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 Quest Contribution, For Player Appreciation Month
 Posted: Aug 1 2018, 12:03 PM


Quest Contribution

◒ Plan Future Quests!

As explained here, this is where all quest suggestions must be posted to be eligible for the raffle we are doing for player appreciation month!

Keep the length requirements in mind when posting your suggestions- if a quest suggestion is deemed too short, we will ask you to add more to it, otherwise it cannot count. Also, remember that the limit is five suggestions per person. Other than that, knock yourselves out!

 Posted: Aug 7 2018, 01:46 PM


Jani's guide to help brainstorm quest ideas:

Most of the time, I try to keep the specific city in mind when coming up with a quest. Here are the ideas and concepts that I bounce around in my head, depending on where in Terrene the quest is will be posted...


-Ashfield is technically an anarchist society. I often try to have the Ashfield quests reflect this idea, and show off Ashfield's criminal, lawless side. Intimidation, threats, revenge, and vigilantism are common in this place that has no governing body, no police force- especially because there are so many people going in and out all the time. An eye-for-an-eye type ideal permeates much of Ashfield, which often results in an endless cycle of people trying to "get even" with one another.

-It is the biggest city, but it lacks a sense of permanence, and thus often lacks a sense of consequences. For example, as a permanent Ashfield citizen you could cheat a lot of your customers without being too afraid of retribution, because most of your customers are new arrivals who will be leaving Ashfield sooner or later, anyways.

-Another large factor to consider for Ashfield is the fact that it is a city surrounded by a huge, dark forest... full of demons. Depression, anxiety, and similar ailments are very common in Ashfield as a result.


-The opposite of Ashfield, Crater is the most structured city with the most structured government. Potentially, some of the quests could revolve around the government asking for volunteers for a certain task, but for the most part the officials can handle crime and punishment well enough themselves. Alternatively, there may be a couple quests here and there where people are trying to do something without the government knowing... it's risky, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen!

-Crater is the most religious of the cities, and it most specifically revolves around Arceus. There are shrines to Arceus and to the Legendaries in general. Some of the quests could be tinged with the common religious beliefs/practices of the city. Crater is also the most educated of the cities, as all of the young children born into Crater get a basic education of at least reading and writing, basic arithmetic, the general history of Terrene (influenced somewhat by their religious views/worship of Arceus).

-The economic situation of any given person in Crater can vary greatly, depending on where they are in the hierarchy. Generally no one wants for the Luxuries are few for the Branded...


-Oasis is a pretty violent, unfriendly place- especially toward those who are not in the gang or those who are not lifelong citizens of Oasis. Tic and Roxane generally behave as the defacto government/leadership, and are frequently relied upon to settle disputes. However, there are still a lot of things that fall under the radar, that people try and deal with themselves. Even including the gang's leadership, Oasis generally revolves around a mostly anarchistic idea of might makes right. If you're strong, you're in charge.

-The citizens of Oasis typically pride themselves on being independent, so it typically takes a lot to get them to be willing to ask for help. Additionally, when they do ask for help, they tend to ask for help from their fellow Oasis citizens, rather than outsiders.

-Oasis is a fairly barren environment. Food, water, and other resources are quite difficult to acquire. A lot of the quests here typically revolve around acquiring or protecting these resources.

Forest Beach

-Forest Beach doesn't have an official government, but they do generally follow a loose, semi-tribal Gerontocracy. Families tend to stick together, and they generally follow the advice and leadership of their eldermost family members. The same is true of the village as a whole: they typically respect the advice and wishes of the oldest among them. This isn't a hard-and-fast rule, of course, and there are no official laws or punishments for breaking those laws. However, if one makes a habit of being disruptive and disregarding the advice and wishes of the defacto leaders, they could expect a degree of social ostracism.

-The people of Forest Beach have a reputation for being some of the kindest, most generous, and most accepting people in Terrene. Most of their quests revolve around helping others rather than hurting others, though of course there are always family feuds that crop up every now and again, or outsiders that come in and take advantage of the kindness of the people.


-These are the quests that are, well, region-wide. They should have few or no restrictions/requirements, and be generally applicable to everyone.

-I tend to keep these region-wide quests very newbie-friendly. This ensures that there's always something for even the newest characters to be able to do, especially for those who end up in cities where the quests tend to be fewer and harder (Oasis and Forest Beach).

-I sometimes base these region-wide quests on less popular RL holidays. For example, we had Terrene Day instead of Earth Day, and the quest was just to write a development-style thread that showed the character doing something to benefit nature.


There are some general ideas that can be considered, too. Consider a quest that involves Terrene-specific mechanics about Dragons, Demons, Fairies, Ghosts, or Psychics. Perhaps read through the Terrenian Lore subforum to get ideas, as well.

-Consider what level/strength you might want the quest to apply to. Quests that don't involve a lot of battle are easier for newer characters, whereas quests that involve conflict with high-leveled opponents could provide a fun challenge to older, more experienced characters. For reference, excluding the higher-tier canon characters, most of the strongest character Pokemon are just below or have barely reached level 20.

-Consider if you want the quest to be a one-character quest or a multi-character quest.

-Overall, keep the realistic and survivalistic aspects of Terrene in mind! Nice and fluffy quests can be good for the Terrene-wide quests, but other than that, we like to keep it gritty.

Good luck, and feel free to PM me if you want to run ideas by me, or if you have any questions about potential quest ideas!

 Posted: Aug 9 2018, 08:32 AM


quest suggestion for Ashfield!


Wyatt, an NPC I'm creating, is a self-proclaimed doctor/scientist. He likes to take data from other scientists and claim it as his. Recently, he's begun poaching from the local grass-type population in order to revolutionize his latest 'breakthrough.' So far, he's stolen two baby Petilils, three adolescent Turtwigs, and a small Bulbasaur adolescent. It will be up to the character how to rescue the children and get them back to the wild. Maybe the rewards for this could be befriending one of the Pokemon, along with token rewards?


Recently, Wyatt has been asking for help around the city. He claims he's made a breakthrough in grass-type medicine, but he needs someone else's help to officially make this claim among the scientists in the community, who think he's a thieving, murdering prat. They can't do much, since they don't really have any incriminating evidence against him. According to rumors, he's been looking for someone to catch a Turtwig or Bulbasaur, or even better, a Petilil. Those who can get to him the Pokemon will get a reward, possibly a Grass Gourmet Honey or a White Herb. Those who manage to catch one of the aforementioned Pokemon could be allowed to keep the Pokemon, after some research is performed.

 Posted: Aug 12 2018, 05:17 AM


Crater City Quest

Help bust somebody out of jail! If you want this to tie into site-wide events, maybe the prisoner to be sprung is a follower of Omega who has been captured and held for interrogation. Otherwise, it could be be any poor schmuck you want. Maybe a poor kid's mom or dad got massively drunk and made some very bad decisions, and the child/children ask for help freeing their parent. Or maybe it's the other way around and a parent is trying to free their adult son or daughter who's been imprisoned for making similarly bad decisions. Either way, this is a stealth mission. Nobody is going to succeed if they try to walk through the front door and fight everyone in their path. This quest would probably be best done in a moderator/player pattern similar to what was done in the Spy on the Witch quest. The character who takes this quest will need to be clever to talk their way out of suspicious situations. They may need to hide from guards, climb obstacles, pick locks, and even utilize disguises. This quest would be best taken by only one character, since any more would almost definitely be caught before reaching their goal. Each character only gets one chance at this quest.

*will add more as I think of them

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