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Nov 16 2017, 06:12 AM
((Let us pray Ri does not get overcharged too much :UUUU))

Ri was pretty sure she'd need more supplies to get to where she wanted in the mountains. She didn't want to run out and die of starvation up there. That'd be rather.... Unpleasant. She wasn't sure exactly, but she was pretty sure dying of starvation was kinda slow and painful. Anyways, that's why she needed more supply packs.

She didn't know exactly where to go, being unfamiliar with Crater City, and not having done much to become more familiar.... But she did eventually find a travel supplies merchant person. She resisted the urge to annoy them with excessive casual behavior, shoving her hands into her pockets. "So, uh.... How much would three supply packs be?" She asked.
Nov 9 2017, 09:03 PM
Ri had been spending some time wandering around the fair with the little lamb- Er... Blue. She'd pretty much had her fill of squandering tokens, after blowing it on.... Ah... Liberating the yellow and blue eggs she now carried around in baskets from that vendor stall.... Well, there'd been that mystery crate thing she'd spent 150 tokens on. For now she was.... Well.... Spending time with the person who well... Perhaps she felt most comfortable with. Even if she was hesitant to say she was comfortable with another human.

Anyways, in the process of wandering around, Ri and her fair companion had passed by the jousting area, where.... Well.... Basically what happened was that as she passed it, grimacing at the show of strength. She... Figured it was possible that some of the pokemon were down with the competition, though she couldn't help but think of the possibility of people forcing pokemon to joust anyway even if they didn't want to. Er, Venom seemed to be in the first boat, staring intently across the rope barrier at the somewhat violent competition. Then started to stare at her. Very, very intently. It was pretty damn obvious what he was doing, and well.... He'd never really tried to beg like this. She didn't stand a chance.

She swore. Then she turned to Blue and scratched behind her neck. ".... Er, so.... Venom looks like he wants to do that joust thing. I'd feel better if he... Went against on of your's. If that's alright with you..." She almost winced at how awkward and weird she phrased her words. She could only hope Blue didn't notice and just agreed already, so Venom could work out his pent-up frustration.

Nov 4 2017, 03:11 PM
Ali hugged her legs closer to her, from where she was sitting in the corner of the kitchen. She was making a valiant attempt to ignore everything around her, pressing her face into her knees, not looking around at the destroyed kitchen. Fortunately, the tornadoes that wrecked havoc rather frequently had yet to destroy her current house. Which wasn't really her house. It was her friend's. Her house had been picked up by the swirling mass of debris and wind, and torn in half. This house was intact, so she stayed in it. It wasn't spared from the earthquakes, however. As such, most of the furniture had long since snapped and broken. The kitchen table only had one leg still attached, the others having long since been torn off.

She wasn't sure how long it'd been since she lost everything. It felt like centuries had gone past, but that couldn't be true. She'd be long since dead if that was true. Humans didn't live that long. It was hard to keep track of time when the rate which time passed changed randomly. Sometimes it was normal, or what she could remember was normal. Sometimes it went painfully slow, giving her enough time to run through and run a fine toothed comb over each of her memories. So, no. There wasn't any reliable way to tell how much time had actually passed. She wasn't even sure in this messed up world, she could still age. For all she knew, literal centuries could've passed and she could still look like the young adult that she was.

In this current hour, time seemed to be moving normally. She didn't sigh out of relief, as she did in the beginning of the Suffering. The cruel, snail-like pace of time would soon return. It always did. Sometimes it taunted her, staying away for what appeared to be weeks, before returning for what felt like months.

She inhaled sharply, as everything seemed to turn sideways. She was sent flying through the air and she screamed as gravity didn't work as it should. It should've kept her on the ground, but she wasn't. Nothing was sacred, nothing could be trusted. The Laws of Physics couldn't be trusted for a long time now. Somehow, she found herself crashing out of the window, hissing loudly as the glass scratched her skin and she bled. She landed on a dirt ground, grunting loudly, looking up in horror as the house literally flew away. It was almost as if the house's gravity had been turned off, or reversed while Ali's was left alone. She realized the house had turned sideways, not gravity, and her own gravity had pulled her out through the window. She buried her face into her forearms that were crossed in front of her.

Hail that turned to acid that ate through skin upon contact tended to rain rather frequently. She thought it was frequently. It was hard to keep track or make sense of anything nowadays. She was about to give up. What was the point? She made no motions to get up from the ground, to find another shelter from the rain that would likely kill her later on.
Nov 2 2017, 06:45 PM
(([AWKWARD COUGHING] okay i'll be honest uhhh don't have much a goal here. i guess... maybe tiny bit of loyalty for Arashi for baby care???? idk man))

[egg post 15]

Given how Crater City wasn't even Ri's native city, if she could even call Ashfield her native city since she wasn't born there, she figured it wasn't surprising that she was once more lacking any sort of actual roof over her head. She guessed a tent provided something vaguely resembling a roof, however she doubted it actually counted as a legitimate roof. Speaking of her tent... That was what she was sleeping in. She'd actually gone into Crater City however she.... Er.... Something had felt off. She decided to abstain from sleeping in strange, foreign alley ways... Since she had a tent and everything, better to sleep outside the city in her tent. Which was where she was currently.

Arashi was currently in her basket, trying to escape, having been fed recently... So, Ri had a brief reprieve from the small zebra's near constant requirement for food. It was er... A stark contrast from Sai's and especially Venom's feeding schedule. She was pretty sure Venom only ate every three days or so, while Sai had a consistency closer to Ri's own. She wondered if the reasoning was that Arashi was still small enough to suffer from an incapability to escape her basket. Not that she was complaining. It was nice to have a zebra containment unit, since the redhead was not fond of the idea of Arashi wandering off... Even if she wasn't actually sure if the electric-type could even walk, never having stepped out of her rounded basket. Regardless, until Arashi could actually walk... Ri was still plagued with the burden of two baskets, since she'd obtained two eggs at the fair. The blue egg purchased from the fair was still unhatched so far. She wondered when the baby inside would come out.... The redhead figured that... She really should wait for the blue egg to be hatched before trying to go to the mountains. She grimaced at the thought of getting to the mountains and the baby hatching on the way there and all sorts of tragedy striking. Actually, she was a little... Apprehensive of taking Arashi to the mountains. Er, it wouldn't hurt to hold off until Arashi could actually... Y'know... Walk, right?

She wondered when babies were supposed to start walking and exhibiting the basest of independence skills, rather than being completely dependent on another. She hoped it wasn't... Too long, like a whole year.

The red-haired woman herself, was sitting crosslegged in the center of the tent, staring intently between Arashi's basket and the blue egg's basket. It was odd really, to have think of the unhatched pokemon inside as their container of sorts. It'd instantly disappear once the baby hatched and she'd be able to give them a name to refer to them as.

Venom had wandered off, not having eaten for the past few days. She... Didn't think she'd be able to leave Arashi alone. Though she'd did her best to articulate that she'd greatly appreciate meat, and hug the stuffing out of her pokemon for bringing back berries. Okay, maybe not that second part. Venom, Sai, and now Arashi were the only ones Ri really gave affection to, but even then.... She simply wasn't a very... Hugg-y person. She guessed it was probably because she was fucked up in the head.

Which brought her to another point: She was beginning to wonder what she thinking. She groaned to herself. She bet that egg that Sunny got his hands on was probably in way better hands... He was... Well... Less of a fucking human disaster than she was, and he definitely treated his pokemon right. Ri tried to, but she felt like she was going to fuck up and Arashi was probably going to die before the year was out. She hoped not.... But she didn't feel like her own desires would be heeded.

She glanced at Arashi, whose head was poking out over the edge of the basket, with soft little cries coming from her mouth. She absentmindedly wondered if Arashi was doing baby talk in pokemon tongue, or if they were actual words. She wouldn't know, since she didn't speak it. Actually, was baby talk even a thing in pokemon language? She had no clue.

She dragged herself closer to Arashi, who'd stumbled over her own hooves and slipped down to the bottom and center of the basket.

Ri snorted.
Oct 15 2017, 05:44 PM
Fox found that at night... He wasn't too interested in actually sleeping. It was never simply a matter of laying down his head and closing his eyes. Instead he found himself unable to lose consciousness. Perhaps he disliked the vulnerability of unconsciousness. It was more difficult to pin down than that. The fact was... That Fox disliked sleeping and found himself simply laying in his bed. Or he'd look to Pawniard, who came every night without fail. He'd learned the creatures name by subtly prodding Leo, attempting to learn and expand his vocabulary. It was nice to have a name he supposed, even if the name was the name of the species and not of a specific individual. Regardless, the Pawniard came every night. They couldn't converse, so largely it was staring into each other's eyes, studying the other's body language. There wasn't much else to do. Though, Fox still wondered the reasoning behind Pawniard's motivation.

This night, the sky was clear, unlike the night he'd arrived in Ashfield City. The night was illuminated by the faintly glowing moon, dim enough for him to see it, as opposed to the infinitely blinding sun. He appreciated the lack of blinding light forcing him to close his eyes. He climbed out of the window of his room, the room that had become his during his thus far short time with the man Leo Virtue. He dropped onto the ground beneath the window and began walking. He'd been keeping the clothes given to him by Leo, though he'd taken his now dried headband and tied it around his head as how he'd come into this world. He liked his headband. He was more willing to let go of his other clothes, at least for little night ventures.

He wanted to go into the forest. Why? Well, the reason why he hadn't immediately gone to explore was the danger that it posed, according to Leo. Fox had initially no reason to go out and risk his life needlessly. However... The forest gave important information. Practical knowledge. Of what it was like. Fox didn't want to leave any gaps in his knowledge, and thus he needed to know the forest firsthand. The dangers and quirks of the forest. All of it. So, this is why he took a small risk, that was in no way calculated. As he left the city, crossing the threshold into the forest, he noticed he was joined by Pawniard. Hm. As he walked further, glancing down at Pawniard, who seemed to want to lead, walking in front of Fox, he began to think. Thanks to Leo, he was aware of the superstition and fear regarding dark-types, such as Pawniard. He supposed it explained by Pawniard only came at night. The dark/steel-type was extremely reluctant to be around humans, and wouldn't want to come during the day. Though, why it bothered to come at all was still a mystery. He still wanted to know. Unknown motives, unknown variables, they unsettled him.

Regardless, little would be solved by endless speculation. All that was happening right now, was Fox going deeper into the forest with every step.
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