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fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new universe, this new world, and give it purpose. (Our site is best viewed in Firefox or Chrome.)


It's the most wonderful
time of the year- meaning, the time of Delibird gifts and of winter festivals! And as always, our plot events are still going strong.


winter will be here until
March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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 Shae's Thread Tracker
 Posted: Oct 5 2016, 12:47 AM


autumn 2016

No Time To Say Goodbye [starter]
▲▲ gains: Klink
▼▼ losses: Thnks fr th mmrs

Never Forget The Light [Development]
▲▲ gains: +2% Loyalty (Klink)
▼▼ losses: -60 tokens

Let's Get Some Answers [Social] [Moes & Judas]
▲▲ gains: +2 friends
▲▲ gains: +130 tokens
▲▲ gains: +1% Loyalty (Klink)
▼▼ losses: -1 dignity

Someone to Lean On [Social] [Judas]
▲▲ gains: +115 Tokens

It's Worth A Little Dirt [Quest] [Dentelle]
▲▲ gains: Murkrow - Fought & Caught!
▲▲ gains: Scatterbug - Befriended & Caught!
▲▲ gains: x1 Potion
▲▲ gains: x1 Map
▲▲ gains: +23 EXP for Kay (Klink)
▲▲ gains: +5% Loyalty for Kay (Klink)
▼▼ losses: -2 pokeballs

A New Perspective [Adventure]
▲▲ gains: +6 EXP for Kay (Klink)
▲▲ gains: +2% Loyalty for Kay (Klink)
▲▲ gains: x1 quick claw
▲▲ gains: x2 pecha berry
▲▲ gains: x1 colbur berry
▲▲ gains: Cherubi - Befriended & Caught!
▼▼ losses: x1 Luxury ball

Window Shopping [Event] [Open]
▲▲ gains: +10 tokens

Looks Like Trouble [Event] [Open]
▲▲ gains: +10 tokens

A Merry Time [Event] [Open]
▲▲ gains: +10 tokens

Bonds That Last a Lifetime [Quest]
▲▲ x1 White Herb
▲▲ x3 Supply Packs
▲▲ x1 Belue berry
▲▲ x1 Bluk berry
▲▲ x1 Pamtre berry
▲▲ +3% Loyalty Kay (Klink)
▲▲ +2% Loyalty Seb (Scatterbug)
▲▲ +2% Loyalty Barry (Cherubi)
▲▲ +1% Loyalty Mar (Murkrow)

winter 2017

Practice Makes Perfect [Development]
▲▲ gains: +8 exp - Seb, Kay, Barry - All gained a level!
▲▲ gains: +10 exp for Mar - gained a level!
▲▲ gains: +2% loyalty for Seb
▲▲ gains: +1% loyalty for Mar
▲▲ gains: +100 tokens

Someone to Whom I Could Relate [Adventure] [Diego]
▲▲ gains: +30 tokens
▲▲ gains: +2% loyalty for Seb
▲▲ gains: +1 exp for Kay

Egg-cellent Bonding Born From Friendship [Social] [Judas]
▲▲ gains: +10 Tokens
▲▲ gains: Tirtouga hatched!

Something Greater Than Oneself [Life's Treasures Quest]
▲▲ gains: +100 Tokens
▲▲ gains: +100 additional tokens
▲▲ gains: x1 metal silverware set [5g of metal]
▲▲ gains: x1 Pokedex
▲▲ gains: +1% loyalty for Seb
▲▲ gains: +2% loyalty for Kay
▲▲ gains: +3% loyalty for Mar

Sweet, Sweet Salvation [Social] [Mavis]
▲▲ gains: +30 Tokens
▲▲ gains: +1% loyalty for Mar

In The Wilds Again [Adventure]
▲▲ gains: +100 Tokens
▲▲ gains: +1 cleanse tag
▲▲ gains: +1% loyalty to Kay, Seb, Mar, & Barry

Giving Your All [Ice Skating Event]
▲▲ gains: +200 tokens
▲▲ gains: Mar gains 4 levels!
▲▲ gains: Won First Place
▲▲ gains: Given Ice Egg as reward
▲▲ gains: +3 yache berries

Taking Charge [Alola Event]
▲▲ gains:
▼▼ losses:

spring 2017

Last Night, Good Night [Social] [Open]
▲▲ gains:
▼▼ losses:

Tensions Rising [Development]
▲▲ gains:
▼▼ losses:

Reflection [Adventure]
▲▲ gains:
▼▼ losses:

summer 2017

Elka vs Shae [Event] [Elka]
▲▲ gains: +40 tokens
▲▲ gains: +10 exp for Kay

Cynth vs Shae [Event] [Cynth]
▲▲ gains: +50 tokens
▲▲ gains: +12 exp for Mar

Aimess vs Andrew vs Shae [Event] [Aimess & Andrew]
▲▲ gains:
▼▼ losses:

Having The Slime Of Our Lives [Quest]
▲▲ gains:
▼▼ losses:


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