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 What remains of the lamb, [Dev]
 Posted: Jul 6 2018, 09:47 AM


Chuck was highly reluctant to enter what now seemed to be Blue’s room. He was worried about her to bits, but… She just didn’t seem like she was emotionally ready to talk about what had happened. Not after the way she reacted once Ri left… Oh god he was going to fucking strangle that lady. He was pretty set on going through with his threat if he ever saw her again. He didn’t understand why Blue kept dragging horrible people into her life, and the fact that he even had to worry about that terrified him.

But… He might have to talk to her now. The girl hadn’t come out of her room ever since that… Event. It had been almost two days, and he was sure she hadn’t eaten what he had left in her room… God he wished he could just fix all of this. He wanted to fix this mess so Blue could be freaking happy.. He didn’t want to lose her like he did Irene. His thoughts drifted for a few moments to the comment the girl had made… That she was just a do-over for his daughter. He didn’t think that at all. Sure, Irene was his pride and joy and he missed her more than anything… But he wasn’t going to try and replace her with anyone. Blue was another daughter, not a replacement one.

… He probably shouldn’t dwell on it. The sooner he forgot that comment, the better… She probably didn’t even mean it, right?.. She was drunk, after all... Chuck’s gaze shifted from the bottle in his hand to Blue’s room. Screw it. The man suddenly stumbled up from his chair, staggering a bit on his feet as he made his way towards the door. He managed to get there without much issue, but paused as he suddenly realized something. His gaze turned to the group of pokemon a bit farther from the table. Blue’s pokemon. They all seemed… A bit quiet and tired. Even the usually upbeat cutiefly didn’t take to his insane patterns of flying and buzzing around. Instead, he calmly hovered by his teammates and buzzed in an almost aggressively serious tone. The mareep's expression seemed vacant, as if lost in thought. Pyro had taken to constantly be murmuring to either Mary or Joey, in which the latter usually replied.

His newly evolved stoutland stood close, eying his trainer with questioning eyes. Chuck blinked, and bent over towards his pokemon. He gently scratched the dog behind the ears before murmuring something to him. The dog fiercely nodded as his trainer pulled away, and barked something to the other human's team. They all turned to face the big pokemon as he started barking something. Chuck gave a thumbs up, and nodded. "On my signal."

And with that, the man pushed himself into Blue's room. It seemed empty and dismal, even for his standards. There were almost nothing in the room except for a tiny bed in the back corner. In that bed was Blue, who looked more dead than alive. She was curled up desperately while clutching her sleeves. Her jacket threatened to tear at that point. As Chuck edged closer, he could see the almost expressionless look on her face. She looked so distant even though she was right in front of him. Chuck took a long deep breath, and briefly glanced behind his shoulder before stepping further towards the small girl.

"... You want to talk about what's wrong now?" He suddenly asked, seating himself near her. It took a few seconds for her to even process that Chuck was there. The girl rubbed her dry eyes and turned herself to face away from him. "I'm fine."

"What have I told you about being honest with me?" Chuck's voice grew sharp for a second before he caught himself and continued. "And it's stupid to lie about this. I saw what happened, so why try to hide it from me?"

Silence blew through the air for a few painful moments. The replying voice was soft and meek. "I don't want you to worry."

"Lying is just going to make me worry more, kid. And right now, I have every damn right to be worried. You got yelled at by that bitch, screamed at Sasha to kill you, locked yourself in your room for almost two days, and you probably didn't eat the food I got you... Goddamnit, Blue. Don't try and say things are fine." He hissed, concern aching in his voice.

"... Don't call her that, please." She hesitantly murmured, a tiny crack in her voice. Chuck tried his best not to leave and go break the table. Instead, he groaned and thought out his next few sentences. Blue started shaking subtly, but surprisingly she didn't seem to let out any sobbing. The man sighed, and continued.

"What Ri did was not okay. I have the right to call her a bitch. And who knows what other things she's said to you because you don't want to tell me..." He muttered, letting out a sigh before he continued. "But... Goddamnit, I hate to say it, but she's right about one thing. You..."

"I'm a lousy piece of shit?" Blue interrupted. Chuck balled his hands into fists. A low growl came from his throat before he continued. "... First off, fuck that statement. You're not shit, don't think you are. You gotta stop putting yourself down like that. It's not good for your mental health. Second... She's right about you having to grow a spine."

Blue didn't reply and remained still. Chuck uncurled his hands, and took a long sigh. His voice raised a bit in volume. "You need to grow a backbone, kid... I'm sorry to be honest here but you're a real big pushover... And I'm worried about that. Being a pushover with these 'friends' you have is seriously unhealthy and will get you into more trouble."

Still no reply from the girl. Chuck sighed, and gave a small thumbs up without looking over his shoulder. Almost instantly both Blue's team and Whiskey charged into the room. The group of pokemon made their way to Chuck and Blue, and immediately seemed to dogpile on the girl. All of them except Whiskey, who would ultimately suffocate her if he tried. Instead, the dog just set his face on top of her head. She flinched, and sat up quickly. Pyro, who was climbing to sit on her chest, tumbled backwards into Sasha and Mary. Joey buzzed around her head, squeaking some random words Chuck couldn't understand.

The man's expression didn't change from his frown, but it lightened slightly. "... Anyways, I can see you don't want to talk about this. We can discuss it more later. But for now, I'm forcing you to get out of bed and do something. You gotta eat, though. That's not an option." He explained. Chuck hoisted himself up, and stared down at the stunned girl and the pokemon around her.

"... I'll go make breakfast. I guess you can lay here for a bit while I do. Just... Get up soon, for Arceus's sake." He muttered before walking out of the room.

Blue watched him go with blank eyes, and looked down at the pokemon in her lap. Tears finally started to run down her face as she tightly hugged the three. Joey brushed against her cheek, as if trying to wipe away the tears. The girl didn't smile, but she felt slightly better than she had been.

Chuck's words stuck into her mind, though. She briefly considered them, but decided to put them off until later. Her grip around Sasha, Mary, and Pyro tightened. The mareep seemed to keep herself closer to the girl, setting her head under Blue's chin. It was odd, but the girl welcomed it.


1306 words

 Posted: Jul 16 2018, 11:37 PM


It took a few attempts, but eventually the girl had managed to get herself out of bed. As you would after spending the last few days stuck in bed, she looked like a big mess. Her tiny hands combed through her hair, trying to get the bangs out of her hair. She had to briefly break from the action, however, as she used her arms as a balancing system. It felt odd to walk now, and it was taking a bit to get used to the feeling again. Her team didn't exactly help with her efforts, as they were nearly clinging to her feet. It was primarily Sasha though. The girl couldn't tell if she should be happy with the mareep's little attempts to be comforting or uncomfortable about the unusualness of said attempts. She wasn't used to seeing the sheep be so... Close? Cuddly, even? She didn't know what to think of it, to be completely honest.

Once she had finally managed to get a sense of balance and movement, Blue made her way out of her room. Her eyes kept glancing down at her feet, as both Sasha and Pyro kept a little too close to her legs. She had to keep glancing down as she walked, afraid of stepping on either one of them. But thankfully, she made it to the table without even a minor injury to the sheep or skunk.

She was alone as she sat down except for the obvious pokemon following behind her. Soft murmurs from the pokemon echoed from under the chair while a familiar buzzing rang in her ear. Other than that, there was silence. The minutes passed by effortlessly. The girl's fingers drummed against the table lightly while her foot tapped on the ground.

Chuck would soon join her at the table, holding two clay bowls. He stretched out his arm to set down one of the bowls by Blue before sitting down with his own. The small girl faded from her distant thoughts as she looked to Chuck, then at the bowl. Chopped up berries were scattered throughout the bowl, accompanied by what she could assume was sliced and cooked fish. Blue made a subtle face, and looked up to the man. "... I'm not hungry."

Chuck looked up with a smile. His voice didn't even skip a beat. "Hi Not Hungry, I'm telling you to eat your breakfast."

A quick bout of surprised laughter erupted from the tiny girl, making him smile even more. But she quickly stopped as she continued to stare into the bowl. The moments that passed by seemed like an eternity. Her eyes stood wide open, dull and distant. Chuck's words quickly brought her back to reality.

"I do want you to eat, though... Please?" His voice was now serious but quiet. Blue shook her head for a moment before starting to stare blankly at him. The man sighed, and returned to his own food.

Blue looked down to her food. Her stomach let out a loud painful cry. She couldn't tell if it was from hunger or from the thought of eating at this point. Still... It was rude to just brush off Chuck's request. She didn't want to be rude after what had happened earlier. The girl's hands tensed up and relaxed repeatedly for a few seconds before reaching out and grabbing a bit of the food in her bowl. She quickly popped it into her mouth and shrunk back slightly at the taste. The berries made it taste both sweet and bitter, while the fish tasted like the usual salty tang of the ocean. When she looked up to Chuck, she saw that he seemed unfazed by the series of flavors. His gaze met hers after a moment, and he blinked. "How's the food?"

She blinked, grabbing another portion of food and biting it whole. She began to chew quickly so she could answer sooner, but the other added on before she could do so. "... Would you say it's berry delicious?"

Blue almost choked on her food at his words, but regained her composure soon after. She swallowed, and stared at the man for a second. Suddenly, a small smirk spread across her face. "I don't know, it tastes a little fishy."

Chuck burst out into laughter, allowing the other to join in. The sad memories that tugged at her thoughts were broken off briefly as Blue began to laugh along, looking more alive than she had ever been. Her small smirk shifted into a big dorky smile. The laughter that filled the room began to settle down, turning into soft giggling fits.

After a bit, Chuck took a long sigh. He looked down at the bowl as his smile began to dull down. His gaze returned to the girl. A small chuckle echoed as he spoke. "But yeah, I'm not the best cook. Sorry... Never really learned."

Silence filled the air. Blue took another bite out of her bowl before replying. "Don't worry. It's not like I can cook any better."

"Heh... Do you remember anything from before you arrived in Terrene?"
Chuck bluntly asked, causing Blue to flinch up in surprise. She thought for a second, glancing down at her team before trying to reply. Her voice was soft as a lamb's as she spoke.

"... Um, not really anything. I think the most of what I've remembered is about mountains."

"I would assume. You seem to be really content with them despite not seeing them for yourself." Chuck retorted before continuing to eat.

"Well, I guess... It'd be fun to visit them someday. See the flowers, the sky, the view..." Blue's expression seemed distant but content as she went on her thought train. A smile was clear on her face, though. Chuck smiled as well, and let the girl zone out for about a minute or two before speaking again. "Yeah, you oughta go visit them if they make you that happy just by thinking about them."

Blue wasn't responding. She seemed to be trapped in her state of content thoughts. The man sighed with a smile and a shake of his head. His hand then grabbed a small bit of food out of his bowl. He squinted a bit, and quickly flicked the food at Blue. The bits of berry and fish bounced off her face, causing her to snap back to the real world and squint at Chuck.

She suddenly grabbed a bit from her own bowl. She took aim and fired the food at him. Chuck shifted to the side, just barely avoiding the attack. A confident smirk spread across his face as he prepared to attack once again. "Oh, it's on!"

The two dove behind their chairs, only popping up in order to flick a wad of food at the other in hopes of hitting them. Laughter filled the house, only intensifying when either one of them managed to hit the other. The flicking soon turned into all-out throwing the bits of food at the other, resulting in Blue's team becoming clean-up crew for the floor.

Suddenly, Blue stopped throwing. She hid behind her chair, out of range for Chuck to throw. He squinted as he tried to predict where the girl would pop out from. A minute passed, but nothing had happened. Chuck lowered his hand, his smirk only growing. "You're surrendering now?"

The confident expression on his face was wiped away as Blue skidded over to his side of the table, bowl in arms. He had barely any time to react before the little girl crashed into him, shoving the food into his face. The two tumbled onto the ground, laughing louder than ever. Blue began to hug the man, who's face was now stained with berry juice and fish bits. He grunted as he pulled his back from the ground, wiping off his face as he did. The hug from Blue was then returned by the man, who probably would have been suffocating her had he tried to hug tighter. The two laughed together for a few more moments, with the girl awkwardly adding an apology in between.

Sasha was actually laughing a bit at the sudden events while Mary simply rolled her eyes in amusement. Pyro didn't even notice the two humans, as he was too busy trying to lick up the extra food off the ground.


1398 Words

 Posted: Yesterday at 09:33 pm


After a while, the two humans had managed to stop their laughing fest and hoist themselves back to their feet. Both of them were smiling, although it seemed to differ between the two. While Chuck was smiling boldly and ruffling up Blue's hair, the girl had a tired smile with similar eyes to match. The two began to playfully poke at each other as they moved from behind the table.

Suddenly, Blue jumped out to hug Chuck. The man drew back, at first surprised by the sudden act. But after a few moments of processing, the man began to hug back. The girl's grip tightened as she pushed herself closer to him. He opened his mouth to ask what the sudden hug was about, but he paused as he heard the light sobbing from the girl. He let out a wince before patting her on the back. "Hey, hey, hey... What's wrong?" He murmured.

It took a few moments before Blue looked up to him. Tears were streaming down her face, but she was smiling. Her hugging grip seemed intensified, and her quiet voice cracked a bit as she spoke. "I-I don't know, just... Tired." She chuckled awkwardly.

Chuck sighed, and began to walk away from the table with Blue still clinging to him. It wasn't too hard as it could of been, as the girl was standing on his feet and didn't get dragged by doing so. He stopped once he reached a large floor, and looked down to the girl. "Alllright, get off. Can't do this all day, too old..." He smiled lightly. It took a minute or two before the tiny girl released her grip and stumbled back to her feet. Chuck took a deep breath before slowly bringing himself to the ground. He lied down, and began to stare off to the ceiling. Blue looked down at him in brief confusion, but she too joined him in his laying down. She lied a few feet away from Chuck, and almost immediately got lost in her thoughts once she looked up to the ceiling.

Minutes of silence followed. The two lied still, keeping their thoughts to themselves as they stared off into space. Neither of them spoke or even looked at each other. Until finally, Chuck's gruff voice broke the silence. "... Is it bad to say I still miss her?"

Blue's head turned over to look at him. "How would missing Irene be bad?"

"... No, not her... I do miss her, though. I'm talking about Lisa."

The girl remained silent for a moment. She looked back up to the ceiling before replying. "I mean, it's hard not to miss anyone, especially ones you love."

"I know, but... Argh, she hates my guts. I feel guilty for wanting her to come back when I know she'd rather do anything else." The man's voice ached slightly. Blue's blank expression turned into one of knowing sadness.

"... It's a hard feeling." She murmured, hugging herself tightly. After a few moments, she looked back to the man. "... Might I ask what she was like?"

Chuck hummed for a few moments, lost in his thoughts. His expression seemed distant, running off into the sky. Finally, he spoke. "She was wonderful... She knew when to speak her mind and could build bridges across the sea with her determination. She knew how to make me laugh and how to brighten my days. Finding out that she loved me, heh... I thought that I was dreaming."

Blue could see a small smile form on the man's face. She thought for a few moments, trying to picture this woman. She could see Chuck and her dancing together, not giving a care in the world. She sighed, knowing that those days were over for him. Brief thoughts of what the man was like back then entered her head. She began to wince at the bittersweet thoughts.

Finally, the girl spoke again. "What does love feel like?"

Chuck looked taken aback by the question, and went into thought for a few minutes. He mouthed words, glancing in different directions as he did. Blue cringed, wondering if she had said something wrong.

"... I feel that love is different for every person. For me, it was that the presence or mention of her brought me joy. We could talk for hours about anything and I would never be bored... Being with her brought me a happiness that nobody else did... I-I don't really know how else to describe it..."

"... It's fine, sir." Blue murmured, allowing the room to go quiet once again. As she stared at him, she could see the sad expression on his face, except it seemed to be harboring a bit of joy. The minutes seemed to pass by so effortlessly after that. Blue tossed and turned, trying to remain comfortable on the floor. Chuck had rolled over on his side, facing away from the girl.

More quick minutes passed, and Blue began to speak again. "Why is your last name Tequila?"

A soft chuckle came from the man, but he didn't respond until a minute later. He slowly began to sit up, and looked down at the girl. "I had nothing else, aside from Lisa's surname. But I ditched that name a long time ago. She probably would of beat my ass if I was still using her last name."

The girl didn't join in to his erupting laughter. Instead, she looked a bit on edge from the last sentence. She didn't get to talk about it though, as Chuck was already speaking again. "Why is your last name Skies?"

"... Well, it's the first thing that greeted me when I first arrived here. Blue Skies, had a nice ring to it. Plus, I have no memories of any other name." She reminded him shyly.

Chuck nodded in acknowledgement as he started to lay back down on the ground. Everything became still once again, none daring to move or speak. Blue kept her eyes glued to the ceiling, wondering about random stuff like the mountains and the sea. A tired smile kept hold on her face, although it was faint.

"... What if we shared each other's last names?" Chuck suddenly asked, a chuckle in his voice.

Blue's smile grew slightly at the thought. Blue Tequila and Chuck Skies admittedly sounded like hilarious names. She giggled a bit before replying. "Ah yes, here comes Chuck Skies walking down 'da road." The girl pointed up to the ceiling, acting as if she were pointing to someone.

"Heh... You know, changing our surnames wouldn't be such a bad idea. It'd help people know that we're a family." Chuck murmured. His last words made Blue want to tear up. The girl looked over to him with watery wide eyes, silently asking if he was kidding. He simply nodded with a smile.

Blue sputtered a bit as she spoke again. "... Would we take your name or mine?"

"Eh, it sounds weird either way... Maybe a new name, like Dodger or Jackson."

The girl awkwardly laughed for a second. She let out a wince, thinking about how weird her name sounded with anything other than Skies. "... Um, maybe something else..? Unless you really want one of those names."

"Nah, it's fine... Maybe Matthews? Arose?"

Blue thought over it for a second before shaking her head. While she didn't hate the concept of those surnames... She wanted something different. Not just some random thing made on a whim...

Blue suddenly chirped, making Chuck jump a little.

"... Amaryllis?"

"Yeah, they're a type of flower. Really pretty... I don't know, just ignore it."

"Chuck Amaryllis and Blue Amaryllis... It sounds nice, actually."

Blue turned to the man, giving him a questioning look. "You actually like it?"

"Sure! It sounds like a formal name, and something that doesn't seem like it'd be used by another family... You sure you want that as a name?"

Blue widened her eyes, and nodded with a bit of force. The man smiled and chuckled. "Well, I guess it's settled then. Nice to meet you, Blue Amaryllis."

The girl paused, staring at him with blank eyes. She took a minute to process what had just happened in what had seemed like seconds. But after that, a smile grew on her face. She turned to the man and nodded. "Nice to meet you too, Chuck Amaryllis."


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