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Aug 11 2018, 10:25 AM
Venom had finally run out of excuses. He needed to figure out how to make the move from poison to fire now. That was the only way to move forward, and the way forward was.... Difficult. They were completely different, and honestly Venom still wasn’t sure how nature managed to screw up enough to gift the skunk with fire instead of poison. It still didn’t make much sense, but Venom supposed it had to mean that maybe poison and fire weren’t completely without connection, and that this task was possible.... If seemingly extremely difficult.

Hm.... Was his poison flammable? Venom honestly wasn’t sure, he would assume not, but there wasn’t a way to test it. He supposed if he wanted to well and truly create fire, he’d need to expel flammable gas as opposed to the poisonous smoke he’d worked up to until now. He just had no idea how to do that. How exactly was he planning to do this? These were the thoughts running through his mind as he didn’t do much more beyond simple practice of his poisonous smoke.

The only difference between anything that came from his mouth he could think of.... Stemmed from an attack he didn’t make use of often, since he favored his more powerful and aggressive attacks. He could coat his tongue in a poison that had some paralyzing properties, but it wasn’t too reliable. Though he wasn’t sure how that could help him.

“(Need to think fire....)” He muttered to himself, thankful that no one seemed to be around to see him talk to himself.... Other than the human who watched him, but she probably wouldn’t appreciate the strange scene of seeing him talk to himself.

Okay, he needed to consider how to change the very nature of his gas to.... Something else. Well, there was one case he could think of where he already used two different types of attacks. With his tail blade, he could run the chance of poisoning his target or go straight for strength. Striking with poison or darkness was a decision he made a lot, and he could certainly differentiate between the two. The main difference between then and now, was that he’s grown into his poison and the dark attack was something he’d always known how to do. Here.... Was not as simple as that. Though, still he felt this was a stronger basis on how to direct his energies.

He took in a deep breath. He needed to change the nature of his attack, but in a completely new and unfamiliar direction he didn’t know how to go in. Fire was pure heat. That was something he knew. Fire destroyed and burned faster than his poison did. Fire was blunt. His poison was generally.... Not as strong but its effects more invasive. Fire is what he was trying to move towards.... And despite what he told himself, this would be the first major step towards making his desire a reality.

.... And no matter how pumped up he might be getting now.... It was still a long way off. He needed to calm down probably and steel himself for several more days of hard work to achieve his goal.

With his exhale, that poisonous smoke came streaming out of his mouth, and spread out into the air. Narrowing his eyes at the cloud, he couldn’t see any change. Waving his tail impatiently, he tried to force down his frustrations. It was... Steadily getting a little easier to suppress his urges to give up in frustration, thanks to excessive amounts of experience with this angry disappointment, and the evidence that he was making good, strong progress.... It just slow and gradual and he needed to deal with that. There was no way around it and he had been forced to come to terms with that.

He spent the rest of the day, trying to change the nature of that smoke like how he changed the type of his tail strike, but considering the immense unfamiliarity.... By the end he didn’t see any change. It still looked like the normal purple cloud of poisonous smoke he saw fit to shoo away any other living creatures from. Really, who saw a big purple cloud and thought they should go take a sniff? Clearly idiot zebras were the answer. At least the human proved intelligent, and didn’t try to jump into the cloud like the zebra child. Ugh.

The next day had him working on more of the same. Him focusing on the sensations of changing the attribute of his smoke, but in a hopefully warmer and more volatile direction. Almost like traveling somewhere new yet familiar, with no instincts to guide his way.

However, no matter how many times that poison cloud poured from his mouth, when he went to try and get a good look before it dissipated.... He didn’t think he could see any improvement. It aggravated him deeply that he could not see even the faintest speck or feel even the slightest inkling that something had changed. If something actually was changing, Venom could not see it. Sadly, Venom had zero ideas on what he could be doing different and Sai wasn’t really much help either because she didn’t have any better ideas than he did. After all, she was water attributed, and that was pretty much fire’s polar opposite.... So her advice seemed to be running dry. Just wonderful.

Venom was just about ready to scream, but he would not! No one was allowed to understand the full depths of his irritation, and certainly not that little zebra brat! Nope! That was never going to happen in a million years. So, running on the leftover satisfaction that was starting to grow stale, and sheer stubbornness, Venom kept going, and filling the following days with contaminating the air with more and more poison smoke. All as he worked to try and change it even just a little! Even if it was just a small change, like being less purple, Venom would honestly take it. He would take anything that showed that he wasn’t charging into a brick wall. As it was, he could only trust that he wasn’t.
Aug 3 2018, 08:41 AM
So starting tomorrow me and my family are heading up to Maine for a straight week. Apparently the place we're staying in has no wifi, and besides that I'm not a fan of doing posts on mobile, so I have no idea if I'll be popping in the cbox or not.... Possibly when we're out and my Mom is probably going into every shop she finds interesting?

But in general, I should be kind of inactive.....
Jul 19 2018, 06:41 PM
((Main Goal: More progress towards flamethrower for Venom. Should probably make more sense this time.))

Now that Venom had gotten a hang of the alternate method of using his only long-distance attack, attacking with a stream of poison instead of the globs... He needed to figure out the next step. Which.... He wasn't entirely sure what it was. He was still having problems trying to connect himself to breathing fire, because despite his immense resolve about his goal.... He felt that it was still a pretty big jump that he couldn't make yet. He spent a day idly practicing, though with less effort, since it was a checkpoint already passed. Mostly, he was mildly frustrated at his inability to immediately come up with whatever it was he was supposed to do next. He didn't want to think about the possibility that Sai would notice.... He tired out that day, and Sai tried to usher him back inside.

"(I'm not going to exert myself any more today, but I'm going to think. Go inside.)" He said roughly, not really wanting Sai to give him any grief because she didn't believe him or to start asking questions he didn't want to answer because.... Well.... Venom didn't like answering questions like that. Those were lame questions he didn't like answering. It was simple as that.

Sadly, things didn't always go Venom's way. He didn't like when that happened. "(Why can't you think inside?)" She questioned.

"(Because I like thinking out here! Also the zebra is loud and annoying.)" Venom asserted, even as Sai crankily corrected him on the zebra's name under her breath, but half-heartedly, as if she knew it would take as much time as it did for her, for Venom to finally refer to the youngest ones as actual pokemon instead of things. Though, the zebra would inevitably get there before the seal did, just due to the nature of the zebra being more capable and more interested in Venom and his methods than the seal who hardly exerted any effort at all. Hmph. Venom didn't have legs but he could move about fine. He didn't see the problem from the seal that stopped her from moving, she just never bothered to exert herself and just sat there in and out of her basket. Sai glared at him, while rubbing the side of her head. Venom had seen her doing it less often, and he'd asked why. Sai had answered she was starting to sort of get the hang of toughing it out, though it did offer some level of comfort to rub or hold her head. Though Venom just sometimes forgot about her consistent headaches, he always remembered eventually. The headaches gave her more power, but they also never went away, so Venom wasn't sure what to think about them.....

Well, other than they hurt like a bitch. That was all Venom was willing to say. He hated psychic attacks, because they burned on a level that was.... Incredibly different from physical attacks.

Anyway, instead of going away and letting him be, Sai came up to and sat down next to him. Venom grumbled in response. It was a perfectly reasonable response, considering he wanted to think alone but here she was.

"(If you're not going to come in now, I'm going to stick with you until you agree to come in.)" Sai said simply. "(I'm going to make sure you don't do anything dumb.)"

"(What, you don't trust me to make intelligent decisions?)" Venom scoffed.

"(Not really, no.)" Sai replied calmly, as Venom seethed with rage.

"(Excuse me?!)"

Sai kept rubbing at her head, as she gave him a stare that implied she was tired of him. "(I don't trust you to not be dumb, because you keep making dumb decisions. You don't have to pick fights all the time.)"

Venom scowled at her. "(Last time, you were all for it.)"

"(That was different.)" Sai defended, though she was more calm than Venom was.

"(How?! How was that different?)" Venom thought these weird rules about what was okay and what wasn't were.... Well, they were a bit complicated! Sometimes it's don't murder anyone, that's not okay, but sometimes it's alright apparently? It was ridiculous how picky Sai was.

"(It was different because they weren't innocent.)" Sai justified.

"(And exactly what defines innocence? They might've been strange, but death and killing happens everyday, with or without my help.)" Venom pointed out.

"(That doesn't mean we need to contribute to it.)" Sai shot back.

"(So, you suggest I never kill anything ever again?)" Venom scoffed. "(In case you haven't noticed, I need meat to survive.)"

Sai groaned. "(I didn't mean stop eating, I meant maybe just.... Considering mercy now and again. We don't have to leave corpses everywhere we go.)" She said, her voice quieting as she spoke. It was a matter she felt strongly about, and convincing Venom to change his ways based on this belief was.... Hard.

Especially since Venom just.... It was practically the opposite of his own way of living. He thrived on a desire to prove himself stronger, and thus leaving blood and the dead behind him.... When he wasn't regretfully forced to retreat for the sake of his continued existence, lest he have karma bite him in the tail really, really fucking hard. Given everything, Venom just looked away with a grunt.

Sai sighed. She guessed this meant that Venom was done talking about this for today. She could try again some more some other time.... At least they seemed to be making progress.... Sai wondered if she should have tried talking to him sooner, instead of now. Well.... Better late than never. "(So.... You wanted to think. What did you want to think about?)" She asked, trying to prod him for information.... About something else, since he seemed no longer willing to put effort into the other topic.

Venom didn't say anything, and appeared to be sulking instead of responding to Sai. He didn't think he could think with her standing right there. This kind of heavy thought needed silence and solitude! .... Even if she was really just close by and only just out of earshot.
Jul 19 2018, 10:59 AM
Ri honestly.... Had never seen this much water. She hadn't gone to see the coastline yet, not until now. So, now here she was staring at the seemingly endless expanse of water. Well... Not exactly. It wasn't just the sea that murmured in her ears that she could see. Off in the distance, she could see.... Probably an island. She supposed it was a little dumb to presume that the mainland was the only land mass.... She wondered what other islands lay near the main continent. She wondered if there were more continents. Could someone just get in a boat and sail away, and see what they could find? As the thought crossed her mind, Ri thought that kind of sounded exciting.... Though.... She had others to think of. Going on a boat and basically sailing off into the sunset and leaving her pokemon behind that.... Wasn't fair. It wasn't fair to take them with her either, so she guessed sea voyages were not going to be a part of her future. She sighed. It was a shame.... She was actually kind of interested.

So, she breathed in the air. It smelled and felt different from the humid suffocation of Ashfield in the Summer. It was wonderful and different, and this whole experience made her feel a little giddy. At least, when she let herself be distracted from everything roaring through her mind. Well... She wasn't the type to really confront and try to fix her own problems. She just.... Pushed it all to the back of her mind and kept moving. It was a lot more appealing in many different ways, even if Ri realized it was kind of a shit solution. She knew plenty of pokemon lived in the sea... She wondered what it looked like to a fish. It had to be different, being underwater. Okay, okay... Ri needed to stop with the curiosity fantasies. She probably wouldn't ever get to see it, so she guessed she should stop dreaming.

Venom and Sai were with her. Andy was around too, but he'd mostly just settled himself. He sat down and seemed to be getting comfortable with just sitting around. Venom was staring off as Sai approached the water, apparently much more interested in the water than the Seviper. To be fair, she was a water-type and it was her element.... Even if she wasn't as accustomed to salt water. Then it occurred to Ri. Hm.... She rummaged into her pockets, until she found them. Arashi and Yuki's pokeballs. She released Arashi and Yuki, and immediately the young Blitzle started bouncing on her hooves.... And then tried to jump on her. Ri lightly chuckled, but admittedly got knocked onto her ass. Arashi always hit kind of hard, but thankfully she didn't ram into her full force this time. She was improving! That was nice. "Hey, Arashi...." She pointed to the sea. "This is the sea." She said, introducing the zebra.... Who was already running full belt towards the water.

"(Wow....!)" Arashi was squealing as she ran towards the water. Her hooves splashed into the water as she happily stomped in the waves. She bounced as she looked to Yuki. "(Hey, Yuki! You gotta come check this out!)" She cried.

Yuki yawned. "(Yeah... Yeah.... Hold on, I'm coming...)" The Seel replied lazily, as she steadily began dragging herself with grunts towards the water. She wasn't used to moving around much honestly, since she had no interest in trying to keep up with her ah.... "sister" of sorts, who had longer legs and more motivation and energy than Yuki figured she'd ever scrape up in a lifetime. Nevertheless, here she was, exerting actual effort for her. It took a while, and Arashi's impatience was clearly rising how she kept bouncing around faster and faster. It was pretty easy to tell when she was getting a little too riled up. Eventually though, Yuki made it. It was a little easier once she reached the waves, and finally Yuki was in the water. She went past where Arashi was, going to where she could float freely on the water's surface..... Where she lazily paddled so she turned around and was facing Arashi. "(Hey, this isn't so bad.)" She remarked.

Arashi huffed. "(But you're just sitting there! Isn't it fun to splash?)" She asked, even as she splashed around some more.

"(This is good.)" Yuki said lazily, though seeming fairly content. Watching from nearby, Sai let out a sigh. She guessed Yuki and Arashi would just be themselves.... It was just how they were.
Jul 3 2018, 09:50 AM
((Main Goal: Get Venom on the path to learn flamethrower. Please don't be turned off if it's weird because I swear it's a good plan oml. He has to start by changing the form of his attacks! Yes yes then the next steps will come later, like making the poison gaseous and then making it be FIRE. BUT THAT COMES LATER PLZ BEAR WITH MEEE))

Venom was admittedly stuck on this little problem in his head. Since the uh.... Explosion inside that human den, the red-haired human had set up her moveable nest outside the human settlement. Which was good, since even he noticed how aggressive and hostile this human settlement seemed to be. The other human settlements didn't seem as dangerous as this one, as most other humans didn't seem to take that much notice of the red-haired human, never mind this aggressive. He really hoped that the red-haired human didn't want to stay too long in the territory of these other humans, who made him think of the more territorial packs of pokemon he knew of back in the rainforest. At least they were outside the settlement.

He was currently outside of the portable nest, staring down at the sand, thinking deeply. He.... Didn't think too much of the human and the conflict she'd encountered with the smaller and the other one who had an odd scent clinging to his skin. There was a lot he didn't think he understood, because he did understand some human tongue but it felt a lot more.... Complicated than maybe he really bothered to understand. Mostly, he knew that the human was now eh..... Not exactly in optimal condition. Instead of doing the things she normally did, which was chatter to fill the silence, go on walks, do anything active..... She sort of sulked inside that nest she was able to carry around with her. That, and she slept even less. Venom thought that humans didn't sleep as much seeing when she slept, but he was really doubting it now. The human was not doing well, and.... Well.... A predator that couldn't get rest wasn't going to be that helpful. She still went out when she needed to, but she seemed to lack a certain energy that Venom knew was there before. So.... Things were kind of weird now. It felt like a lot of things were different, when he didn't think they'd been much just a short while ago. Sai was still... Kind of upset with him, the zebra's hero worship of him seemed to have deflated, and.... Well, the seal was normal as ever. Though, he saw less of her. Likely due to the nature of their environment. He didn't mind it, but now that stupid Pidgey was settling in, and he talked to Sai a lot. So, Sai didn't lose a lot by giving him the cold shoulder. Tch.

The zebra thought he was lame. Hmph. He wasn't lame. Just because he couldn't breathe fire.... Snakes didn't breathe fire. He.... Remembered his mother. At least a little bit. He was pretty proud of his status as a snake, and snakes didn't have to be looked after their parents for too long before they could make their own way in the world. He was pretty sure his mother couldn't breathe fire, and she was a Seviper just like he was. Then again, there was no need for her to display her moves to him. Venom like other snakes, was more or less born with the instincts necessary to make his way in the world as soon as he was born. He was born with some powerful moves that gave him an edge, and it was other pokemon that were born weaker and needed coddling by their parents before they could even have a chance in the world. While Venom was scowling and grumbling under his breath, staring at the ground, he almost didn't notice Sai taking her place and sitting down next to him.

"(.... You know you're just staring at the ground, right?)" Sai asked rhetorically.

"(I'm thinking.)" Venom grumbled. "(About very important topics. I'm not counting the cracks in the ground, if that's what you're wondering.)" He insisted, defending himself, refusing to admit that he felt a little self-conscious about Sai blatantly pointing out that he was staring at nothing.

Sai shifted awkwardly. She cast a glance off to the side. "(.... Do you... Want to talk about it?)" She asked, sounding unsure.

"(I was under the impression that you were done with my alleged bad behavior.)" Venom said, his voice cold.

Sai bristled under the accusation. "(I told you that we weren't done talking.)" She said with a scowl. "(I just needed a break from last time because.... We can't get everything resolved with just one chat.... And it was stressful.)" She said, defending herself.

"(What is there to talk about?)" Venom said, shooting Sai a look.

Sai made a noise of frustration. "(This is part of the problem!)" She shouted at him. "(You refuse to acknowledge that this... That things are just.... It's not okay!)" She insisted loudly. "(I haven't forgotten! Before you acknowledged my strength, you refused to call me by my name! You were unkind, and you put me down whenever you could! Just because you didn't think I was strong or could help you in battle!)" She suddenly kept shouting one thing after another, voicing things that she'd thought about but never said since the days that she was stuck as a weak little psyduck who was only alive because Venom cared about what the human thought, and the human wanted to keep her around. Those days had been hard.... The only one who seemed to actually care about her, she couldn't actually talk to.

Venom was.... Staring at her, and his eyes would be wide if he actually had eyelids. He... Didn't know what to say. Of course he remembered those days. Though, not as clearly and vividly as Sai seemed to. He uncertainly waved his tail behind him. What could he say? "(..... You seem to cling to the past.)" He said, which only earned a loud scoffing sound from Sai.

"(That's because nothing is resolved. You're only treating Arashi and Yuki better than you treated me because I'm here to stop you.)" Sai seemed..... Tired. It showed in her voice, as she seemed like she was.... Weary. It was like she was growing tired of Venom. Was she?

Venom didn't like that idea. He didn't say anything, and Sai continued. "(.... Why did you hate me? Was it really just because I couldn't fight as well as you, and that I don't eat meat?)"
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