Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Posted: Aug 11 2016, 10:09 AM


The Plot

Inspired in part by the online comic Earthsong, by Crystal Yates and in part by BBC's Doctor Who.

The legendaries became content. More than content, they became inattentive, apathetic. They forgot their duties in favor of rest and their boundless dreams. The world's many regions suffered from the long absence of their legendaries, but they survived, and soon the legendaries were forgotten by both human and Pokemon alike as hundreds of years passed without their influence.

Not all legendaries slept, however. Giratina, Zekrom, and Hoopa were agents of chaos and ambition, and were restless. Giratina was the greatest among them, and from the mind and powers of Giratina, anarchy came to pass. The powers of the three began tearing at the seams of the the galaxy and of reality.

Great tumult came to the inhabited regions and worlds as all manner of natural disaster raged. Earthquakes abounded. Seasons and weather lost all predictability and sense; snow might fall from the sky in the morning heat of what might have otherwise been summer, then melt into acidic runoff at the first surface it touched. Sleep became impossible for all, even during the quieter times, as everyone's bodies revolted against the tearing of the fabric of reality. Even time itself bent and broke in places.

The legendaries began to wake; Arceus was the first. He felt a great shame for his lethargy, and he cursed himself to never sleep again. He began to wake the others, but they woke too slowly, and the destruction was too far along to be fixed by Arceus alone. Drawing on the reserves of his great and unknowable power, and reaching into the power of the legendaries that still slept, Arceus performed his two last great feats.

The first of the last great feats: Arceus bound the destruction, binding Giratina, Zekrom, and Hoopa within it. This did not stop the incredible universe-dissembling powers from raging, but in actuality cursed it to continue forever and ever in an endless time loop. The suffering universe would suffer forever, as well as all those within it.

The second of the last great feats: Arceus created another universe, just as he created the first universe so long ago.

As each legendary woke, they found themselves safe in an empty universe that vibrated and sang with potential. They could not save Arceus, nor could they save any of those trapped in the Suffering Universe. At first they wept, and then they slept, for it seemed their centuries of endless dreaming could not easily be shook off, and the legendaries found that they tired quickly. Then they would wake and weep again.

After a time, the legendaries began to do what they had always done: create. Arceus had provided them with a new universe, an empty universe, and so they filled it. They created a new sun, a new moon and many stars. They created a new planet, much like the planet that had been their pride and joy in the Suffering Universe. They filled it with many wonders and with astounding flora. And then they wept again, for none of the legendaries had the power to create life. Only Arceus had this power. This beautiful new universe, so lovingly and painstakingly assembled between their periods of sleeping and dreaming, was doomed to be empty forever, never to be filled or sculpted with lives and memories.

Then there was a shiver and a shimmer on the planet's surface, within one of the many magnificent forests that thrived on the planet's surface. In a small clearing, the ground rippled and the grass died, wilting and yellowing and turning to dust in mere seconds. Then, there was a great whirl and blast of wind, and a small herd of Deerling stood on the deadened ground.

Arceus had taken them from the Suffering Universe, pulling them through time and space and through the very fabric of reality, and given them a new start in the new universe. The phenomenon repeated itself: a great whirl and blast of wind- the Deerling scattered and hid, but stayed close enough to watch with their curious and wondering eyes- and a mating pair of Marrill were pushed into the new world. The great wind came a third time, bringing with it a pride of Litleo and Pyroar.

The legendaries who were awake to witness this momentous occasion cried out in celebration, and in due time all the legendaries knew. Soon many of them began to discover how to reach into the Suffering Universe to pull out Pokemon to multiply and replenish this new world, which they called Terrene. Soon many lives and memories would fill this world, this universe, and give it purpose.

Most of those who were pulled through had lost most or all recollection of their previous lives; but perhaps this was a blessing. They could put their unimaginable suffering behind them.

 Posted: Sep 4 2016, 10:00 PM


General Timeline

◒ 201 years ago

Unimaginable chaos is unleashed in what is now known as the Suffering Universe. Arceus manages to contain the chaos, create a new universe and rescue the other legendaries. The legendaries mourned for many years.

◒ 181 years ago

The legendaries create a new world in the new universe.

◒ 121 years ago

Arceus pushes the first Pokemon through to the new universe. In the years following, other legendaries began to learn how to pull Pokemon in as well. Pokemon begin populating the entire new world.

◒ 51 years ago

The first human is pushed through by Arceus. He continues to push them in sporadically, one at a time. The other legendaries begin pulling in humans as well in addition to the Pokemon they keep pulling through. Ashfield City is founded within the clearing that most of them were pulled into.

◒ 36 years ago

Crater City is founded.

◒ 26 years ago

Oasis Village is founded.

◒ 21 years ago

Forest Beach Village is founded.

◒ 1 year ago

The strength of the Tapus fails and Alola falls. The legendaries begin pulling through the Alola-native people and Pokemon into Terrene.

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