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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Posted: Jul 8 2018, 01:49 PM


With a square jaw and a bit of stubble, Ariel appears to be slightly older in years than he is. Hazel eyes peer out from a pair of thin, metal-rimmed black rectangular eyeglasses. His vision is quite poor, so if someone tries to take them off his face or they fall, expect a slightly panicked Ariel. He's remarkably dark-skinned, wearing a sleeveless olive green t-shirt and a pair of green-gray cargo pants.

His dark brown hair goes to a little past his shoulders, and is usually tied back with a strip of fabric torn from the hems of his pants. His shirt and pants are slightly small for him, mostly because they belonged to his older twin, who is a few inches shorter than Ariel himself. Even though Michael was quite short and Ariel a little shorter than average at 5'7", the thirty-four-year-old is wider in the shoulders and has a more triangular body.

One of the most memorable things about Ariel is his immense curiosity. Some people might think of him as nosy and interfering, others might hit him in the head and tell him to get lost, while a few might think it is endearing. The man tends to eavesdrop, though he often listens in when he thinks he has to get involved. Which is quite often. Ariel means well, but he doesn't really know when to back off and leave them be. If they say 'No, leave it be,' he will pester them until they either relent or push him away. Even then, Ariel will attempt to put things to terms.

Ariel is surprisingly protective of the people he cares for, often seeing them as an extension of his own family and pulling them under his wing regardless of their wishes. He's quite the mother-hen, fussing and worrying over everyone when they even get the slightest injury or tell him some sort of sob story. Ariel genuinely wants everyone to be happy in the large group, doing his best to make sure they're comfortable. Admittedly, he'll go to lengths where cats have to physically push him out of the den and tell him to take care of himself instead of taking care of them.

Ariel is horrid at taking care of himself, often going nights without sleep when patients need his attention. Despite being a worrywart and fussing over others, he doesn't see himself very valuable to his family. He often worries that he's not doing enough, that he's not what others need him to be. This insecurity raises quite the anxiety through him, unconsciously affecting his dreams and giving him a mild form of insomnia.

He has a tendency towards morbid jokes when they're not appreciated, as he essentially likes to break awkward silences with them. Even if they're terrible, it's a source of amusement for himself. Ariel will talk to anything and everything, holding a full-blown conversation with trees or even rocks. It's no wonder that he drew the attention of his mentor as a child, he was quite odd even as a kid.

As a kid, Ariel is absolutely positive that he and and his twin Michael were quite the handful for their mother. Admittedly, as the days blurred into weeks, and weeks into months, time didn't matter all that much. Basically all that the others expected of the twins was for them to play, not leave the area, and have their mother keep an eye on them.

Of course, he had felt someone's eyes on his back as the two played, but he didn't ever think it was important. One of his highest ambitions as a kid was just to get to the next day to play. Then it was a few months before fifth grade, and his peaceful world was broken into by the thoughts of getting new friends. Of course, like every other kid, he wanted to be a Pokemon trainer. Someone who could go on adventures and find treasures!

Ariel didn't really think of how clumsy he was at the time and how bad at forms he was. He was desperate to prove himself to the teachers, though his eyes often strayed towards the solemn form of Tansy Kleinman, a local doctor who kept to herself. Sometimes, he could have sworn she was watching him with a thoughtful expression. Why him, though? Why was he so interesting towards the woman?

Despite only meeting her eyes a few times, Ariel had found himself eyeing her curiously. Wondering what was going through her mind. The red-haired woman was often seen speaking to various higher ups, conversing with them with quiet tones. They had been far enough away that Ariel couldn't hear them, not to mention he couldn't risk getting closer to listen in on their conversation. It wasn't until a few days before going into sixth grade that he realized what was happening.

"Tansy has desired to take on an apprentice this month. This apprentice shall be Ariel." The newly made apprentice felt sick, barely acknowledging his brother as they went off to their first day of middle school. He almost felt distant as he shook hands with Tansy, though the warm glimmer in her light green eyes was slightly comforting. Why couldn't he have gone to sixth grade instead of being a Potions' apprentice? He vocalized this to his mentor, appearing almost hurt as he spoke to her.

She told him that she saw potential in him to be a great healer. With the month's end approaching swiftly, Ariel had no time to break out into hysterics and demand to be made to go to public school. However, the doctor did show him how rewarding it was to heal others. In the days before they departed to the forest to retrieve ingredients, she showed him how utterly unique being a physician was. The night they left, Tansy admitted that she didn't know if he would have accepted to become her protegee.

Michael approached him a few days after their ingredient foray and demanded to know why Ariel had not asked to switch over to being in the same grade as him. Arielbasically said that he gained a new understanding of what he was to learn and he wanted to make the most of it. He also brought up how clumsy he was and questioned how bad his luck could really be.

Initially he wasn't very sure of Tansy. As the years passed and his training grew more intense, he became very fond of his mentor. There were moments when he almost got abducted by a local gang, nearly killed himself by falling off a particularly tall tree, and got lost in the forest searching for herbs that were in a completely different part of the woods.

Ariel was twenty-nine years old when Tansy ran out of things to teach him. For a time, a girl named Iris had been learning alongside him for about two years. However, she quickly got bored of being the second apprentice of Tansy and demanded to go to public school. Now, that was a political nightmare he could have gone without. He had been about twenty-two years old, while Iris was eighteen when she left.

His mentor took him to the forest when he was thirty-two years old, receiving his official healers' documents that very night. The past couple of years had been full of extensive research, testing, and coming up with his own thesis. At the same time, as he didn't have an actual last name, Ariel was gifted with the last name of Oaksmyth. He knew change was coming, something bad outside of the meteors that struck the world around him.

The world was suffering, a metaphorical illness that ravaged the planet daily. Even nightly, Ariel could see the dark clouds gather out of nowhere and release a toxic water that would burn away someone's skin upon contact. Not to mention the occasional disappearance of people would make him feel uncertain, worried if he would be the next disappearance.


 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 07:03 PM


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