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 Want Ads, a suggestion
 Posted: Aug 1 2018, 12:18 AM


I'd thought of this idea before, but with the new events and starter process, I feel like it could make this even cooler. Basically, we could have a Want Ads subforum or thread where players can post character ideas that other players can pick up.

I'll use Cecilia as an example. I think it would be cool if a player decided to create her husband or her brother, so step one I would post in the Want Ads thread with what details and history would be absolutely necessary and what would be up to the player who chooses to take the ad.

Step two would be if another player decided to take the ad, which might happen and it might not. If someone decided they want to take my ad, then they would need to PM me first and the two of us can discuss character and plot ideas.

Step three, the player taking the ad creates a character application, but maybe in addition to being approved by a staff member, it also needs to be approved by me since I created the ad.

Some of the benefits of adding a want ad thread would be that it would be an easy source of ideas for players who want to make a character, but maybe they worry about finding an rp partner or making friends if they're new to the forum. This guarantees that the new player will have at least one person open to develop plots with them immediately. Since the new starter system also allows immigrants coming through the void to retain memories, it also opens up the possibility of existing characters meeting past family members and friends, which I think would be fun to play out.

Some downsides could be that it would kind of suck if somebody takes your ad and then goes inactive, or you go inactive, that might take away a lot of the fun of it. Maybe if your want ad character goes inactive, you have the option to repost the ad?

 Posted: Aug 4 2018, 03:04 PM


Just wanna say that I love this idea, considering the new temporary starter process. I was thinking of making my third character a native, but this starter process is so tempting, so... If anybody has a "wanted ad" idea for a Sufferverse relative/friend/associate of their character, hit me up, I might be interested in taking it. :D

 Posted: Aug 4 2018, 10:11 PM


I'm pretty bitter when it comes to want ads, which is why I didn't originally create a want ads forum- but if there's a desire amongst the people, I'm not against facilitating it by creating the forum! Before we officially make the forum, though, we want to set up the basic/default rules for what happens if the taker disappears in the middle of the process, or goes inactive... or if the original poster of the ad goes inactive. Unfortunately, we've seen all this happen in the past (#Steona, anyone?), which is why we were hesitant in the beginning. But, you're right, and if you find an RP partner that actually sticks around, it makes RP all the more fun!

tl,dr; Yes, we will make a wanted ads subforum within the plotting forum. Just give us a bit to come up with the rules to handle all the potential situations.

To make it simple, we want to set up basic / default rules that are fairly lenient and simple, to prevent confusion and/or hurt feelings if things don't go to plan. But, we would leave it open for the poster of the ad to set more strict rules and requirements. Feel free to suggest what the basic rules should be, if you guys have opinions on it.

In the meantime, feel free to post up the want ads just in the main plotting forum- there's certainly no rule or anything stopping you guys from doing so. And, Amissa, feel free to take 3 PP for the suggestion which we will (eventually) implement!

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