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winter will be here until
Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Dec 11 2017, 06:03 PM
Blue knew something felt off about this season. Although she was deprived of memories of her past life, she could still clearly picture small particles of snow falling down. The thought of it created a solemn feeling within her. She was gazing out the so-called window of Chuck's place, watching the sky with an unaltered blank expression. Behind her, the group of pokemon that always accompanied her were speaking. Mainly Sasha, who seemed dramatic in speech and made exaggerated facial expressions at the baby stunky Pyro.

Mary the houndour stood closely by Sasha, smiling brightly at the small baby pokemon. Fluffy was the only one absent from the group, where she was speaking with Whiskey, Chuck's herdier. Chuck himself and his maractus Scotch were cooking something for themselves. Still, the girl lied by the window, away from the crowd and staring up at the sky.

"Chuck, are there any things we ever celebrate here?" Blue called, not even turning over her shoulder.
"The delibirds like to leave shit around, if that's what 'cha mean." The man retorted.

The name sounded so familiar, yet she couldn't put her finger on it. Blue finally turned her head from the window and stared at the man cooking. "Do you think I might be able to see one?"
"Yeah, sure. I guess. Why the hell do you bother in this cold?"
"It interests me."
"Fine, whatever. Just be back by tomorrow morning. I can't be trusted to keep care of your poke posse."

And so, Blue immediately withdrew from the window and hastily put on her jacket. It was cold out, and she at least wanted some way to keep warm. As she grabbed her pack, a small nip in her ankle made her flinch. When the girl looked down, she saw Pyro pawing at her leg and then bouncing in the air. His eyes begged to be carried, and Blue couldn't say no to the pleading eyes.

Once she had picked up the stunky and wrapped him in her arms, a bleat from Sasha rose in the air, along with a bark from Mary. Blue sighed, but nodded to the two as well. Fluffy was the only one not begging to go, instead she seemed to flatout ignore the group.

Blue waved goodbye to Chuck and slowly walked out of the door. As soon as the door swung open, a chilling breeze greeted them. Pyro cried in shock and hissed at the cold, hot air erupting from his mouth. Blue winced and started to walk, Mary and Sasha close behind.

((Baby Post: 4, I think?? Maybe 5??
((Also taking the roundish, small, hard object wrapped in thin, plain cloth for this thread.
Nov 26 2017, 01:46 PM
Blue calmly walked along the streets of Oasis, looking like a sight gag with all the pokemon around her. A houndour cowered by the girl's legs, innocently glancing at Sasha the mareep, who was proudly leading the herd. Pyro the stunky was held tightly in Blue's arms while Fluffy the durant snacked on some stale bread in her backpack. The girl didn't mind the eyes that glared at her as she passed by, mainly towards the dark-type pup that had been new to the team. Blue was bothered by the fact that she couldn't do much without these people judging her. Hell, she couldn't even exist without being judged.

It was nice to hang out with Chuck though. He was a nice man and an even better boss, despite his long talks about the greatness of booze and his rather frightening herdier. As the girl and her group of pokemon approached the man's house, she could see a customer from his fish stand walk off. As she passed them, she could hear a few curses under their breath as they hurried off with their food. Blue suddenly felt an idea start to form in her head.

Blue rushed towards Chuck, who was lazily slumped against his stand. "Chuck! Hi!" She greeted happily, causing the ant in her pack to scream in alarm. Pyro started squirming around, confused by the screaming and the sudden surge of movement. Sasha tried her best to keep in front, but eventually resorted to standing by the unnamed houndour. The man lifted his arm in some sort of greeting and set it down. Blue wasn't fazed by his lack of excitement, for she was too eager with her new idea to notice. "Chuck, I've just had an idea! What if we gather food and have some sort of... Um... Dinner?" Faint ideas from her past life started to break through, although extremely pale. All she remembered was cheering and a feast. "Yeah, a big feast. It was a big thing in immigrant life from what I remember." Blue cheered, bouncing up and down.

Chuck perked up a bit. "Well... That would be a good idea... But there can't be fish. My stock can't be taken right now because I don't want to go out to sea for a bit. Aggressive fish caused the death of a boy named Dick Mason from when he sailed out." The man's voice cracked a bit, adding to the shock that occurred to Blue. Death..? Fish? She shivered slightly with a pained expression on her face.

"Well... We should get going, what do you want to do..?" Blue murmured, hugging her stunky tighter. Chuck stood up and whistled towards his home. As Whiskey the herdier and Scotch the maractus started walking out, the man nodded and set a pouch of tokens in her free hand. "You go buy booze from Snake Eyes, Scotch can go with you. As for me, I'd like to take that hound of yours and Sasha with me and Whiskey to hunt for a proper meal."

Although unsettled with the thought of Sasha and the shy houndour leaving her to go with a normally drunk man and an aggressive mutt, Blue agreed. She wasn't in the mood for arguments. The girl simply nodded and stuffed the pouch of tokens into the pocket of her worn-out jeans. Chuck smiled and glanced down at the houndour, who was cowering at the sight of the other mutt. Blue sighed and petted her behind the ears to reassure her while Sasha spoke some words that seemed to get the skull dog to agree.

Off the groups went. Blue, Pyro, Fluffy, and Scotch off to Snakes Eyes. Chuck, Whiskey, Sasha, and the unnamed houndour off to hunt.
Oct 28 2017, 07:54 PM
Blue sighed as she kept herself in the alleyway, shifting uncomfortably on the ground. She wanted to nap, but the ground didn't want her to, at least comfortably. The human glanced over next to her, where Sasha was curled up by the egg. The sheep had taken a liking to the egg once they were traveling back to Oasis from the fair. It felt nice to see the normally angry pokemon take a liking to something other than beating things up.

The girl looked up to the semi-cloudy sky, it was the middle of the day. She rubbed her eyes and stared blankly at the pack she was using for a pillow. Blue thought quietly to herself, maybe she should go out for once. Ask for a job so she could provide for this growing team of hers. Blue took a deep breath and flung the pack on her back. "Come on, Sashi." The human murmured, nudging the sheep away from the egg so she could hold it in her arms. The mareep seemed surprised for a moment or two, but quickly calmed down as stared up at her human with a confused and judging look. "Aw, shush." Blue chuckled a little and started to wander out of her 'home,' the small sheep wandering after her.

As the duo walked through the town, Blue couldn't help but notice glares from some nearby vendors. They must be real fun at parties. Blue glanced down at her egg when she felt the need to. She wanted to protect this egg and whatever baby was in it. Sasha mainly lead the way, sneaking glares at whatever seemingly hostile human was within range.

Once they were near the end of a path, Blue noticed a run-down stand in front of a dull shelter. The door was open. The human stood in front of the stand, looking at the supplies. She immediately jumped back as the stench of old fish hit her senses. Sasha growled and her wool tensed up. Once Blue got up the courage, she walked to the back of the stand. There, stuffed in a net, were dead finneon. There was also a small bag of wishiwashi, except this one was more fresh than the other.

Blue motioned for Sasha to follow her as she noticed the open door and moved closer. She held the egg in her arms tightly, ready to defend this baby if needed. Sasha was also ready to attack, sparks of electricity emitting from her wool. Blue took a deep breath and moved through the door to the dark house.

((This is mainly for Blue to actually get a job and for eggu posts, since I'm ready to throw this egg at a wall for it to hatch
((Eggu Count: 9
Oct 23 2017, 08:00 PM
((Eggu post 2

Blue sighed as she strolled through the fair, Sasha still close by her side. A purple egg was held tightly in her arms. The girl peered at the stands as she passed, a sense of familiarity running through her. She'd been through this lane many times before. The girl didn't know what to do at the fair besides walk and look. She couldn't buy anything since she had used it all for her precious baby egg

Sasha let out a sniff of annoyance and started to go off track from the path. "Sasha, please... Get back here please..." The human was too tired of walking to make an effort to stop the mareep. Still, like usual, Sasha only sniffed and stopped at a small clearing nearby the fair. "O-oh... You want to sit down for a while?" Blue asked, confused of Sasha's friendly gesture. The small pokemon merely nodded and lied in the dirt, leaving the human to crouch on the floor and hug the egg. What could be inside? Only that breeder knew, she probably should of asked what species it was...Well, the stand was probably closed, seeing how many people were hoarding that stand. That, and the evening was slowing creeping on the horizon.

Blue yawned and watched the people walking by, having nothing else to do. Sasha quietly bleated and napped by the human's crossed legs. Suddenly, a familiar face caught the eye of the tired girl. "Um, hey Ri!" Blue quietly called, not trying to disturb the potentially dangerous sheep. She waved a free arm in greeting to the acquaintance.

Oct 20 2017, 06:43 PM
The words kept playing like a broken record. Words of impending doom and death. Run. Go hide. There's no hope. Pitch black clouds covered the sky, disaster being brought with it. Rocks crashed down. Everything was being destroyed. Frostbitten songs flew in the wind. The wind was howling loudly and people were screaming to be freed. Still, the words still ran loud and clear.

"Welcome to the end. Welcome to the end. Welcome to-"

Lilith jumped as the vision of her bedroom appeared, the fear of her dream making her hesitate to assume this was reality. The girl curled up on her bed and wrapped her arms around her legs, crying from fear and the happiness that she was alive. A while of this passed and Lilith quickly shifted out of bed, making a break for it down the hallway. She bust open the door to her parents and crawled into her parents bed, hugging her mother. "M-mommy, are you awake?"
".. Y-yeah, sweetie? What is it?"
"I had a scary dream. I don't want to be alone."
"... I could send Rosy to lie down with you, or you can stay with me."
"I want to stay with you."
"Okay. Sweet dreams, little Lily."


Lilith arose from the bed to find that her mother and Cream, the family Delcatty, was missing. The small girl immediately started to panick and sprung from the sheets and blankets. She fell harshly on the floor and burst to the kitchen. Warm scents of pancakes filled her senses. At the stove, Lilith's mother was flipping pancakes in a pan.

"Good morning, mom. You made pancakes? Thank you!" Lilith's eyes grew wide with delight as she leapt to a seat at the nearby table. "Well, it is your special day, sweetie." The smile on Alexandra Baker's face was unforgettable. Lilith smiled and waited patiently for the tasty flapjacks. "... Do they have chocolate chips?" She smiled sheepishly. Her mother snickered and flopped breakfast onto a plate. "Do pidgeys fly?" The young girl smiled greatly and quickly took the plate.

The girl practically inhaled the pancakes on her plate. Lilith laughed and went to the living room. "Rosy? You here? It's breakfast time!" She called into the room before sitting at the kitchen table once again. The cream and purple cat came into the room yawning and took her place sitting by Alexandra.

A honk came from outside, nearly sending the coffee Lilith's mother was holding to the ground. "Your father must be back from his trip." The woman smiled, watching in pride as her daughter rapidly sped to the door and opened it. As soon as the handsome dark-skinned man stepped out of the car, he was attacked by a child with hugs. "Daddy! You're home! Me and Mommy missed you a lot!" Lilith cried in delight.

Donnie Baker chuckled and ruffled the young girl's black hair. "Happy birthday sweetie. I got you a present on my trip." He reached in his bag and pulled out a pokeball, pink and pale yellow coating shining brightly. "Caught this in the mountains. Thought it'd give you many gifts." Lilith took the pokeball and nodded to her father. She ran into a bigger section of the front yard and tossed the pokeball.

Inside contained a big red penguin, white fluff covering its face and stomach. Blue's eyes widened and she immediately attached herself to the pokemon in a big hug. "Yeeeeeee, thanks dad! So much!" She almost cried as she released herself and smiled in greeting to the somewhat confused penguin. "Hello! I'm Lilith! What's your name?" The bird remained silent, but smiled along with the child. "Um, right, you can't speak. How about I call ya Nickolas?" Once the delibird nodded, Lilith jumped in the air and rolled around in the grass. Her parents laughed and started catching up with each other, leaving their daughter to conversate with the penguin. "Aaah, so what do you like? Are you from the mountains? I love the mountains!"

It felt great in these moments to be happy with her family and new partner.
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