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 Kingdom Come, [Quest - Pests]
 Posted: Aug 6 2018, 03:23 PM


Kingdom Come
"Please, get rid of them! I can't handle another raid on my stores. It's just getting too costly!" The woman pleaded with Shae, dark-skinned arms caressing the woman's arms in a gesture of comfort. "Don't worry. My family and I will be sure to chase off those rodents for you to keep your food safe. If I can, I'll try to figure out how they are getting in as well, so we can block it off. The summer had come with a sudden population increase of pest-like pokemon. She didn't like the way people spat around the term 'Pest' in such a hurtful manner, but she could understand their frustrations that came with the rodents.

This woman specifically had her house raided by a group of them. They'd somehow managed to worm their way in and got into her stored food. Apparently a couple times, if the hysterical woman was able to get through her upset words. She seemed terrified that all of her food was going to be taken, and as such wasn't really able to think straight. Her words were a little garbled by her emotions, the infant in the other room seeming happy while not knowing his mother was crying. "Please, just relax and go spend time with your baby. I'll take care of the pests. I'm sure if I chase them off and seal up their way in, you won't have trouble ever again." She smiled brightly, the mother taking some comfort in her words and positivity.

The woman satisfied with the answer, she wiped her eyes and nodded at Shae. Then, she retreated to her other room, leaving the tall woman to prepare. She couldn't be sure they'd come right now, but the woman said they normally tried to get in around the same hour of the day. Which was just about here. She inspected the room a bit, looking for a clear opening but not finding anything at first. Well, it would be easier if she saw where exactly the pests were heading to. With that in mind, she headed to the door and went outside, closing it behind her. The openings needed to all be shut, so that they would only be able to go in whichever secret way they had managed to open into the woman's house. Whatever it was, stealing food was absolutely not allowed. She would do everything she could to stop the pokemon from stealing from this house ever again.

She set out around the old house, the framework sturdy enough but not exactly new. Well, that was to be expected, she supposed. Most houses in Ashfield were passed down or abandoned, and others would take them when they opened up. Sometimes reparations would be done to them, but most of the time people just appreciated getting into a solid shelter. There were quite a few people who lived around the city without a real home. She hoped to help them all someday. But for now, this was her task. She needed to focus on finding any holes. A quick pass of the house didn't show anything too concerning, though there was a spot in the dirt that seemed a little looser than the rest. Almost like it had been dug up recently.

This was where she decided to stake out, since the other spots didn't seem to need it. She could walk around and keep an eye out, but she would keep a couple pokemon stationed here, where she thought it was most likely they would come. Pulling out her pokeballs, she released the pokemon she felt might be good for this - and a couple who she didn't use too often. The two slugs weren't huge fans of fighting, but they were feisty when it came to where they deemed their territory was. If she kept them here and the pokemon approached, they'd likely be willing to protect this spot and not let them pass.

First, she released the mouse pokemon. She was still young and inexperienced, so Shae wanted to give her as much exposure to watching battles as she could. So that the pokemon would learn. The electric-type was released and looked around. On spotting Shae, she sipped over and wrapped her tiny hands on the woman's ankle. Giggling, the woman bent down and picked her up. Settling her into one arm so the creature could look out from a higher point, she used her free hand to get the others. First, she released the bigger of the two shellos. Some people liked to say fatter, but she didn't appreciate the term very much. It seemed a little insulting, and she had no interest in insulting the pokemon in any way.

The water type appeared on the ground, released right on the pile of dirt that seemed looser than the rest. She quickly moved to holster his pokeball, and grab the next. Within a few seconds, the second water type was released next to him. They looked around, apparently curious of their situation. "Alright you two. Something might be coming to this house. But this is yours, okay? We can't let them break through." She spoke the words, pointing to the soil beneath them and the wood behind them. The larger of the two, the one who was the self-proclaimed king, looked at the great wooden structure. So, this was to be their new home? Yes, a large castle such as this seemed worthy of him. The old place would remain a quarters for his servants, and he could stay here. Unless it wasn't as nice. Then perhaps this could become the servants' quarters.

But the woman got up and walked along the wall of the new building. Hmph. She didn't go out of sight, but looked around the corner and in all the other directions. She turned around and followed along the wall again, passing by them and repeating at the other corner. What was she doing? Perhaps this large servant of his was expecting something? Or, just keeping a careful eye out? Well, all the better. He wanted time to explore his new home after all. Though, it was odd that they were outside, rather than inside. Curious. Well, perhaps he would wait a minute, and the woman would carry him inside. Just as he expected of her to do. His loyal servant bowed her head to him, waiting for her orders as he decided what it was they should do next. He was silent for the moment, waiting to see what the human would do.

1093 words

Shellos - Male
Level 9
Current Health 100%
Current Energy 70%
Sand Force
MIST ◒ MIRROR COAT ◒ Mud-Slap ◒ Mud Sport ◒ Harden ◒ Water Pulse
This is mine now. Obviously.

Shellos - Female
Level 2
Current Health 100%
Current Energy 65%
Storm Drain
ACID ARMOR ◒ CLEAR SMOG ◒ Mud-Slap ◒ Mud Sport ◒ Harden ◒ Water Pulse
What do you desire of me, my lord?

Pichu - Female
Level 2
Current Health 100%
Current Energy 25%
Lightning Rod
ELECTRIC TERRAIN ◒ Thundershock ◒ Charm
Must look at all the things!!


 Posted: Aug 6 2018, 04:07 PM


[Here are your spawns for this quest. You are in control of them, but keep it realistic and reasonable! Remember to post in the mod request whenever you attempt a capture or befriending. All spawns must be dealt with- not necessarily violently- to finish the quest. Have fun!]

a wild Rattata has appeared!
level 4 ◒ female ◒ hustle ◒ Revenge, Me First, Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack

a wild Rattata has appeared!
level 2 ◒ male ◒ run away ◒ Reversal, Tackle, Tail Whip

a wild Zigzagoon has appeared!
level 3 ◒ male ◒ Quick Feet ◒ Mud Slap, Tackle, Growl

a wild Zigzagoon has appeared!
level 3 ◒ male ◒ gluttony ◒ Charm, Tickle, Sleep Talk, Tackle, Growl

a wild Zigzagoon has appeared!
level 5 ◒ female ◒ pickup ◒ Pursuit, Charm, Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip

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