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Jun 18 2018, 05:21 AM
@Kaien ((Don't mind the title.... It's a really cool phrase okay))

Ri was not aware that being glared at all the time could be this fucking exhausting. Even she wasn't this fucking cranky! Did these people have grumpiness written into their souls?! She was pretty sure she got the gist now, confirming the few rumors she'd heard in passing, considering she didn't talk to many. Oasis fucking hating immigrants with a burning passion that couldn't quite be captured in hearsay and rumor. That, and Ri apparently screamed immigrant with her very presence. What was it? Her valuable bracelets that probably weren't made in Terrene, because who the fuck wasted metal on fancy jewelry rather than something useful? Her clothes which were also pretty obviously not fucking Terrenenian clothes. Probably all of the above.

Fuck this place. She was going to leave this place was soon as possible.... With Blue in tow of course. She wasn't leaving Blue in a shit hole like this alone. Blue was literally the reason she came here. It'd kind of defeat the purpose to leave without her.

Though, for now Ri was standing on the edge of the outskirts of the village, trying to get a fucking break from a mix of dirty and greedy looks. Very much appreciated if people would quit ogling her possessions and probably plot to murder her and leave her body in a ditch somewhere.

Of course, her pokemon were with her. Just Venom, Sai, Arashi, and Andy, though. Yuki was in her pokeball..... Even though she wasn't moving around right now, she might soon and ah.... She thought about the blob-like water-type pokemon. Then she stared at the ground. Yeah, nope. Yuki would not appreciate this, and Ri would let her out later.... Maybe. This place was just dirty and hot and would dehydrate Yuki. Absentmindedly, she thought it might be nice to let Yuki explore the ocean.... Neither Sai nor Yuki had seen the sea.... They should get the chance. She made a mental note to do that when she could.

She normally would stare at the sky... But the sky was fucking bright thanks to the blinding sun, that even staring at the open blue was stressful on her eyes. She was settling for sitting her ass in the dirt and staring across the way at more sandy dirt. Venom was curled loosely around her, similarly just... Laying there in the dirt and sand, Sai sitting on her rump next to him, and Andy next to her. Arashi was the only one still bounding around, apparently exploring the strangeness of this new dirt.... That honestly, was new to Arashi.

Ri sighed, sounding a little more content than earlier. She had a soft smile. Arashi's energy was always.... Pretty cute actually. It always was good for cheering up.

Jun 18 2018, 05:09 AM

Ri couldn't believe she fucking made it. This piece of shit village. After a long time of traveling between the Rolling Mountains and Desert Strip and squinting at a map, she'd made it to Oasis Village. The village itself was.... Pretty different. The whole place was unfriendly-looking, moreso than Crater City or Ashfield City had looked. The houses were made of mudbrick and the terrain itself was just.... Eh.... To be honest, Ri wasn't sure why anyone would've decided to lay down a city here. At least they were smart enough to put it near the coast. This village would've been dead without a close source of water, even if it was salt water and thus undrinkable. They probably at least had a fishing trade or something.

Since Ri had made it into the village, she released most of her pokemon. She allowed Venom, Sai, and Arashi out of their pokeballs, but kept Yuki inside. She.... Probably should start making a habit of it because dammit Yuki was already too fucking heavy. She could let her out when she had time to rest.... Because now was not the time. She couldn't ask anyone where Blue was.... She entered the village, and she got a lot of cranky stares. Usually, Ri was giving such looks instead of receiving them. That, and she got a bunch of greedy stares pointing straight at the incredibly valuable metal bracelets around her wrists. She held them up protectively and shot back icy fiery looks of 'fuck off.'

So, she kept to looking around as she walked to find Blue. She'd just keep an eye out. Surely the short girl with a jacket would be easy to spot...? Though, she wondered if Blue would be wearing the jacket, considering the heat. Ri had already taken off her own, using the sleeves to tie it around her wait, like she had last Summer.
Jun 15 2018, 09:16 PM
Flash Rain was born outside of Forest Beach, predating the city. He was born in Ashfield City, and he was taken to Forest Beach City by his parents when he was a year old. Though, to be more accurate, his parents took Flash with them to go to the heart of the Eastern Great Forest, to help found the city. The house built for their family was one of the first built, being one of the oldest buildings in the Village. Twenty one years ago, Forest Beach Village was founded, and amongst the first settlers of the newest city on Terrene, were Flash's parents and his paternal aunt's family as well. His parents, Hail and Bright Rain, alongside Hail's sister Gull Dove and her husband Ivy Dove all moved together as part of the founding group of the city that would become Forest Beach Village. They believed that the Western Great Forest and Ashfield City were not quite safe enough for their peace of mind to raise a family, and chose to move. The large population of demons factored into their decision. While they lacked some of the vehement hatred and paranoid fixation on the evil of demons, they recognized and respected the threat that demons represented. A threat, they decided, was not conducive to a happy growing family. It was decided from the beginning, that Hail and his sister's families would be living in separate houses, however Hail and his wife were planning to have a large family, of having more children than just Flash. Thus, their house must be large as well to accommodate the future children they had planned. Their house was constructed out of the most plentiful material available, wood from the trees that Eastern Great Forest had no shortage of. The house took time to build, and they were anxious for it to be finished and to move inside.

Their house was built on the edge of the man-made clearing that defined the city, as the family felt deeply in tune with nature, and didn't wish to shy too far from it. As well, Hail and his wife were both hunters. While Hail insisted that Bright remain home, Hail continued to hunt to support the family by collecting meat for food and possible extra meat to sell to afford other things. Though their house remained close to the forest, once Flash was old enough to understand, his parents were both extremely firm about warning him away from entering the dangerous wilderness. The house found its occupants increasing over the first eight years of its existence, as Flash was soon joined by his twin sisters Frost and Adder. Then one after the other, Flash's younger brothers were born: Ice and Lightning. Flash, Frost, and Adder were each rather respectful towards the house, being the level-headed individuals of the Rain children. Unfortunately, Ice was rather rambunctious and would sometimes scratch images and words into the wooden walls. Such scratches were not able to be removed, and evidence of Ice's bad behavior is now etched into the walls forevermore, clear proof that this house was home to a troublemaking child. Still, the house stood strong through rainstorms and snowstorms that would strike Forest Beach, keeping the family warm and dry. To this day, the house is still in fairly good shape, and is sure to last the Rain family for a while longer. The day the Rain family loses this house is because they're all dead and six feet under, with no family to speak of to take it over and claim it as their own.

In a room they often use for simple bonding time and relaxation, there is evidence of the single lawful carving in the walls. It was first proposed by Lightning when he was six, and the family took up the idea. Etched into the walls, is the family tree of the Rains, including close cousins and distant cousins. The Rain family was generally not as literate as their cousins the Doves, so instead of writing names, they carved pictures to represent each family member. A snowy cloud for Hail, the sun for Bright, a star for Flash, a snake for Adder, a snowflake for Frost, an icicle for Ice, and a bolt for Lightning. Other symbols were added to include the entirety of Flash's family.... Which included a great many cousins. The full tree stretched across the wooden wall, by today the carving is clearly aged, but still jagged and sharp showing the writing was made by a knife. They didn't think to simply paint it onto the wall, because Adder pointed out that someone could simply remove it if it was paint. They disliked the notion, and thus they carved it into the wood, to preserve it as long as the house stood. Though, privately Flash believed it rather fitting for a family of pragmatic hunters who would all pull a knife on any enemy should one of their own be harmed.

The house is rather large itself, holding two floors. The entrance to the house stands on the opposite side of the house to the stairs that lead to the upper floor. On the bottom floor lies a dining area, a sort of communal living room area, and a room where they keep weapons and other useful tools. The storage room stored everything that wasn't kept in the bedroom's. Any meat preserved there was often guarded and kept preserved by Hail's Sealeo, who would use his ice-type abilities to keep the meat preserved inside the wooden boxes they kept it in. Flash's family was a strong believer in having too much was better than not enough, and as such kept a surplus of weapons accumulated over the years. Shelves built into the walls carried a variety of weapons, mostly knives of decent to high quality made of good material. Only Flash's mother had a hunting knife of metal, and that was kept in her room as opposed to the storage room. The storage room's weapons were almost all made out of bone, and often kept sharp, let it never be said that the Rain family fell into complacency. Any member of the family is free to take a weapon as seen fit, though as these are shared weapons, it is the expectation to bring it back. Personal effects are always kept in the bedrooms, though Hail and Bright inevitably keep more in their rooms than any of their children. The rest of the bottom floor is hallways and the entrance room where one enters the house. The kitchen is on the side of the house, and Upstairs is simply bedrooms and hallways, consisting of the shared master bedroom for Hail and Bright, a bedroom shared between Frost and Adder, another bedroom shared between Ice and Lightning, while Flash has his own bedroom. Lightning and Ice's bedroom's door is placed in between all of their older siblings' doors, while the parents' bedroom is across the ways. Surprisingly, despite the large family, they still have two empty bedrooms. Admittedly, Bright and Hail did not entirely expect most of their children to share rooms, and as such, they have spare rooms just in case some of their cousins coming from other cities come to visit, as their home is always open to family.

From the day it was built to today, the house has honestly not changed very much. The main structure and layout has not changed at all. In the beginning, the house was sparse, and had little in the way of much of anything. Admittedly, in the very first nights, Hail and Bright lacked proper beds and honestly had brought tents inside the house to sleep inside. Eventually, they were able to add some furniture to the house to fill it. They started with beds, and then they purchased chairs, and then tables, and they kept adding to it until they believed it was properly filled. The vast idle space it started with unnerved them, and they'd sought to fill it as soon as possible, not wanting to live in a home that was more like a wooden box than a house. There's not much of anything really counts as decoration inside the house, a lot of the furniture was rather simple, made of wood and pelts largely. In the dining area lay a simple large rectangular block that was technically a table, surrounded by just enough chairs for the entire family to sit around it. The dining area had nothing in the way for cooking or washing, as those were things for the outside, though wooden plates and cups remained stacked in the corner of the table whenever they weren't eating. The chairs themselves were simple, a small pelt serving as cushion for each of the chairs' seats. Similar chairs could be found in the storage room and in the communal area. The communal area, similar to their dining area, had just enough chairs to keep one for every member of the family. Three small wooden tables that were easily moved were always scattered throughout the room. On the floor, lay a large Sawsbuck pelt serving as a sort of rug, that was comfortable enough to lie down on.

Some personalization did occur in the rooms. Flash's room remains woefully uninspired for the most part, though sometimes flowers could be found laying about in Adder's and Frost's room that would eventually die, and get cleaned up. Then, more fresh flowers would replace them. Adder's and Frost's room tended to be barren like Flash's during the winter months. Meanwhile, Lightning and Ice filled their room with many different things they found. Tufts of fur, feathers, twigs, shiny rocks, random things they found.... They were scattered across the room, and eventually Lightning thought to swipe a table from the communal area to house their finds instead of leaving them on the group to be stepped on. Ice managed to draw blood on the bottom of his foot by stepping on one of his shiny rocks more than once, proving Lightning's wisdom right.

The main decoration of the house was the numerous carvings that appeared in the wall, courtesy of Ice with one or two additions from Lightning when the latter was very young. Though, in the past few years, it was eventually decided that it was a decent addition and they came to appreciate the marking of the house. The individual bedrooms bear scratches and engravings from the owners of each bedroom, though Hail firmly stated that there is no be no more willy nilly scratching, less someone permanently damage the integrity of the house somehow. Still.... It was appreciated.

Flash's room sported carvings largely of his family, and of rivers. Though, there are not many carvings in his room. Adder and Frost's room displayed etchings of snakes and doves, with long curling thin lines seemingly suggesting wind. Drawings of weaponry adorned the walls, and there were many intricate carvings of flowers and trees, showing Adder's influence in her extremely calculated carving, while the designs where likely Frost's ideas. Ice and Lightning's room is absolutely covered from corner to corner in those carvings, though after in his excitement that Ice stabbed the wall too many times with a knife, the privilege of actually carving into the walls belongs to Lightning, as his grip is much lighter and his determination to realize the image in his mind much more precise and thoughtful, as he was well aware that knife carvings could not be undone. Hail's and Bright's rooms sport several carvings of their pokemon both in peaceful settings, and in the heat of battle, along with carvings of Hail and Bright themselves, carved by the other. Similar to the calmer of their children, the carving looks extremely intricate, deliberate, and well-thought out.

Given all this carving.... It was likely for the best that when first building the house, that the walls were made thick. The carving for the most part has been shallow enough to not damage the structure, yet deep enough for them to seem eternal to the family who was all too aware of mortality and prepared to pass down the house to the next generation of their family without a moment's warning.
Jun 15 2018, 07:20 PM
The place called Desert Strip was.... Strange. It was unlike anything Ri could recall clearly. The Rolling Mountains, Lions Plains, and Great West Forest were all... Fairly unique, and it seemed Desert Strip continued that trend. The Great West Forest had been dimly lit, and densely covered with tall trees that blocked out the sun and was always noisy unless something had scared all the noisemakers away. Lions Plains had been flat and sparse in comparison to the rainforest, and it seemed like Ri could look upon the sea of grass as it swayed in the wind, and maybe it'd go on forever. At the very least, stealth and surprises were not the ways of the plains, and that was a slight comfort. The Rolling Mountains had been.... Well, they were more like large hills as far as Ri could tell. But it was the rockiest area that Ri had encountered, and like the plains it lacked dense forests, but similar to the rainforest contained its own issues while traversing. Now... Desert Strip.... As she walked, it felt like her foot sunk into the ground with every step. Of course, that wasn't true. The ground was more submissive than any area she'd encountered before, still. It reminded her of a dirty version of Lions Plains.... That is, with a more brownish color palette.

She was sure that her impression would get rougher as she kept moving on, as she was still close to the edge of the Rolling Mountains as she looked to find Oasis Village further into the area. For simplicity's sake, her pokemon were still in their pokeballs. She didn't think Sai would enjoy traveling on this kind of land, and Yuki was... Kind of extremely heavy. She might lose Arashi and Venom could bring out problems. Ri sighed. She'd been initially very opposed to the idea of trying to exert much control over.... She might as well just admit they were her pokemon. They were bound to pokeballs she carried, and well... Fact: She was a trainer, even if at the barest minimum of what counted as a trainer. Absentmindedly... She wondered if the pokemon under her care would be happier or more miserable if she were to try and.... Become more bold in trying to.... Do something. The thought made her uneasy. She found that.... Well... She liked the idea of interacting with them more. She didn't mind the idea of trying to help them get stronger. She didn't mind the idea of maybe... Trying to guide them and helping them battle smarter, as long as they could ignore her if she was being a dumbass. She wondered why it still bugged her.

She probably should figure that one out. Ri thought she had a pretty good grip on how her own damn thoughts worked.... But when she really thought about it, she felt a persistent lack of control. She didn't know how she felt or thought sometimes, and it felt like she was a walking disaster. Yeah.... She'd need some to think about this.

Andy was still in the basket, and Ri held it up to her chest. He'd seemed to have taken a nap and was only now rising back to consciousness. As soon as he woke up, he took flight from his basket, and seemed to be following Ri's footsteps by flying a little bit above her head. The basket was now empty, and much easier to carry. With much less stress on her arms, she pulled out her map and compass. Her compass seemed fine, though the map was slightly damp around the edges. She figured that it shouldn't take too long for the map to dry out in full. She squinted at it, using a finger to try and pin down where she was and to try and figure out which direction to go to best get to Oasis Village efficiently.

She just hoped her map reading skills didn't suddenly become astronomically horrible and she somehow ended up heading back into the mountains. She figured she wasn't quite that dumb but.... You never knew, honestly.
Jun 10 2018, 08:33 AM
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Getting Sidetracked [starter]<br>
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It's a Nice Day Out, Too Bad We Exist [social with bella/dawn]<br>
▲▲ gains: +50 tokens, +1 enemy in Dawn (probably) <br>
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Across the Path [adventure - swarm]<br>
▲▲ gains: tba <br>
▼▼ losses: tba<br>
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