun for getting to touch and kiss that skin so passionately. Her fairly short hair and slim waist spoke of a body that moved and bent and did not want to be kept from moving. Her brand was, as always, an ugly mark of imperfection, but Paul was learning to ignore them, since more than half the people of Crater City seemed to have them.

”Are you the lovely woman seeking someone to watch your birds this afternoon and evening? I’m Paul, and I’d like to help you.” Paul smiled as he walked over to her, trying to quell some of the excitement that rose within him.

She nodded, slightly confused but ignoring his compliment, ”Yes. My name is Moist. I’ll be back sometime tonight, probably a bit late. So... Goodbye for now.” Her attitude was as pragmatic and to-the-point as her body suggested, and Paul pressed hard to find a reason for her to stay in his presence just a little longer. His eyes lit upon a bracelet tight around her delicate wrist.

”Did you make this yourself? What beautiful, delicate work! Your hands must possess such dexterity and gentleness to create something as lovely as the hands that wrought it,” he purred as he reached out and took her hand, examining the bracelet closely before planting a kiss on her knuckles.

"Ah. Thank you... sir." She paused instead of saying his name, promptly replacing it with a dispersonal "sir". She took her hand away. It was as though someone had sent him a letter but failed to properly fill it out, leaving a large blank spot where his name ought to go. As though his name, and in turn, his very existence, had been erased. She acknowledged him but refused to say his name. Was he just a ghost? Was he a collection of disembodied voices and memories, all crammed into one nameless being?

"But my name is Paul," he insisted, a lump forming in his throat.

”I- What? Oh, right. Paul. Um... Okay, sir- I mean! Paul.” She was clearly unhappy, and she turned downcast eyes away from the needy man to pluck uncertainly at her hair which fell just below her cheeks.

Paul fretted, his face contorted into a concerned, hurt expression. He looked away from her dramatically, turning his entire head as far as it would go comfortably, and finally spoke, ”Very well. Just go. Go and remember that my name is Paul, and I will be waiting with your intact flocks at the evening’s end.”

The woman looked confused as she tried to catch Paul’s eye, but he refused to turn back towards her, so she stood awkwardly for a few moments. Unsure of what else to do, she mumbled an apology and then swayed off, a dancing wildflower scattered to the air and heading swiftly for distant lands. But she would be back. Paul believed that much.


Notes: None
Tag: @Person
Word Count: 1192 words

 Posted: Jun 20 2018, 04:42 PM


[Here are your spawns for this quest. You are in control of them, but keep it realistic and reasonable! Remember to post in the mod request whenever you attempt a capture. All spawns must be dealt with to finish the quest. Have fun!]

a wild Shinx has appeared!
level 9 ◒ female ◒ intimidate ◒ NIGHT SLASH, tackle, leer, charge

a wild Litleo has appeared!
level 11 ◒ female ◒ rivalry ◒ FLARE BLITZ, YAwN, tackle, leer, ember, work up, headbutt

a wild Glameow has appeared!
level 10 ◒ male ◒ keen eye ◒ fake out, scratch, growl

a wild Skitty has appeared!
level 6 ◒ female ◒ cute charm ◒ wISH, BATON PASS, fake out, growl, tail whip, tackle, foresight

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