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 Blurry Through the Smoke, [development - flamethrower training]
 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 09:50 AM


((Main Goal: Get Venom on the path to learn flamethrower. Please don't be turned off if it's weird because I swear it's a good plan oml. He has to start by changing the form of his attacks! Yes yes then the next steps will come later, like making the poison gaseous and then making it be FIRE. BUT THAT COMES LATER PLZ BEAR WITH MEEE))

Venom was admittedly stuck on this little problem in his head. Since the uh.... Explosion inside that human den, the red-haired human had set up her moveable nest outside the human settlement. Which was good, since even he noticed how aggressive and hostile this human settlement seemed to be. The other human settlements didn't seem as dangerous as this one, as most other humans didn't seem to take that much notice of the red-haired human, never mind this aggressive. He really hoped that the red-haired human didn't want to stay too long in the territory of these other humans, who made him think of the more territorial packs of pokemon he knew of back in the rainforest. At least they were outside the settlement.

He was currently outside of the portable nest, staring down at the sand, thinking deeply. He.... Didn't think too much of the human and the conflict she'd encountered with the smaller and the other one who had an odd scent clinging to his skin. There was a lot he didn't think he understood, because he did understand some human tongue but it felt a lot more.... Complicated than maybe he really bothered to understand. Mostly, he knew that the human was now eh..... Not exactly in optimal condition. Instead of doing the things she normally did, which was chatter to fill the silence, go on walks, do anything active..... She sort of sulked inside that nest she was able to carry around with her. That, and she slept even less. Venom thought that humans didn't sleep as much seeing when she slept, but he was really doubting it now. The human was not doing well, and.... Well.... A predator that couldn't get rest wasn't going to be that helpful. She still went out when she needed to, but she seemed to lack a certain energy that Venom knew was there before. So.... Things were kind of weird now. It felt like a lot of things were different, when he didn't think they'd been much just a short while ago. Sai was still... Kind of upset with him, the zebra's hero worship of him seemed to have deflated, and.... Well, the seal was normal as ever. Though, he saw less of her. Likely due to the nature of their environment. He didn't mind it, but now that stupid Pidgey was settling in, and he talked to Sai a lot. So, Sai didn't lose a lot by giving him the cold shoulder. Tch.

The zebra thought he was lame. Hmph. He wasn't lame. Just because he couldn't breathe fire.... Snakes didn't breathe fire. He.... Remembered his mother. At least a little bit. He was pretty proud of his status as a snake, and snakes didn't have to be looked after their parents for too long before they could make their own way in the world. He was pretty sure his mother couldn't breathe fire, and she was a Seviper just like he was. Then again, there was no need for her to display her moves to him. Venom like other snakes, was more or less born with the instincts necessary to make his way in the world as soon as he was born. He was born with some powerful moves that gave him an edge, and it was other pokemon that were born weaker and needed coddling by their parents before they could even have a chance in the world. While Venom was scowling and grumbling under his breath, staring at the ground, he almost didn't notice Sai taking her place and sitting down next to him.

"(.... You know you're just staring at the ground, right?)" Sai asked rhetorically.

"(I'm thinking.)" Venom grumbled. "(About very important topics. I'm not counting the cracks in the ground, if that's what you're wondering.)" He insisted, defending himself, refusing to admit that he felt a little self-conscious about Sai blatantly pointing out that he was staring at nothing.

Sai shifted awkwardly. She cast a glance off to the side. "(.... Do you... Want to talk about it?)" She asked, sounding unsure.

"(I was under the impression that you were done with my alleged bad behavior.)" Venom said, his voice cold.

Sai bristled under the accusation. "(I told you that we weren't done talking.)" She said with a scowl. "(I just needed a break from last time because.... We can't get everything resolved with just one chat.... And it was stressful.)" She said, defending herself.

"(What is there to talk about?)" Venom said, shooting Sai a look.

Sai made a noise of frustration. "(This is part of the problem!)" She shouted at him. "(You refuse to acknowledge that this... That things are just.... It's not okay!)" She insisted loudly. "(I haven't forgotten! Before you acknowledged my strength, you refused to call me by my name! You were unkind, and you put me down whenever you could! Just because you didn't think I was strong or could help you in battle!)" She suddenly kept shouting one thing after another, voicing things that she'd thought about but never said since the days that she was stuck as a weak little psyduck who was only alive because Venom cared about what the human thought, and the human wanted to keep her around. Those days had been hard.... The only one who seemed to actually care about her, she couldn't actually talk to.

Venom was.... Staring at her, and his eyes would be wide if he actually had eyelids. He... Didn't know what to say. Of course he remembered those days. Though, not as clearly and vividly as Sai seemed to. He uncertainly waved his tail behind him. What could he say? "(..... You seem to cling to the past.)" He said, which only earned a loud scoffing sound from Sai.

"(That's because nothing is resolved. You're only treating Arashi and Yuki better than you treated me because I'm here to stop you.)" Sai seemed..... Tired. It showed in her voice, as she seemed like she was.... Weary. It was like she was growing tired of Venom. Was she?

Venom didn't like that idea. He didn't say anything, and Sai continued. "(.... Why did you hate me? Was it really just because I couldn't fight as well as you, and that I don't eat meat?)"

 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 10:56 AM


Venom was not enjoying how Sai kept asking these.... Questions that okay maybe he could answer them. Maybe he could. But he didn't want to. He didn't want to give these hard answers. Why was he so reluctant to give them up? He didn't want to admit that he was maybe a little afraid of how Sai would see him.... Then again, she already thought he was a piece of garbage more or less, and was demanding answers anyways, even if she seemed to not like him very much. Then Sai's voice interrupted his thoughts again.

"(Don't lie or brush me off. Can't you just be honest with me....? Just for once....? Don't you think you owe me that much?)" She pleaded with him.

"(I've always been honest with you.)" Venom said, even as it sounded lame coming from him. "(.... Why do you think I owe you?)"

Sai looked like she was about to laugh at him in his face, before she deflated. "(.... You don't talk to me. You say all these.... Apparent worldly truths, but you don't really talk. You don't say anything about how you're feeling or what you're thinking, and I just have to guess at it and sometimes it's confusing and sometimes it looks like you're being cruel just to be cruel.)" She let out a dry laugh. "(What am I supposed to think?)" She asked. Then she looked to the side. "(.... I've been by your side. I stand by you in battle now. We're on pretty equal standing now, right?)" She sighed. "(I just think.... After everything you've put me through.... After I stay and help you fight.... After I keep making an effort with you.... Don't you owe me just a little bit of truth, instead of you just shutting me out and letting all these issues hang in the air until it suffocates us?)" She asked, though she sounded almost helpless.... Venom had never sounded like that, but he didn't think he ever wanted to. It was a pathetic sound, that made Venom's gut twist.

He.... He guessed he could try. Though, he didn't really think about things like.... Feelings much. He didn't really care to, because he didn't think it was all that important and he didn't see the need to. He never spoke about it to Sai, because he didn't want to say anything. Everything seemed fine, even if problems cropped up, because they didn't talk about it, it seemed like things would go on as normal. So, things seemed fine. They had a routine and everything was fine, it was simply their way of things and there was no problem with that. Except, according to Sai, there was a problem, he just was ignoring it this whole time. He tried ignoring Sai as she said there was a problem, but it really wasn't working, and now Sai was demanding answers. He.... Was starting to feel like he didn't have much of a choice anymore.

"(.... I just....)" Venom began, and he wasn't sure where to start. "(..... I.... I don't hate you now.)" He offered. Sai kept staring at him, and he needed to go on apparently, before he could appease her. "(.... I didn't.... Want you around her.)" Venom grumbled softly, looking off to the side. Sai suddenly widened her eyes. "(The human.)" Venom clarified. "(I just thought.... I was plenty. Then you came along, and it was unexpected. I didn't think you'd be able to do anything for her.... It.... Irked me that she wanted you around, like I wasn't enough.)" He gruffly admitted, showing the first spark of emotional honesty he had in since..... Well.... Admittedly, Venom couldn't recall really ever opening up like this to anyone. He didn't want to have to admit his jealousy, but here he was saying it to Sai.... Because she demanded it, and honestly.... He wasn't sure he wanted to lose her as a.... Battle partner. Yep. That was totally the reason he didn't want to lose Sai. She was a precious asset in a battle. Baby steps, Venom wasn't going to turn around his whole personality...... He was still going to be himself, and that meant that decent behavior from him was like pulling teeth.

"(Oh.)" Was all Sai had to say, and Venom gave her an incredulous look.

"(Oh?! That's all you have to say?!)" Venom seemed thoroughly offended, and Sai couldn't help but laugh at him a little bit.

"(I thought you didn't like talking about it. Why are you so upset I don't have much to say about it?)" She asked good-naturedly, despite the circumstances.

Venom huffed. "(I-I don't know! I figured you might have something more intelligent to say than just.... 'oh'!)"

Sai's pleasant laugh subsided, as she looked at Venom and tilted her head. "(So.... Do you want to talk about what was bothering you now?)" She asked.

Venom grumbled. "(..... Lame.)" He muttered almost inaudible.

Sai leaned closer. "(What was that?)"

Venom suddenly shouted and it shocked Sai. "(Lame! She had the nerve to call me lame! Just because I can't breathe fire! Poison is plenty cool and terrifying and amazing, and that little....! All because I can't breathe fire she suddenly decides I'm the most boring creature to grace this earth!)" Venom suddenly began to rant, and as Sai began to understand she started laughing at him. When Venom finally noticed, he glared at Sai.

"(Hey! Stop laughing! This is serious!)" He snapped.

Sai finally suppressed her laughing enough to respond. "(It's just funny. I thought you didn't care about what Arashi thought.)" She remarked softly.

Venom huffed and turned his nose up at her. "(O-Of course I don't! I just..... Lame?!)" Venom hissed out, getting riled up all over again.

Sai was still chuckling a little. "(I'm guessing you want to prove you're still cool?)" She teased a little.

Venom scoffed. "(I'm always impressive! I just don't get why she suddenly lost sight of that....)" He grumbled, lowering himself into the dirt.

"(Maybe.... You just need to show her something cool. She's easily dazzled by flashy attacks.)" Sai pointed out.

"(Apparently poison is not flashy enough!)" Venom complained loudly.

Sai hummed. "(Huh.... Is there a reason why you can't learn to breathe to fire?)" She asked.

Venom shot her a look. "(Sai. Snakes don't breathe fire.)" He insisted.

"(Well.... For whatever reason.... Pyro has fire instead of poison.)" She pointed out. "(Maybe it's not too much of a stretch to say maybe you can.... Turn your poison into fire?)" She suggested, though it sounded like even she thought it was a stretch.

Venom was staring at the ground grumbling once more. Sai carefully pressed. "(Uh.... Venom?)"

Venom suddenly lifted himself up, staring up towards the sky with a weirdly intense look in his eye. "(Fine, then! If fire is what it takes! I'll make it happen. I'll prove I'm amazing and way better than some stupid skunk kid.)" He declared.

"(Better not let hear Sasha call Pyro stupid....)" Sai muttered, but she didn't think Venom heard... Though, she was starting to wonder if encouraging Venom had been the brightest idea. She wasn't even entirely sure if Venom was capable of breathing fire.... Even if she had been trying to help.

 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 12:16 PM


Venom was now staring off into the distance. Hm.... He needed to think about how he was going to do this. He... Wasn't sure exactly where to start, and he wasn't stupid enough to think that shouting fire and trying to spit out fire would work. No, he knew at least a little about how these things really worked. He needed to know how to do it properly.... There was a slight problem that he didn't really have access to anyone he was willing to talk to, in order for help. None of the pokemon that the human kept for company had any fire attacks. Even the zebra hadn't grown in the electric abilities she would surely inherit soon, as she grew older. Now.... Hm....

"(What are you thinking about now?)" Sai asked.

"(I was thinking about how to..... Begin.)" Venom replied gruffly. "(It's not simple, going from poison to fire.)" He insisted, even though he couldn't really say how complicated it would be because he didn't know how to make it happen. He'd be able to say after everything was said and done, but for now.... He was playing it by ear.

"(Well.... Fire attacks come from the mouth, right? Maybe start from there?)" Sai suggested. Most of Venom's attacks from what she saw tended to be physical, and up close and personal. It was different from the fire attacks she'd seen employed by Mary, Pyro, and that Numel back in the mountains.

Venom suddenly shot several purple globs from his mouth, and the poisonous blobs splattered on the ground, and the purple liquid stained the ground. The suddenness of the attack had Sai yelping and jumping to the side. "(Maybe some warning next time?!)" She snapped nervously, as she didn't want to get hit by his attack.

Venom lowered his head and moved a little bit closer, to stare at where his venom that he assumed that the human named him for, and he seemed to be scrutinizing it. "(Fire....)" He murmured. "(Do you remember the fire from when we first met?)" He asked.

Sai blinked. She certainly did remember the fire. It'd been.... Quite the experience, since she'd been so young and unaccustomed to anything resembling danger. It was different than the fiery sparks that Pyro was able to cough up, and even Mary didn't quite mimic it. "(Yes. Of course I remember.)" She replied.

"(What do you remember of the shape of it?)" Venom asked, without turning away from where he stared at the poison seeping into the cracks in the ground.

Sai gave Venom a thoughtful look, before she gazed upwards. "(I don't think that's the right way of think of it.)" She said. "(There was a stronger fire attack a Numel used on Andy, back when I met him in the mountains.)" She explained. "(It's a little different.... When you're attacking someone with it, I think.)"

Venom begrudgingly admitted that Sai had a point.... Though, Venom wanted to do something.... Flashy and impressive. He lifted his head again, he focused on how it felt to gather the poison in his mouth before he spat it out. He tried to hold it for a bit longer before spitting it out, and he scowled as he didn't think he saw much change. He waved his tail behind himself impatiently.

"(This probably will take a lot of effort and time, even if it is possible.)" Sai gently reminded Venom.

He grumbled. "(I'll make it possible.)" He decreed. "(And okay fine. I'll just keep going at it.)"

Sai smiled, though it looked half-way like a grimace. It was.... Honestly kind of gross how Venom kept spitting up poison, and it was probably a hazard to walk wherever the poison had splashed and formed dangerous puddles you probably shouldn't step in. She knew his poison hurt upon contact..... So, yeah. Stay away, and she'd need to make sure that Arashi didn't step in it. She worried about how it might hurt her..... But aside from that, it was just.... Gross. It was like Venom threw up everywhere, even though she wasn't really sure if Venom threw up at all. The only stuff that came out of his mouth instead of in was venom..... So.... She wasn't sure. Either way, it was disgusting.

Venom, however, had a goal and he did not want to give up on it. Even if he'd been the skeptic before, he was determined to make him breathing fire a thing now. He forced himself to focus and try and build up his venom again before spitting out the globs. The poison was building up, since he was mostly attacking the same spot, and it was forming a rather obvious violet puddle. Venom shook his head, and tried again. He couldn't see much difference, even as he tried harder and harder. What was he trying to do? He guessed he was trying to see if he could maybe... Just spit out one really big glob first. Then he'd.... Figure out what to do next. One step at a time! Venom was not really good at carving out a great plan from the beginning. His train of thought tended towards the simpler side. He didn't like things overly complicated.

He forced up more poison, and he tried to hold it for too long, and ended up spitting it just in front of him. It was hard to hold it, since the normal version of the attack, which Venom knew perfectly how to use, wasn't that heavy and he could spit it out fairly quick. Venom, still burning with resolve, he forced himself to gather the poison again, but this time managed to strike the original spot again. He kept his eyes trained on the globs, trying to decide if they looked like they were different in size, or closer together or something. He guessed, maybe one looked big and the others looked just a bit smaller than normal? Maybe? Venom wasn't sure, because he was mostly eyeballing it and it was not exactly a precise method of measuring. Venom was only able to manage two more, splattering more of his violet shimmering venom on the dry, cracked ground, before Venom slumped. "(Bah.....)" He grumbled.

Sai stared at the enormous puddle of purple liquid.... That no one should probably step in, before she carefully walked to Venom's side and leaned downward. "(I guess that's all you can manage for today.)" She said.

Venom grumbled. "(I don't want to stop now....)"

"(You're going to hurt yourself if you keep going. You can get back to it tomorrow. C'mon.)" Sai encouraged.

Venom glared at her. So, Sai gave him a blank stare. "(Get inside before I beat you up and drag you in myself.)" She threatened.

Grumbling under his breath, Venom slinked back inside the tent. Looking over her shoulder, Sai muttered to herself. "(I should keep Arashi inside the tent....)" She murmured before going inside the tent as well.

 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 05:03 PM


Venom was too tired to continue on for the rest of the day. However after a night's rest, he was ready to resume in the morning. Though, it took a great deal of threatening from Sai to force Venom to wait until the next day to get back to his goal of eventually converting his venomous spit into heated flames. The previous day he'd been frustrated and disappointed with his perceived lack of progress, and the next morning he was prepared to force some progress. The previous day, the zebra child had been taking a deep nap while Venom tried to force his poison attack to change its form slightly, and thus had not been around to get in trouble and possibly get hit on accident. Today, however, Sai and her..... Bird friend were only child-watching duty, to keep the zebra from getting involved, even as she bounced and cheered from the sidelines. The encouragement was loud and annoying, but he admitted it did help him from getting too demoralized. Sai explained that she'd explained to the zebra a little of what he planned to do, and she was already excited at the idea. Which.... Would make him sweat if he was physically capable of sweating, which he was not. Nevertheless, he was slightly unnerved by the idea that.... Maybe he couldn't turn his poison eventually into fire, and that well.... He did not want to be stuck with the label of "lame" forever, thank you very much.

Which was why he was returning to the good work of trying to see if he could make several globs of poisonous spit become just one big glob. He would be training until he dropped! Just like yesterday, he didn't think anything less would be able to further his goals. He remembered from yesterday how he tried to hold the poison before spitting it out, instead of immediately spitting out, as the latter method resulted in several globs instead of a single one. He tried to do it again, except hopefully more successfully than the day before. Before opening his jaw completely, he tried to close his jaw again, thinking maybe he could squish the globs together in his mouth before spitting it back out. Then he released it. He tried spitting higher, so the attack would hit an arc and theoretically.... He'd be able to see it better and see if he was making any progress in trying to change the form of the attack.... Baby steps, after all.... Even if it infuriated Venom that he couldn't make the change happen almost immediately. He scowled as it did seem close together at first before breaking apart and still hitting the ground somewhat independently. He waved his tail impatiently. If he had more in the way of teeth than just his fangs, he'd be gritting his teeth. As it was stood, he wore a powerful scowl, though for once it was because of his own abilities rather than outside circumstances. He tried again, trying to mold the poison together one more. He gathered the poison and clamped down with his jaws, and then expelled it, poison arcing high before splashing and forming a new puddle of venom pooling together with the first bout of venom of the day. Similar to the last attempt, the poisonous globs seemed to stick together at first before breaking apart. These results were better than what Venom had originally started with the day before, but still unsatisfactory. Decidedly.... Unsatisfactory. So, he couldn't stop now. He had to keep going. So he went through the same process of trying to use his jaws to force the liquid to stay together before release, since he couldn't do anything about it while it was in the air. He hoped that the time it took until the poison broke apart was longer, though he really couldn't tell because it seemed like it was about the same to him, which was infuriating beyond imagining. "(Dammit.)" Venom couldn't do much about these perceived failures other than curse about them, and just.... Keep going. Even if he did feel he needed a little break before continuing.

.... Admittedly, this break didn't last long, since Venom started feeling hot under his scales with frustration, and immediately went back to his training, since he could keep going. So, he continued trying to learn how to properly force the damn poison to just stick together even in midair, and poison splashed onto the ground. Though, it'd probably be gone by tomorrow, which was good for a fresh slate the next day. Still, by the time he felt the weariness pulling on him, and his throat burning with dryness, he still didn't want to stop.

When he resisted Sai's attempts to get him back inside again, she only gave him a weary look. "(I hope you're not going to make me threaten you to get you to rest every day that you're working on this project.)" She said, and admittedly the implication that a threat would follow got Venom following Sai back inside. That night found the human finally passing out from exhaustion, and when she started twitching..... Venom slithered a little closer than he usually did. Usually, the human and the pokemon that made up their little group generally all slept apart, but still relatively close. But.... The human seemed to be suffering from poorer and less fulfilling rest by the day and it was.... Mildly concerning. Venom always made sure to get sleep because well.... A tired predator wouldn't be catching prey. Though, he slithered too close to the slumbering human, she suddenly awoke. Venom wasn't really sure what to do, having been caught..... Well.... Kind of close to the human's face. She didn't shriek, which was good news for his ears. She spoke softly, and he... Was pretty sure he knew what she asking for. He didn't understand why it would help, but nevertheless, that night the human fell back asleep with her arms wrapped loosely around his neck. He didn't mind the..... Strange if different position too much. The desert could get colder at night, and the human was always warm. For whatever reason, it seemed to help the human sleep..... And actually stay asleep. That was always good.

 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 07:39 PM


With two days of progress that felt frustratingly slow to Venom, there was a kind of routine now. Venom tended to spend all his energy practicing and working on his ah.... Fire project. He didn't have much anything else other to do, other than the occasional hunt. Though, the third day had to be a hunting day, since he hadn't eaten since the day before the day he started on this little.... Training of his. He didn't have to eat daily like the children, Sai, and the human needed to, but he still needed to eat every couple of days. So, today wasn't a day he could spend every drop of energy to go out and work on melding together his venomous spit. There were different kinds of prey to found in this significantly drier land than the rainforest in which he'd been born. Instead of rats, Venom found himself swallowing lizards generally instead. Venom would eat just about anything he could fit in his mouth and was made of meat, so he wasn't picky. Still.... It was different. He wondered if the human would ever take them back to the rainforest. He hoped so. Despite everything.... He guessed he did sort of miss the place where he'd spent the beginning of his life. Besides, that was the place he blended into the most for the easiest hunting. In this place hunting was a better idea during the night for him. So... This is why he woke up significantly earlier on the third day. It was sometime after the moon hit his peak, and without disturbing the others, he slinked away to go hunting.

It didn't take too long, and without ceremony he didn't take too long before he returned with a belly full of lizard that'd tide him over for the next couple of days. So when it became light out again, he'd be able to get back to his training.... Though, considering the time in between when he'd struck his prey dead, and when he woke up again after the sun had rose quite a bit in the sky, he felt fairly refreshed. He guessed hunting that lizard hadn't taken that much out of him, and the opportunity to nap until the sun rose had refreshed him enough that he'd be able to make the most out of the day now. He hissed, satisfied. Now, he never really grew disappointed at the opportunity to hunt, but he was especially glad that he could hunt without interrupting his training. Hah. Why have one at the expense of the other, when you could have both at full strength? It was great and Venom loved the idea.

He was less loving the idea that he would not make as much progress as he hoped to. He chose to have the opportunity to practice in quiet, so he told Sai to keep a handle on the zebra and not let her wander off, and he went out a little further to go practice instead of just outside the tent.... Not that the human wandered outside, but if she did he.... Kind of didn't want her to see a giant puddle of poison that would result from Venom's daily practice. So, he returned to his practice, trying to clamp down on the poison trying to force it to submit to his desires. Despite the venom being his, it was hard to force it into a shape and pattern that was not immediately natural... Though, it seemed it was possible. Venom just needed to keep working. He spat out the venomous globs that seemed to shimmer midair, and once more they clung before breaking apart. Though, was that Venom's imagination, or did it seem like a little tiny bit less broke apart? Venom did not have a particularly keen eye for measurement, so he couldn't exactly tell, but he could hope. If it was true, that was proof of progress. He liked to think he was actually making progress instead of making a mess every day. So, he readied himself and clamped down on the poison. Then, he tried to hold it and gather more poison, trying to make it bigger. Maybe if it was bigger it could stay together better...? Venom really was trying, but he didn't know exactly what to do, so he really was trying just about anything he could think of, to try and find out what helped and what didn't. He couldn't hold it for very long, and a familiar problem cropped up and he ended up spitting it not as far as she wanted. It started as a big blob, before it seemed to destabilize and splatter venom all over the dried cracked ground. Venom scowled. Okay, so that certainly wasn't helping. So Venom tried to focus on forcing the poison to stay together as a single glob. He felt like he was having limited success, though he was starting to think that it was finally sticking together a little longer than how he started. He was pretty sure, but it was hard to measure since all he had was his memory, and he didn't actually have any way of measuring the time. He guessed he could ask Sai to try and measure by counting.... But he didn't really want to ask for help, besides all it would do is.... Cheer him up. He needed his own determination. He didn't need to soothe his own frazzled pride with encouragement and reassurances. He didn't need that sappy gunk, right? Regardless, Venom continued

Venom clamped down his jaws again and again, spitting out his shock of venom again and again, only to have it break apart after a time in the air and splatter across the ground. Sai came to find him when he was starting to get tired, and when he finally slumped to the ground, after the previous two days, he didn't need that much persuading before he was coming along with Sai to rest up for the rest of the day.

Venom wished there was a faster way. He supposed..... Having a teacher would technically help, but he neither had one nor was willing to admit that one would be helpful. His pride and ego were a little too defiant in that regard.

 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 09:10 PM


The following days were mostly more of the same routine. Venom's frustrations grew as he wasn't quite sure if he was making true progress, as if he was making progress, was incredibly gradual and not easily seen while Venom was in the midst of his training. Though, Sai was watching and she could see the progress a little better, since she wasn't watching him the whole time and she reassured him while he complained afterwards. Though, by the end of the fourth day, Venom's venom almost made it all the way before destabilizing. Venom didn't seem as enthusiastic as Sai, but she clapped her wings together and smiled at him. "(You're really making progress!)" She chirped at him.

"(You don't need to tease.)" He grumbled. Then it'd taken a short little chat to.... Well... Explain things out a bit more. Venom clearly had trouble seeing the true lengths of his progress as a result of his hard work over the past several days, and Sai made sure to explain it to him. Yes, he had a big ego, but Sai figured that he should know what he was accomplishing. Sai didn't think that letting him mope was.... Well, she didn't always want to hurt Venom back for how he behaved. Usually when he was being actively unkind, but that wasn't right now. Sai figured she might have a reason to beat him up if they met with Sasha again, but.... Sasha wasn't here, so Sai didn't see a reason to try and put Venom down. So mid-way through the fifth day, Venom had finally managed to get the glob to finally stay together, and when it splattered on the ground, it splattered as a single glob, like a large berry had been squashed on the ground. Except.... Now Venom had to consider the next step. He'd set a goal and he'd reached it over the course of five days, five days that had been tiring and filled with as much training as Venom could manage before slumping due to exhaustion. He wanted to breathe fire.... So, a single glob was not impressive enough. He needed a.... Stream of the stuff. He could figure out the actual fire stuff later, and for now he needed to spit out a stream of poison instead of just a glob. Though, fire aside, it'd be more impressive to spit out a beam of poison at his enemies. He smirked to himself, and chortled to himself, though as Sai watched from afar she found herself wondering once again, if this really was the best course of action..... That, and Venom was rather strange sometimes. If he wasn't being cruel, he often times was being.... Pretty weird, if Sai was being honest to herself.

Anyways, now it was back to work, except now he was trying to spit out a continuous stream instead of just mashing it all together. He knew how to keep it together now, he just needed to make it.... Keep going or something. What if he tried to let it out just a little bit, one after another? He tried exactly that. It didn't really get far, and Venom suddenly found poison dribbling down from his jaws like drool. It was gross, and he quickly spat it out and shook it off. Okay, so that hadn't worked as well. Or, maybe he had the right idea but the wrong or incorrect execution. He tried again, trying to spit out that normal glob, but trying to see if he could.... Slow down its release of something. Once more, mostly he succeeded only in spraying the ground right in front of him, still falling short of the effect he wanted. He grumbled, as one goal was reached, the next.... Checkpoint of sorts proved just as frustrating as the first. Though, the day was ending and Venom frustratingly enough was growing tired and had to stop for the day.

The next days were spent on this new goal of producing a stream of venom instead of the globs... Which, he was sure that he had the right idea of, he just was having problems making it come out as he wanted. Just as was shown in his previous quest to make a single unified blob of poison come out of his mouth instead of several, there was nothing else to do except practice and keeping working at it until it happened. So, he kept practicing. At first, when he tried he got the similar result of looking like he was literally drooling poison. After numerous tries, by mid-way through the third day of working on his secondary goal, he managed to spit up the single glob as a more elongated oval sort of shape, that spilled into the ground. It was a step up from what was essentially a large bubble of poison coming from his mouth, and it was a bit closer to the stream he wanted.... But still, not quite yet. Days of practice saw the gradual elongation of this oval-shaped poisonous blob, though this progress was mostly observed by Sai, as Venom could not see the fruits of his hard labor stuck in the thick of it as he was. It was hovering around the end of the ninth day since Venom had started his little project, that Venom finally managed a sort of stream of poison, that dripped and splattered a little on the ground below as it traveled. However, it could not travel very far before Venom suddenly had to catch his breath. He was rather unused to the continuous stream of expelling substances from his mouth, as the version of this attack he was accustomed to was rather.... Quick and not drawn out like this.

The training for the day done, he'd slumped, but feeling more content. He just.... Needed to practice this now. "(Ahah... It's making me kind of nervous.... You're getting that little bit closer to actually pulling this off.)" Sai said awkwardly, half-heartedly chuckling a little bit when she came to drag him in for a good rest.

Two more days of practice saw Venom feeling a great deal more comfortable with the.... Alternate version of the familiar poison-type attack, with Venom able to shoot the poison a distance he was used to with the blob-variant and with.... Well.... As much comfort as he could have, spitting poison out his mouth, when he really wasn't built for things coming out of his mouth otherwise.

He really felt like he was getting closer to where he could finally figure out how to actually turn his poison into fire.... Either way, he was getting in good training.... It actually felt good. Usually he didn't really train much, other than trying to instill some lessons in the zebra, as the seal was largely unmotivated..... But maybe he even after he saw this thing through, he shouldn't stop training.

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So I was a bit confused during the first half of this, but by the end of it I was on board with how Venom is proceeding through this. It will be a slow start, but he'll get there eventually. Having seen Pyro make fire was a great way to kick this into gear! Once he gets a more firm grasp on what he's doing, the progress should come more quickly.

I also enjoyed the Venom and Sai interactions at the beginning, though it's weird to see Venom, like... not being a jerk, whether purposefully or accidentally.

I never thought I'd see Venom have some character development before Ri. I'm not sure if I should be impressed by Venom or disappointed in Ri, lol!

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