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Terrene continues to heat
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Summer will be here until
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 On the Kricketot, [Adventure - Travel]
 Posted: Jun 29 2018, 09:44 PM


[A continuation of Paul’s On The Grasshopper and Cricket, this thread takes place Summer 51.]

After being stuck in the dark forest for so long, it was a relief to finally see pure, unadulterated sunshine once again. Paul felt as though he were able to finally breathe again. The trees were nice, sure, but did there have to be quite that many? The stifling humidity and darkness crowded his mind and pressed down on his lungs until he felt as though he’d drown in all the demonic influence.

Lion’s Plains welcomed him with all the golden beauty that had been promised, that he deserved. The bright summer morning danced with the green and yellow grass. It was shaping up to be a warm day, as the day before had been.

Determined to make good progress today, Paul set off towards Crater City with a brisk pace and a dreamy smile gracing his features.

 Posted: Jul 1 2018, 07:54 AM



As Paul made his way through the plains, things would go pretty smoothly for some time. He could enjoy a nice walk as he trekked through the blades of grass. The wind was light and a bit cool but there was no hiding from the heat. Not unless one lied completely in the tall grass or found a nice tree for shade. The skies were pretty clear so there weren’t really any clouds to block out the sun for shade either.

If there were any wild pokemon in the surrounding area, none would bother the blonde. It was pretty hot and most would be looking for a stream to drink from to keep cool and hydrated. Meal time would come later. Despite not having to worry about any predators lurking in the fields, If Paul were to notice the path to the right of him, he’d see buffs of smoke bursting up from the grass.

If the man and his pokemon decided to investigate, they’d find an odd pair of pokemon, making their way through the grass. Crawling through the grass was an tan insect. It had stubby little wings on its back that didn’t appear to be able to carry him. His eyes were black and beady and he had two brown claws that he was using to drag himself through the grass.

On top his back was a white candle looking creature. It carried a ghostly presence and a purple flame on its head. The waxy ghost was puffing weak embers a the back of the nincada, forcing it to move forward. “Come on, you slowpoke! Move faster!” she commanded.

The bug seemed broken as if he had been going through this for some time and had already given up trying to fight back. The fire hurt so bad and she promised to stop burning him if he’d get her to the forest. The problem here was that he was extremely slow and she was not pleased with his effort.

“I swear if you don’t pick up the pace, I’m going to give you my full power,” the litwick hissed.

The nincada said nothing. He only whimpered as he did his best to carry her along. She wasn’t heavy either it was just, his mobility wasn’t great. He was a growing insect and one day he’d be the fastest. For now though, he could only move but so fast. If ignored it was likely that the bug would endure this torture until the two pokemon reached the forest. It was likely that he’d die from exhaustion by then.

a wild Nincada has appeared!
Level 5 ◒ male ◒ Ability ◒ Moves
70% health. 50% energy. ;~;

a wild Litwick has appeared!
level 7 ◒ female ◒ ability ◒ moves
100% health. 52% energy. Move it! >:U

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