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The biggest event of the season- of the year, even- is the Anniversary Fair, and it is here again! We have a scary story contest. Our plot events are still going strong.


Autumn will be here until December. All of Terrene is cooling by degrees; those in Ashfield scarcely notice because it never truly gets cold there, though they will notice the decreased rains and humidity. Winds pick up, particularly in the southern areas. Ghost types are more common this season.







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Oct 10 2017, 03:11 PM
You can use any quiz, but I personally suggest Pottermore's Wand Quiz.

My first wand was made of laurel, phoenix tail feather, 10 3/4 inches long, and surprisingly supple. Unfortunately, that account got lost and now I don't remember the password.


Now, my wand is made of elm with a unicorn hair, 10 3/4" and quite bendy.

What is your wand like?
Oct 10 2017, 12:18 PM
Tapping his stolen feather from one of the vendor's Pidgey's against his chin, he bit his lip and considered the large leaf in front of him. Although his lips quirked up at the reminder of the incident, he really had needed some kind of feather. Alfonse had needed to study it in case it had properties that could be used. Then he had accidentally cut off the tip at an angular point. For a good hour or so, he had raged. Kicked trees and bashed his head against walls.

Then he realized that the potential uses shot up by a lot. A writing implement? Why not? So he had taken one of his berries and smashed at it until everything was mixed in together to create a sort of pasty ink. Would it work? So Alfonse snagged one of his carefully preserved large leaves and tentatively started a list. And it worked! He celebrated by dancing around his house like a maniac and generally looking like an idiot to the wild Pokemon and the citizens of Ashfield.

Looking at his list, Alfonse considered his first thing to do. His house was already built. The furniture had been carved with painstaking precision. A fire-place had been added to it for cooking and heating purposes. Several trees laid next to his house, ready for the chopping into fire-wood. The wool of shaved Mareeps was shoved into soft, cottony large bags to create a comfortable sleeping platform. A bunch of wooden dishes and tools were laid next to the fireplace.

For the first time in a long time, he wasn't busy. Blinking in stunned realization, Alfonse laid the writing implement down on the table and stared contemplatively down at the carefully carved oak. Hmm... He could take a walk. A walk! That actually sounded fantastic. Just a day to take a break, then tomorrow he could start on chopping wood for when the temperature dropped further and snow fell. Quickly dressing in warm clothes, Alfonse began to open the door when he realized how dark it was outside.

Oh! He had forgotten it had taken awhile to drag the trees to his house for chopping and the effort it had taken to chase down a Pidgey. The blonde hesitated, pursing his lips and considering his options. No, he would take a walk. A simple, peaceful walk. Yeah. Throwing open the door so he wouldn't consider staying in his house for the night, he closed it behind him and locked it firmly. No stealing would happen tonight.
Oct 9 2017, 01:51 AM
"If you can't baffle them with bullshit, baffle them with the truth."

Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite quotes ever. One of my new Warrior Cats' OCs practically lives by it.

I'm sure you've all played it at some point in time, but in case you haven't, it's just stating two things that are true about yourself and a lie. We have to determine if it's a lie or not. In this case, when we post our thoughts, we only have one chance to see which of the things listed is a lie. Which means pretty much saying what we think is the lie of the person above you. If you get it wrong, well, that person will tell you eventually.

It's also pretty much determining how much you know about the person above you and getting closer to everyone. XD

I'll start!


I'm a major Harry Potter nerd, have around two dozen hard-copy DS games, and I like coconut. Which one's a lie?
Oct 6 2017, 01:03 PM
It was dark out.

Even though there was no wind, Jinn could hear the rain pounding into the ground. These days, even thinking about water made her mouth go dry. Leaning against the murky yellow counter, she squinted out the window to the all seasons porch and tapped her chin thoughtfully. A tall glass of water was the only item on the counter, nearly gone already. It wasn't that dark really, only seven PM. The black clouds gave a semblance of night outside, giving an illusion of a heavy blanket being thrown over the sky.

Even with this bad of a storm, Jinn couldn't help but think about going outside to simply stand in the rain. Emptying the clear glass and placing it in the sink, she faintly lamented the loss of the contact of water. Soon though, she would be outside. Swiftly dressing in a pair of comfortable, paint-streaked dark jeans, black and gray t-shirt, and an old dark blue sweatshirt, Jinn considered brushing her teeth.

...Nah. I won't be out long. she thought, fingers fumbling with the tropical blue hairbrush. Tugging it harshly through her hair, she set the object down and considered the face in the mirror. A heart-shaped face, with a small nose and slightly full lips peered back out at her. Blue-gray eyes (more blue than gray) seemed slightly curious. Gently tugging at one of the straight strands of her hair, Jinn's mind was oddly quiet.

This was the norm for her though. She usually consciously thought when she was stressed, but not tonight. Despite stress running rampant for the longest time, Jinn was on track for relaxing. Most of the time, she preferred to lay back and read. One might think, Wait a minute. Stress? Why are you so stressed? Jinn would merely stop and stare at the person, before realizing that they didn't know her as good as her parents did.

"I worry a lot." she would murmur in her quiet voice. "I have so much anxiety I worry about the littlest thing." Then Jinn would go back to whatever she was doing, whether it was reading on her kindle or playing the latest video game.

The young woman jolted and came back to the present as she heard her brother's feet coming up the stairs. Hmm.. With a sigh, she exited the bathroom and nearly ran into the six foot two inch form of her younger brother. Why is everyone taller than me? Jinn complained mentally, before focusing in on him with a narrow-eyed gaze.

"Why are you dressed?" he inquired curiously.

"I'm heading out." Jinn stated bluntly as she rummaged through the laundry basket on the floor.

"In this weather?" Desition inquired incredulously.

The strawberry blonde gave the sixteen year old a deadpan look, stuffing her feet into a pair of old beat-up sneakers. "Of course," she replied dryly, straightening her spine and flipping the hood over her face. "Don't wait up for me."

With that last parting shot, she descended the stairs and went straight out the front door, which was straight in front of the stairwell. A slam of the door, and the environment was blissfully quiet except for the erratic pounding of the never-ceasing rain and the occasional chirp of birds.

Jinn placed her large hands in her pockets, flipping back her hood and gazing up at the blackened heavens. With a large sigh, she stepped out into the rain and ignored that she was pretty much drenched the moment she came into contact with the wet ground. Rolling up her sleeves, she closed her eyes and spread her arms out as if she was about to take flight.

Then she tilted up her face slightly, eyes still closed. She just let the rain soak her, ignoring when she got the brief chills. With a deep, contented sigh, Jinn felt her features relax and focused on the water dripping down her face.

It was eerily peaceful, despite the rain. This was the peace and nature that the young woman lived for. She didn't care much for a materialistic life, as being simplistic was just enough.

Jinn sunk into her awareness, letting the meditation overcome her in an overwhelming cleansing. With this rain (which was rather rare) she would feel cleansed. Almost a new person.
Oct 5 2017, 01:22 PM
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