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It's the most wonderful
time of the year- meaning, the time of Delibird gifts and of winter festivals! And as always, our plot events are still going strong.


winter will be here until
March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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 Garrett Parker, Ashfield, Hunter
 Posted: Feb 21 2017, 09:54 AM


Garrett Parker
45 - Male - Heterosexual
Hunter/Ashfield City
Tough. A simple word to describe this man perfectly. His skin is marred with innumerable scars, telling of many tales and stories unheard. His hair is already greying, although the muscles rippling across his body tell that this man is to not be messed with.

Nobody really knows when he popped into the world, just that a kindly group of Pokémon assisted in making a ramshackle little house which was promptly occupied by Garrett. Just his appearance chases away most intruders and his gruff attitude insures the rest stay away...though he does seem to have a soft spot for the young or naive, if you ever need a secluded place to stay,

Can this NPC be used by anyone? yes
Can this NPC be changed/added to by anyone? pm me

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